Words from Wilmot by tyndale


									                                           Wilmot United Church — Fredericton, New Brunswick

Words from Wilmot                                                                                           Volume 17 Issue 3

              Lois Campion: Champion of Coffee and Conversation                                             November, 2006

              W       hen I suggested to
                      Lois that the Wil-
              mot job she has had for 4
                                           At first Lois tried differ-
                                           ent churches, but by 1980
                                           she had settled on Wil-
                                                                         the family business, At-
                                                                         lantic Mini and Modular
                                                                         Homes in Lincoln. In the
                                                                                                        Inside this issue:
                                                                                                        Book Review: The
                                                                                                        Breadwinner               2
              years was an onerous one,    mot, and in 1983 she          afternoons she looks after     Christmas Hampers
              she immediately
              said, “Oh, no. I en-                                                                      Circle of Life
                                                                                                        National Day of
              joy the job. I like                                                                          Remembrance and
              people. When I                                                                               Action
              phone someone to
                                                                                                        Carol Festival
              ask them to do the                                                                        Vacation Bible School
              coffee, no one ever                                                                         and Moderator
              says no.”                                                                                 Seminar April 2007
                                                                                                        2006 Report on Exterior
              Lois is a vibrant and                                                                       Work on Building
              energetic worker on
              many fronts: church,                                                                      From the Editor
                                                                                                        Donation of Piano
              family, job. She and                                                                      Krista Wong Tribute
              her husband moved                                                                         Progressive Dinner
              to Fredericton from
              Ontario in 1974                                                                           Christianity 101
              when Jack was trans-                                                                      WonderCafe.ca
              ferred by Pyramid            transferred her member-       her granddaughter when         PLAY web site for kids
                                           ship. She would often         school gets out. In addi-      Haiku poetry
              Homes. Later they pur-                                                                    Wilmot Twinned with
                                           come with Shirley Cro-        tion to her Wilmot volun-
              chased a Prestige Homes                                                                     Cuban Seminary
                                           well.                         teer work, Lois works one
                                                                         morning a week at the          “The Galilean Observer”
                                                                                   DECH Palliative      marconf.ca                7
                                                                                   Care unit.           woolastook-

“I enjoy the job. I like people. When I phone someone                                   ois and her
  to ask them to do the coffee, no one ever says no.”                                   husband         UCW Fund Raising
                                                                                                        Report on Spring
                                                                                   like to travel.         Commitment Program
                                                                                   She goes back to     Fall Auction
                                           At first Lois would come      her hometown, Guelph,
                                           just for the worship ser-     Ontario, twice a year to       The Old Manse
                                           vice and then leave, but      visit with her three sisters   UCW Fund Rising
                                           after she retired from        and one brother who still
                                           Reitmans, where she           live there.                    More Voices
                                                                                                        Linnea Good
                                           worked for 17 years, she                                     Christmas Gift Ideas
                                           started getting involved in   Jack and Lois have vis-        Children’s Interna-
                                           church activities. She        ited Nashville, Florida,          tional Summer
                                           ushered, was in the Sun-      Cuba, Jamaica and Spain.
                                           shine Room, was in the        They have been married
                                                                                                        Christmas at a Cross-
                                           handbell choir, belongs to    for 48 years and have            roads
                                           the UCW, and is on the        three children and four          (Christmas Events       11
                                           Session.                      grandchildren. Two of            Schedule at
                                                                         their children live in Fre-
                                           Lois has a busy life.         dericton and one lives in
                                           Mornings she works at         Halifax.                       The Back Page             12

                                                                                    ■ Nancy Bauer
                 Page 2          Words from Wilmot

 Words from                      The Breadwinner
                                 A Book Review for "Tweenies" (10 years and up)
    Volume 17, Issue 3
     November, 2006
                                 D      o you wake up some
                                        mornings and wish you
                                                                    apartment with the windows
                                                                                                        Breadwinner” you may want
                                                                                                        to read its sequel “Parvana's

