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									Top Ten Work From Home Ideas

Are you looking for some ideas on work from home opportunities? I am going to share
with you some of the best work from home ideas that have helped many people work
successfully at home in their Internet ventures.

Here are my top ten ideas that you can choose from:

1. Buy and sell websites - Learn how to create websites, market them and eventually, sell
them. The higher the page rank of your website and the revenue being generated, the
higher the price that you can ask for it. Just a simple note to those who think they don't
have any HTML skills - there is website building software that allow one to create
websites without the need to learn about coding. Building website this way is very easy to
do. Start planning now about this type of home business.

2. Affiliate marketing - Create your website and use it to promote products that you can
sell for commissions. This can include products from eBay, eBooks, Amazon, etc.
Among the popular affiliate programs that you can join are ClickBank, Commission
Junction and PayDotCom.

3. Buy and sell domain names - Find out which domains are about to expire and those
which have expired. Buy them and sell them at a higher price so that you can profit. For
this venture, it is important that you research on the domains that are salable. Also, if you
take a little time to further develop the sites, you can sell them for higher profits.

4. Make money from your skills or hobbies - You can work from home and utilize your
skills such as typing, transcribing, telemarketing, writing, etc. You can also create
eBooks and sell them. Build a blog and monetize it with affiliate products, adverts,
AdSense, etc. A little imagination can go a long way.

5. Cost per action or CPA - Post offers on your site and get paid by encouraging people to
fill in forms. Find offers that are relevant to your site. Every time someone fills out the
form for the offer you're promoting, you'll get paid a commission.

6. Create a forum - Build a membership site where people can join and share on a certain
topic that you are passionate about. You can ask for payment from members in exchange
for more information and benefits, but you have to make sure that your content is good
and beneficial to them. Once you start this business, you will get recurring income, and
that's a great thing.

7. Opt-in Email Marketing - Research on how to build a list of potential customers. Setup
your products and sell to these customers on your list. There are some software tools
called autoresponders that can help do the job for you. Pre-load your content and send
them periodic emails with informative content.
8. Build a freelancing company - Start at the comfort of your home, research on various
work from home job opportunities, bid on projects or apply for them. Hire a team of
Internet-based workers that you can assign to do the jobs. You receive the payment from
the employers while you pay your workers. There are freelance websites that you can bid
on projects. Among them are,,,,
and more.

9. Sell on eBay - Find stuff that you don't need and make some money on them. Post
them on eBay and wait for interested buyers. You can also sell items that you get on a
consignment basis. This way, you don't need to invest cash to pay for the items. Pay for
them only when they are sold. There are other sites where you can post your products to
maximize the chances for profit by searching these sites and posting your items there.

10. Get paid to do something - Other freelancers respond to product surveys and get paid
per each survey they accomplish. Others are paid to read email, play games, surf the net,
and more. This may not give you a luxurious income, but when you have spare time, you
can check out how these sites work. Before joining any of these sites, make sure you
research if they really pay.

There are many other kinds of work from home opportunities and ideas that are not stated
here, but you can research them as you go along. Remember that you have to assess your
skills, knowledge, and interest so that you can choose the home business venture that
would be best for you.

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