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                      “Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam”

              TheGovernmentof AndhraPradesh underthedynamic
              leadershipof Dr.Y.S.RajaSekharReddy, theHon‟bleChief

              Ministerof AndhraPradesh envisions thatthepoorestof

              thepoor, particularly theLandlessAgriculturalLabourers,


              insurance and be protected from risks of death and

              disability. TheGovernmentfurther envisions thatevery
              poor person is provided social security through life

Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam                                           1
Rural Poor Women, particularly young women, face enormous problems if they lose their husbands
due to untimely death. The family comes under severe stress and shock, both psychological and
economic. They are thrown into irrecoverable and abject poverty.

The severity of the problem can be gauged from the fact in Andhra Pradesh alone almost 250 persons
face untimely death every day. These are men and women in the age group of 18 to 59 years, who are
the bread winners for the families.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has successfully implemented the “Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana
for rural land less agricultural labourers. The coverage in Andhra Pradesh is the largest in the country.
Spurred by the tremendous response to Aam Admi Bima Yojana, the State Government decided to
enlarge the Social Security Scheme to cover all SHG members and their spouses. The Indira Jeevitha
Bima Pathakam is a result of the determination of the Government of A.P. to cover all rural poor
households, numbering 90.00 lakhs.

The response to Indira Jeevitha Bima Yojana has been overwhelming and 80 lakhs men and women
have been provided insurance cover - 38.00 lakhs under Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana, 18.79 lakhs under
Janasree Bima Yojana, 23.42 lakhs under Other Group Insurance.

 2                                                                                   Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam
                            Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana
A Group Insurance Scheme for the benefit of Rural Landless Agricultural Labourers through Life
Insurance Corporation of India. In a rural landless household, when every day living is a struggle, it is
difficult to face life with a smile. And it becomes even more difficult when the future of the landless
labour family is uncertain due to untimely death of the breadwinner. Aam Admi Bima Yojana is a social
security measure for 38.00 lakh landless agricultural labourers in the State of Andhra Pradesh w.e.f
31.03.2008. It is the largest such coverage in the country.
Eligibility :
    n   It is a Group Insurance Scheme for the age group of 18 -59 years.
    n   The members should be rural landless agricultural labourers families who are dependent on
        agricultural labour as their primary source of livelihood.
    n   The members should be head of the family (bread winner) or one of the earning members in the
        family of rural landless household.
Claim Amount :
    n   In the event of death of a member prior to the terminal date, the Sum Assured of Rs. 30,000 will
        become payable to the nominee.
    n   Accidental Benefit : When accident occurs, the following shall be payable.
        a) On death due to accident                                      Rs.75,000
        b) Permanent Total Disability due to accident                    Rs. 75,000
        c) Loss of one eye or one limb in an accident                    Rs.37,500
Scholarships :
    n   A free add-on scholarship benefit is provided for the children of the AABY members, studying
        between 9 and 12 standard, including ITI. A scholarship of Rs.100 per month will be paid for
                    th       th

        up to two children. The scholorship is payable half yearly.
Premium :
    n   This is a free policy for the poor provided by State and Central Governments together. The
        premium under the scheme is Rs.200 per member, it is being paid by the Government of India
        and AP State Government on 50:50 basis on behalf of the policy holder.

Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam                                                                               3
                     Janasree Bima Yojana (JBY)

Eligibility :
  n   Husbands of SHG members who are in the age group of 18 to 59 years

  n   Unmarried SHG members who are in the age group of 18 to 59 years

  n   Single women who are in SHGs and in the age group of 18 to 59 years

Premium :
  n   Total premium is Rs.150 of which Rs.75 ( 50%)is paid by Government of India and the remaining
      Rs.75 is paid by the member.

Service Charges :
  n   Each member shall pay Rs.10 towards service charges to the respective Zilla Samakhya, in addition
      to the premium mentioned above.

      The total amount payable to ZS at the time of enrollment is Rs. 85.

