Public Safety Training Institute by cus77649


									Public Safety Training Institute

                               Instructor: Rusty Sullivan

   Over the past few years the emergency scene has become an unpredictable place.
   No longer is the Firefighter the golden boy of society. He/She has been attacked,
                         shot, stabbed and even taken hostage.

     Any emergency scene can become violent at any time, from the mundane EMS
      call to the unknown explosion in the distance. The attackers range from the
         young to old, male or female, from domestic to international terrorist.

         With training, you and your crews survivability of a violent situation is
                                significantly increased.

This 24 hours class will take you through scene awareness to fighting for your life, from
a combative patient to restraining patients, working with hostages to being one, and
working with police officers in tactical environments and the ever dreaded crime scene.

CEU: 24 EMS, 24 POST
Cost: Free, funded by Division of Fire Safety
Date: November, 10-12 2008,
Time: 0800-1700 Hours
Location: MCC – Blue River, 20301 E. 78 Highway, Independence, Mo 64057
Registration: Ally at 816-220-6700 or e-mail

                         Registration due by: November 5, 2008
                                 Seats are limited to 25

      A second course will be offered February 9-11 2009, same location and time.

Funding has been made possible through the Division of Fire Safety

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