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									Legal Forms
                      Legal Forms
• There are more than 400 databases that contain forms on
• Many of the forms can be copied and pasted into a word
  processing document.
• The forms multibase is Forms-All ( FORMS-ALL).
• National forms databases include
   – American Jurisprudence Pleading and
     Practice Forms (AMJUR-PP)
   – Federal Procedural Forms (FEDPROF)
   – National Pleading and Practice Forms
   – West’s Legal Forms, which contains the full text
     of the print publication that has long been a favorite
               Legal Forms Database
• Many of the forms databases are state-specific.
   – Arizona Legal Forms (AZ-LF)
   – California Civil Practice–Combined (CCP-ALL)
   – Colorado Forms (CO-FORMS)
   – Personal Injury Forms:Illinois (PIFRM-IL)
• Many of the forms are specific to an area of the law, such as
  bankruptcy, arbitration, or patent law.
   – Alternative Dispute Resolution with Forms (ADR)
   – Complete Manual of Criminal Forms (CMCRF)
   – Doing Business on the Internet: Forms and Analysis
   – Uniform Commercial Code Official National Forms

Treatises, CLEs, Practice Guides


                           Treatises, CLEs, Practice Guides

                          This is a partial list of the forms databases
                          on Westlaw. They are sprinkled throughout
                          the Treatises, CLEs, and Practice Guides
                          and the Litigation sections of the Westlaw
                          Directory. Many of the other practice
                          materials databases also include forms.
        Field Searches in Forms Databases
• Database: FORMS-ALL
• Structured Search: power of attorney health-care
  Title: Power of Attorney
  for Health Care                               Title: Alphabetical
                                                List of Titles

 Database: AMJUR-PP
 Search: ti(“list of titles”)
                                                     Title: Annuities
 Search: ci(outline & annuity)                       Outline
              Natural Language Searches in Forms
     • Database: AMJUR-PP             Database: WEST-LF
     • Search: Deed of land for       Search: unlawful detainer
       park purposes                  for failure to pay rent
                                           Title: Complaint for Unlawful
                                           Detainer and Rent

Title: Complaint, Petition, or
Declaration to Enjoin the Diversion
of Park Property to Nonpark Use

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