Guide to an Anonymous Web Proxy

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					Guide to an Anonymous Web Proxy
What is to know about these proxy servers? It is good to know from the beginning that all of
their users are enjoying using them.

The term proxy server describes a computer that offers a network service which allows its
clients to make indirect connections to other network services. The phenomenon can be also
described as follows: a client connects to the proxy server and through it he requires a
connection, a file or other resource that is available on other servers. A proxy server can
retrieve the searched information through direct connection to the specified server or even
from its cache.

There are also much simpler explanations of the term called proxy server. To make it easier
to understand we might compare the proxy server with a network machine or computer
through what you get to connect to other machines and especially to other persons.

It is also good to know that the used memory for these proxy servers works like a database
which will certainly be restored if the same information is asked for more than one time. The
conclusion that these proxy servers are useful was revealed because of this fact. If the cache
memory restores the information that was earlier needed this might lead to increase of the
network quality and might speed up the internet connections.

We also heard about anonymous proxy servers. What is to know about these anonymous web
proxies you might wonder? Well these special proxy servers are more than useful. It is well
known that anonymous proxy servers hide your ID which will protect you and you computer
from unauthorized access through the internet. The IP address is protected with the help of
these anonymous proxy servers and no worries should occur while you are browsing the
internet. These proxy servers might be used for different web services starting with web mail
and ending with web-chat rooms or FTP achieves.

It is also good to know for those who surf the web without any worries that some sites require
IP addresses or even IDs. Once they have gathered this information along with some
information about your operating system the hacking of your PC might start. You will notice
that your PC begins to block more and more often, requiring in most of the cases a reboot and
worse than that is the possibility of getting access to your hard drive or RAM.

Description: A web proxy is a web site which allows you to access other sites through it. You visit a web proxy site and enter the url of a web site you want to visit anonymously. Web proxy sends request to the necessary web site, receives "answer" and returns it to the user. Web proxies allow you to be anonymous surf and access web sites that may be restricted for users from certain countries or geographical regions, access web sites blocked by corporate or school proxies.