Special Ordering

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					                             Special Ordering
    The SKU or style/ model number of the merchandise

    Date ordered

    Date needed by or promised

    Color (if applicable)

    Size (if applicable)

    Vendor name or code

    Price

    Deposit

    Policy on special order

    The customer needs a receipt that covers exactly what he is ordering, when it will arrive,
     how much of a deposit was given, and what the store’s policies are if something does not
     go as planned. Potential problems include cancellation of the order by the customer
     (within 48 hours there should never be any type of penalty, but after that some charges
     can be levied) and non-delivery of the order by the manufacturer.

    The store should have two copies:
         One filed under the customer’s name. If the customer calls, it’s easy to look it up.
         The other filed by vendor. This way, anytime you are checking orders from a
            vendor, you know exactly what is on order with that vendor.

Whether you use a computer system or not doesn’t matter; these elements must be included. The
benefit of a computer system would be the look-up feature that would allow you to search either
by manufacturer or customer. Many stores that have computer systems choose not to automate
this process because if you don’t have a dedicated terminal and have to wait to use a computer, it
can actually be faster to do this manually. Stores don’t have that many special orders that would
make computerizing as big a benefit as in other applications.

This entire process can be handled with an old-fashioned sales slip, but you need to make three
copies: one for the customer and two for the store, as explained above.

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