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									TERM DATES


Staff Training Day    Tuesday 20th April

Pupils return         Tuesday 20th April
                      Junior House               6.00pm (Boarders)
                      Senior Houses              8.00pm (Boarders)

May Day Exeat         Monday 3rd May

Half term             Friday 28th May            5.00pm
                      Sunday 6th June

End of term           Wednesday 30th June


Staff Training Days   Monday 6th September
                      Tuesday 7th September

Pupils return         Wednesday 8th September
                      Junior House               6.00pm
                      Senior Houses              8.00pm

Whole School Exeat    Friday 1st October         5.00pm

Half term             Wednesday 20th October -   1.00pm
                      Sunday 31st October

Whole School Exeat    Friday 19th November       5.00pm
End of term           Friday 10 December         12.00pm


Pupils return         Wednesday 5th January
                      Junior House               6.00pm
                      Senior Houses              8.00pm

Whole School Exeat    Friday 25th January        5.00pm
Half term             Friday 18 February -       5.00pm
                      Sunday 27th February

End of term           Friday 1st April           12.00pm


Staff Training Day    Tuesday 26th April

Pupils return         Tuesday 26th April
                      Junior House               6.00pm (Boarders)
                      Senior Houses              8.00pm (Boarders)

                                              ANNUAL PROGRAMME OF
                                          REPORTS AND PARENTS’ MEETINGS
         TERM         ORDERS/GRADES                    REPORTS                           PARENTS’ MEETINGS
Autumn 2010     Early October            Half term                        1st Form    (informal)   30 September 2010
                Early November           End of term                      3rd Form    (informal)   22 September 2010
                Early December                          5th Form          L6th        November     02 November 2010
                                                        2nd Form          U6th        October      11 October 2010
                                                        3rd Form
                                                        1st Form          2nd Form

Spring 2011     Early February           Half term                                    February     8 February 2011
                                                         th                rd
                Early March                             4 Form            3 Form      March        2 March 2011
                                         End of term    L6th              5th Form    January      19 January 2011
                                                                          U6th        March        14 March 2011
Summer 2011     Mid May                  End of term    1st Form           1st Form   May          4 May 2011
                Mid June (Forms 1 – 4)                  2nd Form          4th Form    May          12 May 2011
                                                        3rd Form          L6th        April        26 April 2011

Heads of College                     Tommy Garland
                                     Tara Gillespie

College Prefects                     Chloe Bidos
                                     Alex Calver
                                     Leonie Field          (Junior House Prefect)
                                     Andrew Frawley        (Junior House Prefect)
                                     John Hodgson
                                     Verity Phillips
                                     Alice Rigby
                                     Tarun Tyagi
                                     Kate Wilson           (Junior House Prefect)


Head   of   Gosden                   Emma Smith
Head   of   Haygate                  Georgie Cox
Head   of   Hazelveare               Michael Johnson
Head   of   Park                     Emma Ranger
Head   of   School House             Tommy Garland
Head   of   Summerfield              Miles Chuter
Head   of   Sutton                   Ross Holmes


Autumn Term                GCSE mock examinations: December

Spring Term                AS exams: beginning - mid January
                           A2 exams: mid - end January

Summer Term                GCSE, AS and A2 examinations: mid May to end June
                           First & Second Forms: first week in June
                           Third & Fourth Forms: second week in June


Dates and timings of external examinations are subject to change.
Candidates should check their individual timetables issued at the time
of their examinations.

Monday 19 April              Week 1
   7.00pm DofE Staff Meeting, Sutton Cottage

Tuesday 20 April
                        Staff Training Day
   6.00pm Roll Call in Junior Houses (Boarders)
   8.00pm Roll Call in Senior Houses (Boarders)

Wednesday 21 April
         Duty House – Summerfield
         Girls’ tennis v Portsmouth Grammar School
         1st VI, 2nd VI, U15, U14 - Away
         Rounders v Bedales
         U16/U15 – Away
         Rounders v Dunhurst
         JH 1, JH 2 - Away

Thursday 22 April
   7.30pm CCF Planning Meeting & Supper, Senior Common Room

Friday 23 April
    8.45am School Service. Speaker: The Chaplain
           Deputy Head’s Assembly: 4th Form
    7.00pm 6th Form Art talk – Tamsin Eldridge, Art School
    7.30pm Foundation Fund Raising Dinner at Lords

Saturday 24 April
  12.00pm Sternians’ Reunion, Toby Carvery, Bournemouth.
           Boys’ tennis v Portsmouth Grammar School
           1st VI, 2nd VI, U15, U14 – Home
           Boys’ Athletics at Charterhouse
  12.30pm U19, U17, U15
           Cricket v Reed’s
           1st XI, 3rd XI, U15A, U14A JH 1 – Home
           2nd XI, U15B, U14B, JH 2, JH3 – Away
           Rounders v Cranleigh
           U16/U15, U14 - Home

Sunday 25 April


Monday 26 April                    Week 2
          Duty House - Park
   8.45am School Assembly. Speaker: Mr D Machin
          In House - U6th
   1.30pm 5th Form PHSE, ‘The Loud Mouth Theatre Group’, M&D Hall
  4.45pm Academic Committee, Board Room
   5.45pm L6th English trip to ‘The History Boys’, Woking. Return 11.00pm
   6.00pm Holy Eucharist, Chapel
   6.00pm Drama Skills Workshop, M&D Hall
   6.30pm Chapel Committee, 7.1
   7.00pm Matrons’ Supper, Small Dining Room

Tuesday 27 April
   8.20am 4th Form RS trip to Marylebone. Returns 5.30pm
          Athletics – Radley Relays
  4.30pm Boys U19, 17, 15 – Away
  5.00pm 5th Form Drama trip to ‘War Horse’, London
  6.30pm L6th Parents’ Meeting A – H, Gavin Hall
  7.15pm L6th Parents’ Meeting J – Y, Gavin Hall
          Confirmation & Faith Classes
   6.00pm Junior
   8.00pm Chapel

