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									Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Hertfordshire
Chess Association held on Friday 11th July 2008 at The Free
Church Hall, Church Road, Welwyn Garden City starting at

Tim Thurstan (President) (TT), (in the chair), Anthony
Burrows (AB), Ian Mutton, Graham Williams (Letchworth &
Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell (JFM), Ian Cross (IC), David Bower,
John Leake (JL) (St Albans),
Antony Hall (Watford) (AH),
Malcolm Harding (Barnet Elizabethans) (MH),
Paul Kenning, Nigel Kerby (NK) (Bishop's Stortford),
Steve Law (SL), Barrie Saunders (BS), Ken Roullier (Hemel
Mike Price (MP), Len Jones (LJ) Stevenage
Peter Rice (Royston)
Paul Byway (Hertford)
Mark Beadle (Hoddesdon)
Kidge Elder (KE), Mir Wali(MW), David Willsher, Matthew Read
(Welwyn Hatfield Chess Forum)
Martin Walker (unattached) (MW),
Stephen Dicks (SD)(Little Heath & Brookmans Park)

1. Apologies for absence were received from Ray Claret, Lee
Harrison, Chris Majer, Keith Woodhouse, Jeremy Taffel, Jon
Barnes, Mike Boyce,

2. Approval of Minutes of last AGM held on 5th July
2007.Proposed by MP, seconded by JL and passed nem con.

3. Matters arising from the minutes; none.

4. Reports
League Secretary (Steve Law): Steve circulated his report.

Capel, Burn and Bunce Cups: Corinne Mountford was absent and
no report had been circulated. Next season’s competition
would take place at Ware Arts Centre, Ware, on the 11th and
12th October 2008.    This had been moved from the original
dates of the 4th and 5th October to avoid a clash with the
4NCL.This season’s winners were:-
Capel                         Paul Byway
Burn Cup                      Barry Morris
Bunce Cup                     James Abrams

Russell, Sharp and under 125 and 100 knockout competitions:
In the absence of Lee Harrison TT presented Lee’s report. The
competition had run smoothly with roughly the same level of
entries as in the previous season. The Russell had been won
by Hertford who beat Watford in the final, the Sharp (under
150) by St Albans who beat Hemel Hempstead and the under 125
by Stevenage who beat St Albans. The under 100 had been won
by Hemel Hempstead who won on board count against Rothamsted.
TT reminded the meeting that Lee had made it clear that the
coming season would be his last in post and therefore a
replacement was needed.

Championship Match Captain: JFM reported that Hertfordshire
lost their opening match away to Sussex. A win against
Middlesex and a draw with Kent (who, having dominated the
tournament for many years, this season ended up with the
wooden spoon!) followed, and at this stage Hertfordshire
appeared likely to take their usual place in the Minor
Counties knockout stages. Instead, wins against Essex and
Surrey meant that for the first time ever, Hertfordshire were
the SCCU champions! Mementoes were awarded to all who had
represented Hertfordshire in the Open competition this
season. Regrettably, this was to be the team's last success,
as they lost 8.5-7.5 at home in the semi-final of the
knockout stages to Middlesex. Peter Rice was presented with
a county tie and the Flear Trophy having scored 5/5. Phil
Maguire also qualified for a tie.

Under 150 Match Captain: MP circulated a written report. The
season started in unpromising fashion with a loss to Essex.
Wins followed against Surrey, Kent, Sussex and Middlesex,
resulting in 2nd place in the SCCU Division and qualification
for the quarterfinals.    In the quarterfinals, Warwickshire
were defeated by 9-7 in Birmingham; in the semi-finals,
neighbours Cambridgeshire were beaten by 9.5-6.5.      In the
final, Hertfordshire were defeated 10-6 by a very strong
Yorkshire side, which meant that for the second consecutive
season the team reached the ECF finals despite losing their
first match.    Mike thanked the many who had contributed,
including several who had played at very short notice. The
Tom Wright trophy was won by Paul Kenning, who scored 7/8.
David Bower, Mir Wali, Paul Kenning and Anthony Burrows all
qualified for a county tie.

Under 125 Match Captain: KW had sent a written report.
Mir Wali, Graham Howard and Ian Cross had all qualified for a
county tie. KW had previously indicated that he would be
standing down and SD had agreed to take on the post.

Under 100 Match Captain: Kidge Elder provided a detailed
written report. The meeting felt that it was clear that the
success of the team in its first season was in large measure
due to the supply of doughnuts. KE was warmly congratulated.
A county tie was presented to KE. County ties were also won
by Gary Ruddick, Ian Riddoch, Neil Rashbrook, Andrew
MacLaren, Barrie Saunders and Graham Williams.

