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					        Specimen Tenancy Agreement

This document is provided for information only. Whilst it is believed to be correct and comply with
all relevant statutes, no liabilities will be accepted by the City and County of Swansea should the
 document give rise to any legal dispute. Any person who chooses to use this document for the
purposes of entering into a legal agreement should first obtain legal advice as to its suitability for
                                      their particular circumstances.
               Assured Shorthold Tenancy
                      (in accordance with Part I of the Housing Act 1988)




The DWELLING HOUSE will be let for a FIXED TERM of _____ months
from:____________________ (commencement date)

For a RENT of £_____________per week/month (delete as applicable)
payable in advance payable on___________of each week/month              (delete as applicable)

The LANDLORD agrees to let the DWELLING HOUSE to the TENANT(S) at the
RENT payable as set out above for the duration of the FIXED TERM.

The DEPOSIT is £______________ and will be protected by a government
authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme. The LANDLORD will provide
details of which scheme is being used to the tenant within 14 days of the
commencement of the tenancy, or as required by law.

This agreement creates an ASSURED SHORTHOLD TENANCY within the
meaning of Part I, Chapter II of the Housing Act 1988. The landlord has an
absolute right to recover possession at the expiry of the fixed term, and at any
point thereafter, by following the procedures as specified in Section 21 of the
Housing Act 1988, as amended. If the FIXED TERM ends, and no new tenancy

Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement v5 10042007
agreement has been signed, a statutory periodic tenancy is automatically

If the LANDLORD believes that the tenant has broken any part of this agreement,
and wishes to recover possession of the DWELLING HOUSE prior to the end of
the FIXED TERM, the tenant must first be served with notice in accordance with
Section 8 of the Housing Act 1988, as amended.

The TENANT(S) agree(s) with the LANDLORD:

1)    to pay the RENT as it becomes due
2)    to pay all charges in respect of water supply, and sewerage services to the
3)    to pay for all gas, electricity and other utilities at the property
4)    not to decorate the DWELLING HOUSE without first obtaining the permission
      of the LANDLORD
5)    to use the DWELLING HOUSE as a private residence only (i.e. not to run a
      business from the DWELLING HOUSE)
6)    not to sub let the DWELLING HOUSE, or any part thereof
7)    to allow the LANDLORD access to the DWELLING HOUSE for the purposes
      of inspecting its condition, or carrying out repairs, provided that they have
      been given 24 hours notice in writing.
8)    To allow the LANDLORD reasonable access to the DWELLING HOUSE
      during the last 28 days of the tenancy in order that prospective tenants may
      view the premises.
9)    To give the LANDLORD a copy of any notice given under the Party Wall etc
      Act 1996 within 5 working days of receiving it, and not to do anything as a
      result of the notice unless requested to do so in writing by the LANDLORD.
10)   Should any of the TENANT(S) belongings be left in the DWELLING HOUSE
      after the tenancy has ended, the LANDLORD will only retain them for 28
      days. The LANDLORD will be entitled to assume the belongings are no
      longer required if not contacted in writing by the TENANT(S) within this
      period. The LANDLORD will be entitled to charge the former TENANT(S) for
      the cost of storage in these circumstances.
11)   Should the landlord wish to serve a notice on the TENANT(S) under either
      Section 8 or Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988, the notice will be deemed
      served if sent by first class post to the DWELLING HOUSE specified in this
      agreement. This does not prevent the LANDLORD from using other methods
      of service.

The LANDLORD agrees:

1)    To allow the TENANT(S) quiet enjoyment of the DWELLING HOUSE
2)    To carry out all necessary repairs, other than those that were caused by
      malicious acts by the TENANT(S) or any person that was in the DWELLING
      HOUSE with the permission of the TENANT(S).

Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement v5 10042007
3) Where the RENT is payable weekly, to provide the TENANT(S) with a rent
   book that conforms to the statutory requirements
4) To follow the procedures for recovering possession of the DWELLING
   HOUSE as stated in the Housing Act 1988 (as amended) and to comply with
   the provisions of the Protection from Eviction Act 1977 (i.e. not to evict the
   TENANT(S) without first obtaining a Court Order)

Should the TENANT(S)

1) Be at least fourteen days late in paying the RENT or any part of it, whether or
   not the RENT has been formally demanded, or
2) Break ANY of the terms of this agreement,

Then, subject to all relevant statutory provisions, the LANDLORD may recover
possession of the DWELLING HOUSE through the County Court and the
tenancy will end.

NOTE: The LANDLORD must first serve the relevant statutory notice before
issuing proceedings for possession.

             LANDLORD AND TENANT ACT 1987, SECTION 48.

Signed by the LANDLORD:_________________________                   Date:___________

Signed by the TENANT(S):_________________________                  Date:___________

                                        _________________________ Date:___________

                                       _________________________   Date:___________

                                        _________________________ Date:___________

Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement v5 10042007

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