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					Novel sets for classes
     to support
the English Program

   Many sets include teacher’s guide,
 audiocassettes and author information.

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                                     ENGLISH NOVEL SETS
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                                                 Revised October 2008

         Indicates Canadian Authors/Stories
   •   Please note that many but not all copies of a title contain a Teacher’s guide and audiocassette or CD.
       Videos are available where indicated.
   •   Grade level codes: P - Primary; J - Junior; I - Intermediate; S - Senior

ABC MURDERS by AGATHA CHRISTIE (601827)                          I
The first victim was a Mrs. Ascher of Andover, the second, Betty Barnard of Bexhill-on-Sea. They were
murders without motive – the grisly play of a madman’s alphabetical whimsy…and each one was announced.

ADVENTURE AND FANTASY UNIT (360005)                             J
18 TITLES INCLUDED: The Adventures of the Red Tape Gang; The Bears Upstairs; Canadian Disasters;
Cottage Crazy; Fast Talking Dolphin; The Forgotten Door; Fourth-Graders Don’t Believe in Witches;
Ghostbusters II; Going Bananas; The Haunting at Cliff House; The Magician’s Trap; Mini-Bike Hero; Miracle
at Clement’s Pond; No Coins Please; A Question of Loyalty; Teen Witch; Unlocking the Doors; White Fang.

ADVENTURE AND SUSPENSE Mixed titles (3600003)                 I
17 TITLES INCLUDED with multiple copies: A Wrinkle in Time; Adventure & Suspense; The Black Pearl; The
Call of the Wild; Charles in Charge; Dragon Wings; Homecoming; The Incredible Journey; MC Higgins, the
Great; Night Flight; The Other Side of the Mountain; Robinson Crusoe; Sarah Bishop; Swiss Family
Robinson; 20,000 Legues Under the Sea; The White Mountains. Guide included.

AESOP'S FABLES (360006)                                            J
This is a class set of the well-known fables for junior grades. See also Fairytales and Folktales 400111 and
Three Fox Fables 400014.

AFRICAN JOURNEY (360007)                                           I
The objective is to provide groups with the opportunity to develop positive attitudes toward Africa, it’s people,
it’s culture and traditions. ACTIVITY BOOKS INCLUDED.

AIRBORN by KENNETH OPPEL (604475)                                    IS
Set in an imaginary past where giant airships rule the skies, Airborn is the story of Matt Cruse, the 15-year-
old cabin boy of the 900-foot luxury airship Aurora. Hundreds of feet over the Pacificus Ocean, Matt
fearlessly performs a dramatic rescue to save an old man from his crippled hot-air balloon. Before he dies,
the stranger tells Matt about the fantastic, impossible creatures he has seen flying through the clouds. Matt
dismisses the story as the ravings of a dying man, but when a beautiful, bold girl arrives on the Aurora a year
later, determined to prove the story true, Matt finds himself caught up in her quest. But can he and Kate solve
the mystery before pirates, shipwreck and frightening predators end their voyage forever? GENERIC STUDY

ALPHABET PICTURE BOOK COLLECTION (603924)                               P
This beautiful collection of concept picture books for Primary classes will make learning the
alphabet fun and memorable.

The Amish, as a result of a family problem, take in a young lad. He comes to learn a great deal. GUIDE
INCLUDED. For information about the Amish way of life see also The Amish 400240.

AMONG THE HIDDEN by MARGARET HADDIX (603116)                      I
Luke has never been to school. He's never had a birthday party, or gone to a friend's house for an overnight.
In fact, Luke has never had a friend. He is one of the shadow children, a third child forbidden by the
Population Police. He's lived his entire life in hiding, and now, with a new housing development replacing the
woods next to his family's farm, he is no longer even allowed to go outside. Finally he meets a shadow child
like himself. Jen is willing to risk everything to come out of the shadows - does Luke dare to become involved
in her dangerous plan? Can he afford not to? LESSON PLANS INCLUDED.

A classic murder mystery. Ten people are invited to dinner on an island and, during the course of their stay,
are killed, one by one, until none is left! GUIDE INCLUDED.

8 TITLES INCLUDED: All Creatures Great and Small; Bel Ria; Black Stallion; A Dog Named Wolf; Incident at
Hawk’s Hill; Julie of the Wolves; Never Cry Wolf; Where the Red Fern Grows

BERENSTAIN BEAR NOVELS (360015)                                PJ
10 TITLES INCLUDED: The Berenstain Bears: Get in a Fight;...Go to School;..Go to the Doctor;...Learn
about Strangers; ...Meet Santa Bear; ...Messy Room; ...New Baby; ...Too Much T.V.; ...Trouble with Money;
...Visit the Dentist.

The dreaded Herdman family get in on the Christmas pageant to everyone=s dismay - but in the end bring
everyone to recognize the real meaning of Christmas. Highly amusing and perceptive GUIDE & AUDIO

Laura O'Connell, 15, and her brother, Patrick 12, escape Ireland's brutal poverty with only the belongings in
their bundles and tickets for ocean passage. Sir Laurence Kirkle, 11, flees a life of privilege to seek justice.
When fate brings them together, the three join forces in a daring scheme that may lead to freedom and
glory... or dire consequences.

BIG WAVE, THE by PEARL BUCK (360018)                         J
Families have lived for centuries in the path of the tidal waves. They are not disappointed. GUIDE

BONE GRAPHIC NOVEL COLLECTION (604949)                                 JI                      NEWER
This kit contains 5 copies of each of the following 6 titles in the Bone series by Jeff Smith.
Bone, Dragonslayer, Great Cow Race, Old Man’s Cave, Out of Boneville and Rock Jaw, Master of the Easter

BOX OF POETRY (360001)                                          I
24 TITLES INCLUDED: English and Scottish Popular Ballads; Family Album of Favourite Poems;
Experience Poetry; Fancy Free; Favourite Poems Old and New; Hist Wist; I Like This Poem; Jelly Belly; Lyric
and Longer Poems Book II; Magic of Poetry; Miracles; Mysterious Special Sauce; Now Poetry; 1,000 Poems
For Children; 100 Story Poems; 100 Plus American Poems; Rainbow Collection; Realms of Gold; 2nd
Century Anthology Of Verse; Sleeping on the Wings; Themes - Conflict; Themes - Imagination; Town and
Country; Voices; Writing/81; Your Poetry Book 4.

BOXCAR CHILDREN by G.C. WARNER (360022)                       J
The Alden children must survive on their own without adults and make their home in a boxcar. GUIDE

BREADWINNER by DEBORAH ELLIS (603339)                            JI
Imagine living in a country in which women and girls are not allowed to leave the house without a man.
Imagine having to wear clothes that cover every part of your body including your face, whenever you go out.
This is life in Afghanistan, where the Taliban, members of an extreme religious group, run most of the

BREADWINNER TRILOGY by DEBORAH ELLIS (603930)                          JIS
A collection of titles by Deborah Ellis depicting life in Afghanistan where the Taliban, members of an extreme
religious group, run most of the country. Included are 10 copies of each of the Breadwinner, Paravana's
journey and Mud City. This set is intended to be used in connection with the Grade 7 & 8 curriculum strand
for History and Geography.