Correspondence Chess Conductor: Graham Williams reported that
in the Ward-Higgs Trophy 2006-07 Division 1, Hertfordshire
had scored 9 points out of 22 and avoided relegation. In the
same competition for 2007-08, the same team had so far scored
7½ points with 2 games remaining - whether or not they would
avoid relegation was still in the balance. The three Eight
of Hearts teams had all scored roughly 50% in the BCCL.

Website Editor (Chris Cook): Not present; no report.

County Grader: SL reported that all games had been graded.

Adjudications Secretary (Brian Judkins): Not present but SL
reported on his behalf that there had been 7 or 8
adjudications and that in one or two cases the decision was

Chief Arbiter: TT had nothing to report.

Congress Organiser; JFM reported that the congress had taken
place at the Meridian School in Royston for the second year
running.   The 2008 congress would take place on the last
weekend in November. This was now the third longest-running
weekend congress in the country.

Grand Prix Organiser; SL reported that the winners were:

The Open section was won by Paul Kemp
The Under 150 section was won by Ian Mutton
The Under 125 section was won by Keith Woodhouse
The Under 100 section was won by Barrie Saunders.
TT pointed that BS had scored more points than everyone else
regardless of grade. The Potters Bar Congress would be
included in the Grand Prix next season.

Trophies Secretary: Mark Topham was not present and there was
no report.

Old Puller Cup; MH reported that this had taken place at the
end of May.   The Open section (and thus the Old Puller Cup
itself) was won by Royston, for the second year running; the
other sections were won by Lower Red Lion and Letchworth &
Hitchin. He was considering holding it at the end of April
next season.

5. Treasurer’s Report, Budget and fees for next season. MH
circulated the unaudited accounts and answered various
questions. He reported that the Game fee payable to the ECF
will increase in the forthcoming season (2008/9) from 46p to
48p per player per game. Several trophies had been valued for
insurance purposes:-
Capel Cup £2,750 (includes cost of re-engraving)
Burn Cup £895
Sharp trophy £1,850

MH proposed and it was duly passed that league entry fees
should be the same in each division at £35 per team.

There was discussion regarding the level of County match
board fees and eventually resolved that the match fee would
be increased to £4 per player per match, chargeable at all
home county matches throughout the season, irrespective of
whether they were in the league or national knockout stages.

JFM pointed out that as the Open and Under 150 home fixtures
were often on the same day, it would clearly save money to
hold them at the same venue.

6. Presentation of Trophies. The following trophies were
KO trophies                        winner

Russell                     -   Hertford (not available)
Sharp Trophy                -   St Albans (taken by IC)
Under 125 KO Trophy         -   Stevenage (taken by LJ)
Under 100 KO Trophy         -   Hemel Hempstead (taken by KR)

NB. One of the handles of the Under 100 KO trophy had become
detached; KR offered to have this attended to when having the
cup engraved with the names of the 2006/7 and 2007/8 winners.

League trophies               winner
Division 1               - Royston 1 (not available)
Division 2 Montague-Jones b&s- St Albans 1 (taken by JFM)
Division 3               - Watford 3; not returned by
                         Hertford 3
Division 4 Woodland b&s - Bishops Stortford 2 (taken by NK)
Division 5 Gateley Cup   - Stevenage 3 (taken by LJ)
Division 6 Davis b&s     - WHCF 3 (taken by DW)
Division 7 Leyns Cup     - Stevenage 4 (taken by MP)

7.   SCCU and ECF matters
SCCU: TT reported that the Association’s Congress would yet
again have a British Championship place to award and would
also host the SCCU Individual Championship. A new county
championship for players graded under 75 would be piloted
next season.
ECF: Many ECF board members have resigned recently. The
means of qualifying for the knockout stages of the various
sections of the county championship may soon change.
AB mentioned the chess academies planned in order to
encourage chess in schools and that the ECF planned to borrow
money from the John Robinson Trust to fund these; the meeting
supported the Chess sets for Schools project in principle and
KE and NK offered to help in the distribution.

NB. TT forgot to report that CM had been made an Honorary
Life Vice President of the ECF.

8. Election of Officers

President: TT was proposed by JFM and seconded by MP and re-
elected nem con.