                                 didn't have to go to school?             his is an incredible story    Journey”. Parents who have
    Ministry Team
Very Rev. Dr. Peter Short
                                 (or work?) Well, Parvana,                of courage in the face of     read Ahmed Rashid’s book
      506-458-1392               who was in Grade 6, doesn't                                            “Taliban”, or Nelofer Pazira's
                                                                    extreme suppression. Parvana
  peter@wilmotuc.nb.ca           have to—and that's because         has an older and a younger          “A Bed of Red Flowers” or
   Rev. Dr. Chris Levan          girls are no longer allowed by     sister and a two year old           “The Kite Runner” by Khaled
       506-458-1391              the Taliban to go to school in                                         Hossein will want to share
   chris@wilmotuc.nb.ca                                                           brother as well as
                                 Afghanistan.                                     her mother at         Ellis' books with their chil-
      Rev. Bob Jones
                                 Deborah Ellis, a                                 home—and        all   dren to open discussion on the
   rjjones@nbnet.nb.ca           Canadian author                                  cannot leave the      crucial current involvement of
                                 and      mental                                  house without a       those who care about human
    Rev. Kelly Higgins
      506-454-7303               health counsellor                                male     relative     rights in Afghanistan.
rivendel@nb.sympatico.ca         from     Ontario,                                accompanying          Ellis donates all royalties
                                 visited refugee                                  them.                 from her two books to
        Organist                 camps for Af-                                  Imagine having          Women for Women in Af-
       Eric Tennant              ghans in Russia                                                        ghanistan Organization.
                                                                                to wear clothes
    Music Director
                                 and Pakistan and                               that cover every        Other titles by Deborah Ellis
     Steven Peacock              met a girl who                                 part of your body       are: “A Company of Fools”,
                                 was one of many
                                                                                including     your      “The Heaven Shop”, “I Am a
                                 who survived in                                face so that you        Taxi”, “Jackal in the Garden”,
    Church Office
    Marlene Phillips
                                 Kabul by cutting                               trip up stairs and      “Looking for X”, “Mud
      506-458-1066               off her hair and
                                                                                stumble       over      City”, “Our Stories, Our
wilmotuc@nb.sympatico.ca         dressing like a                    potholes and craters just be-       Songs”, “The Perfect Guaran-
                                 boy in order to survive.           cause you are a girl; and how       tee”, “Shauzia” and “Three
    Church Sexton
     Randy Randall               Parvana in "The Breadwin-          free you feel when you dress        Wishes”.
     Kitchen and Hall:           ner" is based on Deborah's         as a boy.
      506-452-0219                                                                                                 ■ Lucille Caseley
                                 communications with the            Arielle, a young reader
                                 little refugee's mother. Par-      from Winnipeg who
                                 vana changes her name to
                                                                    read “The Breadwin-
                                 Kaseem and takes over her          ner” writes, “This book
                                 father's job of reading and
Words from Wilmot                                                   is one of the books that
 is published by the             answering letters for the illit-   you can never put
  Information Team               erate in the market place. Her     down. It's so true but
          of                     Dad is in jail because he is an
                                                                    yet how could you
Wilmot United Church             educated teacher and her           believe this is happen-
                                 Mom has been kicked out of         ing to someone every
        Editor                   her job as a writer for a Kabul
   Garth Caseley                                                    minute and that they
                                 radio station. They lost their
    506-457-2642                                                    actually can live.”
  garth@caseley.net              comfortable home and now
                                 live in a one room upstairs        After   reading     “The

                                       Welcoming Newcomers to Fredericton over the Christmas season

     Words from
      Wilmot                            ilmot will again be extending our hospitality and welcoming new Freder-
 is published several times a           icton refugee and immigrant families this Christmas season by providing
    year by Wilmot United        grocery boxes and gifts. Wilmot Outreach Committee works in partnership with
  Church, Fredericton, New
     Brunswick. Opinions         the Multicultural Association of Fredericton on this project.
   expressed in any issue of
  Words from Wilmot are the      Watch for announcements about how you can be involved: the Mitten Tree, gift
 views of individual writers,
    and do not necessarily       wrapping, packing of grocery boxes and delivering. You will definitely feel the
represent the viewpoint of the   Christmas Spirit.
                                                                                 Volume 17 Issue 3               Page 3

Circle of Life children make cards for Service Men and Women

T     his year on Remem-
      brance        Sunday
(November 5) the children of
the Circle of Life were busy
making cards and drawing
pictures for the men and
women of the Canadian
Forces who are working over-
In particular, the children
hand printed some cards to be                                                                         National Day of
sent to Major Dale Caseley,
son of Garth and Lucille                                                                              Remembrance
Caseley, who is part of the                                                                           and Action on
Afghanistan Mission the Ca-                                                                          Violence Against
nadian Forces are involved in.                                                                            Women
He is the Canadian Liaison
Officer in an undisclosed lo-                                                                        On Tuesday eve-
cation in the Middle East.                                                                           ning, December 5 at
One part of his responsibili-                                                                        7:00 pm at the Leg-
ties there is to arrange for                                                                         islative     Council
repatriation of soldiers who                                                                         Chambers (upstairs
are wounded or killed in ac-                                                                         in the Legislative
tion in the Afghanistan Mis-                                                                         Assembly) a Service
sion. His photo was promi-                                                                           of Remembrance of
nently displayed in the Circle                                                                       the Montreal Massa-
of Life on November 5.                                                                               cre of December 6,
             ■ Kelly Higgins                                                                         1989 will take place.
                                                                                                     This event is organ-
                                                                                                     ized in Fredericton
                                                                                                     by the Women’s In-
         The web site of the World Council of Churches is         http://www.wcc-coe.org
                                                                                                     ter-Church Council
                                                                                                     (WICC) and marks
                                                                                                     the anniversary of

                                                                                                     the day when 14
                                      ach week as part of the                                        women were killed
                                      prayer time in the Circle                                      in Montreal’s École
                                 of Life the children use The                                        Polytechnique.
                                 Ecumenical Prayer Cycle
                                 from the World council of                                           December 6 each
                                 Churches. This prayer cycle                                         year has been des-
                                 enables the children to jour-                                       ignated by the Ca-
                                 ney through every region of                                         nadian Government
                                 the world in their prayers.                                         as a national day of
                                 Recently, for example, they                                         and remembrance.
                                 prayed for the people of Af-
                                 ghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhu-
                                 tan and Nepal.
                                              ■ Kelly Higgins

                                    Lower photos courtesy Major Dale Caseley
              Page 4    Words from Wilmot

                         Vacation Bible School kids correspond with new Moderator

                        T   he new Moderator of The United Church of Canada,
                            the Right Rev. David Giuliano, received cards and
                        good wishes from the children of Wilmot’s Vacation Bible
                        School in August.
                        This is what he said about our children’s ministry to him:
                           Dear Chris and Kelly,
                           Thanks so much for the wonderful cards and words
                           of encouragement. Please pass my gratitude along
                           to Darren, Claire and Fuzzy, Madison, Matt, Harper,
                           Amy, Olivia, Noah, Rebekah, Kayla, Lucie, Haerin,
                           Megan T. and the other children.
                           The cards adorn my office at church house and
                           make for wonderful conversations with visitors. Be
                           sure to tell the kids that their ministry continues.