Wednesday 28 April
         Boys’ tennis v Reading School
         1st VI, U15 – Home
         Athletics at Down Grange
  3.00pm U17, U15 Boys & Girls local friendly
         Cricket v Portsmouth Grammar School
         1st XI – Home
         2nd XI – Away
         Cricket v King Edward’s, Witley
         3rd XI, U15 – Home
         U14C – Away
         Rounders v St Neot’s
         JH 2 – Away
  5.00pm 3rd Form Tech/Dress Rehearsal ‘Then & Now’, M&D Hall
  6.00pm Gold DofE Session, Room 1.1. Ends 8.00pm

Thursday 29 April
   8.45am Junior UKMT Challenge. Top sets Forms 1 & 2, Gavin Hall. Ends
   1.15pm Charity Committee, 7.2
          Swimming v St Swithun’s
   4.30pm U13, U12 Girls - Away
          Rounders v Hawley Place
          U16/U15 – Venue t.b.a.
   5.00pm Music Department trip to ‘Mamma Mia’, London
   7.00pm Toastmaster’s Society Dinner, Small Dining Room

Friday 30 April        MUFTI DAY
    8.45am School Service. Speaker: Mr A French
           Deputy Head’s Assembly: 5th Form (Mr D Ibbotson)
    8.45am 2nd Form trip to Marwell Zoological Park. Return 4.30pm
    3.00pm DofE Navigation Training at LWC. Ends 5.00pm
    7.00pm 3rd Form Performance ‘Then & Now’, M&D Hall
    7.30pm The Friends of LWC Ceilidh, Sutton Sports Hall

Saturday 1 May
           Boy’ tennis v Seaford College
           1st VI, U15 - Away
           Cricket v Dauntseys
           1st XI, U15A, U15B, U14B, JH 2 – Home
           2nd XI, 3rd XI, U14A, JH 1, JH 3 – Away

Sunday 2 May


Monday 3 May          Week 3

           May Day Bank Holiday Exeat

Tuesday 4 May
          Duty House – Sutton
          GCSE Art Assessment, Gavin Hall
   7.45am Breakfast Briefing, Small Dining Room
  10.00am 2nd Form PSHE, Shakespeare & Company, M&D Centre. Ends
          Athletics v Alton Convent
   4.20pm Junior Girls - Home
   6.00pm Ensembles Concert rehearsal, Gavin Hall. Ends 8.00pm
   7.30pm Staff Supper, Kimbers

Wednesday 5 May
   8.15am Confirmation Retreat, Alton. Return 5.00pm
          Boys’ tennis v St John’s, Leatherhead
          1st VI, 2nd VI, U15, U14 – Away
         Girls’ tennis v Shiplake, 1st VI - Home
         Cricket v Tiffin
         1st XI, 3rd XI – Home; 2nd XI – Away
         Cricket v Pangbourne
         U13A, U13B - Home
         Girls’ Cricket v St John’s, Leatherhead
         1st XI - Away
         Rounders Seniors Tournament, Hampshire Collegiate School
         U17, U15 Local Friendly, Boys & Girls – Venue t.b.a.
  6.30pm 1st Form Parents’ Meeting, M&D Centre

Thursday 6 May
            French GCSE orals
            German AS orals
   12.30pm Sports Teams photographs
    4.00pm U15 Track Knock Out Round 1, Boys & Girls
     5.30pm Inter-House Scooter Challenge and Puddex
    6.00pm Confirmation Service, All Saints’ Church, Long Sutton

Friday 7 May
    8.45am No School Service
           Deputy Head’s Assembly: L6th
           French GCSE & A2 orals
    4.00pm U6th Drama Devised Technical Rehearsal, M&D Hall
    7.00pm Ensembles Concert, Gavin Hall

Saturday 8 May
   9.00am Bronze DofE Assessed Expedition to South Downs departs
           Boys’ tennis v Bradfield
           1st VI, 2nd VI, U15 – Away; U14 – Home
           Girls’ tennis v Bradfield
           1st VI, 2nd VI – Home
           Girls’ tennis v Seaford; U15, U14 - Away
   1.00pm Senior Fixture v St John’s, Charterhouse, Cranleigh,
           Panbgbourne & Seaford
           U19, U17, U15 Boys & Girls, Down Grange
           Cricket v St John’s, Leatherhead
           1st XI, 3rd XI, U15A, U15B – Home
           2nd XI, U14A, U14B – Away
           Rounders v St George’s, Weybridge
           Seniors, U16, U14, JH 1, JH 2 - Away
Sunday 9 May
    6.00pm Bronze DofE Expedition returns


Monday 10 May        Week 4
   8.45am No School Assembly
          Duty House – Hazelveare
          GCSE Art Internal Moderation, Gavin Hall
          German GCSE orals
          French AS orals
  1.30pmMay Orders and Grade Reviews
   5.00pm HoDs’ Meeting, 5.2
   5.00pm Music Parents’ Meeting, M&D Hall.
   6.00pm Holy Eucharist, Chapel

Tuesday 11 May
          Spanish GCSE Orals
   1.10pm Meditation Class, Chapel
   1.30pm Sternians/Careers Event for Fourth and Sixth Forms – details on
          notice boards. Ends 3.30pm. Sutton Sports Hall
          Athletics – Local friendly
          Boys & Girls
   4.00pm U6th Drama Devised Dress Rehearsal
   6.00pm Open Evening for prospective parents and pupils
   7.00pm Religious Studies Society, 7.2

Wednesday 12 May
         Spanish & German A2 orals
         Boys’ tennis v Bedales
         1st VI, U15, U14 – Away
         Girls’ tennis v Bedales
         1st VI, U15, U14 - Home
         Cricket v The Oratory School
         2nd XI, U15A, U15B, U15C, U14B, JH 3 – Home
         1st XI, 3rd XI, U14A, JH 1 – Away
         Rounders v Frensham Heights
         Seniors, U16/U15 – Away
         JH 1 JET Tournament, Sandroyd
  6.00pm U6th Devised Drama Performance, M&D Hall
  6.00pm Gold DofE Session, Room 1.1. Ends 7.00pm
  7.00pm Matrons’ Supper, Small Dining Room
Thursday 13 May
          Spanish GCSE & AS Orals
   1.15pm Charity Committee, 7.2
          Rounders v Hawley Place
          JH 1 - Home
          Swimming v Alton Convent
   4.00pm U14, U13 Girls - Home
   6.00pm Ascension Day Eucharist & Supper, The Chapel
  6.30pm 4th Form Parents’ Meeting A – H, Gavin Hall
  7.30pm 4th Form Parents’ Meeting J – W, Gavin Hall

