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									“If you are READY to have the life you always dreamed about… then read this
NOW!” David Kendall -- Professional Magician, Entertainer, & Intelligent Warrior

Dear Name… Here’s How YOU Can…

“Unleash Your Hidden Powers to Create The
  Success, Love, & Income You’ve Always
 Wanted Automatically & Effortlessly Using
  The Intelligent Warrior Subliminal Video
 In Less Than 10 Minutes from Now You Can Begin Your
 Discovery of The Personal Power You Were Destined to
               Create & Fulfill In Your Life!

‘An Unspoken Truth About Your Mind That Most People Pay No
Attention to: You Control Your Own Mind. That Means You Also
   Control Your Own Destiny. As An Intelligent Warrior You’ll
Immediately Set Off An Unstoppable Chain of Events To Create
            The Kind of Life You’ve Always Desired.’

 Read this letter from start to finish if you want to discover how
to create your own special kind of life. The way you want it to be.
    Or… if you’re happy with the way things are, that’s great!

It is true about people. Most prefer to look the other way when faced
with the simple truth.

You see…

It’s much easier to blame others, life, parents, the system... and who
knows what else when it comes down to personal responsibility for our
condition and situation.
But the sheer beauty lies in turning the coin over. What’s on the other

You tell me!

It’s your life and only you know what’s important to you. Only you
know what matters to you. It could be the simple things like...

Waking up in the morning and feeling rested, feeling good. You look
over at the clock and you have a few minutes to spare. The morning
sun is peeking through the curtains.

You hear birds merrily chirping away with their morning songs. And it
looks like another bright, sunny, blue-sky kind of day.

If you’re an Intelligent Warrior... you’ll feel relaxed, happy, and
looking forward to what the day has in store for you. Because you
know you’re attracting only the very best of what life has to offer! Not
only do you know it...

You expect it.

Here’s one thing you need to know about being an Intelligent Warrior.

It’s not about the laws of attraction or anything like that. Although you
will naturally become a magnet for only the positive, good things in

And those good things will be based on what you want.

The Intelligent Warrior Subliminal Message Video System
combines two very powerful natural forces.

   1. The latest technology using visual imagery to induce a deep
      relaxation state. When you’re deeply relaxed you will naturally
      be more receptive to positive subliminal messages.

   2. You! That’s right... your mind is incredibly powerful. Science
      has only scratched the surface of what your mind can do. But
      what is known is this: There are almost no limits to what you
      can have if you learn how to use it. It’s almost like having the
      most powerful technology known to humankind but... oops!
      Where’s the operating manual?

In a few minutes I’ll tell you exactly how you can exponentially
increase your results with The Intelligent Warrior Subliminal Message
Video System. But first...

I’d like to share with you an email I received from Martha Childress.
She started using The Intelligent Warrior System while going through
a difficult time in her life.

Pay close attention to how she words her results.

   Hi David,

   My Mother, whom I was extremely close, recently passed away after
   a long illness. During this same timeframe, I've been in the
   process of getting my own new business off the ground. Needless
   to say, it was a little hard to get pumped up with the
   energy/confidence/enthusiasm, I knew was necessary to promote and
   present my business in the best possible manner. The subliminal
   message videos came along at the perfect time. I've been using
   them for about 2 weeks, and not only have they helped launch me
   into a better frame of mind, I've had great luck in getting
   important appointments, and I've been extremely comfortable and
   confident in my presentations. I'm looking forward to the

   With gratitude.

   Martha Childress
   Seattle Washington

Did you notice what she said?

“... better frame of mind... great luck... extremely comfortable and
confident in my presentations.”

One thing is certain...
It’s NOT luck! Martha simply chose to take control in her life and do it
with her mind. Her ‘operating manual’ was The Intelligent Warrior

Since you know my name, David, I’d like to share my own testimonial
and experiences with this technology. That’s one reason I’m trying to
help so many people with this.

I know from first-hand experience the power of intelligently
using my mind to craft and create the kind of life I want.

My name is David Kendall...

Perhaps some of you have heard of me. I’m a professional magician,
and I’ve been all around the world performing magic. I love
entertaining people with magic. I love seeing the delight in the eyes of
children when I do my stuff.

I first learned about subliminal technology in 1995 while living ‘down
under’ in Australia. I was fascinated and immersed myself in this

And I started using subliminal tapes while performing as a professional
magician. Right away I noticed my level of confidence soared while on
stage performing magic. My stage presence took on new dimensions
and I could literally see and feel it.

