Customer Briefing Template by AmnaKhan


									Customer Briefing Template
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Ver. 1.1 – 2/3-2007                              

Customer Briefing Template

Corporate Data
Company name?
Size: turn over, divisions/business units, employees?

Sponsor/Power sponsor
Who are we meeting, role/responsibility?
Place in the organization?
Level in the organization (management, middle
management, team manager, etc.)?
Future user of sales reports?
Role in decision to purchase sales reporting?

Sales/Distribution Channel
What they sell, to whom, and where?
National vs. International sales?
Customer types/categories?
Direct vs. Indirect (distributor/reseller) distribution?
Few customers with large purchases or many
customers with small purchases?
No. of customers?
No. of channels/resellers?
Solution sales vs. Product sales vs. Project sales?
New bizz vs. Account selling?
No. of product categories, no. of products?

Sales Process
Complexity, length of stages, length of sales process,
Sales activities (tele sales, canvas calls, account
management, meetings, proposals, events, etc.)?
Bonus structure for sales people (benchmarking?)

How do they forecast?
How accurate is forecast?
How important is forecast?
Forecast elements: probability, stage, product, amount,
Which systems/tools do they use to and where do they
store forecast data?
Customer Briefing Template
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Ver. 1.1 – 2/3-2007                             

Sales Organization
Teams, regions, product divisions, etc.
Size of the sales organization (employees, teams, etc.)
Roles (account management, tele sales, etc.)

SuperOffice use
For which purposes are they using SuperOffice+
Are groups equal to SuperOffice groups?
SUO version and modules?
Is the entire organization/all countries using SUO?

Existing reporting
What kind of reporting are they using today?
What works well and what does not, what is missing?

Report needs
Which KPIs do you want to measure on?
Who needs the reports (management – team
managers – sales people, etc.)?
Purpose of the reports (business objective/success
On what do they want to report (sales, forecast,
activities, etc.)?
Where is data located (CRM, ERP, etc.)?
Do they have a budget for the reporting project?

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