Friday 14 May
    8.45am No School Service. Speaker
           Deputy Head’s Assembly: U6th
    1.00pm Junior Drama Club Performance, M&D Hall
    2.30pm CCF Cadet 150 Parade, LWC
    5.00pm Music School trip to ‘Filmharmonic’, London. Returns 11.30pm
    6.30pm GCSE Art Exhibition and Parent Private View, Gavin Hall
           Ends 8.30pm
    7.00pm NCO Dining Out, Senior Common Room

Saturday 15 May
   9.00am Bronze DofE Assessed Expedition to South Downs departs
           Boys’ tennis v Shiplake
           1st VI, 2nd VI – Away
           U15 – Home
           Girls’ tennis v Charterhouse
           1st VI, 2nd VI - Home
           Cricket v St George’s, Weybridge
           2nd XI, U15A, U15B, U14B, JH 2, JH 3 – Home
           1st XI, 3rd XI, U14A, JH 1 - Away
           Athletics v Marlborough
  12.30pm U19, U17, U15 Boys & Girls
           Rounders v Epsom College
           Seniors, U16/U15 - Away

Sunday 16 May
          Hampshire Secondary Schools Swimming Championships, The Quays,
          Southampton. Time t.b.c.
          Bronze DofE Expedition returns


Monday 17 May         Week 5
                      Duty House – School
   8.45am No School Assembly. Speaker
           GCSE Art External Moderation, Gavin Hall
   8.15am Athletics, Senior District Championships, Reading
          U17, U15 Boys & Girls
          1st Form Boys Track Knock Out, Venue t.b.a.
   5.00pm Staff Meeting, Common Room
   6.00pm Holy Eucharist, Junior
   7.00pm Toastmaster’s Society Dinner, Small Dining Room
   7.00pm Houseparents’ Meeting, Shepewood

Tuesday 18 May
          GCSE Art External Moderation, Gavin Hall
   1.15pm 2nd Form RS Field trip to All Saints, Long Sutton. Return 2.15pm
   5.30pm Super Teams Inter-House Challenge
   7.00pm Chamber Concert, ‘Rock on Baroque’, All Saints’ Church, Long Sutton

Wednesday 19 May
         GCSE Art External Moderation, Gavin Hall
         Tennis v St John’s, Leatherhead
          Mixed VIII – Home
          Tennis v King Edward’s, Southampton
         2nd VI – Away
         Rounders v St Neot’s
          JH 1 - Away
         Cricket v Eagle House
         JH 1 - Home; JH 2, JH 3 - Away
  6.00pm Sternians’ London Drinks, Royal Festival Hall Bar
  7.30pm Big Band Jazz Concert, Marquee

Thursday 20 May
   9.00am Finance Committee Meeting, Conference Room
  11.30am Hampshire Schools Pentathlon Championships, Winchester
   1.50pm History Department Presentation for 3rd Form ‘Life in the Trenches’,
          Gavin Hall
   2.30pm Foundation Reception for Trusts and Charities, Marquee
   5.00pm 3rd Form Drama Club Tech/Dress rehearsal
   7.00pm 3rd Form Drama Club Performance, M&D Hall

Friday 21 May
   8.45am School Service. Speaker: Mr R Walters
           Deputy Head’s Assembly: 3rd Form
   8.00am 3rd & 4th Form Creative Writing trip to London. Returns 5.30pm
           Swimming v St Neot’s
   4.00pm U13, U12 Boys & Girls – Home
   4.30pm Drama Scholars’ Tech/Dress rehearsal
   7.00pm Drama Scholars’ Play, M&D Hall
   5.30pm 5th Form End of Year Social

Saturday 22 May
           Boys’ tennis v Oratory School
           1st VI, 2nd VI, U15, U14 - Home
           Girls’ tennis v Hampshire Collegiate School
           1st VI, 2nd VI, U15 – Away
           Rounders v King Edward’s, Witley
           1st VI, U16/15 - Home
           U15/U14, JH 1, JH 2 - Away
           Cricket v Hampton Grammar School
           2nd XI, U15A, U15B, JH 1, JH 2, JH 3 – Home
           1st XI, 3rd XI, U14A, U14B - Away

Sunday 23 May


Monday 24 May        Week 6
          Start of Timetable Suspension for 5th & L6th
          Duty House - Gosden
   8.45am School Assembly. Speaker: Mr C Radmann
   6.00pm Holy Eucharist, The Chapel

Tuesday 25 May
  7.45am Breakfast Briefing, Small Dining Room
  1.10pm Meditation Class, The Chapel

Wednesday 26 May
         Tennis v Pangbourne
         Mixed VIII – Away
         Girls’ tennis v Pangbourne
         U15, U14 – Home
         Rounders v Churcher’s College
         U15/U14 – Away
         Rounders v Cheam School
         JH 1st, JH 2nd - Away
         Cricket v St Paul’s School
         1st XI, 2nd XI - Home
         Athletics, Junior Local friendly
  4.00pm Boys & Girls, Venue t.b.a.