11 TITLES INCLUDED: Fishes; Hunter and His Dog; North Wind and the Sun; Little Wood Duck; Owl and
the Woodpecker; Pelican; Python’s Party; Rich Man and the Shoemaker; Seasons; Squirrels; What the Moon

BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA by K. PATTERSON (360023)                   JI
A poignant novel of friendship between Jess and Leslie who together create a magical imaginary kingdom of
Terabithia before a tragic accident occurs. A Newbery Award Winner. See also A Kid’s Guide to “Bridge to
Terabithia 603873, VH. GUIDE & AUDIO INCLUDED.

       BULLY BOYS by ERIC WALTERS (603506)                        I
The War of 1812 is raging: America has declared war on Britain and American troops have invaded Canada.
At 14 Tom Roberts is too young for army service. Tom wishes to be part of the action and after thwarting a
robbery, which attracts the attention of Lieutenant James Fitzgibbon, Tom soon finds himself fighting for his
country alongside Fitzgibbon and the Bully Boys.

         CAGED EAGLES by ERIC WALTERS (603110)                     I
Set during WW II, Caged Eagles tells the story of Tadashi Fukushima and his family. They are forced by
government edict to abandon their fishing village on the northwest coast of British Columbia and along with
other Japanese Canadians, journey to an internment centre in Vancouver, where they await an uncertain
future. This book is a sequel to the award winning novel, War of the Eagles.

        CALL OF THE WILD by JAMES HOUSTON (360027)                   I
This thrilling and action-packed novel of the North follows the struggle of a dog to survive in the harsh, frozen
Yukon. Audio cassette and guides included. See also 400608 - brief media adaptation of the story.

3 TITLES INCLUDED: Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Babe Ruth Baseball; Cam Jansen and the
Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones; Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Gold Coins. GUIDES & AUDIO

         CANADIAN COLLECTION (360029)                          I
19 TITLES INCLUDED. Ain’t Lookin’; Alien War Games; Can You Promise Me Spring?; Chewing Gum and
Other Crimes; Exit Barney McGee; Don’t Care High; Halfbacks Don’t Wear Pearls; The Haunting at Cliff
House; I’m Locker 145, Who Are You?; The Loon Lake Murders; The Mad Hacker; My Impossible Uncle; The
Nine Days Queen; A Question of Loyalty; We’re Friends, Aren’t We?; Who Cares about Karen; Who Wants
to be Alone?

        CANADIAN FIRST NATIONS READING SET (604952)                        I
Collection of legends, graphic novels, fiction and non-fiction resources to enhance knowledge of our First
Nations history and culture. Titles include: Across the Steel River/ Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws: the
Sugar Bush/ As long as the River Flows/ Bone Dance/ Caged Eagles/ Cross-check!/ Curve Ball/ Delaying the
Game/ Delta is My Home/ Dream Carvers/ The Elders are Watching/ False Face/ Finders Keepers/ Great
Athletes from Our First Nations/Great Women from Our First Nations/ I am Raven: a Story of Discovery/
Inuksuk Book/ Loon's Necklace/ Lost in the Barrens/ Maiden of the Mist: a Legend of Niagra Falls/ Men
of Courage from Our First Nations/ Mikissuk's Secret/ Mud Run; Murphy and Mousetrap; Napachee; Nokum
is my Teacher/ Red Sash/ Roughing/ Secrets of the Dance/ Sitting Bull's Tomahawk/ Sootface: an Ojibwa

Cinderella Story/ Sun God, Moon Witch/ Tuck and the Whale/ War of the Eagles/ We Feel Good Out Here/
When the Spirits Dance/ Which Way Should I go?

An investigation into the kidnapping of his schoolmate leads young Tom Austen to the seedy Golden Boy
Cafe and an unexpected encounter with a desperate criminal. After getting one step too close to the
kidnappers, Tom is taken prisoner and needs all his wits to survive. GUIDE INCLUDED

CASTLE IN THE ATTIC by E. WINTHROP (360031)                         J
High entertainment & adventure abound in this novel about William who finds a cardboard model castle in
the attic and is magically transported back in time to medieval days. AUDIO & GUIDE INCLUDED.

Reluctant readers perk up with this fantasy tale of a boy who wins a tour of the Willy Wonka chocolate

The further adventures of Charlie and Willy Wonka. A super American space hotel, ferocious battles with the
dread Vermicious Knids, a nervous President, and a most unusual Vice President - these are only some of
the people, places and things you will encounter.

CHARLOTTE'S WEB by E.B. WHITE (360034)                               J
One of the best beloved children’s novels, this gentle farm tale follows the adventures of Wilbur the pig & his
friend Charlotte the spider. See also the video version 400114. GUIDES & AUDIO INCLUDED.

CHARLOTTE'S WEB - FULL LENGTH PLAY (360037)                       J
Full length play based on the book by E. B. White. See also video version of novel 400114.

         THE CHILD'S ANN adapted by DEIRDRE KESSLER (360035)            J
This is an easy to read adaptation of L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables.

CHRISTMAS PICTURE BOOK COLLECTION (603925)                           P
Children will delight in this set of picture books filled with all the excitement and traditions of Christmas.
Included are the Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg and Four Friends at Christmas by Tomie De Paola.
Fourteen titles in total.

THE CHRYSALIDS by J. WYNDHAM (602545)                              S
The classic science fiction tale featuring a group of telepathic boys who want to escape their post-nuclear
war society where anyone who is different is disposed of. GUIDES & AUDIO INCLUDED.

CLIFFORD NOVELS by NORMAN BRIDWELL (360038)                      P
TITLES INCLUDED: At the Circus; Big Red Dog; Christmas; Family; Gets a Job; Good Deeds; Grouchy
Neighbours; Halloween; Hollywood; Kittens; Pals; Riddles; Small Red Puppy; Takes a Trip; Tricks.

COLOURS STORYBOOK COLLECTION (603926)                         P
Why is and Orange Called an Orange? Learn all about colour with this cheery set of concept picture books
for Primary classes.

       COMING TO CANADA: Opportunity or Refuge (604239) l
This set of historical fiction books includes 10 copies of Days of Terror - a story of a family fleeing their
homeland to escape the horrors of anarchy, famine and the Russian revolution; 10 copies of Footsteps in the
Snow: The Red River diary of Isobel Scott-a young girl travelling with her brother and father from Scotland to
a new and better life in Northern Canada, arrive to find nothing but hardship awaiting them. Also includes one
copy of Canada: A Nation Beckons and an activity guide. Set is packaged in an old fashioned suitcase to
enhance the feeling of immigrants arriving in Canada in the 1800's. See also: the videos 602297, Land of
Hope Vol. 1 and 602298, Land of Hope Vol. 2.
A father and his son struggle to make a new life together after the tragic death of the mother. See also the
video tape version 400894.

       CRABBE by WILLIAM BELL (604476)                             S
One night, just before final exams, eighteen-year-old Franklin Crabbe - smart, rich yet unhappy and a
semi-alcoholic, packs his gear and drives away into the woods to disappear completely. Totally unprepared
for bush life, Crabbe nearly perishes until he meets someone else, who has her own reasons to hide.

CRASH by JERRY SPINELLI (603124)                                I
Crash is a star football player. He torments Penn, a classmate who is everything Crash is not - friendly,
small, and a pacifist. When his beloved grandfather comes to live with his family and suffers a debilitating
stroke, Crash comes to see value in many of the things he has scorned. GUIDE INCLUDED. Novel study
for the Steps to Respect : Bullying Prevention Program-Level 2
CUE FOR TREASON by JEFFERY TREASE (360048)                      S
Children join a Shakespearean troupe in order to foil the plot to kill Queen Bess. This is and excellent
introduction to Shakespearean times.

