DORSET SQUASH
                           MINUTES OF COMMITTEE MEETING

           Monday 12th November 2007: 7.30pm at Esporta, Cabot Lane, Poole

 Debbie Stent (DS), Janet Biles (JB), Gary Biles (GB2), David Williams (DW), Carolyn Boyd (CB)

 Ian Chislett-Bruce (ICB), Martin Wells (MW), Nick Aubin (NA), Gary Batchelor (GB).
 Absentees: Andy Corben (AC), Debbie Robinson (DR), John Pitt (JP), Matt Baker – ES (MB), Dilly
    Andrious (DA)

 The previous minutes were approved by all present and signed off.

 Despite DS hand delivering the change of Treasurer details to the bank they still have Mike James as
    the contact. Hopefully this will be rectified by the next meeting.
 ACTION: DS to put transfer the Hants document of “Conduct on Court/Etiquette” into Word for
    use on the website and for player reference – C/F
 Jersey Squash: The website has been amended to include reference to Jersey Squash. However it was
    noted that we need to get in touch with them to ask what links they would like added to our site.
 ACTION: JB/GB2 to contact Steve Law in Jersey for information to be added to our website in
    their new tabbed section.

5. CHAIRPERSON – Ian Chislett-Bruce
ICB’s report was presented to the Committee is his regrettable absence following his recent
operation. DS had forwarded best wishes to him once again on behalf of the Committee.
 Thank you for your best wishes at last month’s meeting and I am pleased to say that my operation to
    remove the tumour from my neck took place last Monday without any complications.
 I managed to escape the clutches of Poole NHS yesterday and I am waiting for my outpatient
    appointment next week to confirm that the surrounding tissue removed is clear of any abnormalities.
 My radio and chemotherapy start on 17 December and are scheduled to last for 6 weeks. My intention is
    to get back to my squash commitments by the end of February 2008.
 I would like to thank David who readily agreed to Chair the meetings in my absence.
 I would like to wish the County teams every success in their matches over the next two weekends and
    especially to the newly formed over 55’s lead by Dilly.
 As this is the last meeting before the New Year I would like to take this opportunity to wish you
6. TREASURER – Nick Aubin
 No report was available from NA. However DS reported that despite her hand-delivering a change of
    address request to the bank, they still had Mike James as the contact! She had also written to Mike
    James requesting that he forwards all the bank statements to Nick Aubin directly. Hopefully we will know
    where the bank balances lie by the next meeting in January.
 14-day Notice Account balance was £3756.10 on July statement.
 Community Account (previously Treasurers Account) balance was £1433.19 on July statement.

7. COUNTY SECRETARY – Debbie Stent
 Affiliation Report: The report for October was not very different to September’s. GB2 pointed out that
    they still had South Dorset and Police Racketball listed as “To Be Invoiced” when they no longer existed.
    Weymouth owes £489.50, West Hants owe £680, Hamworthy owe £214, Purbeck owe £55, Port Regis
    owe £87.50, Haymoor owe £165.50 and Barclays £168.50.
 ACTION: DS to email Charles Fernandez with regard to the discrepancies
 The ES Council Meeting went ahead on Saturday 10 November and DS had submitted Dorset’s vote as

    per her emails. No doubt the minutes and outcome of the elections will be sent by ES in due course.

   Handbook: Work-in-progress
    ES Council Meeting: Saturday 10 November at The Lansdowne Club, London, 11.00am start. DS
    registered Dorset’s votes for David Best & Gordon Kerr.
   ACTION: DS to update drafted new Expenses Claim Form - £35 pppn and 25p per mile.

 Winter Leagues: The leagues are going OK with most teams entering their results quickly. However
    some clubs, in particular Riversmeet, are still sending in their match cards and expecting GB2 to enter
    the results for them. Many clubs still need to provide their club’s playing orders, since GB2 still needs to
    police this manually but needs the lists to do it.
 Purbeck Ladies V Weymouth Ladies: Purbeck tried to re-arrange this match outside of the window
    allocated for rearrangements and have been informed that this has resulted in the points being awarded
    to Weymouth. They are not happy about this and have threatened to withdraw from the leagues if the
    decision stands. Those present were in agreement that the rules should be invoked and the decision
    should stand, although no formal complaint has actually been taken to the committee, who are currently
    simply verbally supporting GB2’s decision on the matter.
 Knock Out Cup: The cup draws have now been posted to the website but GB2 needs to liaise with Joe at
    TopRacket to determine how this will work online and to get some instructions for the players.
 ACTION: GB2 to finalise online Knock Out Cup
 ACTION: GB2 to chase up outstanding player lists from clubs
 Dorset Closed: Will be held at Bournemouth Squash Club, Hurn from 12 – 20 January 2008, with the
                                                                                th    th
    finals being held on the 19/10 .

