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					                                          Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
                                   Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Detroit

                             The Shepherd’s Staff
                             Volume II, Issue 3                                                                         June 2010
     lessed are You,
     O Christ our
                                                      Metropolitan Nicholas’ Message
God, who made the
fishermen all-wise,
sending upon them
                              B     eloved Clergy and Faith-
                                                                  forest fires in Greece, the
                                                                  earthquake in Haiti, and most
                                                                  recently, the devastating flood-
                                                                                                        I do not write this to be
                                                                                                      prideful and boasting, but sim-
                                                                                                      ply to acknowledge the bless-
                               “For this is the will of God,
the Holy Spirit                                                   ing in Tennessee have all been      ings our Lord and Savior Jesus
                             that by doing good you may
and, through them,           put to silence the ignorance of      helped by the prayers and ma-       Christ has bestowed upon our
netting the world.           foolish men – as free, yet not       terial aid of the faithful of the   people and how those people,
                             using liberty as a cloak for vice    Metropolis of Detroit.              in turn, have answered the call
O    Loving     One,
                             but as bondservants of God.           We will always be called           when help was needed.
glory to You.
                             Honor all people. Love the           upon to help our neighbors in         It is my sincere hope and
(Apolytikion of Pentecost)   brotherhood.        Fear God.        need. As an absolute necessity      prayer that the Lord Jesus be
                             Honor the king.” 1 Peter 2:15        towards fulfilling the com-         with all those who have been
                             -17.                                 mandments of God, our aid           ill-afflicted by unforeseen dis-
                               Over the past few years, the       and comfort we offer to those       asters. It is my sincere hope
                             Metropolis of Detroit, the           in distress is a sign of the Holy   and prayer that the Lord Jesus
                             faithful individuals, the local      Spirit acting within our com-       will continue to be in the
                             churches, the local and Me-          munity.                             hearts, eyes, ears and minds of
                             tropolis Philoptochos societies,      It is a blessing to see this Me-   those who are able to help
                             the parish and Metropolitan          tropolis, beset by so many          those affected by such disas-
                             councils, the priests and I as       economic difficulties in our        ters.
                             your Metropolitan, have been         home cities and states, respond       With Paternal Prayers and
                             called upon to help people           with such vigor and zeal when       Love,
                             throughout the world. Vic-           the call is made to help those
                             tims of the tsunami in Asia, the     in need.                             +Metropolitan Nicholas

Inside this issue:
                                                                   To Haiti with love,

Letter from the        2          n January 2010, the coun-       astation, His Eminence              $95,000 for the Haiti Relief
Archbishop                        try of Haiti fell victim to a   Archbishop Demetrios of the         Fund.
                             catastrophic 7.0-magnitude           Greek Orthodox Archdiocese
Youth News             3                                                                               His Eminence Archbishop
                             earthquake. After the dust           initiated the Haiti Relief Fund
                                                                                                      Demetrios issued a letter of
Philoptochos News      4     settled, the devastation in Port     to help with the recovery ef-
                                                                                                      gratitude to His Eminence
                             -au-Prince and surrounding           forts.
Featured Articles     4-5                                                                             Metropolitan Nicholas and the
                             areas was incomprehensible. It    Through the leadership of His          faithful of the Metropolis for
Friends of the         6     is estimated that over 200,000  Eminence Metropolitan Nicho-             this outpouring of love and
Metropolis                   people lost their lives and thatlas, the faithful of the Me-             generosity. To read
                             the efforts to rebuild will costtropolis of Detroit expressed
Bishop’s Schedule &    7                                                                              Archbishop Demetrios’ letter,
                             millions of dollars.            its neighborly love to the peo-
MEFGOX News                                                                                           turn to page 2
                              Seeing this suffering and dev- ple of Haiti by raising over
Page 2                                The Shepherd's Staff

         Letter from the Archbishop
 Volume II, Issue 3                                                                          June 2010                    Page 3

                                                   Youth News by Eva Kokinos
                                                                                            GOYA Trip to Boston and
                                                                                           Hellenic College/Holy Cross
                                                                                                 April 6-9, 2010

