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									Website OnPage SEO in YourNetBiz: 10 Tips
You Should Know

Although, it might be true that going for YourNetBiz is a great start to make money fast online,
there are still a good number of things you would need to remember to ensure earning. Of
course, not because you've purchased the package with most features will it mean that your
online biz will automatically be successful; you will have to do a couple of things to achieve all
of that.

Now, the biggest bummer I find in cases like these is that some mentors neglect to tell their
clients the way to get their websites noticed by Google. Since Google is the biggest and most
popular search engine right now, it would be a great idea to suck it up a little bit to the big guy,
so you can get it to work in your favor.

But, how to do that? Here are the top 10 tips you can use.

1. Work well on your domain name. Picking out the right domain is one of the first steps you'll
need to do when building your own website for YourNetBiz. Also, acing this one can be a good
way to make money online. How? This is because with the right URL, you can be sure that you'll
attract more people to your site. This is why you will need to insert your main keyword in your
domain name so you can have more people searching for those terms find you easily.

2. Duplicate contents are a complete no-no. Google hates duplicate content, so no matter how
others give you the talk that there is a "standard" capture page, do not fall for it. Most of the time,
these standard pages will only promote them and not you, so make sure to avoid it. Instead, make
your own original content. This will not only put you in good terms with Google, but you can
also learn a lot from the process.

3. Use text for titles no matter how attractive images can be. Unless you're all for design, you
might not want to use images for your title pages. This is because words in images won't be
recognized by search engines and this can hurt your odds of getting found easily. Instead, use
texts for your titles and don't forget to put them in bold as this emphasizes its importance.

4. Identify the keywords and phrases you'll use. In order for your site to pop up in search results,
the engine system crawls on different pages to see which ones are relevant for a specific search.
So, if you want search engines find you easily, make sure to use and identify your key words and
phrases. This will help the system do its job as well, making it a win-win scenario for both of
you. Make sure to use your keywords in at least 3% density, so you won't get flagged for spam or
look like your site's trying too hard.

5. Put your keywords in your page description and title. Again, to boost your odds of getting
found, make sure to include your keywords on these things.
6. Check if all of your links and images are working. A good sign that a site is well maintained is
the fact that it doesn't have broken links or images. Not only will this help you earn a good
reputation on your fellow YourNetBiz owners who are looking for a good mentor or tips, but it
can also help Google crawl your site easier.

7. Update. Google consider the freshness of a site's content when it comes to ranking, so make
sure to also update your site every so often.

8. Don't forget to put descriptions on your images. Although, not exactly anything that can help
your page rank, adding ALT descriptions to your images will help these photos turn up on
Google images. That, in turn, can help you gain more traffic, spelling more odds of making a

9. Add a sitemap. Adding a Google sitemap can help your site because this will allow Google to
navigate easier around your pages. Also, this will put you on their list of sites to be indexed
every so often.

10. Patience. Not because you did all of these will it mean that YourNetBiz site will be on the
number one spot when you Google your keyword. It will take some time, so make sure to be

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