SingStat Time Series (STS) Request Form for NUS Students by yus13360


									SingStat Time Series (STS) Request Form
for NUS Students (Formerly TREND)
Name: (Mr/Mrs/Ms):_______________________________________________________

Matriculation No :__________________________________________________________

Department: _____________________________________________________________

E-mail: ________________________________ Tel : ____________________________

Points to note:

♦   STS contains publicly-available statistical data on Singapore.
♦   Check the STS Directory kept at the Central Library Information Desk for the matrix and
    series numbers or online directory
♦   You need to get signatures from your supervisor and head of dept before handing in the form
    at CL Information Desk.
♦   The requested data will be downloaded and sent as an email attachment in Excel format
    within 4 working days.

Category           Title of Matrix           Description     Matrix No   Bank No   Frequency

DEMO       Indicators on population      Total population   M810001      P810784   Annual

TRADE      Exports by commodity group    Motor Cars         M450061      P460727   Monthly

Please submit the completed form to Information Desk, Level 5, NUS Central Library.
Declaration by student

I declare that I will not be able to pay for this search and that the data is only to be used for my
studies in NUS. I understand that NUS Libraries reserve the right to set a limit on the cost of the
search or to reject this request if there is a better alternative.

Terms and conditions for usage of STS data

1. You would use the data from the STS database for research and private study only.

2. You would not rent, lease, lend or transfer the data to anyone else nor may you convert the
   data to another format or medium for use by anyone else.

3. You would not develop or derive for commercial sale any other product in machine readable
   form that incorporates or uses any substantial part of STS data.

I understand and would abide by the above conditions as imposed by the database producer.

Requestor’s signature:________________________________Date:_________________

Your supervisor’s signature is required:

Supervisor’s name:____________________________________

Supervisor’s signature: ________________________________ Date:__________________

This form must be approved by the Head of Department:

Head of Dept’s name:__________________________________

Head of Dept’s signature: ______________________________ Date:__________________

For Official Use:

Date submitted:________________________ Received by: ___________________________

Downloading done by: __________________________________

Date of downloading:____________________________________

No of series downloaded: ________________________________

                                                                                          August 2004

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