Carol Festival
On Wednesday eve-
ning, December 6 at
St. Paul’s United       Seminar April 27 and 28, 2007 with Maude Barlow

Church, the annual
Advent Carol Festi-                                    he theme of Wilmot Seminar 2007 …a Different Voice… is the voice that
val will be held at                                    is heard when we pause for a moment before we speak, allowing us to re-
7:30 pm.                                         flect and make a different choice. That voice will be the voice of Maude Barlow.

Normally      12—13                              Maude Barlow is the National Chairperson of The Council of Canadians, Can-
choirs from the vari-                            ada’s largest citizens’ advocacy organization with members and chapters across
ous churches in the                              Canada as well as the co-founder of the Blue Planet Project, which works to stop
city participate, in-                            “commodification” of the world’s water.
cluding the Wilmot                               Maude Barlow is also a Director with the International Forum on Globalization,
Senior Choir.                                    a San Francisco based research and education institution opposed to economic
All are welcome.                                 globalization. She is the recipient of numerous educational awards and has re-
                                                 ceived honorary doctorates from six Canadian universities for her social justice

                        2006 Major Exterior Work on Church Building

                        T     his year’s major capital
                              project involving the bell
                        tower and front exterior wall
                                                            In preparation for painting,
                                                            any areas with rotting wood
                                                            were repaired (without charge
                                                                                                  project from the special cam-
                                                                                                  paign in April—May and since
                                                                                                  will reach approximately
                        of the church has been com-         by King Construction). The               (Please see Work on page 12)
                        pleted. Work started on July        paint used was a high quality
                        17 with the assembly of stag-       semi-elastomeric coating that
                        ing by Jones’ Masonry. Then,        is applied to primed surfaces
                        under the direction of King         in a thicker layer than usual.
                        Construction Ltd., our general      To finish off the project, the
                        contractor, painting began by       main metal roof and smaller
                        CertaPro Painters, and a new        roof surfaces were painted, as
                        metal roof was installed on the     well as the exterior blue doors.
                        bell tower to replace the 1974      New carpet for the front entry
                        asphalt shingles. Economy           steps awaits suitable weather
                        Glass installed a new Lexan         for installation.
                        covering over the large win-
                                                            The total value of the work
                        dow illuminating the front          done is slightly in excess of
                        entry and rear gallery.             $210,000. Donations for the
                                                                                          Volume 17 Issue 3              Page 5

From the Editor...

E    very time I step inside
     Wilmot United Church I
am reminded of the delightful
                                 Blanche, who was pleased to
                                 receive it. The photo portrays
                                 part of our past: our church
                                                                    And once again, I was re-
                                                                    minded that these children
                                                                    are not only the “future” of
mix of its ancient history and   history, and all that Wilmot       the church—they ARE the
its modern amenities. This       United Church has meant to         church, as much as I am, and
was brought home to me in a      people like Blanche and            as much as people like
special way during a couple      Aloza and many, many others        Blanche and Aloza and
of recent visits to the Sun-     in this “communion of              countless others like them
shine Room, located directly     saints”.                           have been in generations past.
above the church kitchen.        The next time I visited the                     ■ Garth Caseley
On the first occasion I was      Sunshine
accompanied by Rev. Bob          Room I was
Jones and Eric Tennant. Bob      there to take
had recently had a plaque        pictures     of
prepared to place on a piano     the children in
that had been donated by “the    the Circle of
Endall Sisters”. Aloza Endall    Life program.
died in recent years, but        They too are
Blanche Dingley is still very    part of the “communion of
much alive in the W. G.          saints”. On that day, the chil-
Bishop Nursing Home in           dren were busily preparing
Minto, NB.                       drawing and cards for their
                                 Remembrance Sunday reflec-
In the Sunshine Room Bob
and Eric were present as I       tions. Many of those pictures
took a picture of them at the    have already been sent by e-
                                 mail to our son Dale, to
piano. Bob then presented a
framed copy of the photo to      whom they were personally
                                 directed by the children.

