Mysteries of Air by tyndale


									                                 Mysteries of Air

                                 by John Graham

“Air sees to be the least tangible of elements yet we cannot live without it. Not only does
it sustain life in our bodies, it lends wings to our Heart‟s Desire and clarifies the mind...”
These were words that came when I first sat down to plan my workshop ‘The Winds of
Heaven’. This celebrates the element of Air and the inspirational impact it can have upon
our lives. In one way, the relevance of what I had written was clear but in other ways it
wasn’t. I was particularly intrigued by the expression „lends wings to our Heart‟s
Desire‟. Although I had a strong intuitive sense of what this meant, I couldn’t have
explained it clearly. I wasn’t sure why I had written it but it felt appropriate and so it
stayed, awaiting illumination in due course.

None came until I actually presented the workshop, which opens dramatically with music
from the Andes. This carries us into the world of Condor as a Spirit Bird, conjuring a
majestic riding of high winds, embellished with a haunting, pulsing quality that allures,
unsettles and awakens all at once. It calls us onwards, beyond whatever our sense of
personal limits may have been into an urgent, insistent quest for greater life. The music
does not create this sense of questing, nor simply evoke it; rather it offers a carrying wave
which liberates into expression something in us which was already waiting to be moved.
It helps us take a bold step from potential into manifestation.

The essence of this stepping out is surrender, not the assertion of some ego resolution.
Winds of Heaven blow through me, breathing new life into deep gifts of my soul that
were suppressed or overlooked in the course of my formation. For many of us, the truth
of our souls is more or less severely overwritten by messages we are given from outside
(family, school, church etc.). As a result, we are forever motivated by a deep, initially
unconscious desire to recover and express our truth; to find who we really are and what
we’re for. Because of this, and because we are involved in evolution, there is something
in us that is always waiting to move. This is what the Spirit music touches. It awakens
something vital that habit and neglect had put to sleep.

To honour this awakening, all we need do is surrender to the music which inspires it,
emulating the majesty of Condor by allowing the winds on which we ride to carry us
where they will. Spontaneously, we move our arms, opening them gradually in wider,
more expansive gestures. There is nothing forced about this. The beauty of the music
invites it. And as our arms open, so do our hearts. I feel an urgent sense of longing as this
happens. A Flame of Passion reignites. It erupts from somewhere deep inside me and
rises to fill the open, yearning chamber of my Heart.

In that instant I know what it means to lend wings to my Heart’s Desire. It’s as if the
Passion of my soul has suddenly come to light, demanding immediate expression. I find
myself leaning forward as the music ends, arms extended in reverence and longing,
giving utterance through my whole body to the most fundamental question: ‘What is the
Passion of my Life?’

To ask is to receive. Every gesture of passionate aspiration attracts a corresponding wave
of inspiration. This is the essence of an Air initiation: to illuminate our Passion and
complement it with refining gifts of spaciousness, clarity, perspective, transcendence,
non-attachment and love. All these are gifts of the Heart, while Passion itself is primarily
associated with Fire. Fire is bound to the solar plexus and concerns of ego-consciousness
which are centred there.

Often our Passion is suppressed in deference to what we have been taught to see as our
best interest. Such conditioning prevents our lives from catching fire and our Passion
from taking flight. Raising Passion into the Heart, beyond the bottleneck of ego, makes it
stronger, clearer and more visible. It also acquires a transpersonal dimension by
becoming compassion. Our word ‘passion’ comes from a Latin word which means ‘I
suffer’. Compassion means ‘suffering together’. It entails a primary intuition of unity
consciousness which arises as we open our hearts (since all is connected in One Heart).
We experience this as pure Grace. Once it happens, our passions are no longer directed
against others nor indulged at their expense.

This is crucial. We all have a spark of Spirit in us. If we were allowed to grow cleanly,
this spark would rise naturally into our hearts, there to burn brightly as the Sacred Flame
of Spirit in all. More often, it gets buried under layers of karmic baggage, mental and
emotional. Our ego systems and the defences which keep them intact maintain this state
of affairs. Thus our spark, the potential of our Sacred Flame, gets trapped in the roots of
our lower chakras and is held there by beliefs implemented at the third. Raising it into our
hearts brings a wave of new momentum into our lives. This spark reacts explosively with
Air (the element that corresponds to the Heart chakra) and the force of our Passion is
released into the world.

Moreover, our chakras function as an integrated system which has Heart at its centre. By
healing the Heart we can alleviate stress in other centres, particularly the lower ones. As
the spark of Spirit is raised in us through the bottleneck of ego into the spaciousness of
Heart, conditioning within the Self becomes looser. The focus of our Passion shifts from
suffering to creativity. Accordingly, our first workshop day aims to facilitate raising the
spark of our Spirit Flame. We achieve this through evocation and by developing a sense
of non-attachment with respect to episodes and issues by which it had been constrained.
This process serves to stimulate inner transformation gently and prepares us to embark on
a Vision Quest.

The purpose of a Vision Quest is to come into contact with the essential ‘dreaming’ of
our lives – to find out, in other words, why we are here. To achieve this, we undertake a
dedicated journey throughout which we pray for a vision that will tell us who we are and
what we’re for. Our quest is inspired by Native American tradition and carried by its
sacred music. It brings us to a point where our Hearts are completely open and exposed.
There, spent, we wait.

