Complaint About Collection Agency Harassment by WorkSession


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									Date: ______________________


Name(s) on account: ______________________

Account number: _________________________

Date loan/debt incurred: ____________________

Original loan/debt amount: __________________

Amount past due: _________________________

Re: Collection agency: _____________________

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been unable to pay the full amount of the loan/debt noted above for the following reason(s):

I have the right to be treated by a collection agency with dignity and respect. The collection agency you
hired (as noted above), however, has engaged in the following practices, which violate the federal Fair Debt
Collection Practices Act:

I am willing to forgo the legal remedies I have available, including a lawsuit in small claims court seeking
punitive damages against you and the agency, in exchange for your written promise to permanently cease
all efforts to collect this debt and remove all negative entries regarding this debt from my credit file. I
expect to hear from you immediately.


              Your signature

Name:             ____________________
Address:          ____________________
Home phone:       ____________________

cc:        Federal Trade Commission
           State Collection Agency Licensing Board
           Collection Agency: __________________________

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