KRISTA WONG …A Tribute to Courage

M      any of us in the Wil-
       mot family know
Krista Wong. For the past
                                 What you may not know is
                                 that Krista is the founder of a
                                 Chronic Pain Support Group
                                                                    In her capacity as someone
                                                                    who has lived with chronic
                                                                    pain, Krista came to a class in            CHRISTMAS
number of years she has been     that meets at the church. It       bioethics at St. Thomas Uni-              PROGRESSIVE
the Sunday School Superin-       took considerable time and a       versity ...and blew them                    DINNER
tendent—and a better one you     good deal of effort on her         away! As you can well imag-
will never find. She is in the   part, but now monthly meet-        ine, it takes a lot to impress                Mark your
church early on a Sunday         ings are packed. And people        worldly-wise university stu-                  Calendar!
morning—making photocop-         are healed! Not perhaps of         dents, but she did it! Magnifi-
                                                                                                              Plan to attend Wil-
ies of lessons, arranging        their life long struggle with      cent.
rooms and preparing a warm       pain, but they are freed of the
                                                                                                              mot Church’s 11th
                                                                    Krista came with a clear and              Annual Christmas
welcome for our children and     burden of isolation and mis-       concise speech about her
teachers. God bless her.         understanding. Through                                                       Progressive Dinner
                                                                    medical condition, and an                 which is scheduled
                                                 Krista’s careful   openness to hear their ques-
                                                 leadership,        tions. She spoke of her strug-
                                                                                                              this year for De-
                                                 folks who have                                               cember 15th.
                                                                    gle to be understood and the
                                                 had nowhere        strain of living with constant
                                                 else to turn are                                             Watch the bulletin
                                                                    pain and ...well ...it was a              for further details,
                                                 now able to
                                                                    testimony to her courage that             or call Susan Breen
                                                 share      their   she would be so forthright
                                                 fears and frus-                                              at 450-4072.
                                                                    about something so personal!
                                                 tration     over
                                                                    The question and answer pe-
                                                 living      with   riod was nothing short of
                                                 pain that won’t
                                                 go away.
                                                                    (Please see Tribute on page 12)
              Page 6     Words from Wilmot

                                                                                      Kids of all ages:

Christianity 101
                          T     he United Church of Canada launched its inter-
                                active web site WonderCafe.ca on November
                          7, 2006. Developed by the United Church’s Emerg-
                                                                                      Check out The United
                                                                                      Church of Canada’s
                                                                                      web site for kids at
                          ing Spirit team, the site is aimed at connecting with       www.united-
 December 12, 2006        30 to 40 year-old Canadians who do not have a faith         church.ca/play/
  January 16, 2007        community but are deeply interested in spirituality.
 February 13, 2007        Following is a brief excerpt from the promotional           Play stands for Peace, Life And You.
                          material:                                                   You’ll find an Art Gallery, a Library, a
   March 13, 2007
                              WonderCafe will be a place where people                 Clubhouse and links to other interest-
 Explore the basics                                                                   ing web sites.
                              can both explore faith and spirituality and
of the Christian faith
                              find out more about the United Church. The
        as if
                              Emerging Spirit team and friends will help
from the beginning.
                              spark the discussion with weekly commen-                         a cold windy night
These are seminars            taries and provocative polls. A church loca-               oak leaves sail concentrically
       on the                 tor function will help those who might be
   fundamentals               interested in finding a United Church in
                                                                                               pixies at the helm
 of what it means             their area. Congregations will also have the
       to be a                opportunity to develop their own "micro-                                               E. J. Colson
 disciple/seeker in           sites", where they can share information
     “the way”                about their church and what it offers.
     of Jesus.                                                                     Haiku is mode of Japanese poetry

 All questions are       Wilmot United Church Twinned with Cuban Theological Seminary

                         A     s part of the celebration
                               of their 60th anniver-
                         sary, the Protestant Theologi-
                                                              Seminary presented their
                                                              overall approach and the de-
                                                              tails of their programs.
                                                                                                The highlight of the celebra-
                                                                                                tion was a face-to-face meet-
                                                                                                ing with the students. Their
    Peter Short          cal Seminary in Matanzas,            The Seminary is dedicated to      commitment to their commu-
        and              Cuba has recently been                                                 nities and to the ecumenical
                                                              training leadership to serve
    Chris Levan          twinned with Wilmot United           communities. It benefits          movement was very moving.
                         Church.                              many denominations: Presby-       Wilmot and the Seminary
   At the first of       A year ago at Wilmot, we             terians, Anglicans, Baptists,     share similar aims. Although
  these seminars         welcomed Reinario Arce, the          Christian Reform, Quakers,        resources are more available
 (on November 7)         Seminary's rector, and his           Pentecostals and others. Some     outside Cuba than inside, the
         20              wife Patricia. The Seminary          students are from outside         twinning relationship is not
university students      celebrated its 60th anniver-         Cuba.                             about aid. It is a channel be-
   and 10 others         sary this October. Wilmot            The Seminary offers a 2 year      tween two institutions for the
     attended.           was invited.                                                           personal growth of the indi-
                                                              diploma, a 5 year degree and
                         The official celebration was         a 7 year masters degree. It       viduals that they encompass.
    Next Time:           incorporated in the Semi-            also offers Christian Educa-                ■ Norman Laverty
      Tuesday            nary's convocation. The next         tion workshops throughout
December 12, 2006        day the professors of the            Cuba.
Mealtime at 6:00 pm
 Spaghetti Dinner                                              LEFT
  Conversation at                                              Reinario Arce speaks about
      7:30 pm                                                  the nature of partnerships at
   in the parlour                                              60th Anniversary celebra-
“Jesus: The Healer”                                            tions

                                                                A Royal Palm tree is planted
                                                               to mark the 60th Anniversary
                                                                                        Volume 17 Issue 3            Page 7

