Bringing the Faulkes Telescope to Classrooms in Hawaii by pnq12387


									   Bringing the Faulkes
Telescope to Classrooms in
          The Telescope
• British-Hawaiian collaboration
• Largest for education only use
• Offline and online use
            Data Delivery
• British classrooms:
  – Immediate jpeg delivery
  – Download for further imaging
• Hawaii alternative?
     Existing Imaging Tools
• Sophisticated tools
  – SAOImage and SAOImage DS9
  – SkyCat and Jskycat
  – ATV
• Tools for K-12 users
  – HOU-IP
  – LTImage
     Applets as Imaging Tools
•   Interactive
•   Portable
•   Require only a browser
•   No applications to install or maintain
The Tools Page
Blink Tool
Grey Scale Image Tool
Color Image Tool
Measurement Tool
         Testing the Tools
• Evaluated in terms of software usability
• Servlet container on Maui machine
• TOPS workshop test users
• Rated “perceived usefulness” and
  “perceived ease of use”
• Scale from 1 to 7
                   Test Results
                      Perceived    Perceived Ease of
                      Usefulness          Use

Blink Tool               5.6              5.8

Gray Scale Tool          4.5              3.9

Color Image Tool         4.6              5.3

Measurement Tool         6.3              6.0

Users also made a significant number of
 thoughtful comments
Results appear to indicate that applets
 can be useful successfully as
 astronomical imaging tools

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