I became a believer in subliminal technology.

Fast forward to early 2000’s...

I’ll tell you. I had it all. I had a wonderful career, family, and life. I had
everything anyone would want.

Then life seemed to implode.

I lost my wife to cancer. She fought hard for two horrible years.

The few years after that were extremely hard for me. I had two young
children I had to be there for. Perhaps you know this kind of struggle
or you know someone else who has gone through this.

What helped me to literally rescue my sanity?
This very system you’re discovering today.

That’s right! I returned to my roots, so to speak. I learned of a new
system in beta testing and went to work. I figured I had nothing to
lose by giving it a shot.

On the very first day I was literally blown away after watching
this for only 20 minutes.

I felt like a heavy cloud was lifted off my shoulders. Ever since that
first day I devote 20 minutes to watching these videos on my laptop.

I prefer to do this first thing in the morning because we’re more
relaxed and receptive in the morning.

Not only have I stopped feeling so terribly depressed, but I’ve felt
genuinely happy while enjoying my life... and having great gratitude
for all of it.

I’ve made radical changes in my business and watched my income
skyrocket in just a few short months. Also...

I’ve been eating healthier, doing yoga, having more fun with my
children, other people, and relationships. And the best part of this is
it’s all happening effortlessly.

   The Results You Can Expect After Downloading The
  Intelligent Warrior Subliminal Message Video System
  The Following Results Are Based On Customer Experiences With Using
                     The Intelligent Warrior System

           You’re effortlessly empowered with the self-confidence to
           make things happen in any area of your life.

           Focus on your financial life and watch the floodgates open
           with fresh ideas on how to get the money you need.
           You’ll feel instantly energized with the strength and
           passion to live the kind of life others only dream about.

           Forever banish all self-doubts, negative self-talk and
           thinking. Just this ONE thing will put you ahead of 99% of
           everyone else!

           You’ll reveal a vision of your future and discover how to
           focus in on it like a laser. Most people have no clue or
           care about their future or how to get there.

           You’ll possess a completely new sense of control, charge,
           and power in your life. And you’ll know exactly how to
           direct that new power to intelligently guide you.

           You’ll awaken sleeping mental and spiritual power centers
           to actively bring your visions into reality.

           Success breeds success. Your newfound successes will
           only serve to empower and motivate you like you’ve
           never imagined or experienced before.

           You’ll instantly learn to recognize “the” opportunities
           when they cross your path. And you’ll have the vision and
           confidence to go after them.

How’s THAT for customer feedback?

Read how The Intelligent Warrior System helped Tim Unruh in his

Hi Dave:

I have noticed since viewing the subliminal tapes, my girlfriend and I of nine
years, have decided to be married in Kauai on Valentine's day. We are
inviting our family members. This is quite a major breakthrough for myself as
well as my wife to be.

Perhaps the photos are influencing my behaviour because I did have a dream
about moving to Hawaii.
Even the reflection of my awareness is manifesting through the subconscious
mind of my partner. Pretty powerful stuff going on here!


Tim Unruh

And here’s how Rob Wilton improved communications in his life.

Hi David

Wow! You certainly have created an amazing life for your Self. After all the
things you have sent me over the years, I have ever acted on any. The
Warrior Series, for some reason, completely resonated with me, resulting in
a resounding-YES!

They are incredible and I have noticed that I am becoming more cause rather
than effect in my life. Other abilities, like being able to communicate freely to
people are developing. I have tried MANY subliminal progams (sic) and none
have ever worked. I am not sure why these are different but they definitely
are. Thank-you for turning me onto these.


Rob Wilton
Saskatoon, SK.

    Here’s Everything You’re Getting in The Intelligent
       Warrior Subliminal Message Video System
 8 Immensely Powerful Videos You’ll Use to Usher Profound Changes Into
                      Your Life Starting… Today.
Intelligent Warrior Video 1 -- The Beginning

This is where it all begins. In this introductory video you’ll lay the
foundation to take your life in any direction you desire. Many people
almost instantly feel a groundswell of power in this video. And it’s
exciting because that’s the power residing in YOU!

Each day as you watch this video, you’ll begin to truly believe... maybe
for the first time in your life how you can...

Earn more money, be more loving, possess undeniable self confidence,
have greater success attracting romantic interests, and succeed in any
business or your chosen work.

And that’s JUST the beginning... no pun intended.

The Intelligent Warrior Video 2 -- Superior Techniques

You’ll focus on allowing your natural power centers to be expressed in
everything you do. One of the primary effects will be the natural
confidence you were meant to have.