Spirit Winds blow through us, serving as a metaphor for the Breath of God, which bears
the Creator’s will into Creation. This energy impels and sustains but originally, at Source,

it is an energy of novelty and innovation. By connecting to it, we connect our hearts to
the Heart of all Creation. And as God’s Breath is the vehicle of Divine Will, if we will
that this be done through us, then it will be so done. Winds of Heaven blow through our
Hearts into our lives. We are impelled to do exactly what we were always meant to do.
This brings fulfilment of our destiny and freedom, removing veils and activating pre-
coded potentials in the process.

Divine Breath is of itself invisible, as is Goddess power. Even as Wind, it manifests only
indirectly as swaying grass or the billowing of sails. In an open Heart, however, its
presence is immediately felt and guides our life through the stages of its unfolding. The
framework of our experience gets bigger as this happens. Our horizons expand. We are
lifted to new levels of awareness, so the world is no longer as it once appeared. Issues
that might once have depressed or enraged trouble us no more. What was previously just
potential is commissioned and brought into effect. As a result, our longing to break
beyond shells of conditioned identity into knowledge of a Greater Life can be fulfilled.

Furthermore, as the spark rises and Sacred Fire rekindles in our Heart, Spirit makes ready
to release whatever inspiration is our due. This can only be actualised through the full
expression of our compassionate Heart. A passionate Heart is an awakened Heart, almost.
It needs only to ‘see’ its purpose, to know what its Passion is for. This is where the Air
initiation comes into play, during or as a result of the Vision Quest. It involves clarifying
the next stage of what my service is to be in relation to my human, Earth and broader life
communities. Passion is fulfilled in the awareness of compassion.

As this happens we find, once the heavy defences of our body armour begin to shed, that
the Heart is still subtly protected by layers of veils, so to speak, each more delicate than
the one before. Engaging these veils and wooing them open is a gradual refining process
that unfolds by degrees. This is necessary for reasons of psychological safety. It prevents
disorientation and overwhelm, as well as allowing us time to experience and integrate
effects of revelation that come with the lifting of each veil. The process cannot be forced
nor, once we have sampled it, would we wish it to be. It allows us to maintain vital
threads of personal continuity and coherence, even as we move through a series of deep
qualitative transformations towards a final revelation of the I AM THAT I AM.

Such revelation generally comes following a sequence of ‘part’ revelations, the pace and
nature of which is regulated by the wisdom of our individual souls and Higher Self. The
Vision Quest, in whatever form it’s undertaken, provides a vital platform for the dance
between self and Spirit to unfold to its next level. Always this happens in the crucible of
soul through an opening of Heart. In terms of our governing metaphor, heavenly winds
blow, lifting veils and releasing new waves of soul-inscribed directions. The Passion of a
yearning Heart must be gathered to initiate this process: Ask and it shall be given. Knock
and it will be opened unto you. The more Passion with which we knock the greater
Spirit’s response will be.

At the end of this cycle, we come to the Heart of a Mystery - the stage at which our
personal hearts merge with the Heart of the Cosmos. The Heart of the Cosmos is also the

Point of Creation, through which the pure potential of an Infinite Void translates into the
myriad forms of existence. Here we encounter a seal set on Infinity at the Heart of our
Hearts. Once this opens, we know ourselves not just as vessels through which mighty
Winds blow but rather as the Source of those Winds and all Creation: the I AM THAT I
AM. In opening thus to the Divine, we realise our own Divinity and the Divinity of all
that is. This is not the accomplishment of a gifted ego but an ultimate transcendence of all
ego concerns.

The ‘Winds of Heaven’ workshop initiates this prospect, making it a tangible reality and
source of continuing inspiration. Also, the next right step – which is all we ever really
need to know and all we can wholeheartedly embrace at one time – will be revealed. The
culmination of this process is the central mystery of Air: that Spirit, which ‘steps down’
into form through putting a seal on Infinity at the point of Creation, can remove this seal
when the God-vessels of our individual beings are sufficiently robust to contain powers
of Light that are thereby released. Intuiting this, we realise the nature of Void as the site
of a progressive marriage in the Heart of Father-Mother God. New waves of Love are
constantly being born of this marriage, eventually to manifest as form in the realm of
Creation, which is Light.

The Breath of God is a Wind that carries Divine Will into manifestation. It is an active
process, for which Air is the medium. It is thus commonly perceived as an attribute of
Father God. This invisible yang power of Divinity as masculine interacts with the equally
invisible yin power of the Goddess to produce ever newer forms, each one more complex
and beautiful than those which went before. The more deeply we open to this Breath, the
more deeply it activates the core potential of our souls, penetrating finally to levels at
which the secrets of our destiny are written. These levels yield their secrets in stages,
depending on what our consciousness can assimilate at given times. Each new impact
brings renewal to our lives. Eventually, when we can stay open and empty, Divine Will –
borne by the Breath of God (Winds of Heaven) – moves through us always, interacting
with the unique gifts of our soul histories to create lives of maximum fulfilment and joy.

The passage of such winds induces change in environments where they move, always
giving rise to new potentials. They are then encompassed in the Dream of Mother-
Goddess and elaborated into form. We speak of Father-Mother God/dess to help us
comprehend a Mystery of which all things are expressions. This makes Spirit/Mystery
intelligible to us in terms of a mythopoetic vocabulary that reflects basic patterns of our
experience. The distinction between Father God and Mother Goddess is a fundamental
symbolic device found in many traditions to help human beings relate to the Mystery of
Being. It does this by allowing us to distinguish between masculine and feminine aspects
of Spirit and, having done so, to understand unfolding reality in terms of the relationships
between them. In the end, this is misleading. Mystery is neither masculine nor feminine.
It is beyond qualification of any kind. It can only be lived. To realise Mystery, we must
surrender in trust to a Divine Longing that moves through everything, including most
notably ourselves.


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