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									Sanur Beach

Bali has some stunning natural beauty, especially the beach. One of them is Sanur beach that is
located in the district of Badung. It lies approximately 6 kilometers from downtown Denpasar,
and about 15 kilometers from Kuta. Coastlines facing east causing the sunrise movement looks
so beautiful in this region. This is the best Bali vacations pleaces where you can enjoy the
beautiful sunrise.

For tourists who like the atmosphere less like a beach bustle Kuta, Legian or Seminyak Bali,
Sanur beach is the alternative choice for your Bali vacations. In this area, tranquility and
comfort is a priority. However, hotel rates in Sanur area is much more expensive when
compared to Kuta, but still affordable when compared with Nusa Dua.

Sanur beach are easily accessible, from Kuta can be reached by bay pass roads that wide and
smooth. This area became famous since estabilished of Bali beach hotel, now Inna Grand Bali
Beach. This is one of the largest hotel ever built in Bali, and after that sanur beach is became
more famous. Clean beaches and calm waves make Sanur beach be a fun vacations spot for
canoeing,                     swimming                         or                     snorkeling.

There is a unique tradition that is always celebrated by people around the Sanur beach,
especially those struggling in the tourism sector and this should be seen if you want to make this
region as one of your Bali vacations destination. In every month of August they are celebrate
some festival that called "Sanur Village Festival" presenting a variety of attractions, parades and

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