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									Sample Fundraising Article

Leigh Cohen, SHS class of 2001 and recent graduate of New York University, has a lot to look
forward to. After being accepted to Harvard's WorldTeach program earlier this year, Leigh will
be leaving the country in September to teach English in Ecuador. WorldTeach, a non-profit
organization that places volunteer teachers in under-resourced schools all over the world, was
founded in 1986. To date it has placed nearly 3,000 volunteers at schools and other educational
institutions in countries such as Botswana, China, Costa Rica, Honduras, Kenya, Lithuania,
Mexico, Nambia, Poland, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Ecuador. For more information about
the WorldTeach program, please visit their website at

When asked why she chose to volunteer teach next year Leigh replied, “The past four years at
college has really impacted my views on the global community. As technology continues to
make the world a „smaller‟ place, that is, more accessible for the privileged, adequate education
becomes more and more important for countries to remain competitive in the world market
place. Having a grasp of the English language is a major facet of educational programs around
the globe due to America's economic strength and stability. Contributing to a country's
educational system helps that country's populace from being exploited, and gives them a chance
at having a better life.”

Specifically addressing why she wishes to teach in Ecuador Leigh said, “Ecuador has recently
undergone some painful economic and political transitions. Ecuador faces serious problems
including a huge foreign debt, rising inflation, and increasing poverty and unemployment. The
education system cannot meet the needs of the population, especially with so many other
challenges that must be faced. By helping to improve the standards of English instruction within
Ecuador, I can contribute to the nation's progress and give my students more opportunities in the
way of jobs and higher education in this beautiful and deserving South American country.”

As with any volunteer position, Leigh will not be paid for her efforts and is attempting to fund-
raise the $4,990.00 WorldTeach requires for the trip. Leigh said that her fund-raiser will be
taking the form of a “hike-a-thon”: “I know it sounds kind of crazy, but I'll be hiking Vermont's
275 mile Long Trail, the oldest hiking trail in America, over the course of July. I'm looking for
people to sponsor me per mile, or in a lump sum. Any contribution will make a huge difference
for me, and everyone who chooses to sponsor me will be entered into a raffle and will receive a
monthly e-mail newsletter from Ecuador if they choose.” Leigh says that anyone wishing to
sponsor her should mail her a check made out to WorldTeach, Inc. with her name in the memo
line, to her home address (provided below). All donations are tax deductible and WorldTeach
will send all donors a receipt once they receive a check.

Although Leigh has not yet been informed as to what town she will be sent to within Ecuador,
she states that location doesn't matter. She is thrilled to be teaching and cannot wait to meet her
students. From all her friends, family, and the Sharon community, we wish her luck!

If you would like to contribute to Leigh's endeavors please send a check to the address below in
the manner specified above or email Leigh at _________.

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