                                                                                      Seventy-one GOYAns from the Michigan
                                                                                      area and 23 adults attended the GOYA Trip
                                                                                      to Boston for a three-day trip. Seven of the
                                                                                      Detroit area parishes were represented on
                                                                                      this memorable trip. Departing from St.
                                                                                      Nicholas Church in Troy, MI, participants
                                                                                      traveled to Boston, MA to visit the city and
                                                                                      the beloved seminary, Hellenic College/Holy
                                                                                      Cross School of Theology.
                                                                    Day One (April 7) of the trip was a full day
                                                                    at Hellenic College-Holy Cross School of
Participants and HC/HC Students posing for a photo in the Maliotis Cultural Center.
                             Photo by Niko Tzetzis
                                                                    GOYAns were
able to tour the beautiful campus and participate in various workshops, sponsored
by HC/HC, the Office of Vocation and Ministry, and the CrossRoad Program.
During some of the free time, participants were able to visit the Holy Cross Book-
store to purchase books, icons, and souvenirs. The Condakes Refectory provided
delicious meals throughout the day. Before leaving campus, the group attended a
beautifully-chanted Vespers service at Holy Cross Chapel. After dinner, the group
                              enjoyed a fun evening of bowling before calling it a
                                      Day Two (April 8) began with an historic two-hour
                                      walking tour of the city of Boston. The tour offered a
                                      wonderful glimpse into our nation’s history, seeing      At Holy Cross Chapel receiving a
                                      notable sights such as the Old North Church, Paul        blessing from Fr. Anthony Cook.
                                      Revere’s home, and Boston Commons. Participants
                                      stopped for lunch at the famous Faneuil Hall in Quincy Market. After enjoying
                                      some Bostonian treats and shopping, participants moved on to spend a few hours at
                                      the New England Aquarium. Finally, the group headed back to HC/HC for dinner
                                      and a special session with students from the Metropolis of Detroit. Led by Holy
                                      Cross alumni Fr. Anthony Cook and Eva Kokinos, the students talked to the group
                                      about their experiences studying theology, vocation, and witnessing faith. The eve-
Capitol Building in Boston. Part of
 the Freedom Trail walking tour.
                                      ning ended with some much-needed rest by the pool and time to pack for an early
                                      morning return to Detroit.
Many thanks to Fr. Anthony Cook for joining the group on this trip, and to all the adults who served as chaper-
ones. Also, special thanks go out to those groups and individuals who donated food and money to make this trip
special! If you missed the trip, don’t worry… Plans are already underway for Boston 2011!
To join the official e-Newsletter of the Metropolis Youth Office, email Also, become a FAN on   . Look for
Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Detroit—Youth and Young Adult Ministries.
  Page 4                                                                                           The Shepherd's Staff

                                       Philoptochos News by Eleni Zaferes

   T      he recent devas-
          tating floods in
 the Nashville, TN area
                                                                   huge success. The hall at
                                                                   St. Nicholas in Ann Arbor
                                                                   adorned with beautiful
                                                                                                    gether the delegates in
                                                                                                    dialogue to share their
                                                                                                    concerns and good works
 found many parishioners                                           and unique floral arrange-       for the mission of Philop-
 of the parishes in Nash-                                          ments reminded us that           tochos. The Metropolis
 ville without everyday                                            we count our blessing            Board selected and paid
 needs. Some lost every-                                           each day. We thank the           registration for 2 small
 thing. The Philoptochos                                           Ann Arbor Philoptochos,          chapters of 25 members
 Metropolis Board and                                              raffle donors and spon-          or less to attend the Con-
 chapters sprung into ac-                                          sors for their support and       vention.
 tion immediately. Contri-                                         everyone who attended.             Philoptochos is always
 butions to the Metropolis                                         It was a fabulous day of         looking to assist those in
 Nashville Relief Fund                                             fellowship. Money raised         need. The Partners in
 spearheaded by Metro-                                             from this event will sup-        Philanthropy Fund is an
 politan Nicholas were                                             port the Metropolis min-         ongoing effort by the Me-
 made by the Metropolis                                            istries, the National min-       tropolis Board to assist in
 Board ($5,000), the Na-                                           istries and the Detroit          an emergency and short
 tional Board ($15,000)                                            area charities.                  term needs. Do not hesi-
 and chapters throughout                                              In July, delegates will       tate to contact myself or
 the Metropolis. Helping                                           travel to Atlanta, GA for        the Metropolis office for
 those in need is the pri-                                         the Philoptochos National        assistance.
 mary purpose of Philop-                                           Convention in conjunc-             We wish everyone a
 tochos. We thank every-                                           tion with the Clergy Laity       safe and wonderful sum-
 one for their generosity                                          Congress. The Conven-            mer. We thank His Emi-
 for this effort to assist our                                     tion promises to be edu-         nence Metropolitan
 own brothers and sisters.                                         cational and inspiring to        Nicholas for his continued
    “Festival of Flowers”,                                         the delegates. Work-             support, inspiration and
 the Metropolis Philopto-                                          shops and Discussion             guidance to our mission
 chos fundraiser was a                                             Groups will bring to-