Christopher John Francis Boone is a 15-year-old boy, mathematically gifted and socially hopeless, raised in
a working-class home by parents who can barely cope with their child's quirks. He takes everything that he
sees (or is told) at face value, and is unable to sort out the strange behaviour of his elders and peers. This
improbable story of Christopher's quest to investigate the suspicious death of a neighborhood dog makes for
one of the most captivating, unusual, and widely heralded novels in recent years. GENERIC GUIDE

      DANGER ON THE TRACKS by BILL FREEMAN (360050)                 I
Sabotage on the London / Lucan railway involves two youngsters in a quest for the $200.00 reward money.

DANIEL'S DUCK by CLYDE R. BULLA (360051)                         J
A boy has a unique talent but he’s afraid of being mocked. He learns from a master about the responsibility
of true talent.

This is a father/son adventure story. Poaching is the only way Danny s dad can survive. Their adventures
are funny spoofs of the rich.

This is a modern day time-travel adventure story AND much more. All the changes in 14-year-old Meaghan’s
life have left her feeling powerless: her father’s death; her mother’s remarriage; their move from the city to a
farmhouse. Meaghan turns to her elderly neighbour Sarah, a kind and clairvoyant black woman, for comfort.

22 TITLES INCLUDED: All in a Day; Always, Always; A Birthday Bike for Brimhall; How many Days to
America; I Can’t Wait; I’m Frustrated; I’m Lost; I’m Mad; I’m Proud; I Speak English for My Mom; I want It; I
want to Play; Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughter; My Name is not Dummy; Old Enough for Magic; Onion Tears;
Ruthie’s Rude Friends; Tales of Amanda Pig; Tales of Oliver Pig; The Hating Book; Man who Kept the
House; What did you say Dear?

DEVELOPING LANGUAGE (360057)                                   P
Twenty Primary titles for developing language. Included are Camping, Hungry Crocodile, One Rainy Night,
Who's the Biggest? Approxiamtely 20 books.

DOG ON BARKHAM STREET by MARY STOLZ (360285)                    J
Edward Frost wants a dog of his own. And he doesn’t want to be bullied by big, mean Martin Hastings
anymore. Neither wish seems very likely to come true, until one day wandering Uncle Josh arrives with a
beautiful collie named Argess. Suddenly everything begins to change. * A Teacher’s Guide for this novel
can be found in the Steps to Respect Curriculum: Bullying Prevention Program-Level 2

DOOR IN THE WALL by A. C. DE ANGELI (360061)                        J
An inspiring tale of triumph over handicap & about life in England during the middle ages. Robin, crippled son
of a great lord, proves his courage & wins his king’s recognition. Contains 25 copies of the play as well as the

EARLY BIRD COLLECTION (360270)                                    P
A collection of Early Learning Resources organized in a flexible theme matrix that allows teachers to select
books and activities appropriate to children’s interests and needs. Includes 24 books for ages 4-7 and a

EARLY CHAPTER BOOKS (360068)                                       PJ
An extensive collection of early chapter books for young readers. Includes 49 books.

         EARTHDARK by MONIICA HUGHES (360067)                       I
In this adventure into the future moon dwellers are attacked by sinister forces. Canadian science fiction
See also 400374 and 401876 for author information.

         EMILY CARR MYSTERY by ERIC WILSON (603507)                    I
Liz Austen dives straight into trouble after arriving in romantic Victoria for the wedding of her best friend,
Tiffany. After dangerous moments on dark ocean waters, the two are swept up in the strange world of the
ancient Thirteen Oaks mansion and its troubled inhabitants the de Mornay family. See also Emily Carr: A
Woman of all Sorts 602158, VHS. GUIDE INCLUDED

EARLY CIVILIZATIONS: a cross curricular approach (604480)                    J
This kit contains a collection of both fiction and non-fiction books. The six titles included are: Ancient
Greek Children-2 /Gods & Goddesses in the Daily Life of Ancient Romans-2 /It's all Greek to Me-5
/Mummies-2/Mummies in the Morning-5 /A Place in the Sun-5.

         ESCAPE FROM BIG MUDDY by ERIC WILSON (603119)                    JI
Former Death Machine biker Billy Bones grabs Liz Austen's arm and whispers: "The .. NOEL.
Remember it!" Remember it? How could she forget it? That one word launches an unforgettable road trip
across Saskatchewan aboard the Manana Banana and plunges Liz and her Metis friend Marie into a deadly
world of kidnapping, international smuggling, and a biker gang with murderous intentions. The question is:
will the girls elude the bikers' clutches and escape the dangers of Big Muddy. See also video materials on
the author. GUIDE INCLUDED

EXPLORING OUR WORLD (360073)                                   PJ
14 TITLES INCLUDED: Akuila’s Dragon; Animal Partners; Antarctica; Digging Up the Past; Energy The
Driving Force; Five Thousand Years of Building; Five Trees; Longnecks Billabong; Mice Mice, Mice; Out of
the Zoo- Zoo Animals in the World; A Place for Them All; Post Cards Home; Protecting Themselves;
Tinkering; The Wise Old Judge; Woorayl the Lyrebird.

FAMOUS PLAYS (360189)                                            S
This is a collection of well-known plays for senior grades. There are eight titles included in the set of 32
books. Dracula; Diary of Anne Frank; Homecoming; No Time for Sergeants; Red-Headed League; Requiem
for a Heavyweight; Rocky; and Summer of My German Soldier.
FANTASY – ADVENTURE NOVEL COLLECTION                                 I
Enjoy this collection of five titles by author Lloyd Alexander. Titles included are: Black Diamonds -10 /The
Book of Three-10 /The High King-6 /The Taran Wanderer-4 /The Castle of Llyr-1.

FIRST NATIONS READING SET (604213)                                    JI
Based on the Social Studies topic, "First Nation Peoples," this literacy set provides a cross-curricular
approach, combining language, social studies, science, religion, art, and drama. There are a variety of novels
at different reading levels, teacher guides, beautiful picture books, and a resource connecting Native legends
and environmental issues. The picture books would be a perfect foundation for art lessons, and the legends
make an excellent springboard for drama activities. This kit would be ideal for meeting the expectations in a
combined grade 6/7 classrooms.

FIVE CHILDREN AND IT by E. NESBIT (360078)                       J
Turn of the century story about five unique children and their personal sand fairy. A story rich with British
humour and culture.

        FORBIDDEN CITY by WILLIAM BELL (603112)                  S
Seventeen-year-old Alex Jackson comes home from school to find that his father, a CBC news cameraman,
wants to take him to China's capital, Beijing. Once there, Alex finds himself on his own in Tian An Men
Square as desperate students fight the Chinese army for their freedom. Separated from his father and
carrying illegal videotapes, Alex must trust the students to help him escape. Closely      based on the
eyewitness accounts of the massacre in Beijing. GUIDE INCLUDED.

       FOXMAN, THE by GARY PAULSEN (360284)                      I
Carl and his cousin discover a shack hidden in the woods. In the shack lives the reclusive Foxman. There is
something about this man they are longing to know. What about the tragedy that should have destroyed him,
and the mystery of wilderness that keeps him alive.