The Galilean Observer Interviews Joseph the Carpenter and His Wife Mary
Editor’s note:                     GO: Was he different as a         MARY: When he left us, Jo-
When Nancy Bauer inter-            child?                            seph was very hurt, and of
viewed “Joseph” and “Mary”                                           course I was sick with worry.
for this article it was intended   JOSEPH: He was very dif-          Joseph and I figured he was
to promote this year’s Christ-     ferent. For example when he       dead.
mas play entitled First Things     was just an adolescent, we
Last by Chris Levan. Signifi-      lost him one day. He was at       JOSEPH: I figured I had
cantly, the subtitle of the play   the Mount debating with the       failed as a father.
is “For all the Blended, Bent      teachers. He was very mature,
and Broken families at Christ-
                                   beyond his years. When we         GO: Who did Jesus think was             Conference
                                   lost him and then found him, I    his father?                                 has a
Since then we have learned         realized that he really was my
that, unfortunately, the play                                        MARY: I don't think he knew.             web site at
                                   son. But later he and I quar-
has had to be cancelled for
this year, for a number of rea-    relled when he was a teen-        JOSEPH: No, I don't think              www.marconf.ca
sons; foremost among them is       ager.                             he knew. At least when he
that one of the main charac-                                         was with us.
ters in the play requires major    GO: Did you wonder about
surgery at this time.              his being different?              MARY: Maybe there was                  You’re invited to
We decided to run the story                                          some resentment towards                  take a look!
                                   JOSEPH: At one point I de-        Joseph because of that.
anyway, as a preview of what       scribed him as being a kid
may come in next year’s
                                   with his head in the clouds.      Darrell Mesheau as Joseph,
Christmas play.
                                   He rebelled when he started       Ann Kennedy as Mary, Nancy
                                   to learn about the Romans.        Bauer as the Galilean Ob-
THE GALILEAN                       He rebelled at the fact that we   server
                                   accepted it, didn't fight
OBSERVER (GO):                                                       NANCY: Has acting in the
                                   against it. He asked me why I
Does it bother you that your       worked so hard just to give it    role of Joseph given you new
part in the birth of the rebel     all away in
Jesus is not given much            taxes. I told
credit?                            him the order
JOSEPH: No, because I still        of things.
accept him as my son, I have       GO: Mary, has
taken him on as my responsi-       Joseph been a                                                             Woolastook
bility. Unfortunately he does-     good husband?
n't feel the same way about                                                                                  Presbytery
me.                                MARY:           I
                                   couldn't have                                                                 has a
GO: How did you feel when          had a better
Mary told you she was with         husband. He                                                                web site at
child?                             took on the                                                              www.woolastook-
JOSEPH: Furious. Hurt. Be-                                                                                   presbytery.ca
                                   of Jesus as if he were his own    insight into him as a person in
trayed. But I loved her.
                                   son. He's been steadfast. And     the Christmas drama?
GO: Have you regarded Jesus        he has been fun to live with.
as your own child?                                                   DARRELL: It's too early to             You’re invited to
                                   GO: Did he understand Je-         tell. I don't know the role well         take a look!
JOSEPH: Definitely.                sus?                              enough. We will never know
                                   MARY: I think he understood       what Joseph was really like,
GO: Was Jesus a good car-
                                   him as much as any man            but this is the way Chris Le-
                                   could have. There was a bit of    van has created him. It has a
JOSEPH: Yes. He was quite          friction between them be-         nice twist—just the way a
quick. But he wasn’t inter-        cause Jesus was headstrong.       child would have reacted to
ested. He mocked me when I         Joseph didn't always under-       his father.
was trying to teach him. He        stand him; but neither did I.     ANN: Jesus would have had
was bored by it. He wanted
                                   GO: Did you and Joseph re-        to have a model. Joseph must
more action.
                                   sent his going off with the       have been it.
                                   rebels?                                     (Please see Observer
                                                                                        on page 12)
               Page 8     Words from Wilmot

                          ENGAGING HEARTS, HEADS & HANDS

     Fall                 O      ur 2006 Commitment
                                 Campaign, held last
                                                                to support the restoration of
                                                                the church tower.
                                                                                                      Information Table during
                                                                                                      Coffee Hour after church or

                          spring, gave us a chance to                    hile our financial con-      from the church office. If you
 Fund Raising             reflect on the many ways that                  tributions are impor-        have not already done so,
                          Wilmot Engages our Hearts,                                                  please consider completing
   Projects                                                     tant, our gifts of time and
                          Heads, and Hands as we                talent are also essential to          one or both of these forms.
       UCW                strive to be faithful disciples       carry out our mission. Ap-            The campaign could not have
                          of Christ in this time and
                                                                proximately 100 people com-           happened without the hard
Earlier in the fall the   place. It also invited us to          pleted information sheets             work, dedication and support
UCW held a series         consider how we can continue          identifying their interests in        of many individuals and
of fund-raisers.          to support our part in God’s          participating in various              groups, including: the Infor-
In October there          mission and ministry at the           groups and com-                                     mation team; the
                          corner of King and Carleton
was a rummage sale                                              mittees and the                                     Stewards;      the
that not only pro-        Streets with our time, talents        talents        they                                 dozens of people
vided     a     huge      and financial resources.              would like to                                       who volunteered
amount of clothing,       Almost 100 people completed           share. This infor-                                  as visitors; and
toys,    appliances,      financial commitment forms            mation has been                                     the steering com-
household      items,     indicating how they intended          entered into a                                      mittee, Debbie
books, games, puz-        to support the church over the        data bank so po-                                    Bradbury, Els-
zles and other mis-       next one to three years. Our          tential volunteers                                  beth     Gibson,
cellaneous items for      multi-year budget calls for a         and participants                                    Chris Levan and
very low prices, but      7% increase in each of the            can be easily                                       Shirley Cleave.
also provided a           next three years, a 21% in-           identified.                                         Special thanks to
great sense of ca-        crease overall. Currently our         For various rea-                                    Garth Caseley for
maraderie     among       givings are approximately             sons, some folks                                    his work with the
the children and          10% over last year. This is a                                               booklet publication and de-
                                                                were unable to complete ei-
men and women             great beginning, but we need          ther an information sheet and/        velopment of the database
who helped organ-         to recognize the challenge            or a financial commitment             and to Sarah Smith who en-
ize it. Net result fi-    that lies before us. Several                                                tered all the data.
                                                                form. Copies of both these
nancially: approxi-       people also made special gifts        forms are available on the                          ■ Shirley Cleave
mately $1,300.
Thanks to all who
helped make these         Fall Auction at Wilmot