       College student from Metropolis of Detroit attends Real Break in Constantinople

   I   n March of 2009, Or-
       thodox Christian Fel-
lowship (OCF) offered
                                                                  is a member of the Holy
                                                                  Apostles Greek Orthodox
                                                                  Church in Indianapolis, IN.
                                                                                                   Bartholomew, visited Con-
                                                                                                   stantinople to refurbish St.
                                                                                                   Kyriakos Church and the
young adults an opportunity                                       His Eminence Metropolitan        Patriarchal Cemetery in Eri-
to give of their time during                                      Nicholas, who was in Con-        paki. Both sites were dese-
spring break to give some-                                        stantinople at the time, was     crated many years ago and
thing back to God’s church.                                       able to visit with Angelus and   were in desperate need of
Twenty-two young adults                                           the rest of the group partici-   repair. For more information
participated in the Real         participants from five differ-   pants at a dinner hosted by      about Real Break and other
Break Trip to Constantin-        ent Orthodox jurisdictions,      the Patriarch.                   OCF opportunities, visit
ople, to the home of our         the Greek Orthodox Me-              The Real Break partici-
Ecumenical Patriarchate.         tropolis of Detroit was rep-     pants, with the blessings of
   Out of the 22 college         resented. Angelus Kocoshis       His All Holiness Patriarch
 Volume II, Issue 3                                                                   June 2010                       Page 5

                                     The Tower of Faith by Alex Radulescu

                    M      ankind
                           has   al-
                    ways sought to
                                          and its benefits: better trade, eco-
                                          nomic growth, and ease of commu-
                                          nication. But do these help us get
                                                                                       but also to unite. The Apostles were
                                                                                       empowered to speak the language of
                                                                                       the Holy Spirit who “is present eve-
                    reach a higher,       closer to God?                               rywhere and fills all things” and they
                    but not always a         After Jesus was resurrected and           were heard “by everyone in their
                    better end. At        ascended into Heaven, the Apostles           own language”. The Gospel is the
                    Babel,      the       were gathered “with one accord and           new blueprint used by the workers
                    tongues of men        in one place”(Acts 2: 1) and were all        of Christ to build the Tower of the
were confused by God for they             filled with the Holy Spirit and began        Kingdom of God. At Babel mankind
were building a tower of pride, to        to speak with other languages. Since         sought its own glory, but in Jerusa-
make a name for themselves, not to        the Feast of Pentecost was of great          lem mankind started to build to the
the glory of God. Their confusion         importance to the Jews, commemo-             glory of God.
led to disaster and the demise of a       rating the giving of the law on                The concept of globalization is
great architectural achievement that      Mount Sinai (Exodus 12:2,19), the            used by our society today to refer to
was supposed to touch the sky (Gen.       50th day after the exodus, many              a worldly political, economical and
11: 4). In many ways, our vanity          pilgrims, both Jews and Gentiles,            social unity. For Christians, real
makes us build higher and bigger as       were gathered in Jerusalem from all          globalization began at Pentecost
technology advances. We dream to          parts of the world. And the multi-           with the Gospel of Christ which is
do the impossible. Is it the right        tude marveled at this great wonder           the true unifying
thing to do? Are we building to the       “because everyone heard them speak           factor for all.
right end?                                in his own language“ (Acts 2: 6). For          Let us reflect
  For generations, humans were            the first time in centuries, people          on the realities of
divided by language and culture.          were able to surpass the language            our world today
The world had tried several times in      barrier, as the Gospel united and            and how are we
the past to reunite by using common       enabled them to build a new tower:           able to unite and
language, standards, measures, etc.       the Tower of Faith - the Church.             build the tower
We talk today about globalization            God has used language to separate         of faith in God