Have you ever noticed how supremely confidant children are? They
just don’t have a care or worry about what others think. They just DO
and naturally expect everything to be fine.

Of course you’ll do what you know is right for every situation. But it’s
that kind of natural confidence you’ll “allow” your self to feel and

And you’ll feel and believe that nothing... truly nothing can stop you!

The Intelligent Warrior Video 3 -- Achieve Your Social Potential

Everything in The Intelligent Warrior System builds on itself. And that
means so will you!

That unstoppable confidence you’re feeling allows you to enjoy your
life. You’ll feel and know it’s completely ok to have fun, laugh, play,
and share real love and affection with others.

And you know what?
It’s contagious!

People around you will not be able to NOT notice you! And they’ll be
drawn to you because they’ll want to be around you.

The Intelligent Warrior Video 4 -- Aggressive Manifestation

Don’t let that word scare you! Aggressive.

It simply refers to having a laser focus to create your desired result.
But if you’re the really go-get-em kind of person... well, just take it
easy on the rest of us!

Manifesting your own destiny = Creating your own destiny.

You’ll have the unbeatable confidence, belief, and newly awakened
power to begin creating your own destiny.

Intelligent Warrior Video 5 -- Unstoppable Confidence

We’re trying to ease you into realizing your own potential. Too much of
anything, too fast, can sometimes be overwhelming.

You began to awaken your natural power centers in Video 2.

Now... you’ll experience professionally mixed video at 30 FPS, or
frames per second, combined with audio to virtually explode your self-

Great care has been engineered into these subliminal messages to
cover a range of behaviors. All designed to help you be transformed,
believe, and express supreme confidence every day of your life.

Get ready!

Intelligent Warrior Videos 6/7 -- Social Mastery For Men &
Women. (Separate video for each gender.)

Social Mastery is the hardest of all the skills to develop. And most
people just won’t ever have the confidence to do it.
The POWER you’ll awaken and experience here is an "intangible" that
so many books have talked about. But they leave you hanging because
you read about it, and then it’s up to you to figure out how to make it
your own.

That’s what makes The Intelligent Warrior System SO powerful!

You’ll naturally and effortlessly achieve Social Mastery to be used as
you see fit.

Intelligent Warrior Video 7 -- How To Manifest Anything You
Desire in The Shortest Amount of Time.

Now THAT’S quite a bold statement!

Sure it is but you’ve been laying your foundation to prepare for it.
You’ll bring everything together in preparation to take the world by

You’ll believe, and demonstrate, a “no-limit” attitude as you move
toward your own personal vision each day.

Obstacles and competition will mean nothing to you because you’ll
KNOW you’re able to go through them, or around them.

Your daily 20-minute focused relaxation periods will energize, build,
reinforce, and strengthen your natural power centers until they’re fully
awakened and working to give YOU anything you desire.

Before telling you everything else you’ll be getting with The
Intelligent Warrior System...

I feel it’s important to share some closing thoughts with you.

  The Skyrocketing Cost of Doing Nothing & What That
                 Will Mean in Your Life
Sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it?

The skyrocketing cost of doing nothing...

Don’t be fooled by it. There’s nothing odd about it. And unfortunately
it’s a stone-cold reality with most people. It’s simply like this:

Most people tend to point the finger and blame external events for the
way their lives are. It’s all too easy and very convenient. And it is a
very effective way to “ease the pain.”

But that’s a farce!

It’s an illusion!

It’s self-medication of the most vicious variety!

It’s an illusion because the only thing it accomplishes is NOTHING.
That’s right... a big, lousy, nothing.

You’re smart.

You know when you do nothing, then you get nothing. Nothing
happens. And the great, sad illusion is the greater pain only continues
like a runaway freight train bound for nowhere.

The greater pain of living with the VERY things people don’t want. It
does not matter what those things are... but take a look around you.
Take a look at people you know. Take a look at your own self.

That’s exactly why I personally chose to take control in my own life. I
was in living hell after cancer took my loving wife away. But in one
respect it was a very simple choice.

I could either watch my life go down the drain or DO something about
it. I chose life. I chose to re-claim my life. Take it back!

And I used the Intelligent Warrior System to do that. I use it every
single day of my wonderful life.

My friend…

Several things I learned as I watched my wife being taken from me...
Life is short.

Life can change forever in an instant.

I’m only asking you to take one small step today. Tomorrow’s another
day and you’ll take one more. Then you’ll know what I’ve been talking
about here.