 JB showed the committee an embroidered logo which will be added to all county junior (and senior) kit if
    ordered through her. All were in agreement that the new logo was excellent. It will also be used on prizes
    for the Closed etc.
 U15 Boys Inter-County Match cancellation and fine: Dorset Squash have been fined £110 for not playing
    this fixture. It was suggested that if the team do not wish to commit to their fixtures that the team be
    dropped next year. DW suggested putting together a letter to go out to all team managers from him as
 ACTION: DW to forward a letter for JB to send to her junior contacts

10. MEN’S COUNTY REPORTS – Andy Corben
 Senior Teams: No report was available from Andy Corben. Ross Godfree has organised the Men’s 2

    Team to play at Weymouth.
 Over 35’s: No report available.
 Over 45’s: No report available.
 Over 55’s: DS left the match balls for the Over 55’s home match with DW to pass on to DA. No report
    was available regarding the finalised squad.

 Ladies 1 Team: Tracy Parker had organised the team to go to Avon and they won both matches and

    now qualify for the finals on 23/24 February, which is excellent news. It was agreed that congratulations
    should be extended to the team, and in particular thanks to Tracy for organising them all. The team was
    Vicky Simmonds, Kate Cadigan, Sharnine Coleman, Tracy Parker and Gemma Barber.
 Ladies O40’s: Tracy Parker reported that the team lost both its matches on 11 November, but they all

    showed great determination and team spirit. They hope to do better in the second stage. The team was
    Tracy Parker, Ali MacKenzie, Anne Holly, Nicky Kellaway and Barbara Thomas.
 Full reports for both matches are on the website

 Dorset Closed will be held on 19/20 January 2008 at Bournemouth Squash Club.

 The inter-county team play in Hampshire on 1 and 2 December.

14. MARKING & REFEREEING – David Williams
 9 people are definitely booked onto the course and DW believes that GB1 has another 6 people from his
    coaching courses who need to attend this course as part of their coaching exam
 DW stated that West Hants have substantially increased the room hire costs and Esporta are keen to
    offer rooms – possibly free- so he may decide to move the course there.

    DW also mentioned that ES are now suggesting the use of a 3 referee for matches, but it was felt that
    two were hard enough to find in Dorset so that could be something to think about in the future.

15. COACHING – Gary Batchelor
 GB2 had 6 on the recent Level II course and is trying to get a Skills Bursary from Active Dorset to assist
    them with costs
 GB2, and infact all independent coaches, are now unable to offer level 3 and 4 courses, as ES are now
    keeping these “inhouse” in Manchester.
 GB2 feels it is crucial that Dorset have more County Coaches to take our juniors to the next level.
 JB suggested applying for lottery funding which could take c 6 weeks only to be agreed to assist with the
    costs, which are currently £400 for the course, plus accommodation costs over 2 weekends. GB2
    pointed out that we must make it clear to the coaches that if we invest money in their course fees we
    expect them to give something back to the county.
 ACTION: JB to put together another lottery funding application but needs some assistance – DW
    offered to help.

16. PRESS OFFICER – Dilly Andrious
 No report available.

18. DORSET SQUASH WEBSITE – Gary Biles/Debbie Stent (
 Website “hits” as at 2.30pm on Monday 12 November was 8017

 Lots of information is now available on the site and it is crucial that players start to make more use of it
    and to find out how it all works

 Handbook: DS - work in progress
 Tracksuits: JB has some orders but needs 10 to be able to get a “run” done.
 Marking Pads: GB2 is waiting for a couple of people to come back to him with some prices

                                   THE MEETING CLOSED AT c9.35 PM.


All committee meetings are now to be held at Esporta (unless otherwise stated), start time 7.30pm.
If you are unable to attend please forward a report and apologies to Debbie Stent well in advance.

   Monday 14th January 2008
   COUNTY CLOSED: 19/20 January 2008 at Bournemouth Squash Club, Hurn
   Monday 11th February 2008
   Monday 10th March 2008
   Monday 14th April 2008
   AGM: Wednesday 14th May 2008. Venue TBC

                                                     APPENDIX 1
                                         JUNIOR COUNTY REPORT from Janet Biles

SW Area Closed Dorset Children’s placing
U17 Boys – Arthur May – 9
U15 Boys – James Goodworth 11
-       Liam Cooper-Blaney 18
-       Karl Bushby 20
U 15 Girls – Kate Alcock 6
           - Jennifer Holmes 10
U 13 Boys – Andrew Goodworth 6
U13 Girls – Justin Leadbetter 6
-       Lara Small 7th
-       Kirsty Small 8
All these children will now have ES ranking points.