Thursday 27 May
   6.00pm Junior House Music Competition, M&D Hall
  5.30pm LWC Staff v Long Sutton

Friday 28 May
   8.45am School Service. Speaker: The Chaplain
   1.20pm Whole School Inter-House Athletics Competition
   4.30pm Second Hand Clothing shop open until 5.30pm
   5.00pm Half Term following the Athletics Competition
   7.00pm U6th Leavers’ Ball, Marquee

Saturday 29 May
           Half Term

Sunday 30 May
          Half Term
  1.30pm LWC Staff v Priory CC - Home


Monday 31 May       Week 7
          Half Term

Tuesday 1 June
           Half Term

Wednesday 2 June
           Half Term

Thursday 3 June
            Half term

Friday 4 June
            Half term
   5.30am 3rd Form Historians trip to the First World War battlefields of Ypres
            and the Somme departs

Saturday 5 June
           Half term

Sunday 6 June
           Half term ends. Houses open from 6.00pm
   7.00pm 3rd Form History trip returns


Monday 7 June        Week 8
          Start of Timetable Suspension for U6th
          Week of Internal School Exams
          Duty House - Haygate
   8.45am School Assembly, Speaker: Mrs J Campbell
           Art Week
   8.45am 2nd Form Fashion Workshop. Ends 4.30pm
          1st Form Boys Track Knock Out, Round 2. Venue t.b.a.
   6.00pm Holy Eucharist, The Chapel
   7.00pm DofE Staff Meeting, Sutton Cottage

Tuesday 8 June
    7.00pmMatrons’ Supper, Small Dining Room

Wednesday 9 June
         Boys’ tennis v King Edward’s, Witley
         U15 – Away
         Cricket v Afrikaans Skool, RSA
  1.00pm 2nd XI – Home
         Cricket v Pangbourne
         U15A, U15B – Away
         U14A, U14B – Home
         Rounders v Pangbourne
         U14, U13, U12 - Away
         Junior Local friendly, Venue t.b.a.
         U15 Track Knock Out Round 2, Venue t.b.a.
  6.00pm Gold DofE Session, Room 1.1.
  7.30pm Sports Coaches’ Dinner

Thursday 10 June
          L6th Study leave ends and A2 courses start
  11.15amA2 Unit 4 L6th Art trip to London. Returns 9.00pm
   7.30pm CCF Planning Meeting & Supper, Senior Common Room

Friday 11 June
    5.15am 1st Form French trip to Normandy departs
            No Assembly
    8.45am Holy Eucharist, The Chapel
    9.30am Governors’ Meeting and lunch
    2.00pm Bronze DofE Field Afternoon
    7.00pm U6th Leavers’ Party for parents, staff and pupils, Shepewood House

Saturday 12 June
            Boys’ tennis v Canford
           1st VI, U15 – Away
           Girls’ tennis v Seaford College
           1st VI, 2nd VI, U15, U14 – Home
           U15 Tournament at Hampshire Collegiate School
           Cricket v Christ’s Hospital
           1st XI, 3rd XI, U15A, U14A, JH 1, JH 3 – Home
           2nd XI, U15B, U14B, JH 2 - Away
    8.15am Senior County Championships, Southampton
    2.00pm Long Sutton Village Fête

Sunday 13 June


Monday 14 June      Week 9
          Duty House - Park
  8.45am School Assembly. Speaker: Mr E Coetzer
  1.30pm Deadline for calendar entries
  2.00pm English Department 6th Form Writing workshop
  5.00pm HoDs’ meeting, 5.2
  5.30pm 3rd Form DofE Taster Evening, Gavin Hall. Ends 8.00pm
  6.00pm Holy Eucharist, The Chapel
  7.00pm English Department Poetry Reading: Cliff Yates, Library
 11.00pm 1st Form French trip returns

Tuesday 15 June
   9.00am English Department KS3 Writing workshop: Cliff Yates
   1.10pm Meditation Class, The Chapel
          Junior local friendly, venue t.b.a.
   5.00pm HoSA Meeting, Conference Room

Wednesday 16 June
  9.00am Junior Drama Day, M&D Hall. Ends 12.25pm
  1.30pm Subject reports for Forms 1, 2 & 3
         Boys’ tennis v Pangbourne
         U15 – Home
         Girls’ tennis v King Edward’s, Witley
         1st VI, 2nd VI, U15 – Away
         Rounders v Farnborough Hill
         U15 - Away
  6.00pm Gold DofE session, Room 1.1. Ends 8.30pm

Thursday 17 June
   9.30am ICT ’86 Group Meeting, Ends 3.30pm
   4.00pm Drama Technical Mid Year Rehearsal, M&D Hall
   5.00pm Uniform Meeting
   6.15pm Mathematics talk for 6th Form & Top Set 5th Form, Rob Eastaway,
   6.30pm Summer Soirée and 2nd Form Fashion Show at Junior House
          Courtyard. Ends 8.30pm

Friday 18 June
            CCF Field Day & Overnight stay
    8.45am School Service. Speaker: Mr G McKinnon
    1.00pm Junior Drama Tech Club Performance, M&D Hall
    4.00pm Junior House Swimming Gala

Saturday 19 June
           Festival of Food and Farming
           Opening of LWC Sculpture Trail
  10.00am Sternians’ Reunion, Marquee. Ends 5.00pm
  10.00am CCF Overnight Field trip returns. Back in lessons P3
           Boys’ tennis v Sternians
           Boys’ tennis v Churcher’s College
           U15, U14 – Away
           Girls’ tennis v Churcher’s College
           U15, U14 - Home
           Cricket v Epsom College
           2nd XI, 3rd XI, U15B, U14B, JH 2, JH 3 – Home
           1st XI, U15A, U14A, JH 1 - Away
           Athletics, Senior Inter-counties Competition. Venue t.b.a.
           Athletics v Charterhouse
           U18, U16, U15 Boys - Away
Sunday 20 June
  2.30pm Junior House Picnic & Games afternoon


Monday 21 June        Week 10
           Duty House – Summerfield
   8.45am School Assembly. Speaker: The Headmaster
  9.20am L6th Applying to University & Personal Statements Workshop, Surrey
          University. Ends 12.30pm
  1.30pm June Orders and Grade Reviews
  1.30pm Tutor reports for Forms 1, 2 & 3
  5.00pm Staff Meeting, Common Room
  5.45pm Calendar Meeting, Common Room
  6.00pm Holy Eucharist, The Chapel
  6.30pm Chapel Committee, 7.1

