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									                                        Donation Request Form
USTA Northern recognizes the importance of community involvement and tries to participate in the many
charitable events organized by our tennis family each year. We will do our best to support your event with a
reasonable donation provided it meets our giving guidelines.

Today’s date:                                               Notification needed by:
Name of organization:                                       USTA Organizational Member #:
Contact person, phone number, address:
Please name any USTA Northern staff member with whom you’ve discussed this request:
Date, time, and location of event:
Brief description of event:
Anticipated outcomes of event:
Is this an annual event?      Yes                  No
Anticipated number of attendees:                            Participant fee:
Who is your target audience?
Are you willing to pass out USTA Membership information at your event?
DONATION REQUEST (if applicable):
Proposed manner of distribution:
Name(s) of other contributors to your event:
Has your organization received past donations from USTA Northern for this event?
If yes, who was your contact person?
VISITING PRO (if applicable):
Are you interested in securing a visiting pro for this event?
If yes, please review hosting requirements on page two of this form and check all that apply below.
   Please consider us for a                  Please consider splitting the        We are willing to pay for a
   complimentary pro.                        cost of a pro with us.               visiting pro.
Requested Pro (optional):            Pro Profiles available at

Please understand that due to the large number of requests we receive, we cannot accommodate all events that
support our mission and priorities. Early requests are appreciated to help us plan our giving. Please submit this
form at least 6 weeks prior to your event date to:
                                     USTA Northern, Attn: Becky Cantellano
           , Fax: 952-887-5061, Tel: 952-358-3291
You will receive a follow up email/phone call regarding your request within one week of receipt. All requests
are reviewed as quickly as possible. If you need notification of a decision by a certain date, please indicate this
in the space provided above.
                                     Visiting Pro Program

USTA Northern administers the Visiting Pro Program as a means to enhance program delivery and instruction
throughout the section. Visiting pros are flexible and willing to work with you to create a successful on-court
event. Below are some sample events that a visiting pro might be secured for:
      Tennis Block Party – free or low-cost events aimed at attracting new and lapsed players to the courts,
        used to market follow-up tennis programs, typically occur during Tennis Month (May)
      Tennis Clinic - for a specific audience on a specific topic (i.e. Adult Doubles Clinic), a participant fee
        is typically charged by the host organization
      Facility Grand Opening – tennis clinic/activities organized at a new or renovated court site in
        celebration of successful fundraising efforts

Host Community Responsibilities:
    Promote your event and collect registrations. Customizable marketing materials may be available.
      Contact Lisa Mushett at for information.
    Secure event location and any necessary supplies (tennis balls, nets, racquets, music, etc.)
    Communicate with visiting pro in advance of the event. Discuss expectations and confirm event details
      (location, numbers, directions to site, pro arrival time, etc.).
    Recruit event support staff. A minimum of one event volunteer/staff person is needed per 10
      participants. Tennis instructors in charge of follow up programming must be in attendance.
    Seek local sponsors and donations to enhance your event.

Visiting Pro Responsibilities:
    Communicate with host community in advance of the event. Discuss expectations and confirm event
       details (location, numbers, directions to site, pro arrival time, etc.).
    Develop an activity plan for the event. Work with host community contact to ensure that appropriate
       event support staff will be available to assist with on-court activities.
    Direct all on-court games, drills, and activities. Identify event support staff that are comfortable on-
       court and utilize them as assistant pros, ensuring that participants are fully engaged in activity.

Organizations are able to hire Visiting Pros at a fee of $100 per hour*. All pros are USPTA or PTR certified,
have completed a background check, and are excited to help you pull off a successful event. Profiles of the
visiting pros are available at

Your community will be considered for a complimentary visit from a pro if your request meets the following
    1. Your organization does not have a tennis teaching professional on staff.
    2. Your organization is a current USTA member in good standing.
    3. Your organization is a registered CTA, NJTL, or Tennis in the Parks community.
Priority will be given to communities that have not previously had a pro/USTA Northern clinician visit.

*Host organizations should be prepared to compensate visiting pros for travel expenses (hotel/mileage) if event
site is over 100 miles from pro’s home. Host organization receives 50% discount on pro’s fee if willing to give
USTA members a 50% discount on event participation fee.


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