                                   Nashville Flood Relief by Eva Kokinos

  L     ast month, Nashville and other
        areas in middle Tennessee were
pummeled by heavy storming, resulting
                                                                                       Metropolis of Detroit, as well as the
                                                                                       National Philoptochos, the Metropolis
                                                                                       Philoptochos and all the various indi-
in some of the worst flooding this area                                                vidual donors who are supporting the
has seen in years.                                                                     efforts to restore hope to the hearts of
                                                                                       the people of Nashville and Middle
  In an effort to extend a helping hand
to the people of Nashville for their
                                                Source: CNN webpage / GETTY IMAGES
Flood Relief efforts, His Eminence                                                        To date, at least $55,000 has been
                                          those of the parish who have suffered        raised for the relief effort. Please con-
Metropolitan Nicholas initiated the
                                          losses, but the Nashville community-at-      tact your local parish to make a dona-
Nashville Flood Relief Fund.
                                          large, as well, in their recovery effort.    tion.
   Fr. Gregory Hohnholt and the com-         Fr. Hohnholt reflected on these ef-
munity of Holy Trinity, as well as Fr.    forts, saying, “The needs are great and         For more information regarding the
Parthenios Turner and the St. John        many, and the faithful of Holy Trinity       flooding and recovery efforts, visit
Chrysostom mission family in Nash-        are abundantly thankful for the gifts and
ville, are working not only to help       support of the sister parishes in the        news0101
 Page 6                                                                                             The Shepherd's Staff

