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					            University of Central Oklahoma Employee Safety Training
    UCO employees ~ working together to make UCO a safe place to work and study

The Oklahoma Department of Labor (ODOL) and the Occupational Safety and Health
Administration (OSHA) require annual safety training for all employees. UCO employees are
being asked to complete four safety training courses annually. Francis Tuttle is providing this
safety training via the internet on the ClarityNet System at no cost to UCO. It can be completed
from any computer with internet connection on or off campus. The safety modules may be
completed in any order and over a period of time if needed.

The website for On-line Safety Training is

When the page opens, you will see on the left of the screen, “Add this page to your favorites.”
Click on that phrase to automatically add it to your “Favorites.” Also on this page will be the
log-in box where you will need your special User ID and Password that have been entered into
the Francis Tuttle database for you. Your User ID will be ft- followed by the first initial of your
first name plus your last name. In some cases all of the first name or the middle initial had to
be used.

   EXAMPLE for employee named John Doe, born January 1:
     User ID
     John Doe’s User ID would be ft-jdoe or FT-JDOE. (It is not case-sensitive.) The
     hyphen must be used after “ft” in the User ID and no spaces. If the last name is a
     hyphenated name, it must be written as one word. Example: Jane Doe-Smith would
     be ft-jdoesmith.
     John Doe’s Password uses numerical digits for the month and day of his birth. His
     birthday is January 1, so his Password would be ft0101 (month and day in numerals
     with no year and no hyphen). Month and day must contain two digits: thus, ft0101.

To view these safety training courses via the internet, one must allow pop-ups on the internet
browser. On the Internet Tools Menu select the option, “Pop-up Blocker” and then "Turn off
Pop-up Blocker.”

These ClarityNet courses have videos with sound which will play only via Windows Media
Player. In case it is not on the computer you are using, it is a free download at the Microsoft
Windows website.

The modules may be completed in any order and in segments. When you are working
on-line and are interrupted, click on the “STOP” button. You may resume at anytime. Or
you may “STOP” and “EXIT” and come back into the module via “BOOKMARK” minutes,
hours, or days later. When leaving the system, click on “Log Out.”

If you encounter any problems or have questions, call the EHS office, at x2216 or email
  Environmental Health and Safety~ A Division of Safety and Transportation Services