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               KJL Offers Distributors
              Key Locked Inserts & Studs
K      JL Fasteners, Inc. a leading supplier in the Aero-
       Distribution business, has just entered into an
exclusive Master Distribution agreement to offer a new
                                                            The BUSINESS EDGE
                                                              Ray said, “One important secret to the success of
                                                          our business has been our ability to manage all of the
product line for Distributors.                            endless details efficiently. Everything that we handle
   The new line includes MS51830 thru MS51834 and         must have complete Lot Control and Traceability. We
the NAS1394 & 1395, which are inserts and studs           frequently quote the same thing over and over to
used in a turbine engine and transmissions, gear boxes    different people. We must have our finger on the pulse
and other applications. They are often                                       of the business and our Inventory
used for Aerospace & marine                                                  control must be virtually perfect. We
applications where you need to                                               knew that in order to be successful
increase the strength of the parent                                          in this business, we would need a
material.                                                                    system that was designed
                                                                             specifically to meet our needs.
KJL Eliminates Long Lead                                                             “We chose The BUSINESS
Times                                                                        EDGE from Computer Insights, Inc.
   These par ts are problems for                                             We have been a Business Edge
Distributors since they often have                                           user now for about 3 years. During
lead times of up to 60 weeks or more.                                        that time we have grown 300% and
KJL will be able to offer these same                                         we have increased our staff by only
par ts with 4 to 12 week delivery                                            40%. The BUSINESS EDGE gives
cycles. This is a huge advantage for                                         us the ability to process things very
the Distributors and it can give them                                        efficiently. As our business has
a competitive edge.                                                          grown in size and complexity, our
   KJL’s President, Ray Lock was      Ray Lock, President of KJL Fasteners
                                                                             software has helped us to apply the
interviewed recently. He said, “We                                           KISS principle so that we haven’t
are the exclusive Master Distributor for a new            gotten bogged down by the endless paperwork required
manufacturer of ‘key locked inser ts and studs.’          for Mil Spec products.”
Because of this unique
relationship, we expect to                                                              System Grows With
be able to offer lead times                                                             Them
from 4-12 weeks. Not only                                                                       Ray elaborated, “We
that, we will be able to                                                                have noticed that as we
accommodate customer                                                                    grew,       so   did     the
specials and parts to print                                                             capabilities      of    The
in 4-12 delivery times as                                                               BUSINESS             EDGE
well. We welcome inquiries                                                              software. We now receive
from all distributors.”                                                                 all of our Inbound Faxes as
                                                                                        electronic documents.
Nominated For                                                                           These documents are
NASA’s Small                                                                            automatically attached to
Business of the Year                                                                    the Customer or Vendor
    KJL Fasteners is in the                                                             file when they come in. We
Aerospace         fastener                                                              can also attach them to
distribution business. Ray                                                              individual Parts (as in the
Lock stated, “We sell directly to the United States         case of a drawing) or an individual Lot as would be the
Department of Defense as well as many government            case for a Certification that is faxed in to us. If the
pr ime contractors, such as Aero-jet, Nor throp             documents are not faxed into us, we can simply scan
Grumman, Orbital Sciences and Lockheed Martin.              them and attach them in the same manner.
    “We also have a blanket agreement to supply the            “The system also gives us the ability to turn all our
fasteners to NASA-JSC though Jacobs Sverdrup until          forms into PDF files, view them on the screen, print
2010. We were very honored to be nominated for              them, fax them or e-mail them. Everything is an
NASA’s small business supplier of the year award.”          electronic document. We have eliminated so many
steps and so much paper that it is hard to imagine              For more information about The BUSINESS EDGE,
doing it the “old” way.”                                     contact Dennis R. Cowhey, President, Computer
                                                             Insights, Inc. 108 Third Street, Bloomingdale, IL 60108
Time & Space Are Obsolete Concepts                           phone: 800-539-1233 extension 203, fax: (630) 893-
   Ray really likes being able to run the system by          4030; e-mail: dcowhey@ci-inc.com; or visit their
“remote control,’” He stated, “I travel a lot, both for      website at www.ci-inc.com.
business and pleasure. The BUSINESS EDGE
provides us with the ability to tele-commute and work
just as well in a remote
environment as from the
office. The system is truly
an indispensable tool for our
   For more information
about the MS51830 thru
MS51834 and the NAS
1394 & 1395 Parts, contact
Ray Lock, KJL Fasteners,
100 Railroad Ave., Loyalton,
CA 96118; phone: 530-993-
6800; fax: 530-993-6803 E-
mail: ray@kjlfast.com; or
visit their website at
                                                    KJL’s headquarters, located in Loyalton, California

                                Reprinted from Distributor’s Link Magazine, Spring 2007

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