         FROM ANNA by JEAN LITTLE (360079)                        J
This is the story of ten-year-old Anna who flies from Germany to Toronto and discovers much new strength in
Canada. A great story about feeling out of place.

GHOST BELONGED TO ME by RICHARD PECK                               J
Alexander has been told by a schoolmate, Blossom Culp, that he has second sight and it isn't long before
events prove her right. He sees and eventually talks to the ghost of a young Creole girl from the era that is
haunting the barn. She warns him of an impending trolley car wreck and thus makes him a hero. His mother
is appalled, but Blossom is delighted. So is Uncle Miles who is not to be squelched even by his sister-in-law.
It is Miles who knows the secret story behind the ghost whose body must be first dug up and then laid to rest.
It makes a good read aloud with some great slapstick comedy and not a little historical information

GIVER, THE by LOIS LOWRY (360295)                                 I
This is a compelling, disturbing and utterly memorable novel of a future dystopian society and one boy who
rebels against everything he was brought up to believe is fair, just, and equitable. GUIDES & AUDIO

GOATS, THE by BROCK COLE (360082)                                    I
A boy & girl are stripped & marooned on a small island for the night. They are the goats. The kids at camp
think it is a great joke; its and old tradition. No harm is intended, but the goats don’t see it that way. They
want to disappear. Completely. And they do, much to everyone’s surprise.

GOBBLE, GROWL & GRUNT by PETER SPIER (360083)                    P
Books for grades 1- 3 full of animal pictures & the sounds they make. Picture book format devoid of words
but shows sounds instead.

         GORDON KORMAN SET (360087)                           J
7 TITLES INCLUDED: Beware of the Fish; Bugs Potter Live at Nickaninny; Don’t Care High; Go Jump in the
Pool; I want to Go Home; No Coins Please; Our Man Weston.

GRIZZLY by A.E. JOHNSON (360089)                               J
A story about the struggles between a father and son. Family and parents are in conflict. The dad wants a
macho son and the son wants to create his own life.

Historical fiction. Robin helps to build and underground complex on Oak Island. Set includes books on
pirates and pirate treasures plus activities.

HARRIETT THE SPY by LOUISE FITZHUGH (360091)                    J
Spunky Harriet, an aspiring author, spies on all her neighbours and keeps all her thoughts recorded in a
notebook which is then read by her annoyed classmates.

        HATCHET by GARY PAULSEN (360092)                          I
13-year-old Brian survives a plane crash in the Canadian bush on the way to visit his father - but once he
realizes that the pilot is dead, he must keep himself going, with a hatchet that his mother gave him as his
only tool. A gripping Newbery Medal winner GUIDES & AUDIO INCLUDED.

5 TITLES INCLUDED: Herbie Jones Reader’s Theatre; Herbie Jones; Herbie Jones and the Class Gift;
Herbie Jones and Hamburger Head; Herbie Jones and the Monster Ball

HOLES by LOUIS SACHER (603561)                                    IS
Stanley, a young boy who is wrongly accused of stealing, is given a choice of going to jail or attending Camp
Green Lake, a camp that straightens out troubled children and builds character. Stanley and his family
decide that Camp Green Lake would be better than jail; this decision would change his life. GUIDE
INCLUDED. A Kid’s Video Guide to Holes 603876,VH is included in set. See also the NEW feature length
film Holes, 604068 (122mins.)

HOLLOWEEN PICTURE BOOK COLLECTION (603927)                           P
A howling good time will be had by all with this collection of books filled with ghosts and goblins,
witches and pumpkins and even a scaredy cat. All the fright and fun of Halloween in stories and
rhymes for Primary classes.
HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE NOVEL (603902)                               JI
This novel set consists of three titles: Hana's Suitcase by Karen Levine - a mysterious suitcase arrives at a
Holocaust Education Centre and the centre's curator embarks on a journey that takes her back 70 years to
the Nazi invasion of a small Czech town which turned Hana's happy life upside-down; The Secret of Gabi's
Dresser by Kathy Hacer - the story of how a Jewish girl was hid in a dresser to escape capture from the
Slovakian soldiers; Number the Stars by Lois Lowry - in September,1943 word that the Jews were to be sent
to death camps spurs the Danish resistance, population and police to herd 7,000 Jews to Sweden and
hopefully freedom.

HOUSE WITH A CLOCK IN ITS WALL (360279)                                 J
A race against an evil spirit to find the clock hidden in the wall. A great spooky story for Halloween.
See also videotape version 401198,VH.

Even the most reluctant reader enjoys this madcap tale of Billy and his bet that he can eat 15 worms in 15

I AM DAVID by ANNE HOLM (360105)                              I
A concentration camp escape sends a boy across Europe in search of his parents and his identity.

I LIKE THIS STORY by KAYE WEBB (360106)                           I
This is an anthology of good stories for intermediate students.

INCIDENT AT HAWK'S HILL by ALAN ECKERT (360109)                 I
Having wondered away from his prairie home, a small boy is taken in by a badger.
See also the video version 402184,VH.

      INCREDIBLE JOURNEY by SHEILA BURNFORD (360304)                  JI
Two dogs and a cat travel across the Canadian wilderness in search of their home and loving family. GUIDE

        INCREDIBLE JUMBO by BARBARA SMUCKER (360110)                 J
When Jumbo is sold to the P.T. Barnum Circus, his caretaker, Todd, decides to stow away on the ship to join
Jumbo at the circus. What awaits him at the other end of the voyage? See also 400374,VH for author

Omri’s plastic toys come to life in the magic cupboard that his brother gives him as a birthday present. Best
book of 1980. TEACHER GUIDES AND AUDIO INCLUDED. See also A Talk with Lynne Reid Banks
603879, VH.

IRON MAN by TED HUGHES (360112)                                 JI
A young boy makes friends with a sea robot and they work together to save the world. GUIDE INCLUDED.

        ISIS PEDDLER by MONICA HUGHES (360113)                  I
The planet Isis is in danger from a magical villain and Moira is the only hope. Will she be able to avert
disaster? See also 400374, VH for author information & 360278,NS.

ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS by SCOTT O’DELL (360114)               I
1960 Newbery Award novel based on a true story of an Indian girl who lived alone on an island for 18 years.
Theory is developed as a narrative written by the girl in 1844. WEB GUIDE; TEACHER’S GUIDE AND

Sara is consumed by jealousy of her easy-going twin sister Caroline and spends futile years of unhappiness
before she learns to accept herself. A Newbery Medal winner. AUDIO & GUIDE INCLUDED.
See also the video version 401200, VH.

Jacob, youngest in the family & who repeats everything twice in order to be heard, has a fantasy adventure.

Jacob, a Mennonite boy, learns responsibility when he becomes guardian for a pair of Canadian geese. See
also 400374,VH for author information.

JAMES HOWE NOVELS (360118)                                    J
3 TITLES INCLUDED: Bunnicula; Celery Stalks at Midnight; Howliday Inn.

JOHN BELLAIRS NOVELS (360119)                                     JI

6 TITLES INCLUDED: Lamp from the Warlock’s Tomb; Letter, the Witch and the Ring; The Mummy; The
Will and the Crypt; Spell of the Sorcerer’s Skull; Treasure of Alpheaus Winterborn; Trolley to Yesterday

JUNIOR READERS Gr 4-6 (360122)                                         JI
This set is a collection of various titles that Junior-Intermediate readers should enjoy. Includes 40 books.