The Honorary Vice presidents,
namely Henry R Hurd, FB Roberts, Bryan A Fewell, John R
Denton, John A Leake

the Vice-Presidents namely

Alan Brewis, Anthony Burrows, Ray Claret, John Cook, David
Crowden, Bill D'Costa, Bob Forst, Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell,
Malcolm S Harding, Keith Hemingway, Graham Howard, Brian
Judkins, Roger Kearns, Gary Kenworthy, Quasi Latif, Norman
Lavers, Stephen Law, Chris Lean, Eric Leyns, Phil Maguire,
Chris E Majer, Peter May, Phil Newstead, David W Parrott,
John Rhodes, Alan Riley, James C Robertson, John Simmons,
Oliver Stobart, Tim M Thurstan, Tom Tomkins, M Mohamed Wali,
Dane Young, D Ross Brennan, Martin G Walker, Ian M Mutton

and the following officers

Secretary: Malcolm Harding
Treasurer: John Leake
League Secretary/County Grader: Stephen Law
Capel, Burn and Bunce Cups: Corinne Mountford
Russell, Sharp, under 125 & 100 KO competitions: Lee Harrison
Championship Match Captain: Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell
Under 150 Match Captain: Mike Price
Under 125 Match Captain: Stephen Dicks
Correspondence Chess Conductor: Graham Williams
Website Editor: Chris Cook
Adjudications Secretary: Brian Judkins
Chief Arbiter: Tim Thurstan
Grand Prix Organiser; Stephen Law
Trophies Secretary: Mark Topham
Congress Organiser: Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell
Fixtures Secretary: Stephen Dicks

were proposed en bloc by AB seconded by MW and elected nem
Junior Secretary: AB agreed to see if Lorin D’Costa would be
willing to take this post on.

Old Puller Cup. As MH was taking on various other
responsibilities it was felt that somebody else should be
found to organise this. David Hobden was proposed, but would
have to be approached to see if he was willing.

9. Any other business
(A) TT proposed (seconded by IC) the following changes to the
Association Rules:-

1.   The Association shall be called the Hertfordshire Chess
Association and shall be non-profit making. The object of the
Association is to foster chess in the county. The Association
shall function as a unit of the Southern Counties Chess Union
within the British English Chess Federation.

5.     The Annual General Meeting shall be held in June or
July and shall appoint a President, General Secretary,
Treasurer and such other officers as may be required. All
officers shall retire annually, and shall be eligible for re-
election at the Annual General Meeting. Notice of any motion
to be submitted to the Annual General Meeting shall be
forwarded to the General Secretary by 1st May April. The
President, or the Chairman of the meeting, has authority to
accept motions submitted after 1st April May.

14. The    winners   of   the   Capel,    and   Burn  and    Bunce
Competitions and the President shall be entitled to a County
Tie; also a winner of at least three games, without
intervening    loss,    either    in    over-the-board    or    in
correspondence     competitions     whilst    representing     the
Association of the Chiltern League, the SCCU or the BCF. The
first tie only shall be presented free. Those entitled should
apply to the Treasurer. Replacement ties may be purchased
from the Treasurer at an economic price.

15. The County Tie may also be presented at the Annual
General Meeting on the recommendation of the Executive
Committee for meritorious achievement in over-the-
board play, or for services to the Association. It shall be
the duty of the President to make proposals to the Executive
Committee for this purpose.

16. The player in the county first team with the best
performance shall hold the Flear Trophy for one year. The
Flear Trophy shall be awarded annually for the best
performance by a player in the county first team. The player
in the county second team with the best performance shall
hold the Tom Wright Trophy for one year. 1          The best
performance shall be achieved by the player scoring the
greatest number of points for the team and in the event of a
tie, the trophy shall be awarded to the player with the lower
numbered board average.


1.       The Association can only concern itself with playing
conditions for matches organised by (or under the auspices
of) the Hertfordshire Chess Association. This covers
Congresses, County League and Knock-out matches, and
Individual Tournaments (Capel and Burn events). There is a
ban on smoking at the board at all such events.

And adding the following note:-

Note regarding rules 14 and 15

The county tie

The Association may either in General Meeting or by its
Executive Committee decide to offer some other award in place
of or in addition to a tie.

MW/BS proposed an amendment to change the semi colon after the
words “to a county tie” to a full stop but this was defeated
by 6 votes to 4. The substantive motion was then carried nem

(B) Jon Spencer had informed the meeting that Max Ashley had
been a member of Bishops Stortford Chess Club since 1958.
The meeting decided to award him a county tie.

TT thanked all the HCA officers for their efforts.
The meeting ended at 22.11.

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