You’re not simply ordering another product hoping it will work. Today
you will be investing in your new and profoundly better future. Your
life will never be the same again when you become an Intelligent

Your one-time investment in your self is only $198. But I’ve decided
to make changing your life as PAINLESS as possible! Here’s what
I’m gonna do for you.

I understand things are tough for everyone especially with ever-
increasing energy costs, etc.

You do NOT have to pay me anything to get started today. Right now!
When you order The Intelligent Warrior System you will not be billed
until a full 30 days from your date of order!

And it gets even better...

If you want you can elect to pay the full amount today, or you can pay
in 4 easy installments of $49.50. But remember! Your first payment
will be 30 days from your date of order. Your second payment will be
30 days later, and so on.

And... take ONE FULL YEAR to test-drive The Intelligent Warrior
Video Series! I’ll explain more about that in a few minutes.

My friend, it does not get ANY easier than that.

Think about it. You will begin changing your life today and it’s totally
on MY dime. So you see, I’m assuming all the risk only because I know
the awesome power of The Intelligent Warrior System.

Quite frankly, it’s a reflection of my confidence in The System
and You!
And I’ll be up-front about something... if you think about it you’ll see
exactly what I mean.

What is the staggering cost of doing nothing?

Living with the issues only YOU know you would love to change in an
instant. Doing nothing about those issues guarantees they’ll remain
right by your side as you live your life.

And from time to time you’ll only wonder how much your life could
have been different if only you had invested in your life.

Here’s a great comment from Darcy Rona. I think you’ll agree that
Darcy experienced great results from using The Intelligent Warrior

But let Darcy tell you about it...

I have noticed significant changes in my life from using the subliminal videos.
I landed a spot in one of the top agencies in Toronto for film and television. I
am definitely better off financially, and I'm working towards building on that.

I'm much better at saving and managing my expenses. I've become a pretty
cocky guy. I work in a restaurant with a lot of tough personalities and you
have to be very strong. I'm much more fearless in telling people off when I
know they're in the wrong - I don't let people get away with disrespecting
me. I'm much more relaxed and at ease around people I want to be friends
with at work and in general.

I'm a very intense person. This program multiplied that by about 10. Even
the way I walk down the street changed. I walk with incredible confidence
and conviction. Overall I'm thrilled by the unusual power of this technology. I
was far more excited about this then other self-development tools because I
really believe in the power of hypnosis and it happens automatically - and
isn't based on the willful effort of some outdated exercises one would
typically find in a book.

I'm truly grateful for what this product has done for me in a span of merely 2

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Best Always,
Darcy Rona
Ontario, Canada

Since using The Intelligent Warrior System Darcy has achieved
breakthroughs in his career and financial standing. And he has become
much more fearless... much more relaxed... and incredibly confident!

Wouldn’t you be happy to have the same results as Darcy and
so many others?

You can, starting right now!

                 Don't Decide Now...
              Try My Renegade Wizard-
              Subliminal Videos Program
                  FREE For 30 Days
     I'm so sure that you will love this program that I'm willing to do
             something that might se em a little bit CRAZY ...

You do NOT have to pay me anything to get started today. Right now!

     When you order The Intelligent Warrior System you will not be
     billed until a full 30 days from your date of order!

     And it gets even better...

     If you want you can elect to pay the full amount today,
     or you can pay in 4 easy installments of $49.50.

     But remember! Your first payment will be 30 days from your
     date of order. Your second payment will be 30 days later, and
     so on.
                         Special Bonus Offer!

    You can receive a hard copy of The Renegade Wizard
    Subliminal Videos program for ONLY $25 Shipping &
    Handling. That’s right! Just cover the S&H and you’ll get
    the complete hard copy.

    You can download the complete Renegade Wizard Subliminal
    Video program, right away! So that means you can get started
    immediately. If you order the hard copy version we’ll ship it out
    to you, today! How’s that?

    And... take ONE FULL YEAR to test drive The Intelligent
    Warrior Video Series! I'll explain more about that in a few

    My friend, it does not get ANY easier than that.

    I truly want to help you create your Ultimate Lifestyle. I get
    emails every day from people who are using these Intelligent
    Warrior Subliminal Videos to improve their success in life
    immeasurably, and I want to help you too.

                   INVEST HERE NOW!

When You Get Your Intelligent Warrior Subliminal Video
  System You’ll Receive A Free Audio CD & Discover
Insider Tips, Secrets, & Hard-Hitting Advice From Some
     of The Most Successful People on The Planet.