JUNIOR SCIENCE COLLECTION (360123)                               J
20 TITLES INCLUDED: Animals Born Alive and Well; Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain; Brontosaurs Brunch;
Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones; Dolphins and Me; Lester and Clyde; Life in the Polar Lands; Life in the
Deserts; Life in the Oceans; Life in the Rainforest; Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body; Print Book;
Reasons for a Flower; Sevengill: Shark and Me; Simple Science Says: Take One Magnifying...; Strange
Creatures from the Time of Dinosaurs; Wise One; Wombat Stew

KING’S EQUAL by KATHERINE PATERSON (360125)                       P
A dying king makes his son his heir - on one condition. Vain Prince Raphael must marry a woman who is his
equal in beauty, intelligence, and wealth - where is this woman?

KITE RUNNER by KHALED HOSSEINI (604214)                              S
An epic exploration of the ties that bind sons to fathers and boyhood friends to one another - and of the
forces, that tears them apart. An uncommon bond between Amir, the son of wealthy merchant and his
servant and constant companion is torn apart during the dying years of the Afghan monarchy. Years later
Amir tries to right past wrongs against the only true friend he ever had.

LIBRARY PICTURE BOOK COLLECTION (604230)                              P
This is a lovely collection of hardcover storybooks relating to Libraries and books. Did you know that
some libraries move and children in some parts of the world get their books by way of camel?
LIFE DURING WORLD WAR II (604950) A collection of books dealing with life as it was for people living
through the war years. Set contains the Kit Pearson fiction trilogy books - The Sky is falling; Looking at the
moon; and The Lights go on again. (10 copies of each title) Also included are five copies of the picture book
One Thousand Tracings: Healing the wounds of World War ll by Lita Judge. This is a beautifully illustrated
book that is a tribute to Lita's grandparents who organized a relief effort and sent countless packages of
food, clothing and shoes to Germany during the Second World War.

Classic fantasy set in the magical land of Narnia where enchanted creatures live and fierce battles are fought
between good and evil. AUDIO & GUIDE INCLUDED. See also 400853,VH.

LITERATURE ALIVE; VOLUME 1 - GRADE 7 (360130)                I
4 TITLES INCLUDED: Root Cellar; A Wrinkle in Time; Hatchet; Winners

LITERATURE ALIVE; VOLUME 2 - GRADE 7(360131)                      I
4 TITLES INCLUDED: Days of Terror; Little by Little; Lost in the Barrens; Westmark

LITERATURE ALIVE; VOLUME 1 - GRADE 8(360132)                 I
4 TITLES INCLUDED: Eternal Spring of Mr. Ito; Banner in the Sky; Julie and the Wolves; Cowboys Don’t

LITERATURE ALIVE; VOLUME 2 - GRADE 8 (360133)               I
4 TITLES INCLUDED: Question of Loyalty; Homecoming; Ring-Rise, Ring-Set; Waiting for the Rain

A collection of 65 books that includes various titles. Intended for the Grade 3 level.   J

LORD OF THE FLIES by WILLIAM GOLDING (604197)                       S
Lord of the Flies is a thought-provoking novel authored by William Golding in 1954. The book describes in
detail the horrific exploits of a band of young children who make a striking transition from civilized to barbaric.
Lord of the Flies commands a pessimistic outlook that seems to show that man is inherently tied to society,
and without it, we would likely return to savagery. Symbolism played an important part in the development of
story. This narrative technique is used to give significance to certain people or objects, which represent some
other figure. This novel set is intended for ESL applications at the Secondary level. Teacher Guide,
author info and quiz included.

Two daring boys battle the elements when they become lost in the Canadian North, suffering snow blindness
and near starvation. GUIDE INCLUDED. See also 400494,VH.

Mystery set in the famous castle of Casa Loma in Toronto. See also video materials on the author.

          THE LOYALISTS AND COMING TO CANADA READING SET (604235)                       I
An array of resources to support the grade 7/8 Social Science program. Includes these following historical
fiction books: Alone in an untamed land: The Filles du Roi diary of Helene St. Onge. (8); Banished From Our
Home: The Acadian diary of Angelique Richard (8); The Hollow Tree (12); With Nothing but our courage: The
Loyalist diary of Mary MacDonald (8); also includes the non-fiction title Coming to Canada (8) and one
teacher guide Teaching with Dear Canada Series. See also the video series Scattering of Seeds available at

A collection of several picture books all written by Mem Fox. Included in the kit is the book "Reading Magic"
written by Mem Fox on how to read to children.

MANIAC MAGEE by JERRY SPINELLI (360140)                           I
An amazing boy turns up in a small town of Two Mills and takes it by storm in this cross between a tall tale
and a morality play. Winner of the Newbery Award. AUDIO & GUIDE INCLUDED. See also 603050,VH for
author information.

MIDDLE AGES COLLECTION (603921)                                       PJ
A collection of several titles revolving around life in the Middle Ages. Titles include Castle Diary: The Journal
of Tobias Burgess by Richard Platt; The King's Equal by Katherine Patterson; and Knights of the Round
Table adapted by Gwen Gross along with other books about Castles, Medieval Monks, and life in general
during the middle ages. See also: The Door in the Wall novels. Another story set in the Middle Ages.

MIDNIGHT FOX by BETSY BYARS (360142)                            I
The fox he comes to love, while vacationing at his uncle’s farm one summer, fascinates a city boy. See
listings for other novels by this author.

MIXED READERS (360144)                                         JI
This set contains 41 different titles including Big Wave, Book of Three, Dynamite Flynns, From Anna,
Message of the Mask, Samatha’s Secret Room and Secret at Sunset House.

         MONICA HUGHES COLLECTION (360278)                   I
5 TITLES INCLUDED: Blaine’s Way; Dream Catcher; Hunter in the Dark; My Name is Paula Popavich; The
Promise. See also: Earthdark, 360067,NS; Isis Peddler, 360113,NS; 401876,VH & 400374, VH for author

Ralph S. Mouse is the imaginative and exciting, adventuresome mouse who rides a motorcycle. WEB

        MUNSCH NOVELS by ROBERT MUNSCH (360145)                P
10 TITLES INCLUDED: Boy in the Drawer; David’s Father; The Dark; Fifty Below Zero; I Have to Go;
Johnathon Cleaned Up; Millicent and the Wind; Mortimer; Mud Puddle; Thomas’ Snowsuit.

Death in the village sends Miss Marple in search of a killer who may strike again.

         MURDER ON THE CANADIAN by ERIC WILSON (360147)             J
Young detectives are challenged by a murder mystery as they cross Canada. See also VH0058 & VH0049
author tapes. GUIDE INCLUDED

Agatha Christie at her best. Hercule Poirot seeks out a killer on the infamous train. Everyone on board is a

MY FIRST PICTURE BIBLE STORIES (603753)                           P
This is an exciting collection of one hundred and twenty-five beloved stories from Scripture retold in a style
that will capture your child's imagination and heart. These timeless tales engage children with fascinating
adventures of biblical heroes and heroines as well as inspire them with examples of God's love and concern.
Catholic Edition. Class set of 33 books. Booking period is one month.

The themes of childhood, love, marriage and community in Ireland run throughout this collection of short
stories. Skilfully constructed, they are infused with all the humour and insight, which has become a hallmark
of O’Connor’s work.

