Denial of Request for Further Information by WorkSession


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									                 Denial of Request for Further Information
To:    ___[applicant]___

       ___[street address]___

       ___[city, state, and zip]___

On ___[date]___, I sent you a letter notifying you that your application to rent the
residential property at ___[property address]___ had been denied. The letter advised you
of your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (15 U.S. Code Sections 1681 and
following). It explained that if you are rejected in whole or in part due to information
from third parties (sources other than yourself or a credit report), you have the right to
learn of "the nature of the information" if you so request in writing within 60 days
learning of the denial. It advised you that this right to further information does not apply
to information gathered directly by the landlord or landlord's employee.

[ ] I received your written request on ___[date you received the letter]___. This was
___[number of days between the date the applicant learned of the adverse action and
your receipt of the request]___ days after your receipt of the denial letter. Therefore, I do
not have a duty to disclose to you the nature of the information that supported my
decision. (15 U.S. Code Section 1681m(b)(1).)

[ ] The information was gathered by myself or my employee.

Yours truly,

____________________________________                    ______________________
Landlord/Manager                                        Date

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