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					                                Showing Checklist
                  Rental property _____________________________

                            Date shown ___________________

                             Shown by _________________

Item or task                   Do I have it? Have I done   Notes

Signs, A-frames

Visitor Log for Open
House & extra pens

Rental Policies

Rental Property Fact Sheet

Phone Interview Sheets

Pre-and Post-Tour Survey
with Current Tenants (for
occupied units)

Rental Application Kits

 Rental Application

 Rental Application

 Consent to Contact
 References and Perform
 Credit Check

 Credit Check Payment

 Receipt for Credit Check

 Consent to Criminal and
 Background Check

 Legal status in the
 United States

Flowers, plants

Furniture, tables, lights

Occupied units: Confirmed
day and time of showing

Individual showings:
Confirmed day and time
with visitors

Work  Session Work Session Owner
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