Risk Management function within PWGSC - A Forward Looking Perspective by zxq20493


									Risk Management function
within PWGSC – A Forward
Looking Perspective

2008 CSA Annual Conference
Calgary: June 16, 2008
  The Driver: TBS Management Accountability
  OCRO: The Office; our Mandate and Strategic
Direction; the Team; and, our Business
  RM Approaches to Critical Infrastructure
  PWGSC Support of ISO 31000 and CSA efforts to
harmonize with it
  CSA Technical Committee on RM and Future
            TBS Management Accountability Framework
                                                                 Public Service Values
                        By their actions departmental leaders continually reinforce the importance of PS Values and Ethics in the
                        delivery of results to Canadians (e.g.: democratic, professional, ethical and people values).

                               Policy and Programs                         People                    Citizen Focused Service
 Governance &                                                                                                                          Results and
                             Departmental research and         The department has the               Services are citizen-centred,
   Strategic                                                                                                                          Performance
                             analytic capacity is              people, work environment and         policies and programs are
   Direction                                                   focus on building capacity
                             developed and sustained to                                             developed from the ‘outside
                             assure high quality policy        and leadership to assure its         in’, and partnerships are        Relevant
The essential                                                  success and a confident future
                             options, program design and                                            encouraged and effectively       information on
conditions – internal                                          for the Public Service of
                             advice to Ministers.                                                   managed.                         results (internal,
coherence, corporate                                           Canada.                                                               service & program)
discipline and
                                                                                                                                     is gathered and
alignment to
                                                                                                                                     used to make
outcomes -- are in               Risk Management                        Stewardship                       Accountability             departmental
place for providing                                             The departmental control            Accountabilities for results
                             The executive team                                                                                      decisions, and
effective strategic          clearly defines the                regime (assets, money,              are clearly assigned and         public reporting is
direction, support to        corporate context and
                                                                people, services, etc.) is          consistent with resources,       balanced,
the Minister and             practices for managing
                             organizational and                 integrated and effective, and       and delegations are              transparent, and
Parliament, and the          strategic risks                    its underlying principles are       appropriate to capabilities.     easy to understand.
delivery of results.         proactively.                       clear to all staff.

                                                 Learning, Innovation and Change Management
                        The department manages through continuous innovation and transformation, promotes organizational learning,
                        values corporate knowledge, and learns from its performance.
Office of the Chief Risk Officer

 OCRO was established in 2005 and is the first in Canadian
 CRO is member of the Department’s Executive Management
Committee and other senior management committees
 OCRO Mandate
   – To strengthen risk management and quality assurance capacity
     in the Department
   – To deliver other key elements of the Integrated Risk
     Management Framework: Ethics program; Internal disclosure;
     Fairness monitoring; Advice and consultation on contract dispute
Risk Management

  OCRO Risk Management Team plays a leading role
in fostering a culture of risk management in PWGSC
through the implementation of the Integrated Risk
Management Framework
  OCRO goal is to cultivate “risk smart” decision-
making by effectively and wisely managing risk in a way
that creates opportunities for innovation and growth

The PWGSC Risk Management Team

   Supports the implementation of IRM
   Facilitates the development of corporate risk profiles
   Provides advice and guidance related to RM, e.g.,
reviews Treasury Board Submissions, MC’s and
   Business Plans from a risk perspective
   Offers RM tools, e.g., the RM Guide/Handbook;
Departmental Risk Information System; Directors RM
   Delivers RM training and awareness sessions

OCRO Strategic Direction
Newspaper Headline in 2010 …
                “OCRO Recognized as World Class”

        We’re currently writing the story of how we’ve received the

   For starters, we’ve enhanced PWGSC’s ability to deliver timely, quality
     services by :
     Establishing PWGSC as GoC's center of excellence in: RM, QA,
     Values and Ethics; Internal Disclosure; Special Investigations; and,
     Fairness Monitoring and Conflict Management
     Ingraining IRM in all of its dimensions as an integral part of its daily
     work at PWGSC
     Providing pro-active, progressive corporate direction and oversight
     Adding value by instilling corporate consistency and coherence
     Delivering our products, services and advice in a seamless, synergetic
     way and evaluating them by using industry leading edge standards         7
OCRO Core Business Fundamentals
 Implementation of a consistent:
 -   integrated risk management framework across PWGSC
 -   approach to quality management
 Taking values and ethics program to next level – ingraining it into
 management frameworks, strategic decision-making & employee
 life cycle - making it an integral part of daily work
 Establishing fairness monitoring as formal, credible, standardized
 avenue to the procurement/contracting processes
 Strategically positioning Contract Settlement/Contract Disputes
 Advisory Boards in context of new Procurement Ombudsman role
 Progressively rolling-out internal disclosure program
 Evolving Internal Investigations from reactive to include a
 proactive/preventative and integrated service
 Constructing OCRO Performance Management framework,
 regularly monitoring progress and adjusting as appropriate
RM Approaches to Critical Infrastructure

 Different situations and approaches but same
management (including RM) framework is used…
  -   Program approach
  -   Project approach
  -   Asset-based approach
  -   Portfolio approach

ISO 31000 and CSA Involvement
  CSA is not formally involved in the ISO 31000
development process (CSA staff are participating as

  SCC has requested that CSA consider adoption of the
ISO 31000 standard

  CSA agreed to bring the document for TC review for
adoption and the CSA TC was reconstituted in 2007

  CSA to develop an implementation strategy with input/
review from the TC (or a subset of the TC)                10
CSA TC on RM & the Way Forward

  Consensus of the TC members:
   - Adopt ISO 31000 along with development of a Canadian
     supplement based on CSA Q850 - All positive elements of
     CAN/CSA Q850 will be incorporated into the final document and
     into the implementation tools, to ensure alignment and consistency
     for users
   - Develop other relevant standards to provide the detail
     needed to apply ISO 31000 within the context of Canadian
     industry and government
  Potential implementation tools for key sectors are also
being considered
PWGSC Support of New RM Standard
  Agreed to have a key management person to represent the
public sector on ISO/TMB WGE
  PWGSC hosted the ISO/TMB WGE meeting (Apr 2007) and
CSA Technical Committee meeting (April 2008)
  PWGSC together with other government departments and
agencies are interested and supportive of the ISO and CSA
initiatives, which are critical to overall management and
resilience of all organizations
  PWGSC support is in form of resources, time and funding

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