fund-raisers so suc-          n November 4, 2006 a very successful Live             and as a result of
cessful!                      Auction and Silent Auction were held at               energetic cajoling,
                          Wilmot Church. More than 300 items were sold              offering, pleading,
                                         by live auction and approxi-               urging and some-
                                         mately 100 additional items                times begging on
                                         were offered in the                                   the part
                                         silent auction.                                       of the auctioneers (Ron Buck, Ian
                                                                                               Graham and Chris Levan) a little
                                              Many people helped
                                              Rod and Pam Campbell                             more than $14,000. was raised for
                                              organize the auction,                            the church’s budget.
                                                                                                                     ■ Garth Caseley

                           Can you chuckle?
                           It was testimony time in church. A well-heeled businessman stood up. “When I was a young man,”
                           he said, “I came to this church. I was down and out. I had only ten dollars in my pocket. I had no-
                           where to live and I was hungry.
                           “But the sermon so inspired me, that I took that ten dollar bill and I put it in the offering plate. I gave
                           everything I had to God. And because of that, God has blessed me with abundance, and I am now
                           a very wealthy man. And all because I gave everything I had to God.”
                           Behind him an elderly lady reached out and tugged at his sleeve. “I dare you to do it again!” she
                                                                                          Volume 17 Issue 3               Page 9

The Old Manse

I  n July, 2006 after Goose
   Lane Editions and Atlantic
MediaWorks moved from the
                                     pets on the main floor were
                                     ripped up, revealing the origi-
                                     nal hardwood floors. These
                                                                       Why Fredericton? Several of
                                                                       the leaders have Maritime
                                                                       connections. Gail Langdon,
old manse at 461 King Street,        were refinished.                  the manager, hails from New-
Jackie Greenman oversaw the                                            foundland. The CEO is Barry
                                     New hardwood floors were
refurbishment of the building.       installed on the top two          Friedman, originally from
Very little had been done to it      floors. Two bathrooms and         Bouctouche. Although he
for fifteen years, and it was                                          currently lives in Las Vegas,
                                     the kitchen were revamped.
sorely in need of cosmetic           The stairs and banister were      his daughter Amber, a well-
TLC.                                 refinished. One Sunday after      known artist, and his son,
A crew of about 20 Wilmot-           church the congregation was       who works for FOG, live in
ers painted for three days, in       invited to view the results,      Fredericton.
lovely colours suitable for an       and we gave the job an A-         FOG Studios specializes in
office environment. Old car-         plus.                             the business management of
                                                  The manse has        development teams, creating
                                                  been rented to       “cutting edge interactive en-
                                                  FOG Studios, an      tertainment products on all
                                                  international        platforms from consoles to
                                                  company. Cur-        wireless worldwide.” As li-
                                                  rently a staff of    censing professionals “in a
                                                  7 occupies the       rights or project acquisition
                                                  building,     but    role for publishers or devel-
                                                  that number is       opers”, they have “extensive
                                                  expected to dou-     experience and expertise in
                                                  ble in the next      the clearance of convoluted
                                                  year. FOG has        rights and in the negotiation
                                                  offices in Lon-      of development agreements
                                                  don, Tokyo and       which require substantial and           Other Fall
                                                  Philadelphia,        varied resources for numerous
                                                                       individuals and companies.”            Fund Raising
L to R: Jonathan Friedman, Trevor Laur-           with Fredericton
ence, Gail Langdon (Executive Director),          as the world                      ■ Nancy Bauer               Projects
Chafic Haddad, Adam Spencer                       headquarters.
                                                                 Construction of the Old Manse                Also in October a
                                                                 (also known in the past as the               Bake Sale and New
                                                                 Mission House and the Parson-                To You Sale took
                                                                 age) was begun in 1865. It was               place,   and    this
                                                                 first occupied by Wilmot Church              event raised ap-
                                                                 ministry personnel when it was               proximately $1,980.
                                                                 completed in 1866, and was used
                                                                 for that purpose for the next hun-           In November the
                                                                 dred years. The last minister’s              UCW members will
                                                                 family who lived there was that of           stage a pie-making
                                                                 the Rev. Dr. George Minielly, who            event (sorry, it’s so
                                                                 was Wilmot’s spiritual leader from           popular it’s already
                                                                 1958 to 1966.                                sold out!) at which
                                                                                                              they will make 300
                                                                 After much discussion about the              apple pies and an-
                                                                 future of the old manse, in 1968             ticipate raising ap-
                                                                 the Trustees decided to retain it            proximately $1,700.
                                                                 “for the time being”. This valuable          after expenses.
                                                                 piece of property is still owned by
                                  Jackie Greenman (left)         Wilmot Church, and FOG Studios               Thanks to all who
                                  and Sue MacLeod                is the most recent of several ten-           helped make these
                                  (upper left) help with         ants in the past four decades.               fund-raisers so suc-
                                  finishing touches on Old                                                    cessful!
                                                                  —adapted from The Story of Wil-
                                  Manse renovations                mot United Church 1791—2002
                                                                                  by Anita Jones
              Page 10     Words from Wilmot

