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					                  Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare
                                                      DOCUMENT 15a
Worksite:                                             Plant Identification No:
Location:                                             Plant name/type/manufacturer:
                                                      Date Purchased:
Risk Assessed by:

Supplier/ Manufacturer/Assessment obtained: Yes / No               Completion Date:
In accordance with OHS&W regulation 3.3.1, identify all reasonably foreseeable hazards arising from plant, or
systems of work associated with plant and in particular, any hazard associated with the following factors,
insofar as they are relevant to the design, manufacture, erection installation, commissioning, use or
dismantling of the plant:-
Tick         if OK or Cross .           If a hazard exists
   1     The suitability of the type of plant for the particular task.
   2     The actual and intended use of the plant.
   3     The environmental conditions and terrain in which plant may be used.
   4     Any foreseeable abnormal situations, situations of misuse, or fluctuations of operating conditions

         The potential for injury due to entanglement, crushing, trapping, cutting, stabbing, puncturing, shearing, abrasion,
   5     tearing or stretching.
         The generation of hazardous conditions due to pressurized content, electricity, noise, radiation friction, vibration,
   6     fire, explosion, temperature, moisture, vapor, gases, dust, ice or hot or cold parts
         The failure of the plant in a case involving the loss of contents, loss of load, unintended ejection of work pieces,
   7     explosion, fragmentation or collapse of parts.
         The capability of the plant to lift and move people, equipment and materials and the suitability of any secondary
   8     backup system to support the load.
   9     Any control systems, including guarding and communication systems.

   10 The potential for falling objects, and for the plant to rollover.
   11 The suitability of materials used for the plant.
   12 The suitability and condition of all accessories.
   13 Any ergonomic needs relating to installation and use.

   14 The possibility of a hazard arising through failure to use the appropriate plant.
   15 The location of the plant and the impact of the plant on the design or layout of any place
   16 The suitability and stability of the plant and supports.
   17 Any additional hazard that may arise from presence of persons and other plant in the vicinity.
   18 The potential for inadvertent movement or operation of the plant.
   19 Any systems of work associated with the plant.
   20 The need for, and the adequacy of, access and egress.
   21 The competency of operators.

Risk   Assessed by or Supervisor signature______________________________ Date:                                  /        /

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                            Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare
                                                            DOCUMENT 15a
                                                 Consequences                  Likelihood                          Risk
           Hazard / Source                          Fatality                  Very Unlikely                        High         Comments
                                                  Major Injury                   Likely                           Medium
                                                  Minor Injury                  Unlikely                           Low
                                                   Negligible                Highly Unlikely
No.                                             F MJ MN        N           VU   L     UL HU                   H      M     L

Very likely = Could happen frequently                                              Very likely              Likely         Unlikely        Highly

Likely = Could happen occasionally                                                   HIGH                   HIGH            HIGH           MEDIUM

                                                         Major injury
Unlikely = Could happen but only rarely                                              HIGH                   HIGH           MEDIUM          MEDIUM

Highly unlikely = Could happen, but probably never       Minor injury
                                                                                     HIGH               MEDIUM             MEDIUM           LOW
Major injury (normally irreversible injury or          Negligible injury
                                                                                    MEDIUM              MEDIUM              LOW             LOW
damage to health)
Minor injury (normally reversible requiring several
days off work
Negligible injury (first aid)


Note: See over page for information relating to the control of risks associated with plant.
                                                                                                 Control Action Date
 Hazard                         Control Measures                             Person                  1. Initiated                     Comments
  No.                                                                      Responsible               2 Implemented
                                                                                                     3 Reviewed
                                                                                             1          2            3

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