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How to Maximize your ad sense CTR


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									Maximizing the CTR means a lot to a publisher who wants to
               make money with AdSense.

Making maximum possible money with AdSense
depends on three factors:

- Maximizing your CTR (Click through rate)
- Maximizing the targeted traffic
- Maximizing the pay per each click.

The techniques you follow to maximize your
CTR can not only increase the user
responsiveness but also increases the targeted

Let's see what Google AdSense Engineers has
to say about AdSense CTR:

"Due to the dynamic nature of Google AdSense,
fluctuations in your revenue will occur. Your
earnings will depend on a number of factors,
including the types of ads being served to your
pages, the cost per click or cost per impression
of these ads, and your users' click through
selections. Regarding ad placement - the best
ad format varies from page to page. We've
observed that, in general, wider ads perform
better because of their reader-friendly format.
We strongly recommend putting your users first
when deciding on ad placement. Think about
their behavior on different pages, and what will
be most useful and visible to them. You'll find
that the most optimal ad position isn't always
what you expect on certain pages."

What should you do to increase AdSense CTR?

Webmasters have very diverse views on how to
increase CTR. It largely depends upon the the
quality of its content, keywords you are
targeting, design and layout of your website,
placement of AdSense ads, page optimization
and various other factors. Generally, AdSense
blocks wrapped between the quality content
works the best. For the websites having poor
quality content, placing the Ads before the start
of the content works best.

*Quality Comtent: If you develop a poor quality
content website, even if you have high CTR and
clicks, you will be getting low priced ads and
also nobody will like to add your url to their
favorites. But if you have quality content, that
keeps the visitors glued, even if you get a little
low CTR (not that you will), but you will be
getting high priced ads and regular visitors, too.
So the bottom is concentrate on providing
quality content that provides value to your
visitors. For AdSense, quality content is the king.

*Proper Ad Positioning: Proper positioning of
ads on your website has direct impact on your
CTR. Change the location of the ads and watch
changes in your CTR regularly. Try to locate the
area of the page where the focus of the visitor
can be. Generally, AdSense ads near the quality
content or other crucial areas like navigation bar
tend to perform better. But it really depends
upon the keywords you are targeting, and the
traffic you have.

* Right Ad Formats: As the Google engineers
say, more user friendly ads, more widespread
tend to do better than towers and others. But
you have to decide what work best for you
based on your site layout, design etc.

   Right Ad Colors: The colors you use for your
    AdSense Ad Units also affects the CTR. As
    a rule you have to use those color that will
    make the Ads look like an integral part of
    your content. Blend in colors are often
    recommended. For more information see
    our article "How to Optimize AdSense Ad

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