NATIVE LEGENDS COLLECTION (360155)                           JI
Contains 18 hard cover books including Akavak. Enchanted Caribou, How Summer Came to Canada and
White Archer. See also 330070, Kit Indian Legends book set.

NELSON COLLECTION (360156)                                     J
3 TITLES INCLUDED: Mice in Centre Field; Mice at Centre Ice; Face Off in Moscow. 39 books in total.

         NEVER CRY WOLF by FARLEY MOWAT (360157)                      I
True story of life among Arctic wolves. The writer is sent to study the wolf population. They study one another
and learn some surprising facts. See also: Lost in the Barrens and Owls in the Family as well as VH, 400773.

NORTH BY NIGHT by KATHERINE AYERS (630123)                         S
Through sixteen-year-old Lucinda's journal entries and letters to and from her family and friends, readers
learn about her work with the Underground Railroad in a small Ohio town. The fast paced, well-researched
narrative provides insight into the social and political mores of the time and the dangers faced by those
working to help slaves to freedom.

NOVELS TO ENCOURAGE COOPERATION (360286)                        J
17 TITLES INCLUDED: Aldo Peanut Butter; Alvin Webster’s Surefire Plan for Success; Bridge to Terabithia;
Bully of Barkham Street; Dog on Barkham Street; How to Fight a Girl; King Kong and Other Poets; Otherwise
Known as Sheila The Great; Pennywhistle Tree; Poems for Father; Ramona Forever; Gaffer Samson’s Luck;
Stay Away from Simon; Superfudge; Tough Beans; Wendy and the Bullies; Where in the World is the Perfect

NUMBER THE STARS by LOIS LOWRY (360296)                         J
Set in Denmark during World War II, two young girls, best friends, pretend to be sisters so that a Jewish
family can escape the Holocaust. Newbery Award novel. WEB BASED GUIDE; TEACHER GUIDE AND
AUDIO INCLUDED. See also 360295,NS and 603920,NS.

NUMERACY PICTURE BOOK COLLECTION (604192)                         P
A bright and colourful concept book collection that will show Primary classes how learning numbers can be
as easy as one, two, three.

ON MY HONOUR by MARION BAUER (360299)                                 J
Two best friends break their word to their parents, with the result that no one else is around to help when one
of them drowns. AUDIO & GUIDE INCLUDED.

ONE FAT SUMMER by ROBERT LIPSYTE (360159)                       S
Bobby Marks hates summer because he can’t hide his 200-lb. body under heavy clothes. It is hot July in
1957 and Bobby is about to find out just how terrifying, exhilarating, dangerous and wonderful, one fat
summer could be.

OUTSIDERS by S.E. HINTON (360281)                                  IS
A classic portrait of lower class and middle class struggle as seen through the eyes of Pony Boy who has a
running feud with a middle class gang. AUDIO & GUIDE INCLUDED. See also the video version –

OWLS IN THE FAMILY by FARLEY MOWAT (360161)                        I
A fictionalized biography of Farley Mowatt, writer and naturalist, who grew up in Saskatchewan & Ontario,
with a great & changing collection of animals ranging from frogs & snakes to dogs and other pets. Full of
nature, wit and humour. GUIDE INCLUDED. See also 402504,VH Canadian Classics for an excerpt.
PAULSEN COLLECTION (360164)                            I
11 TITLES INCLUDED: Canyons; Crossing; Dogsong; Foxman; Hatchet; The Island; The River; Tracker;
Voyage of the Frog; Winter Room; Woodsong

PEARL, THE by JOHN STEINBECK (360165)                              IS
A poor Mexican farmer discovers that a rare pearl will not buy tranquillity or happiness for his family. AUDIO

PINBALLS, THE by BETSY BYARS (360168)                             J
Three foster children become fast friends and decide to work together to take control of their lives.
AUDIO & GUIDE INCLUDED. See listings for other novels by this author.

           PIT PONY by JOYCE BARKHOUSE (602822)                     J
If Willie could have his dream, he would go to Sable Island and ride free over the sand dunes on the back of
a wild horse. Instead, 11-year-old Willie must work in the coalmines of Caper Breton, hardly ever seeing the
light of day. But, with the help of Gem, the gentle pit pony, he discovers that things aren’t always as bad as
they seem. A surprising event reveals that miracles can happen, even in a coalmine.

PLANET OF JUNIOR BROWN by VIRGINIA HAMILTON (360169)                   I
The adventures of young pianist who meets an inventor with a difference.

A story of fantasy and fun involving how a family reacts to the introduction of a strange plant.

POEMS FOR TWO VOICES (360172)                                        JI
2 TITLES INCLUDED I am Phoenix and Joyful Noise.

PREJUDICE COLLECTION (360174)                              I
9 TITLES INCLUDED: A Woman of Her Tribe; Devil in Vienna; Devil’s Arithmetic; Mrs. Fish and Me the
Dump Queen; Owl’s Song; Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry; Slave Dancer; Waiting for the Rain; Words by

PRIMARY READERS (360174)                                         P
13 TITLES INCLUDED: Adventures of Broughton Bear; Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping; Basil Brush in the
Jungle; Crackers; Country Bunny; Dr. De Soto; Get Along Gang...; Hansel and Gretel; Haunted House;
Herself the Elf (Activity Book and Story Book); Herself the Elf’s Summer; Herself the Elf’s Autumn; Here
Come the Littles

PRINCE & THE PAUPER by MARK TWAIN (360176)                           I
Based on the classic by C.S. Lewis. See also 401600,VH

Finding the wounded rebel in the barn is just the beginning or Deborah’s troubles. She is torn between the
father she has always trusted to be right, and the wounded boy who begs for her help. A gripping story of
divided loyalties. GUIDE INCLUDED

RAMONA THE PEST by BEVERLY CLEARLY (360181)                   J
Ramona and her adventures in the neighbourhood and a kindergarten are full of mischief and fun.
AUDIO & GUIDE INCLUDED. See also the Ramona series of videos.

RETURN OF THE INDIAN by LYNN REID (360182)                       J
This sequel to Indian in the Cupboard has Omri and Patrick deciding to risk another adventure by re-opening
the magic cupboard. GUIDE INCLUDED.

ROMEO & JULIETTE TOGETHER (& ALIVE) AT LAST (360183)                    JI
The kids from south Orange River School turn a play about love into the funniest school production ever.

         ROOT CELLAR, THE by JANET LUNN (360184)                  J
In the root cellar, Rose meets some historical figures as she climbs into another century, the world of the
1860's and the chaos of the Civil War. GUIDE INCLUDED.

ROUND SLICE OF THE MOON by FRAN NEWMAN (360185)                    J
An excellent collection of poetry for young people. Student materials included. AUDIO INCLUDED.

This book provides readers of all ages with a grandparent's perspective on the Christmas Story

When Sadako discovers that she must be hospitalised for leukaemia after the dropping of the Atom bomb in
Japan, she hopes to ward off death by making one thousand paper cranes. AUDIO & GUIDE INCLUDED.
See also 401172,VH

THE SAINTS READING SET (604408)                                      PJI
A beautiful collection of pictures books depicting the lives of many of our Saints.

A small girl learns an important but tragic lesson. Picture format. Caldecott winner.

SARAH, PLAIN AND TALL by P. MCGLAUGHLIN (360188)                  PJ
A simply told but profound novel describing the life of Sarah, a mail-order bride as she marries a widower
with two children and lives on his pioneer, austere farm. GUIDE INCLUDED. See also 402271,VH.

