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                                         for 13+ years

                       We're da Two Wise Men an dis is how it goes
                      We chat about da issues dat need to be exposed
                       Cos out dere on road fings is reachin overload
                         Dere's a bomb in dis manor an its gonna

On the 20th floor of an abandoned East End tower block, Blaze (a Caribbean MC) and Riqi (a
Bengali DJ) rip up the airwaves on a leading pirate station. Their last CD was a massive hit
and they're all set to hit the big time with their first live set at Exile FM's birthday bash
coming up. Then Zahida comes into their lives and cracks begin to appear in their friendship.
When a local gangster asks Blaze for a serious favour, suddenly there's a choice to be made
that could split their world wide open.

Locked In is a gritty hard-hitting piece written by Fin Kennedy (winner of the 2006 Arts
Council's John Whiting award). Developed in direct contact with young people, it portrays a
diverse cross-cultural inner-city life and characters, underscored by a contemporary hip hop
soundtrack. For more information about Fin's work please click here to visit his website.

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Performance lasts 60 minutes (no interval)

There are several ways to see this show - catch it while it's on tour (details below) or get
your group involved through our outreach programme. For more information on the
outreach programme contact Sue on 020 7709 8908 or email here
Locked In Tour Details

        Date              Time                 Venue                    Box Office
27 Sept        2pm & 4.30pm
                                  Half Moon                         020 7709 8900
28 Sept        4.30pm & 7pm*
29 Sept        10.30am & 2pm
                                  London E1                         Email
                                                                    01225 448844
30 Sept        7pm                The Egg @ Theatre Royal           329689 minicom
                                                                    0151 709 4988
                                  Unity Theatre                     Email
4 Oct          7.30pm
                                  as part of The Lockpickers Ball
                                                                    020 8341 4421
                                  Jacksons Lane                     Email
5 Oct          7pm*
                                  London N6
                                                         01494 512 000
6 Oct          8pm                Wycombe Swan Town Hall 01494 538080 fax
                                                                    020 8232 1010
                                  Watermans                         Email
7 Oct          7.45pm
                                                                    020 8428 0124
10 Oct         2pm & 7pm          Harrow Arts Centre                Email
11   Oct       1.30pm**                                             020 8253 1030
12   Oct       10.30am & 4.30pm                                     07771 837 121 sms
                                  Croydon Clocktower
13   Oct       1.30pm & 8pm                                         text
14   Oct       8pm                                                  Website
                                                                    0116 255 7066
16 Oct         1.30pm & 7.30pm    The Y                             Email
17 Oct         10.30am & 1.30pm   Leicester
                                                                    020 8692 4446
                                  The Albany                        Email
18 Oct         7.30pm*
                                  London SE8
                                                                    01293 553636
31 Oct         7.45pm             The Hawth                         Email
                                                                    0870 060 6646 (bkg
1 Nov          2pm & 7.45pm                                         0870 060 6644
2 Nov          4.30pm & 7.45pm    New Wimbledon Studio              groups
3 Nov          7.45pm                                               020 7369 1762
6 Nov          2pm   &   7pm
7 Nov          2pm   &   7pm                                        020 7722 9301
8 Nov          2pm   &   7pm      Hampstead Theatre                 Email
                                  London NW3
9 Nov          2pm   &   7pm*                                       Website
10 Nov         2pm   &   7pm
* BSL Interpreted performance (interpretor Jacqui Beckford) ** Post show discussion

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