                          Linnea Good visits Wilmot United

                          M      id-October brought a
                                 visit from a Canadian
                          musical icon: Linnea Good
                                                             enthusiasm for Linnea’s mu-
                                                             sic during the Sunday wor-
                                                             ship service as the congrega-
                          and Nancy Reeves shared            tion sang many of her compo-
                          their unique musical and           sitions. Voices United has
                          story-telling talents with Wil-    five of her hymns, including
                          mot children and adults alike.     the popular titles A Light Is
                                                             Gleaming and Make a Joyful
                          Although the scheduled Sat-
   MORE VOICES            urday workshop had to be           Noise.

 Coming to Wilmot         cancelled, there was plenty of

Through the generos-
ity of the family and
friends of the late
Roberta Scott who                                Ideas for Christmas Gifts that Keep On Giving
wished to honour her
memory,        Wilmot               2007 Anglican Church—United Church Calendars - available at the church office
United Church will
                                    Sunday School bracelets - available at Coffee and Conversation
soon have at least
200 copies of More                  Wilmot United Church Aitken Pewter ornaments - available at the church office
Voices, the supple-                 and Coffee and Conversation
ment      to    Voices
United which is in its              Mary Pratt prints - available at the church office
first   printing   this
month.                              History of Wilmot United Church - available at the church office
Anyone who wishes
                                    "Outside Eden, Essays of encouragement" by Peter Short - available at Westmin-
to add to this number
                                    ster Books and UCRD (United Church Resource Distribution)
(the church will need
about 300 for regular               "Thanks Giving" (and other titles) by Chris Levan - available at Westminster
Sunday worship) is                  Books and UCRD (United Church Resource Distribution)
invited to do so by
contacting Marlene in               “Buy-A-Night” - a $10.00 donation will cover the cost of a night at the homeless
the church office.                  shelter. You get both an in-lieu card, to be used as a present, and a tax receipt.
Cost is $15.00 per                  Available (year round) at the church office.
copy, shipping and
taxes included.

“The More Voices
Supplement will en-
                                  T   he Fredericton chapter of CISV, Children’s International
                                      Summer Village, is now recruiting youth (ages 11 - 19)
                                  and adults to participate in 2007 international programs.
rich congregational               CISV promotes peace education and fosters global friend-
song from campfire to             ships. Youth and adult delegates act as ambassadors, expand their world
                                  view and develop skills through this cross-cultural experience.
       • First United
               Church             Programs are hosted by CISV chapters around the globe. Fredericton CISV
            Truro, NS             has received an invitation to do an Interchange for youth age 13 - 14 with
                                  Sweden and invitations to camps hosted by other countries will be known by
“We are poised for                November 12
changes in our lit-                                         FREDERICTON CISV CHAPTER INFORMATION MEET-
urgy. The singing of
new songs sparked
interest and support.”                                      Friday November 17, 2006 at 7:30 pm—Kinsmen Centre,
    •     Nashwaaksis                                       141 School Street (Devon)
         United Church                                      Please call Judy 506-454-5631 judycoates@rogers.com
        Fredericton, NB
                                                                                         Volume 17 Issue 3                 Page 11

Christmas at a Crossroads

R     ev. Peter Short led the members of the Worship and Sanctuary Commit-
      tees in an exercise of visioning what Christmas looks like at the corner of
King and Carleton Streets as opposed to Wilmot United Church in the uptown
or suburbs. We listened to the story of the Tower of Babel from Genesis 11
and reflected on what images a meeting place at a crossroads brings to mind.
Our chosen theme “Christmas at a Crossroads” fulfills itself beautifully at Wil-
mot in the downtown centre with each Sunday of Advent building on our per-
sonal spiritual longing to connect with the message of hope and our outreach
mission of goodwill to all who pass by.
A special Advent hymn has been written for the season and our Advent candle
lighting will enrich this theme. We will begin our Advent candle lighting one
week early, on Sunday, November 26, in order to fit in all of the many celebra-
tions that we have planned for this year. Lindsay Sweeney, a liturgical dancer,
and Steven Peacock, accompanist par excellence, will perform each of the four