Tuesday 22 June
   7.45am Breakfast Briefing, Small Dining Room
          First Form Induction
   3.30pm Second Hand Clothing shop open until 5.00pm
   3.30pm Drama Mid Year Dress Rehearsal, M&D Hall
          Rounders v Hawley Place
          U14 - Away
   7.00pm Toastmaster’s Society Dinner, Small Dining Room

Wednesday 23 June
         L6th Mathematics Conference, ‘Exploring Mathematics’, Royal
         Holloway. All day.
         1st XI v MCC - Home
  6.30pm First Form Languages Soirée, Junior House. Ends 7.30pm
  7.00pm Drama Mid Year Production, M&D Hall

Thursday 24 June
          UK Schools Low Carbon Day
          Third Form Induction
  8.15am Junior District Championships, Reading
  9.00am 4th Form Art trip 3D to Goodwood; Fine Art to London.
  1.15pm Charity Committee, 7.2
  1.30pm House reports for Forms 1, 2 & 3
  3.30pm Second Hand Clothing shop open until 5.00pm
  6.30pm A Level Art Exhibition, Parents Private view, Art School. Ends 8.30pm
  7.00pm Drama Mid Year Production, M&D Hall

Friday 25 June
     8.45am Service. Speaker: The Chaplain
     7.00am Gold DofE Assessed Expedition to Dartmoor departs
    12.30pm Silver DofE Assessed Expedition to Exmoor departs
     1.00pm U13 Boys & Girls, Dunhurst
     1.30pm History Department talk to 3rd Form by the Holocaust Survivors,
             Gavin Hall & M&D
      7.00pm Dining Out, Marquee

Saturday 26 June
           Cricket v Royal Grammar School, Guildford
           1st XI, 3rd XI, U14A, U14B, JH 1 – Home
           2nd XI, U15A, U15B, U15C – Away
           Girls’ tennis v King Edward’s, Southampton
           U15, U14 – Away
           U13 Tournament at Hampshire Collegiate School

Sunday 27 June
            20/20 Cricket Festival
   10.00am Sternians v 1st XI
   11.00am 2nd XI v Rondebosch High - Home


Monday 28 June        Week 11
    8.30am History Department presentation for 1st Form on the English Civil
           War, Gavin Hall. Ends 4.00pm
   8.45am 2nd Form Art & Biology trip to Kew Gardens. Returns 5.00pm
          Cricket v King’s College School, Wimbledon
          1st XI – Home
          2nd XI - Away
          Hampshire Track Knock Out Final
  6.00pm Holy Eucharist, Junior
  10.00pm Silver DofE Assessed Expedition to Exmoor returns

Tuesday 29 June
   8.15am Holy Eucharist, The Chapel
           Fourth Form Puzzle Day, run by the Maths Department
  10.00pm Gold DofE Assessed expedition to Dartmoor returns
  12.30pm District Multi events, U17, 14 Boys & Girls

Wednesday 30 June
  11.30am Final Assembly
  12.00pm Term Ends

Thursday 1 July
           End to End Charity Cycle tour departs (Lands End to John O’ Groats)

Friday 2 July
            Biology & Geography field trip to Sicily departs

Saturday 3 July
           Army Summer camp to Nesscliff, Shropshire departs
           RAF Summer camp to Wittering departs

Sunday 4 July


Monday 5 July

Tuesday 6 July
           Junior County Championships, Southampton

Wednesday 7 July
         Biology & Geography field trip to Sicily returns

Thursday 8 July

Friday 9 July
            English Schools Championships, Gateshead

Saturday 10 July
           Army Summer camp returns
           RAF Summer camp returns
           English Schools Championships, Gateshead

Sunday 11 July
          English Schools Championships, Gateshead


Monday 12 July
          End to End Cycle tour returns

Tuesday 13 July

Wednesday 14 July

Thursday 15 July

Friday 16 July

Saturday 17 July

Sunday 18 July


Monday 19 July

Tuesday 20 July

Wednesday 21 July

Thursday 22 July

Friday 23 July

Saturday 24 July

Sunday 25 July


Monday 26 July

Tuesday 27 July

Wednesday 28 July

Thursday 29 July

Friday 30 July

Saturday 31 July

Sunday 1 August


Monday 2 August

Tuesday 3 August

Wednesday 4 August

Thursday 5 August

Friday 6 August

Saturday 7 August

Sunday 8 August


Monday 9 August

Tuesday 10 August

Wednesday 11 August

Thursday 12 August

Friday 13 August

Saturday 14 August

Sunday 15 August


Monday 16 August

Tuesday 17 August

Wednesday 18 August

Thursday 19 August
          10.30am A level and AS results published
                   Sternians’ breakfast for A2 and AS pupils

Friday 20 August

Saturday 21 August

Sunday 22 August


Monday 23 August

Tuesday 24 August
          10.30am GCSE results published

Wednesday 25 August

Thursday 26 August

Friday 27 August
           10.00am Pre-Season Rugby Camp departs

Saturday 28 August

Sunday 29 August


Monday 30 August

Tuesday 31 August

Wednesday 1 September

Thursday 2 September

Friday 3 September
           3.00pmPre-season rugby tour returns

Saturday 4 September

Sunday 5 September


Monday 6 September
          Staff Training Day

Tuesday 7 September
           Staff Training Day

Wednesday 8 September
         6.00pm Roll Call in Junior House (Boarders)
         8.00pm Roll Call in Senior Houses (Boarders)

Thursday 9 September

Autumn Term Planner   2010
Monday 6 September     Staff Training Day
Tuesday 7              Staff Training Day
Wednesday 8            Pupils return

Monday 13 September

Monday 20 September
Wednesday 22        3rd Form Parents’ meeting
Thursday 23         Finance Committee meeting

Monday 27 September
Thursday 30         New Junior Parents’ meeting
Friday 1            Whole School Exeat

Monday 4 October

Monday 11 October
Monday 11             U6th Parents’ meeting
Friday 15             Governors’ meeting

Monday 18 October
Wednesday 20          1.00pm Half term

Monday 25 October
Sunday 31            Half term ends (Boarders)