SHANE by JACK SCHAEFER (360195)                                   I
The unforgettable novel of a boy’s love and a gunman’s struggle to escape his past. GUIDE INCLUDED.

SHARED READING IN FOURS (360197)                            J
9 TITLES INCLUDED: About the B’Nai Bagels; Boxcar Children; Chocolate Touch; Face Off; Fifth Grade
Magic; How to Eat Fried Worms; Hundred Dresses; Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang; Real Me.

SHARED READING IN THREES (360198)                           J
11 TITLES INCLUDED: Baseball Pals; Blue Willow; Boxcar Children; Catch That Pass; Diamond Champs;
Gulliver’s Stories; Hundred Dresses; Jacob Two-Two; Jason and the Argonauts; Joseph’s Boat; S.O.R.

         SHATTERED by ERIC WALTERS (604479)                         I
In order to pass social studies, fifteen-year-old Ian must complete community volunteer service. Choosing to
work at "The Club sounds like fun, until he arrives at what turns out to be a soup kitchen for the homeless in
an unsafe part of the city. After a near-mugging, from which he is saved by a fierce, pipe-wielding homeless
man, Ian figures this will probably be the most depressing and scary assignment he has ever had to
complete. In this gripping tale, Ian learns about the world, and he is not at all prepared. GENERIC GUIDE

          SILVERWING by KENNETH OPPEL (603117)                   I
Shade is a young Silverwing bat, the runt of his colony, determined to prove himself on the long and
dangerous winter migration to Hibernaculum, millions of wing-beats to the south. During a storm, he is swept
out over the ocean - away from his family, his friends, and the only life he has ever known. Alone and
frightened as winter fast approaches and temperatures plunge, Shade sets out on a remarkable journey to
rejoin his colony in the south.

         SIX DARN COWS by M. LAURENCE (360202)                     P
Children are led on an adventure by the cows that stray far from the farmhouse.

SKYLARK by PATRICIA MACLACHLAN (602823)                             P
Skylark is the sequel to the story Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan. The summer Sarah came to
the prairie from Maine a drought turned the land dry and brown. Fires swept across the fields, so Sarah took
Anna and Caleb back east, where they would be safe. Maine was beautiful but Anna missed home and her
Papa. She began to wonder if she and Caleb and Sarah and Papa would ever be a family again?

SNOWBOUND by HARRY MAZER (360203)                              I
Troubled boy and girl are thrown together in a vast wilderness and must fight against implacable natural
forces to survive. GUIDE INCLUDED. See also 400369,VH.

         SOLDIER BOYS by DAVID RICHARDS (603121)                 I
A bugle boy stows away on a train, dreaming of glory, to help fight the Metis rebels. A Metis boy takes his
father's gun and enlists as a scout to spy on the English camp. In a steep coulee, off the South
Saskatchewan River, they meet face to face in the Battle of Fish Creek. The Battle, in 1885, was a turning
point in Canada's history. An impeccably researched, wonderfully dramatic novel of the Riel Rebellion and
those who put it down.

SPEAK TO THE EARTH by WILLIAM BELL (604873)                          I
Fifteen-year-old Bryan Troupe is indifferent to the bitter dispute between loggers and "tree-huggers" that
splits the community of Nootka Harbour on Vancouver Island. But when a similar rift divides his own family
and affects his relationship with his girlfriend, Bryan becomes relentlessly drawn into the centre of a
environmental conflict that shatters his entire way of life. GUIDE INCLUDED.

SPINE TINGLERS NOVEL COLLECTION(602814)                            I
This is a mixed collection of stories for Intermediate grades.

SPORTS COLLECTION by MATT CHRISTOPHER (360209)                  J
6 TITLES INCLUDED with 47 books in total. For readers looking for fast-paced, action-packed sports novels.
Catch that Pass; Diamond Champs; Face Off; Soccer Halfback; Hit Away Kid as well as the Angel Park All
Stars books.

SPORTS SERIES-High Interest Low Vocabulary (360210)             I
22 TITLES INCLUDED. Thirty- five books in total. Big Time; Break Away; Dirt Rider; Glory Girl; Hitter; Rivals;
Sixth Man; Willie’s Choice; Making the Team; Big Base Hit; Winning Streak; What A Catch; Rookie Star;
Pressure Play; Line Drive; Championship Game; Superstar Team; Stroke of Luck; Safe at First; Up to Bat;
Play off; All Together Now. Good for ESL classes.

A collection of storybooks filled with colourful illustrations and happy stories about starting school, taking field
trips and learning that school can be fun.

STEP UP CHILLERS FOR EARLY READERS – High Interest/Low Vocabulary (360215) J
This is a set of easy readers of some of the classic chiller stories.
TITLES INCLUDED: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; Dracula; Frankenstein; King Kong; Mysteries of Sherlock
Holmes; Phantom of the Opera; Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea; The Vampire. Good set to use
for Halloween.

STEP UP CLASSICS FOR EARLY READERS (360216)                       J
This is a set of easy readers of some of the classics.
TITLES INCLUDED: Black Beauty; Knights of the Round Table; Oliver Twist; Peter Pan; Robin Hood;
Tarzan of the Apes; Treasure Island. Good introduction to the classic novel for junior readers.

Hard cover picture books by author/illustrator Steven Kellogg. Excellent visuals. Six of his titles included.
STONE FOX (360217)                                                 J
Ten-year-old Willy enters the National Dogsled Race in Alaska to win the prize money to save the family farm
from the tax collector- but he must beat the Indian champion, Stone Fox. AUDIO & GUIDE INCLUDED. An
exciting easy to read story.

A collection of mixed titles by author James Houston. Ten copies each of the titles: Black Diamonds; Frozen
Fire and Ice Swords.

         STORM WARNING by MONICA HUGHES (603111)                   J
Sandra Williams seems like an ordinary teenager, on holidays with her family at a Northern Ontario resort
town. That’s what she wants Bryan MacDonald to think when a friendly marina operator teams Sandra and
Brian up as scuba partners. But this is no random pairing – Sandra and her family have methodically tracked
Bryan down to this lakeside town, where Bryan’s wealthy family is known and respected. Only Bryan can
help Sandra solve a terrible mystery that unknowingly links the two families in a tragic history.

SUMMER OF THE SWANS by BETSY BYARS (360220)                       J
A Newbery Award winner, this exceptionally well- written novel features 14-year-old Sara who loves, but is
embarrassed by her mentally retarded younger brother who disappears. During her frantic search for him,
Sara discovers many insights about herself and her broken family. AUDIO & GUIDE INCLUDED.

TALES OF A FOURTH GRADE NOTHING by JUDY BLUME (360224)                        J
Peter Hatcher suffers through the antics of his two and a half-year-old brother. This story is especially good
for reading aloud. AUDIO & GUIDE INCLUDED.

TASTE OF BLACKBERRIES by DORIS B. SMITH (360225)                 J
A young boy dies and his best friend must try to understand how and why.

          TERRY FOX: A CANADIAN HERO (604236)                          JI
Chosen as one of the Greatest Canadians, Terry Fox's magnificent achievement of raising over $24 million
dollars for cancer research before he died, makes him a true Canadian hero. Through fiction and fact this
reading set provides stories of that achievement. Set includes the following: one copy of Terry Fox His Story;
five copies of Terry Fox: A Story of Hope; fifteen copies of the fiction novel Run by Eric Walters.

THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW by S.E. HINTON (603713)                  I
Bryon and Mark have been as close as brothers for as long as they can remember. Now things are changing.
Byron’s growing up, and thinking seriously about who he wants to be. Mark still just lives for the thrill of the
moment. The two are growing apart – but holding on- until Bryon makes a shocking discovery about Mark.
Then Bryon faces a terrible decision – one that will change both of their lives forever.

THERE'S A BOY IN THE GIRLS BATHROOM by LOUIS SACHER (360227)                            J
The hero is a terror in the fifth grade until someone finally sees through his act. * A Teacher’s Guide for this
novel can be found in the Steps to Respect Curriculum: Bullying Prevention Program-Level 2

The adventures of a group of boys who act out all the school cliches in a humorous, refreshing way.

TILL ALL THE STARS HAVE FALLEN (POETRY) (360232)                      J
This is a box of collected poetry for junior grades.

TIME TRAVEL NOVEL COLLECTION (360242)                              I
A collection of novels for intermediate grades that revolve around time travel. Titles included are: An
Acceptable Time; Devil’s Arithmatic; Root Cellar; Voices after Midnight and Who is Frances Rain?

TIME UNIT NOVEL COLLECTION(360233)                               I
Stories of time travel for intermediate grades. Contains 40 books. Titles included are: Julie of the Wolves;
Locked in Time; Wolves of Willoughby Chase.

TOM'S MIDNIGHT GARDEN by PHILLIP PEARSE (360288)                   J
Behind a secret door lies a world out of real space and time. See also 401130,VH.

          TRAPPED IN ICE by ERIC WALTERS (603120)                      I
When thirteen-year-old Helen and her eleven-year-old brother Michael head off on an Arctic expedition,
neither realizes just how extraordinary this trip will be. An early freeze-over of the ocean traps the ship in ice.
In her diary Helen records the fate of the crew and her family as they leave the ship and try to make their way
across the shifting ice floes, through blinding blizzards and past hungry polar bears to safety on solid land.

A millionaire eccentric keeps everyone guessing about a hidden treasure. See also 401286,VH.

TUCK EVERLASTING by NATALIE BABBIT (360238)                       I
A family's secret of eternal youth becomes known to an outsider. He must deal with it and them. AUDIO AND

TWITS, THE by NATALIE BABBIT (360240)                              J
The Twits are the bane of the town, but the children learn how to deal with them.

          UNDERGROUND TO CANADA by BARBRA SMUCKER (360243)                     JI
The story of the Underground Railway that brought slaves from the South to Canada is described through the
story of two young girls who escape and make their way to freedom. GUIDE INCLUDED.

Liz Austen discovers the strange world of Baron Nicolai Zaba, a man who lives in constant fear within the
walls of his gloomy estate known as Blackwater. GUIDE INCLUDED

This is a collection of stories about record store owner Dave, his long-suffering wife Morley, and their kids
Stephanie and Sam. Short story series written by Canadian broadcaster Stuart McLean

WAITING FOR THE RAIN by SHEILA GORDON (360247)                      JI
As tension mounts in South Africa, two boys, one white, one black, find their relationship in crisis when they
realize the differences in their beliefs. Can the two hold on to the relationship that began before the turmoil
shattered their dreams?

         WAR OF 1812 READING SET (604237)                           JI
Based on the Social Studies topic "War of 1812" this literacy set provides a cross-cultural approach. Included
are the following: ten copies of Bully Boys with guide; ten copies of Whispers of War: The War of 1812 Diary
of Susanna Merritt; eight copies of A Story of Courage: Laura Record; one copy of The War of 1812: Against
the States; one copy of Rebellions which is based on and carefully linked to the CBC/Radio-Canada series
Canada: A People's History. This set will be ideal for meeting the expectations of the Grade 7 History

          WAR OF THE EAGLES by ERIC WALTERS (603113) J
Jed's English father serves as a fighter pilot during WW II while he and his mother return to her Tsimshian
community on Canada's west Coast. Jed is hired to help out at a nearby army base and is presented with a
military jacket. Jed's allegiance to his country is challenged when his best friend's family along with other
members of the nearby Japanese village, are declared enemy aliens and told to prepare to leave the coast.
Jed must decide where his loyalty really belongs; to his country's rigid code, or to the truth that lies in his
native soul.

         WE ALL FALL DOWN by ERIC WALTERS (604463)                   I (Gr 7-8)
September 10,2001 is the day Will is to spend at his father's office as part of a school assignment and Will
would rather sleep in than go to his father's office on the eighty-fifth floor of the south building of the World
Trade Centre in Manhattan. In this fast-paced and dramatic new novel by bestselling author Eric Walters, Will
discovers a new side of his father during an event that continues to affect the world. As Will's new teacher
says, tomorrow "might be an experience that changes your entire life".

THE WELL by MILDRED D. TAYLOR (603456)                           J
During a drought the Logan family shares their well water with their neighbours, black and whites alike. But
Hammer finds it hard to share with Charlie Simms, who torments them because they are black. Hammer’s
pride and Charlie’s meanness are a dangerous combination, and tensions between the boys build and build -
until they explode. Novel study for the Steps to Respect : Bullying Prevention Program-Level 2

WENDY AND THE BULLIES by NANCY K. ROBINSON (360280)                      J
This is a sensitively done story about the real-life problem of bullying. * A Teacher’s Guide for this novel
can be found in the Steps to Respect Curriculum: Bullying Prevention Program-Level 2

WHIPPING BOY by SID FLEISCHMAN (360253)                     I
Newbery Award winner, this fantasy novel features Roland, a bratty prince, who trades places with his
whipping boy and learns, through a series of adventures, what life is all about. AUDIO & GUIDES

WITCH OF BLACKBIRD POND by ELIZABETH SPEARE (360257)                     I
An historical narrative of a girl whose rebellion against bigotry and her Puritan surroundings culminate in a
witch-hunt and trial. Mature readers.

WIZARD OF OZ by L. FRANK BAUM (360258)                            J
l. Frank Baum’s story of Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the cowardly Lion and their trip to the Emerald
City to see the wonderful Wizard. GUIDE INCLUDED.

WOLF RIDER by AVI (360259)                                      I
Tension and suspense abound in this novel featuring teenager Andy Zadinski’s search for a psychotic killer.

WORDLESS PICTURE BOOKS COLLECTION (360261)                         PJI
Twenty-six picture books suitable for use by all grade levels as early readers or for classes that are studying
the making of picture books.

WRINKLE IN TIME by MADELEN L’ENGLE (360303)                         JI
Meg, her little brother Charles, and friend Calvin endure a harrowing trip through time to rescue their scientist

Yingmei Yang has changed her name to Mary now that she's learning how to "be American." It's hard, since
her family sticks to its Chinese customs, which can be embarrassing in public. Still, Mary wants to be best
friends with popular Holly Hanson. She sees her chance when she adopts one of Holly's kittens. The trouble
is that Mary's family can't afford a cat, and the kitten could damage their prized musical instruments. To
prove her friendship to Holly, Mary must find a way to keep the kitten a secret from her impossible family. It
won't be easy. * A Teacher’s Guide for this novel can be found in the Steps to Respect Curriculum:
Bullying Prevention Program - Level 2

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