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									The Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay, chartered in 1994 meets Thursdays at noon at La Cascata Restaurant in the Princeville Hotel


                                                                  Ke kai nui o ka ma na wai

    The Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay, February 28, 2008 • Visit us at our website,

              The legendary Tahiti Nui
                                                               Bill Marston tells the story of how Bruce
                                                               T Marston, of California, met Louise
                                                               in Tahiti while in the United States Air
                                                               Force as a Lt. Colonel over 50 years ago.
                                                               Louise was a native of Tubuai ( Austral
                                                               Islands, French Polynesia) which is just
                                                               south of Tahiti. Louise was a descendant
                                                               of Tahiti Royalty in the lineage of King
                                                               Tomatoa. They met in Tahiti, fell in love
                                                               and married.
                                                                 They moved to the beautiful island of Kauai because it was
                                                               more like Tahiti than any of the other Hawaiian Islands and
                                                               opened a small diner, Tahiti Nui. It was slow going in the early
                                                               days because getting to Hanalei was an adventure in itself. It
                                                               was put on the map by a reporter from Oahu that was stuck
                                                               in Hanalei trying to get enough gas to drive out and wandered
                                                               over to Tahiti Nui to get a drink. Bruce Marston liked to put on
                                                               his customers by affecting a cantankerous, air and being rude
                                                                                           to the point of being insulting. Most
                                                                                           people caught on and it became his
                                                                                           trademark. The reporter wrote a re-
                                                                                           view that made people want to come
                                                                                           and see for them selves if all the
                                                                                           stories were true. Bruce died in 1975
                                                                                           and Louise lived on to run Tahiti Nui
                                                                                           until her death in 2003. Tahiti Nui is
                                                                                           still a landmark in Hanalei and you
                                                                                           can still get a drink while you look
                                                                                           at the photos of all of the celebrities
                                                                                           that have visited there over the years.
         The Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay, February 28, 2008 • Visit us at our website,
 The Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay meets Thursdays
 at La Cascata Restaurant in the Princeville Hotel                             Anniversaries in February
President                         Sally Motta                       February 11                         Lou Dubuque
Past President                    Steve Whitney                     February 14                         Tsajon von Lixfeld
President Elect                   Dr. Jeff Goodman
Secretary                         Deanna Schafer
Treasurer                         Larry Wharton
                                                                                  Birthdays in February
International Service             Joe Halasey                                                    None
Club Service                      Tony Motta
Vocational Service                Robin Thompson
Community Service                 Terry Wells                        Getting to the bottom of the deck
Foundation                        Sheila White
New Generations                   Bob Capwell

Sgt. at Arms                      George Corrigan
Public Relations                  Gordon Perry
Bulletin Editor                   Michael Somers

District 5000 Governor            George Fontaine

           Speaker/Greeter Schedule
   Date                Speaker            Greeter
 Feb. 7            Tsajon Von      Laura Richards,                  Chris Young tries his hand at the big pot.
                   Lixfeld         Jeff Goodman
 Feb. 14           John Schmelling Sunny Bunyan
                                   Mal Dhorman                                          Let’s Make up!
 Feb. 21           Robin Thompson Chris Young                                        Http://
                                   Dawn Lundquist                             Kalepa Sunrise, Tuesdays &:30, Gaylord’s
 Feb. 28           Dawn Lundquist Lisa Wall                           West Kauai, Tuesdays, 5:30pm, Wiamea Plantation Cottages
                                   Jonathan McRoberts                  Poipu Beach, Wednesdays, 7:10 am Poipu Beach Broiler
                                                                           Kapaa, Wednesdays, Noon, Coconut Beach Hotel
                                    March                                     Kauai, Fridays, Noon, Regency at Puakea
  Date       Speaker                                   Greeter
 March.6 Mal Dhorman                            Robert Dickstein
                                                Chris Spencer
 March            Lucy Adams                    Steve Whitney
 13                                             Don Leutz
 March            Club Assembly                 Rod Messinger
 20                                             Lou Dubuque
 March            Gordon Furze                  Ming Fang
 27                                             Robin Thompson
      The Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay, February 28, 2008 • Visit us at our website,

  May 23-26, 2008                            Jeff Orth of Gilray, California presents, President elect, Dr. Jeff Good-
                                             man, and Club President Sally Motta with the Order of the Stinking
Wailea Beach Marriott                        Rose. A rare and unique honor from the home of garlic farming.
Resort & Spa District
 Conference 2008
 District Governor Elect George Fon-
taine & his wife Paige invite you to join
them on the Valley Isle of Maui for your
2007-08 District Conference on May
23-26, 2008. Please join them at the
Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa,
where you will enjoy a romantic ocean-
front location on the beautiful coast of
South Maui and be swept away by spec-
tacular views of Molokini, Kaho’olawe,
and Lanai. Come and experience Maui’s          George Corrigan exchanges
Warmest Aloha.                                 banners with former mem-
                                               ber Damon Deslondes now
RYLA Camp is coming                                    living in Colorado.
    up soon and
needs adult volunteers
RYLA Camp, April 12-13, is a great way
to work with our youth and help them
develop valuable leadership skills they
can use for the res of their lives. Rotary
Youth Leadership Awards is a 2 day lead-
ership development camp held annually
by Rotarians for high school 10th and
11th graders. RYLA is looking for adult
participation to help them with the camp.                                                                   Sunny Bunyan gets
                                                                                                            tagged. Stops being
                                                                                                            fined for no name
Kakki Ledyard
looks like she                                         Rotarians earning the admiration of a
is enjoying the                                        grateful north shore community (and a
meeting.                                               make up) for the highway clean up on
                                                       March 1, 2008:
                                                       Michael Somers, Branch Lotspeich, Tony
                                                       Motta, George Corrigan, Terry Wells (and
                                                       Carol Wells), Jeff Goodman, Mike Dyer
                                  Semi pro, pickup     Special thanks to part time resident /
                             artists react to seeing   Rotarian Tom Sanders and Bud White of
                            four year member and       the Marine Corps League for joining us in
                              first time participant   this clean up.
                             Michael Somers show                                                         Tony Motta says, Bingo
                                        up to work.                                                      Party at the Wells,
                                                                                                         sometime soon.

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