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offer to purchase property


online offer to purchase property pdf for download

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									                   PROPERTY PURCHASE OFFER FORM
Property Address: ____________________________________________
Listed Price:_________________________________________________
Name of Purchaser ________________________________________
Address of Purchaser:__________________________________
Contact Numbers: Mobile______________________________________

I place the offer of: $__________________________________________

      •All offers will be presented to the vendors
      •On acceptance of an offer, contract particulars will be forwarded
      to solicitors
      •When written confirmation of finance is provided to solicitors,
      property will be taken off the market
      • Seven (7) Days will be allowed for building and pest inspections
      and all necessary title searches
      •If exchange of contracts does not occur within 14 days property
      will be placed back on the market

Agents Signature                             _____________________________________

Purchaser Signature                          _____________________________________

Solicitors details: Name:_____________________________________
(Purchaser)         Address:____________________________________

Exchange Date:                    ___________________________________________

Settlement Date:                  ___________________________________________

Vendor Accepts Offer: Yes/No_______________Date: ______________

 Please complete & return fax: 62996679
Privacy acknowledgement: I acknowledge Maxwell and Co Real Estate whose details are set in this brochure collects personal
information it requires to provide and market services to the public. You have the right to request access to personal information
collected by Maxwell and Co Real Estate by contacting the office and whose address and phone number appears on this
brochure. Unless you inform us otherwise, you agree to the collection, use and disclosure of the personal information.
Disclaimer: The above information has been supplied to us by various sources in good faith. We have not verified the accuracy of
this information and do not accept any responsibility to any person for its accuracy. All interested parties are encouraged to make
their own enquiries to determine the accuracy of this information.

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