Monday 1 November
Tuesday 2nd          L6th Parents’ meeting

Monday 8 November

Monday 15 November

Monday 22 November

Monday 29 November

Personal Matters

We all have worries from time to time, here are some examples of the sort of
problems you may worry about:

      • You might feel unable to cope with your work or your games or you may
        think that you are being asked to do too much during a day

      • You might have difficulties with friendships

      • You might consider that someone is treating you unfairly, unkindly or
        abusively. It might be a member of staff or another pupil

      • You might think that you have been punished unreasonably

      • You might think that you are being treated differently from others
        because of your race, religion or gender or any other reason

You must never feel that nobody cares. In addition to your parents or guardian,
there are always people available at LWC to help you solve a difficulty. For
example, you might consider making use of the Listening Ear program which is
active within LWC. This is a group of senior pupils who have received training as
peer supporters. They can listen to whatever is troubling you and offer advice if
you want it.

If you have a problem concerning any aspect of life at LWC you should always
consider talking it over at some stage with your Tutor or your Houseparent.
However, if you feel that you would like further advice or help, then you could
make contact with the following people:

      • If it concerns academic or tutorial matters, you should see the Director
        of Studies (Mr Ibbotson)

      • If it concerns pastoral or discipline matters then you should see the
        Deputy Head (Pastoral & Discipline) Dr Johnson

These members of staff (or any others that you feel comfortable talking to) will
always listen to what you have to say and will then offer you help and advice on
what you should do next.

Sometimes a person’s life can be made unhappy through the deliberate or
careless actions of others; this is bullying and it will not be tolerated within the
LWC community. Bullying can be verbal or physical abuse, exclusion from a
group, or any form of sexual harassment. It can be damaging or hiding
possessions, writing unkind notes or spreading rumours. Any exploitation of
younger or weaker pupils is also bullying.

If you feel you are being bullied there are a number of people to whom you can

You could tell:

      • A friend

      • Your parents

      • Your Houseparent or Tutor

      • Your House Matron

      • The Chaplain

      • Dr Johnson

      • A member of the Medical Staff

      • Any member of staff you feel comfortable talking to

In some cases a person who is being bullied may not want to tell another adult
because he / she

      • Does not want to tell tales

      • Is afraid of what the bully / bullies will do if found out

      • Does not want the bully to suffer

      • Is hoping it will go away

If you know of someone who is being bullied, you should tell an adult you can
trust. The victim may be too scared or lonely to tell. To do nothing is to
condone the action of the bully.

In the case of all personal matters you might prefer to talk to someone who is
not involved in the running of the school. This could be the school counsellor,
Diana Greig. If you have personal problems or unresolved issues or if you are
unsure whether counselling would help, you can discuss this with Diana at a time
convenient to you both. You may make an appointment to see her by:

      • Contacting Diana directly by sending an email to digreig@aol.com

      • Making an appointment through the Medical Centre

      • Asking someone you trust to make the appointment for you.

If your problem is still not resolved there are three organisations you may wish
to contact:

Ofsted -    responsible for inspecting boarding schools - Tel: 08456 404040

NSPCC -     (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children)
            Tel: 0808 800 5000

Childline - A confidential support line Tel: 0800 1111

The Lord Wandsworth Foundation helps children who have lost the support of a
parent through death, divorce or separation. For more information please
contact development@lordwandsworth.org
Registered charity no. 307287

College Postal Address

Lord Wandsworth College, Long Sutton, Hook, Hampshire RG29 1TB
Main Office:           01256 862201
Fax Number:            01256 860363
Website:               www.lordwandsworth.org

Senior Management Team                                 (01256)

Mr Fergus Livingstone   Headmaster                     860348     214
Mr Stephen Badger       Deputy Head (Staffing)         860207     225
Mrs Mary Hicks          Director of Marketing &        860200     221
Mr David Ibbotson       Director of Studies            860208     237
Dr Tracy Johnson        Deputy Head (Pastoral)         860206     227
Revd Simon Leyshon      Chaplain                       860267     267
Mr André Usborne        Bursar                         860216     210

School Telephone numbers
   Art                                 860227         236
   Biology                             860228         238
   Chemistry                           860232         224
   Classics                            860252         251
   D&T                                 860230         226
   Drama                               860278         378
   Economics & Business Studies        860280         379
   English                             860233         234
   Geography                           860234         244
   History                             860268         268
   Information Technology              860246         235
   Mathematics                         860276         383
   Modern Languages                    860251         382
   Music                               860305         245
   PE (Sports Centre)                  860237         228
   Physics                             860242         219
   PSHE                                860253         253

   Admissions                          860200         221
   Bursary                             860216/7       210
   Careers & Higher Education          860382         249
   Catering                            860239         256
   CCF Centre                          860370         259
   Common Room telephone               860259         222
   Common Room phone & fax             860213         257
   Community Action                    860269         247
   Development Office                  860243         261
   Deputy Heads’ secretary             860287         387
   Foundation Registrar                860229         212
   Farm Manager                        07836212747
   Grounds Manager                     07963078125
   Headmaster’s secretary              860348         214
   Head of Sport & Activities          860237         260
   Human Resources Officer             860217         211
   Library                             860372         258
   LWC Enterprises                     860346         345
   Main School Office                  862201         220
   Maintenance                         860286         232
   Medical Centre                      860248         333
   Medical Centre mobile number        07799 511803
   Music & Drama Centre                860305         245
   Reception                           862201         220
   Sixth Form Centre                   860266         266
   Special Needs Office                860257         254
   Sports Hall                         860237         228
   Sportsline                          860240
   Sutton Sports Hall                  861042
   Sternians' Association              860356         363

House Telephone Numbers

  Gosden             Mr & Mrs Ludlow    860272
  Internal                              290
  Matrons            Mrs Booth          860272
                     Mrs Zehetmeier     860272

  Haygate            Mr & Mrs Kimber    860338
  Internal                              300
  Matrons            Miss Birch         860338
                     Mrs Turner         860338

