Marketing Strategy for ABC Apartments

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					              Marketing Plan Template Courtesy of D&F Real Solutions

                   Marketing Strategy for ABC Apartments
                       Time Period: 0/0/00 to 0/0/00
                           Prepared By Jane Doe


Community Strengths:
    Here you will describe the community, citing its greatest strengths. What
    features stand out against the community’s competitors? These will
    become known as the community’s unique selling propositions or U.S.P.’s.
    Address those features here. Discuss the greater neighborhood, including
    the proximity of services, employment, and recreation. In this paragraph,
    you want to list all that is good about the apartment community, in order to
    clarify the value of the product and set the stage for the remainder of the

Community Weaknesses:
    It is equally important to uncover any weaknesses that challenge the
    community. In order to overcome an objection, we must first be aware of
    it. What objections are likey to occur over time on this community?
    Address them and suggest avenues to overcome these weaknesses.

Community Goals
Before you begin the plan, quantify the need for this marketing effort. Is there a
lease-up time schedule? If so, figure out how many rentals are needed per week
or per month in order to meet said schedule. Assuming a 35% closing ratio, how
many prospective residents must the community see each week or month to
meet the rental goal? What renewal percentage will you try to achieve? These
will make up your “hard number” goals. Finally, you may want to nail down some
“soft number” goals--the number of hours spent on outreach marketing, the
number of follow up calls needed, and the number of resident retention contacts
needed to achieve these “hard number” goals. Weekly goals can be the easiest
to manage, as on-site teams can gauge their effectiveness at a glance. In this
section of the plan, it is beneficial to write out the goals in paragraph form and
then state them below in list form. This section will give weight to the remainder
of the plan and can help justify marketing expenses contained within.

Visits per week:
Rentals per week:
Renewal percentage:

Outreach marketing calls per week:
Follow-up calls per week:
Resident retention contacts per week:

              Marketing Plan Template Courtesy of D&F Real Solutions

Position in the Marketplace

A Description of Our Customers:
      Here, you will define your target demographic. List the age, income and
      occupational profile of your primary and secondary target markets.
      Discuss the lifestyle trends of these demographic groups. What other
      successful marketing campaigns (outside of the apartment industry) have
      been pitched to this demographic? Is there anything you can learn from

Where Do We Find More Customers In This Demographic Group?
     You must run a zip code study of your area to find pockets of town where
     the demographic profile most closely matches your community
     demographic. In addition, you may want to list local employers whose
     employ individuals in your income range. To help you determine income
     by profession in order to identify target employers, visit

Our Customers’ Needs:
      What are these customers looking for first and foremost in a home? What
      is likely to be most important to them in their buying decision? If the main
      driver for your demographic group is money or value, go one step beyond
      to find another key decision factor.

What Sets Us Apart From the Competition?
      Here, you will list your community’s most unique selling propositions, as
      compared to your competition.

Why Our Customers Choose Us:
     List the likely reasons a customer within the target demographic chooses
     this community to call home. Where do your community’s unique selling
     propositions match the wants and needs of your target demographic

Positioning Statement/Main Marketing Message
Find the marriage between the community’s usp’s and the customers’ needs and
craft a statement that defines the value of your community. This will become the
community’s main marketing message and will be the foundation of your
community’s personality as it is marketed to the customer.

Our Marketing Message:

              Marketing Plan Template Courtesy of D&F Real Solutions

Marketing Campaign Specifics

Here, you will detail the specific elements of your marketing campaign, from print
and online advertising to outreach marketing, from curb appeal to models, from
brochures to promotional giveaways. A few general categories have been listed
below. However, keep in mind, every plan will be unique according to the needs
of the community as you see them, so this plan may expand or contract

Brochures and Collateral:

Clubhouse and Model:

Drive-By Marketing/Signs, Banners, Etc.:

Print Marketing:

Online Marketing:

Outreach Marketing
       Employer
       Merchant/Cooperative
       Referral: Realtor, Locator, Resident

Direct Mail

Other Media
       Radio
       Television
       Billboard

Events: Grand Opening/Open House/Etc.

Resident Retention Strategies
Define particular resident retention/renewal initiatives to be included in this
campaign. These may include systems for managing one-to-one resident
communications, a calendar of monthly service or social events, a renewal
contact program, or suggestions for renewal gifts and apartment upgrades.

Attach a marketing budget to accompany this report. You may create the budget
using Microsoft Excel or place it in a Microsoft Word template.

         Marketing Plan Template Courtesy of D&F Real Solutions

                     Marketing Plan Action List

Action Item     Month To Occur         Assigned To           Completed