These are notes sent to our publicity officer
The junior section had 4 matches over the weekend 14 Oct 07
Inter county
U19 boy played at WS&FC against Devon and Somerset
U15 Boy were away to Hampshire and Sussex
U15 Girls played at BSC against Devon, Hampshire & Gloucestershire
South West League
2 U17 Mixed team played at Canford School against Devon

u19 boys
Dorset team Jonathan Courtaux (Dorch), Richard Davis ( BSC), Rory Cameron ( Bry) Stuart Parfett (BSC),
Harry Waterton (Bry)
Devon fielded a very strong side mostly ranked from the top 20 ES
All of our boys played very well, Harry Waterton was the only one to get a game. Match score 20~1 to Devon
Against Somerset we only dropped 2 games, winning 18~4
All winning except Jonathan Courtaux playing his first time at 1 for the county, played ES Ranked Luke

U15 boys and Girls came up against strong counties in this first round and were unable to show their full
potential. Both lost all matches
U15 boys team
Liam Cooper Blaney ( BSC), Ross McKechnie (WS&FC), James Goodworth (BSC) Sam Houghton ( CAN),
Matt Forman.
U15 Girls
Kate Alcock (BSC) Jennifer Holmes (BSC), Kirsty Asher (DLR), Justine Leadbetter (WH) Laua Small (WH)

U17 Mixed
A team Arthur May (DORH), Julian Ingram (CAN), Elliot Bourge (BRY), Calum Pearson (DLR), Tamara
Weston (CAN)
B team Mathias Cornick (BSC), Tom Trower (SYD), Ashley Haydon (BSC), Alex Sawyer (DLR)
First to play were the B team against Devon and were unfortunate to lose the match 4/1 as two matches (
Tom & Alex’s ) went to 5. Alex losing 10 / 8 in the fifth, Tom 6~9. Ashley Haydon won 9/6,9/5,9/2. Mathias
first time playing at one had a tough match against Devon’s number one Steve Lewis ( I had split strength
the teams)
The A team did a bit better only just losing 2/3 all match were 3/0’s
Julian and Elliott being our winners
A team v B team
This was a 3/2 win to the A team Arthur, Elliot and Tamara got max points.
Julian v Tom was a 5 setter with Tom coming out the winner 9/4 in the fifth.

We have a grand prix at the 2 Riversmeet club on Sunday 28th Oct entry form on the web site.


4 November

Dorset v Glos lost 0 - 5

Karl bushby lt to james watkins 1 - 9 0 - 9 5 - 9
james Goodworth lt to matt boel 2 - 9 4 - 9 1 - 9
amien al sadi lt to dan pirany 4 - 9 9 - 6 3 - 9 9 - 0 3 - 9

Dorset v Avon lost 5 - 0

k b lt to Calum smith 4 - 9 3 - 9 6 - 9
j g lt to Sam Ellis 1 - 9 6 - 9 0 - 9
a a s lt to droin welch 8 - 10 3 - 9 2 - 9

I think they enjoyed it apart from getting beaten some of the games were closer than the score suggested .
we were not going to win at 1 but if liam had been playing the second strings would have been closer and at
3 4 5 we would have had a chance . oh for a full team Karl liam Ross james and Amien . well it was 205
miles but I think they learnt something , I hope , cheers for now Keith

U17 Boys inter county was cancelled due to players not being able to commit and travel arrangements.

4 November: U13 boys inter county

U13 boys travelled to Sussex to play Devon, Hampshire and Sussex
Team William Sargeant, Andrew Goodworth, Kaifa Rait McDonald, Philip Sargeant, Charlie Sawyer and
Shaun Kendall
4 out of the 6 player we took, it was their first time to experience inter county squash. Charlie and Philip at
age 9. It was a quick learning curve which they handled well. The score line of 5~0 from each match does
not do justice to how well these boys played against the more experienced county players, they learnt more
and improved with each match. Shaun Kendall our reserve player was the only one to win the game against
Hampshire’s reserve Robert Witherington 9/7,5/9,9/3, 9/6 unfortunately it did not count in the match scores.

Devon who are the favourites to get to the national final in March won the competition quite convincingly
beating all of the other counties 5~0.

Update on the Dorset county Rankings from England Squash

U19 Stuart Parfett – 74
U13 Andrew Goodworth - 69
U15 Kate Alcock – 38 up seven places
U13 Justine Leadbetter – 33
U13 Lara Small – 34
U13 Kirsty Small – 35

SW Area Academy

Justine Leadbetter u13 and kate Alcock U15 have been asked to the area academy this weekend 17/18


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