  Hazelveare         Mr & Mrs Walker    860341
  Internal                              270
  Matrons            Mrs Greatbanks     860341
                     Mrs Plowright      860341

  Junior             Mr Matthews        860235
  Internal                              310
  Head of 1st Form   Mrs Neighbour      860235
  Head of 2nd Form   Mr Matthews        860235
  Matrons            Mrs Brandreth      860235
                     Mrs Pearce         860235

  Park               Mr & Mrs Richardson 860361
  Internal                               340
  Matrons            Mrs Buckle          860361
                     Mrs Fowler          860361

  School             Mr & Mrs Lovelock  860298
  Internal                              366
  Matrons            Mrs Faulkner       860298
                     Mrs Weeks          860298

  Summerfield        Mr & Mrs Irvine    860374
  Internal                              280
  Matrons            Mrs Marais         860374
                     Mrs Owen           860374

  Sutton             Mr & Mrs Radmann    860241
  Internal                               320
  Matrons            Mrs Bulbeck         860241
                     Mrs Cowlam          860241

Staff list

All academic staff may be contacted by email. A list of current teaching staff
can be found on the College website: www.lordwandsworth.org

Email addresses for academic staff are: surname+first initial+domain name e.g.


Name                  Initials     Email           Depart       Tutor
Allan, Victoria       VRA          allanv@         Drama        Gosden
Allen, Marie-France   MFA          allenmf@        French
Badger, Sarah         SB           badgersa@       MFL
Badger, Stephen       SLB          badgers@        French
Bell, Catherine       CLB          bellc@          MFL           Junior
Booth, Peter          PYB          boothp@         History      Hazelveare
Brown, Susan          SB           browns@         Library
Campbell, Jackie      JJC          campbellj@      Economics
Carter, Anne          AMC          cartera@        Geography
Clarke, Niki          NMC          clarkea@        Drama
Coetzer, Ed           EJC          coetzere@       ICT          Summerfield
Crowther, Mark        MRC          crowtherm@      English      Summerfield
Curran, Matthew       MJC          curranm@        Maths        Sutton
Eldridge, Marian      MRE          eldridgem@      Science      Haygate
Engelbrecht, Jesse    JE           engelbrechtj@   Sports
Eysele, Tony          ALE          eyselea@        Chemistry Hazelveare
Eysele, Cheryl        CDE          eyselec@        Business St.
Eysele, Marc-Antony MAE             eyselema@      Sports       Junior
Faulkner, Elaine      EMF          faulknere@      Psychology
Gilliam, Peter        PMG          gilliamp@       Maths        Sutton
Griffin, Lauren       LLG          griffinl@       Music        Haygate
Gomez, Marta de la Presa MPG       gomezm@         Spanish
Hamilton, Alex        AOH          hamiltona@      Classics     Summerfield
Hicks, Clive          CCH          hicksc@         Classics     Hazelveare
Ibbotson, David       DPI          ibbotsond@      Chemistry
Irvine, Chris         CSI          irvinec@        Physics      Summerfield
Johnson, Tracy        TRJ          johnsont@       Physics
Kearns, Alexa         AJK          kearnsa@        Sports       Haygate
Kerr, Ian             ISK          kerri@          History      School
Kimber, Richard       RK           kimberr@        Maths        Haygate
Leyshon, Simon        SL           chaplain@       RS
Liggins, Claire       CLL          ligginsc@       DT           Junior
Lovelock, Charles     CL           lovelockc@      Music        Summerfield
Lovelock, Becky       RPL          lovelockr@      Maths        Haygate
Ludlow, Samantha      SSL          ludlows@        Geography Gosden
Lumsden, Audley       AEL          lumsdena@       Physics      Summerfield
Machin, David         DOCM         machind@        English      Sutton
Matthews, Catherine CAM            matthewsc@      DT
Matthews, Simon       SPM          matthewss@      History      Junior
McKinnon, Gilbert     GAM          mckinnong@      English
McKinnon, Jessica     JMM          mckinnonj@      German       Gosden
McNabb, Lucie         LMN          mcnabbl@        MFL           Junior
Mobbs, Graham         GJM          mobbsg@         Art          Hazelveare
Murray, Andrew        AM           murraya@        English      School
Neighbour, Gill       GRN          neighbourg@     Sports       Junior
Noithip, Ben          BN           noithipb@       Music        School
Pering, David         DCP          peringd@        Spanish      Junior
Pick, Laura           LHP          pickl@          Biology      Park
Power, Lynn           LDP          powerl@         RS
Proctor, David        DGP          proctord@       Chemistry Hazelveare
Radmann, Chris        CHR          radmannc@       English      Sutton
Radmann, Lesley       LAR          radmannl@       English
Reeson, Noel          NER          reesonn@        MFL          Park
Richardson, Steph     SR           richardsons@    Spanish      Park
Richardson, Tim       TRR          richardsont@    Sports       Summerfield

Shedden, Tom             TJS   sheddent@     History      Junior
Sinclair-Smith, Monica   MSS   sinclairsmithm@ Art        Gosden
Smith, Ann Marie         AMS   smitham@      Geography Park
Smith, Graham            GRS   smithg@       Geography Sutton
Stevens, Susan           SAS   stevenss@     Art          Junior
Stockloev, Alina         AS    stockloeva@ German
Summers, Pete            PRS   summersp@ Physics          Summerfield
Thorne, Richard          RJT   thorner@      Biology       School
Tomlinson, Helen         HAT   tomlinsonh@ MFL            Haygate
Walker, Edward           EJW   walkere@      Business St. Hazelveare
Walters, Bob             RGW   waltersb@     Biology      School
Widdowson, David         DLW   widdowsond@ Maths          Hazelveare
Williams, Aaron          AW    williamsa@    Maths        Sutton
Wisdom, Joy              JW    wisdomj@      Learn. Sup.
Wiskin, Colin            CW    wiskinc@      Art
Wyndham, Charles         CTW   wyndhamc@ DT               School

Additional addresses and exceptions:

Headmaster                               headmaster@lordwandsworth.org
Headmaster’s secretary                   headsec@lordwandsworth.org
Bursar                                   bursar@lordwandsworth.org
Bursar’s secretary                       bursarsec@lordwandsworth.org
Deputy Heads’ secretary                  depheadsec@lordwandworth.org
Admissions                               admissions@lordwandsworth.org
Admissions secretary                     schoolsec@lordwandsworth.org
Reception                                reception@lordwandsworth.org
Accountant                               accountant@lordwandsworth.org
Chaplain                                 chaplain@lordwandsworth.org
Foundation office                        foundation@lordwandsworth.org
Medical Centre                           medical@lordwandsworth.org
Sports Centre                            sports@lordwandsworth.org
Development office                       development@lordwandsworth.org
Human Resources                          patemanj@lordwandsworth.org
Sternians                                sternians@lordwandsworth.org
Kelly, Mrs G                             kellygi@lordwandsworth.org
 (Development & Sternians)
Cummings, Mrs SJ                         cummingssj@lordwandsworth.org
 (Music & Drama Centre)
LWC Enterprises                          lwce@lordwandsworth.org


Captain of Cricket            John Hodgson
Vice Captain of Cricket       Christopher Arundel
Captain of Boys’ Athletics    Rupert Jones
Captain of Girls’ Athletics   Hollie Light
Captain of Boys’ Tennis       Jack Lowndes
Captain of Girls’ Tennis      Jenny Douglas
Captain of Canoeing           George Peters
Librarians                    Alexander Balcombe
                              Robert Lawrence
Chaplain’s Assistants         Isabelle Butcher
                              Nina Wheeler
                              Rebecca Hodge

Combined Cadet Force

SNCO        Army              Ross Holmes
            RAF               Andrew Frawley

Duke of Edinburgh

Heads of D of E               Robert Lawrence    Charlotte Luckraft

Subject Prefects

                              Ali Rigby          Joshua Barlow
                              Tsiana Maxted      Emma Ranger
                              Joyce Yip


Head of Drama School          Verity Phillips
Assistant Heads of Drama      Emily Barham          Rory Maclean
Head of Junior Drama          Christie Gorman

English                       Joshua Barlow         Sarah Chatt
                              Lucy Dickens          Edward Gee
                              Mark Godfrey          Bethan Leyshon
                              Lauren Schofield      Kate Wilson

Geography                     Isabelle Butcher   Jenny Douglas

History                       John Hodgson       Mike Johnson
                              Jack Lowndes       Kate Wilson

Languages                     Miles Chuter          Samantha Jones
                              Caitlin Leverett      Robert Parsons

Mathematics                   Chloe Bidos           Leonie Field
                              Victoria Morley       Tarun Tyagi

Head of Music School          Andrew Frawley
Music School Prefects         Alice Gunn
                              Ruari Metcalfe
                              Adam Stoodley

Religious Studies             Isabelle Butcher       Matthew Champness
                              Freddie Stacy

Simon Leyshon, the Chaplain, is here to help anybody in the community at any
time who has a problem, however trivial it might seem. You can find him in his
classroom, the Chapel or at his house, Kimbers, which is the first house on the
right after the Medical Centre. You can also reach him on:

            Office: 01256 860267
            Home: 01256 862206

The Chaplain can be found in the RS Department on
Tuesday and Friday lunchtimes between 1.00pm – 1.30pm.

Combined Cadet Force
Contingent Commander:              Mr I Kerr

Community Action Programme
Co-ordinator:              Mr D Widdowson

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
Co-ordinator:               Mr M Curran

Music & Drama Centre
Music Secretary:                   Mrs SJ Cummings
                                   Tel: 01256 860305

Sports Centre
Sports & Activities                Mrs C Ambrose
Secretary:                         sports@lordwandwsworth.org

Details of fixtures and location directions can be obtained from the school
website: www.lordwandsworth.org ‘sports’ page or from Sportsline on
01256 860240, updated after 10.30am on Saturday mornings.

On Saturdays tea is available for all guests in the Senior Dining Room or at Junior
House after school matches.

Medical Centre
Senior Nurse:                      Mrs S Barrett
                                   Tel: 01256 860248
                                   Mobile: 07760 441833

Doctors’ Surgeries:
Monday                             3.45pm – 7.15pm
Thursday                           3.45pm – 7.15pm

School Counsellor

The School Counsellor, Diana Greig, can be contacted in confidence via the
Medical Centre, tel: 01256 860248, mobile 07810 786153, email:

Minibus Services (mornings only) – driver mobiles:

A. Basingstoke – LWC                                      07813 443636
B. Lychpit – Hook – Greywell - LWC                        07966 214711
C. Fleet – LWC                                            07813 444515
D. Hindhead – Churt – Tilford – Runfold - LWC             07813 444704
E. Farnham Station – LWC                                  07951 847542
F. Camberley– Bagshot - LWC                               07890 381867
G. Hartley Wintney – Winchfield - LWC                     07796 893333
H. Yateley – LWC                                          07775 978385
I. Weekend Bus to/from Hook Station                       07799 511803
   Porters’ Lodge                                         01256 860226

Applications for seats should be made to the Bursar’s Office:

                                                Tel: 01256 860216

                           Orders Years 1st – 3rd Form

Effort               Criteria           Attainment              Criteria

  1       Excellent or very good              A       Excellent or very good
          effort in all respects                       command of
                                                      recent material

  2       Positive effort in all work         B       Good understanding
                                                      of recent material

  3       Mostly positive effort              C       Mostly satisfactory
          but with some                               understanding of
                                                      recent material but with
                                                      some weaknesses

  4       Effort mostly unacceptable          D       Superficial or little
                                                      understanding of
                                                      recent work

                     Grade Review Years 4th Form – U6th

 Grade reviews measure performance at GCSE, AS or A2 standard relative to a
     challenge grade given to the student at the beginning of the course.

 Review Grade                                Interpretation

      +1, +2, +3        Working 1, 2 or 3 grade(s) above target grade

          OT            Working at target grade

       -1, -2, -3       Working 1, 2 or 3 grade(s) below target grade



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