                          Friends of the Metropolis (as of May 31, 2010)
His Eminence                     Gus Karozos                      Soimar, Michael and Corina        Minton, Barbara
Metropolitan Nicholas            Ithaca, NY - St. Catherine       Stathas, Nick and Rita            Minton, Charles
Ann Arbor, MI - St.              Bezirganian, John                Nashville, TN - Holy Trin-        Nanos, Vasiliki
Nicholas                         Lansing, MI - Holy Trinity       ity                               St. Clair Shores, MI – As-
St. Nicholas Parish              Joseph, Yvonne                   Hohnholt, Fr. Gregory and         sumption
St. Nicholas Philoptochos        Sweeney, Evie Zois               Presbytera Sofia                  Genematas, Toula
Kotsis, Fr. Nicolaos and Pres-   Lexington, KY - Panagia          Vaporis, Fr. George and Pres-     Sterling Heights, MI – St.
bytera Sandra                    Pantovasilissa                   bytera Kalliopi                   John
Paul, Presbytera Eva             Panagia Pantovasilissa Parish    Kirk, Benedict                    Georgios Salonikas and
Bekiares, Penelope A.            Hostetter, Mr. and Mrs.          Rogers, Helen and Lawrence        Nicoleta Vekos
Fry, Jack D.                     Nicholas                         Kamm                              Syracuse, NY - St. Sophia
Grias-Radwanskim Sophia          Kiriacopoulos, Ken and Kate      Nashville, TN – St. John          Smith, Fr. David and Presby-
Kales, Anthony and Joyce         Pandaru, Andronica               Chrysostom Mission                tera Donna
Vlahadamis, Kosta                Memphis, TN - Annuncia-          Turner, Fr. Parthenios and        Toledo, OH - Holy Trinity
Bloomfield Hills, MI - St.       tion                             Presbytera Marion                 Cathedral
George                           Gallagher, Evangelia             New Buffalo, MI Annun-            Damaskos, Fr.Aristotle and
St. George Parish                Muskegon, MI - Annun-            ciation/St.Paraskevi              Presbytera Debbie
Buffalo, NY - Annuncia-          ciation                          Polymeris, Spiros and Donna       Anagnos, Joyce
tion                             Annunciation Parish              Plymouth, MI - Nativity           Sieben, Paul
Christakis, Fr. Christos and     Mot, Fr. Catalin and Presby-     of the Virgin Mary                Traverse City, MI - Arch-
Presbytera Lisa                  tera Felicia                     Nativity of the Virgin Mary       angel Gabriel
Carmel, IN - Holy Trinity        Yankopoulos, Presbytera Ann      Parish                            Olechnowicz, Fr. Iakovos and
Douvis, Harry                    Achterhoff, Christina            Sarelis, Fr. Charles              Presbytera Joleen
Pappas, Vicki                    Afendoulis, Alexander J.         Estate of Fr. Efstathios Metal-   Troy, MI - St. Nicholas
Chattanooga, TN - An-            Afendoulis, Magdalene            linos                             Demery, Beck
nunciation                       Afendulis, James                 Rochester, NY - Annun-            Vestal, NY – Annuncia-
Mousourakis, Donna               Afendulis, Phyllis G.            ciation                           tion
Soufleris, Adam and Nickie       Afendulis, Ted                   Gines, George Family              Michalopulos, Presbytera
Cincinnati, OH - Holy            Baker, Georgia J.                Stefanou, Gus and Florence        Magdalena
Trinity/St. Nicholas             Baldas, Voula                    Rochester, NY - Holy              Demetry, Helen
HTSN Philoptochos                Bati, John                       Spirit                            Gianakouros, Dino and Mary
Assaley, Lewis and Patricia      Bouth, Mike                      Holy Spirit Philoptochos          Tzivanis, Thomas and Flor-
Moraites, Dena                   Clark, Ken and Nicci             Cowles, Fr. Patrick and Pres-     ence
Parsenios, Lewis                 Davros, Nickolas J. and Family   bytera Mary                       Watertown, NY - St. Vasil-
Farmington Hills, MI -           Douville, Farrell and Mary       Chilas, Diane                     ios
Holy Cross                       Dreleozis, George                Ginis, Panos                      St. Vasilios Parish
Stefanakis, George and Terrie    Encelewski, Christine D.         Sexton, Katherine L.              Westland, MI - Sts. Con-
Fort Wayne, IN - Holy            Hoopes, Kenneth and Maria        Saginaw, MI - St. De-             stantine & Helen
Trinity                          Karis, Othon and Kristi          metrios                           Sts. Constantine and Helen
Holy Trinity Philoptochos        Ladas, Paul and Patricia         St. Demetrios Philoptochos        Parish
Doublas, Gregory                 Lutz, Helen Innis                Cox, Fr. Irenaeus and Presby-     Sts. Constantine and Helen
Spirou, Arthur and Mary          McNutt, Angela C.                tera Alexandra                    GOYA
Turner, Christian                Micheil, Rich and Teresa         Ahejew, Petro and Samdra
Grand Rapids, MI - Holy          Nace, Doru                       Caldwell, Larry and Peggy         Other Friends
Trinity                          Oravitan, Ionut                  Southgate, MI - St. George        Bartz, Fr. Bill and Presbytera
Monoyios, Terry                  Pallas, Tom                      Kircos, Angelo and Sophia         Emily, Dumfries, VA
Nicholas, Jim and Georgia        Peliotes, Gust and Ethel         Kircos, John and Violet
Indianapolis, IN - Holy          Riekse, Max and Nelly            Kircos, Louis and Paula
Apostles Mission                 Roldan, Martha                   Kontos, John and Marika
Volume II, Issue 3                                                          June 2010            Page 7

                                     Bishop’s Schedule Highlights

    7 - 10       Patriarchal Synod Meeting     Ecumenical Patriarchate
    11           Patriarch’s Nameday           Ecumenical Patriarchate
    15           Parish Visitation             Holy Trinity - Binghamton, NY
    16           Parish Visitation             St. Catherine - Ithaca, NY
    20           Hierarchical Liturgy          Assumption - St. Clair Shores, MI
    20           Baptism                       Assumption - St. Clair Shores, MI
    24           Parish Council Meeting        Holy Trinity - Grand Rapids, MI

    2-7          Clergy Laity Assembly         Atlanta, GA
    8 - 15       Patriarchal Synod Meeting     Ecumenical Patriarchate

                                      MEFGOX News by Barbara Minton

 T      he Annual Convention of the Mid-Eastern Federation of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians
        will be held July 15-18th in Canonsburg, PA. This year the participants will sing a setting of the
Divine Liturgy by Nancy Takis. Her husband, Stan Takis will serve as guest director. The four day
convention will begin with the first two sessions of a Church Music Institute. The first offering will be
“Singing Good, Better, or Your Best” lead by Bill Christoff, Carmel, Indiana. The second offering will be
“Praying the Liturgy for Church Musicians: Challenges and Solutions” lead by Father Steylios Muksuris.