Years ago when I first started on the path to success and manifesting
a life on my own terms, the single most important thing I did was to
find, meet and learn from people who were already enjoying the kind
of success I wanted.

Yes, I was committed and worked very hard. But my biggest and best
lessons came from learning and observing people who were “true

What’s a true wizard?

Someone who has worked MAGIC in their lives. Someone who has
achieved stunning success and lives their life on their own terms.

Exactly the way I want to live mine! And perhaps it’s the way you want
to live yours.

I wanted to discover exactly what they did that brought them so much
more enlightened success. I believed if these true wizards can do it,
then so could I. If I knew the secrets. And it turns out I was right!

Learning from other people is vitally important.

I can't tell you how many YEARS of time and effort this shortened my
learning curve. And truthfully? I’m not sure if I EVER would have
achieved real success without taking this vital step.

You’ll learn from success superstars such as...

Laurie Nadel - Author of the bestseller "Sixth Sense”.

Dan Lok – World-renowned copywriter and entrepreneur. Dan has
authored half a dozen books on business and marketing. Co-authored
(with Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer) the up-coming best-seller,
“Wake Up… Live The Life You Love”.

Steve Chandler - Author of “Reinventing Yourself” and “Ultimate
Time Management”.

John Harricharan - Speaker and author of "Power Pause" and “When
You Can Walk On Water Take The Boat".

You’ll also enjoy other successful entrepreneurs, health experts, and
fitness gurus.
Remember earlier I told you how you can exponentially
increase the already powerful results by using The Intelligent
Warrior System?

It’s simple... yet extremely powerful.

Desire and Action.

That’s right! And don’t feel disappointed because it’s “only” desire and

You may be astounded at how few people really take positive action to
make positive changes in their lives.

Having a burning desire to change your life and simply taking action to
move toward those changes is like adding nitro to The Intelligent
Warrior System.

Your results will appear much faster. And you will simply GET
results. Here’s the important thing about your mind...

You really cannot be forced to believe in something you don’t WANT to
believe in. And anything anyone says to you won’t change that. Unless
of course some extremely serious mind-control techniques come into

But we’re not talking about mind-control, here!

So simply having the desire to make changes and the belief that you
will make them is extremely powerful. Add The Intelligent Warrior
System to that equation and NOTHING will stop you!

Choose how you’ll invest in your new life today...

       YES David!
       I’m Ready To Change My Life Forever…Right NOW!
             I’m ready to download The Intelligent Warrior Subliminal Video System!

             I understand I’ll enjoy A ONE FULL YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

             Use Our 128 Bit-Encrypted Secure
                      Servers Below

                      Safely & Securely Processed

                        INVEST HERE NOW!

My good friend...

I wish to Thank You from the bottom of my heart for giving me your
valuable time today.

My only wish is for you to experience the same results I have with this
powerful, life-affirming, life-changing system.

What ever you choose... I wish you the very best in life!


Professional Magician & Intelligent Warrior
PS- Lets recap everything you’re getting today:

    •   Today you’re getting 7 professionally produced Subliminal
        Videos normally priced at $97 EACH. That’s over 75% savings
        for ordering the complete system!

    •   Each Subliminal Video is immediately available for instant
        download. And they’re available in MOV, AVI, SWF, & MPEG 4
        format. A total of 28 downloads.

    •   If you’re business-minded, you’ll have FULL RESALE RIGHTS for
        each Subliminal Video! You can give them away, or sell them!

    •   You’re getting a FREE audio CD of interviews containing success
        secrets of ‘true wizards’ from all walks of life. Learn from the
        best and get to where YOU want to be much faster!

    •   You’ll have a Risk Free ONE FULL YEAR Guarantee! If you’re not
        completely happy, then just let me know and you’ll get a 100%
        refund. No hassles.

    •   More important than ANYTHING is this: Today you’re getting the
        chance to create and live the life you truly desire. It’s the kind
        of life you truly DESERVE!

Take positive, strong action and invest in your new life today.

                      INVEST HERE NOW!

Here’s just one more great testimonial from one of the many happy
and successful users of The Intelligent Warrior System:


"I have understood for a long time that the unconscious mind has the power to
make things happen in life without the conscious mind always understanding.
The problem has always been how to access it and program it to achieve the
results that I wanted. Through watching a simple video everyday I have been
able to access my unconscious and am experiencing significant success in all
areas of my life, including financial. This is one of the few products of this type
that I use and can honestly endorse."

Scott Callender
United Kingdom

                       INVEST HERE NOW!

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