Saturday, November 25 our church will have a float in the Santa Claus Parade.
Sunday, November 26, “White Gift Sunday” the children in the Circle of Life
program will present a candle with prayers that they have written to each family for
Advent meditations at home.
The White Gifts dedicated will be used in the Christmas hamper program for new
Canadians in our city.
                                                                                             Christmas at a Crossroads
Sunday, December 3, “The Hanging of the Greens” and Communion Sunday,
the Cathedral Puppeteers will present the Children’s Story and a Circle of Life pro-   Christmas meets us at a crossroads
gram in the gym. Persons wishing to place poinsettias in the church for December 3     of each town and city square.
should contact the office for remembrances to be included in the bulletin not later    People hurry, people loiter.
than November 29.                                                                      Shall we find a way to care?
Wednesday, December 6, our Senior Choir will be singing in the annual Advent           Christmas meets us at a crossroads
Carol Service at St. Paul’s United Church at 7:30 pm.                                  of our world with many creeds.
Sunday, December 10, the service will be filled with special music by the music        People pray for peace and meaning.
team and choirs.                                                                       Shall we try to meet their needs?
Wednesday, December 13, the annual congregational Turkey Dinner will be                Christmas meets us at a crossroads
served with donations received for the Christmas hamper project.                       of our journey on life’s way.
Friday, December 15, the Progressive Dinner is in the works. Watch for details in      Every traveller grows weary.
the church bulletin and on our web site.                                               Shall we give a place to stay?
Sunday, December 17, the children will tell the Christmas Story during children’s      Christmas meets us at a crossroads
time in worship in their own special way. The theme is “Surprise and Joy”.             of our faith in God’s own Son.
Wednesday, December 20, a Blue Christmas meditative service will be held to            People doubt and people worry.
surround those who are sorrowful and have a need to express their grief with spe-      Shall we let the questions come?
cial affirmation and space.                                                            Jesus meets us at a crossroads
Sunday, December 25, Christmas Eve, at 11:00 am there will be a Christmas              of God’s kingdom here on earth.
Carol sing and intergenerational service. At 4:00 pm the Children’s Christmas Ser-     In those hearts that long for justice
vice will be led by our Circle of Life team and the Youth Group. At 7:00 pm there      God bestows a holy birth.
will be a Family Service and at 11:00 pm we will celebrate Communion in wor-                                          L. Caseley
ship.                                                                                                                Advent 2006

  Be sure to keep up to date by checking our web site—especially the Calendar of
                        Events— for additional information.
                             Page 12

                                                                            church still looking      with the new bell tower
                                                                            shabby. These will        roof which should last a
                                                                            have to be tended to      couple of generations,
                                                                            as capital maintenance    and with the new Lexan
                                                                            funds permit while at     on the window which
                                                                            the same time repay-      shouldn’t be required the
                                                                            ing the borrowed          next time the front wall is
                                                                            amount for the 2006       painted. Nevertheless,
                                                                            project. We are grate-    saving for current and
    Words from Wilmot                                                   ful to the regular support-   future maintenance must
                                       (Work Cont’d from page 4)
                                                                        ers of the capital mainte-    take its place along with
          is available in              $30,000. Over $20,000
                                                                        nance fund and those who      our local operating ex-
                                       will come from the 2006
                                                                        specifically supported the    penses and our support
                                       Capital Maintenance
          LARGE                        budget, and $100,000 had         exterior maintenance pro-
                                                                                                      for mission and outreach.
                                       been accumulated over                                          The Trustees hope you
          PRINT                        the eight years leading up       Our wooden building           like the appearance of the
                                       to 2006. This leaves a           brings a different mainte-    church roof, Carleton
           for those with              shortfall of $60,000             nance burden than does a      Street wall and tower of
          impaired vision.             which the Trustees are           brick or stone building,      our church. We have ap-
        These will be                  borrowing from the in-           with a more frequent re-      preciated all interest in
                                       vested funds of the              quirement to tend to mat-     the project, and in par-
    available on a limited                                                                            ticular the care and re-
                                       church.                          ters of paint and the con-
    basis for each issue.                                               dition of the wood. But       spect the contractors have
                                       While the church front is
     If you would like to                                               the 2006 project was          paid to our church home.
                                       certainly looking sharp,
     receive the LARGE                 there are three sides to the     much more than painting,                 ■ Peter Gough
        PRINT edition,
       please ask your
                                       (Tribute Cont’d from page 5)
           Elder. . .
                                       Krista, we are so proud of you! Those kids will never
                                       forget your honesty and your caring. They’re still talk-
           AND                         ing about your insights into how to get the most out of
                                       the health care system. And even with them you
          ONLINE                       brought your gift of hospitality—supplying three
                                       boxes of marshmallow puffs to ease the class discus-
            (in colour)                sion.
    at our Wilmot United               A real class act!!! Thank you!
      Church web site                                                             ■ Chris Levan

                                       (Observer Cont’d from
                                       page 7)
                                                                        way, it's easy. She adores
                                                                        her husband. She has a
                                                                                                      I caught a glimpse of the
                                       NANCY: Have you                  really neat relationship
                                                                                                      originality of Chris Le-
                                       gained insight into what it      with him. She's rather
WE’RE ON THE WEB AT                                                     torn between her son and
                                                                                                      van's play First Things
                                       must have been like to be
WWW.WILMOTUC. NB. CA                                                                                  Last when Ann and Dar-
                                       Mary? Does it seem               her husband because she
                                                                                                      rell read the first scene to
                                       strange to act as such an        knows how much Joseph
                                                                                                      me, and when Jack Oude-
   HAVE      YOU CHECKED               important character in           wants Jesus to acknowl-
                                                                                                      mans photographed that
             LATELY?                   Christianity?                    edge him as his father.
                                                                                                      scene. Here was Joseph,
                                       ANN: It does seem                DARRELL: But at the           blind, sick. Here was por-
                                       strange, but the way that        very end Jesus does ac-       trayed his very human
                                       Mary has been created by         knowledge him as his          relationship with Mary.
                                       Chris makes her seem             father. But I don't want to              ■ Nancy Bauer
                                       very human. So in that           give away the ending.
                                        Printed in Fredericton, New Brunswick, CANADA by The UPS Store

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