  The Church Musicians will also learn about the “The Small Supplicatory Canon” (Paraklesis) and at-
tend a Paraklesis before a Friday evening picnic at Angel Acres Park. Other workshops, rehearsals will
round out the educational/musical portion of the weekend. Another highlight of the Convention is a
recognition of church musicians who have offered distinguished service and the awarding of scholar-
ships to young people pursuing music or theology in higher education.

  The culmination of the Convention will be a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy on Sunday morning. At the
conclusion of which the newly elected officers will take the oath of office. A Memorial Service for the
deceased church musicians of all of the member parishes will also be offered. For information about
the Memorial Scholarship (how to apply or how to donate in memory of a loved one), please visit the
MEFGOX website ( or contact Dan Packis at or send
donations to MEFGOX Memorial Scholarship Program, 4651 Greenview Court, Avon, Ohio 44011
                                            The Shepherd's Staff

                                                                 Friends of the Metropolis
                                                 What Does Friends of the Metropolis Support?
                                 General: Fully fund the expenses of the Me- Outreach/Missions: Create opportunities to
                                 tropolis offices, programs and travels.           introduce our faith to society, participate in inter
                                                                                   -Christian and inter-faith activities as well as
                                 Education: Enhance scholarships and adult provide quick responses to national disasters.
2560 Crooks Road                 education programs, as well as support the Me-
                                                                                   Hellenism: Develop programs for Hellenic Cul-
 Troy, MI 48084                  tropolis students at Hellenic College/Holy Cross.
                                                                                   tural Outreach, including language, history and
 Phone: (248) 823-2400           Support: Develop and provide educational and
   Fax: (248) 823-2401           instructional seminars and services to clergy and Leadership: Organize Metropolis Clergy-Laity
          E-mail:                parishes.                                         Conferences, Oratorical Festivals, Christmas
                                                                                   Pageants and Adult Education Programs.
                                 Youth: Maintain and support the youth office
                                                                                   Special Programs: Website development, hos-
                                 and activities of a full-time Youth and Young
                                                                                   pitality to visiting dignitaries and guests, Charity
                                 Adult Ministries Director.
                                                                                   and Philanthropy.

The Shepherd’s Staff                                            Dear Friends of the Metropolis:
                                 Dear Friends of the Metropolis:                    program, ministries and programs are imple-
           Editor:                                                                  mented on a Metropolis-wide basis which
                                 God has called us to do mighty deeds for the glory
     Alex Radulescu                                                                 strengthen and enhance our faith and our joint
                                 of His name and for the love of His people.
 Phone: (248) 823-2414                                                              ministry of service.
         E-mail:                 You are called upon to join in this reality of “faith If you have not yet become part of the Metropolis-       working through love” as we continue to manifest wide effort, I would like to invite you to join forces
                                 the love of God for His Church and His people.        with the faithful throughout our Metropolis in sup-
     To subscribe to the                                                               port of the ministries which are part of the Office
                                 When you support the Friends of the Metropolis
 Shepherd’s Staff e-mail list,                                                         of the Metropolitan.
                                 campaign, you are part of a greater outreach that
 please send us an e-mail at       proclaims with one universal voice that God is truly Thanking you for your kind and generous response,
                                 our hope and our rock of salvation.                   I remain, with paternal blessing and prayers,
  typing in the subject line:
NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBE             Because of your devotion and help to the Friends
                                                                                       Metropolitan Of Detroit

                                 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                                           I am pleased to support the work of Metropolitan Nicholas and the        Send this card in an envelope to:
                                                                                                                    The Metropolis of Detroit
                                           Metropolis through the Annual Metropolis Stewardship “Friends” Program   2560 Crooks Road, Troy, MI 48084

                                     $25               $50               $100              $250              $500           $1000          Other

                                 Name__________________________________Parish Affiliation:______________________
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                                     Check Enclosed (payable to Friends of the Metropolis of Detroit)

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