Claim Amount :
  n   For Natural Death : Rs.30,000

  n   For Accidental Death : Rs.75,000

  n   For Permanent Total Disability : Rs.75,000

  n   For Permanent Partial Disability: Rs.37,500

Scholarships :
      (A free add-on scholarship for the children of the members of JBY at the rate of Rs.100 per
      month will be paid to maximum two children studying between 9 to 12 Standard, including
                                                                          th    th

      ITI. The scholarship is paid to the children once in six months.)

  4                                                                            Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam
                       Other Group Insurance (OGI )

Eligibility :
      n   All the SHG members who are under the age group of 18 to 59 years are eligible.

Premium :
      n   The total premium is Rs.158 (Rs.150 for LIC and Rs.8 for United India Insurance Ltd.)

Claim Amount :
      n   In the event of Natural Death Rs.30,000 is paid by the LIC

      n In the event of Accidental Death a Total Amount of Rs. 80,000 is paid to the nominee (Rs.30,000

          by LIC and Rs.50,000 by United India Insurance)

Loan /Credit Insurance :
 In order to protect her loan, a loan /credit insurance is being planned. The SHG shall be insured to the

extent of loan taken by paying a small premium.

Cattle Insurance :
A small percentage of the value of the animal shall be paid as premium amount. The animals‟ real value

is the sum assured.

Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam                                                                               5
                           Service Delivery System
Providing quality and timely services to the most vulnerable and the poor households is in deed a big
challenge and the utmost concern of the Government. When a member dies, it takes at least 15 to 30
days to come out of grief and apply for claim amount in the normal course. Even after submitting to the
LIC, it take another 30 to 40 days for settlement of Claims.   In this context, Zilla Samakhyas have over
come this by paying an immediate financial assistance of Rs.5000 from their sources of funds to meet the
exigencies at the time of funeral through Bima Mithras within 24 hours of the demise of the insured
member. The same service delivery system has been adopted to provide the timely and quality services
with respect to all the Schemes.


         Claim @ Village                             %
                                                                                                 Call Centre
                 Payment of
                                                                                               Zilla Samakhya
                 Rs. 5000/-
               Solatium to the
              bereaved nominee

                                                                      Area Committee / Bima Mithra

  6                                                                                   Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam
                      Process of claim settlement/ approximate time

      Step.1 : Immediately after death, a family member or Village Organisation shall inform the call centre of the Zilla
      Samakhya through a telephone call.

      Step.2 : Call Centre will call Bima Mithra to vist the bereaved family.

      Step.3 : Bima Mithra visits the family and makes enquiries to ascertain the eligibility of the claim. After
      confirmation of eligibility she pays Rs. 5000 to the nominee. She fills the Claim cum Discharge forms , gets
      the signatures of Nominee and informs them to submit the required Certificates with in 5 to 6 days. The
      MS members who accompanies Bima Mithra shall follow up for early submission of the documents (6days)

      Step.4 : Bima Mithra collects the Certificates and sends the Claim forms with all the required
      Certificates to the Call Centre by Post or Courier service   (3 days)

      Step.5 : ZS Sub-committee with the support of Anchor Person verifies the documents
      and hand over to the Call Centre Operators        (1 day)

      Step. 6 : Call Centre Operator Scans the documents uploads in the web-portal
      by on-line (1 day)

      Step.7 : LIC verifies the claims & remits the Amount depending on the
      type of death to ZS Account through on line. (4 days)

      Step. 8 : ZS shall prepare a DD and sends it to MS (2 days)

      Step.9 : And finally MS goes to the bereaved family and
      hand over the DD (2 days)

Call Centres :
A Call Centre is a hub of all the insurance activities at district level. It is administered and managed by
the Zilla Samakhyas and equipped with infrastructure like Computer with broad band internet facility,
scanner, printer etc. The information about the policy holders stored in the computer and managed with
the support of software „Call Centre Manager‟ exclusively designed for this purpose.

During the awareness and enrollment, all the enrolled members are given receipts and bonds with Call
Centre Phone Numbers. As soon as an insured member dies, his/her family member or Village Organization
representatives shall ring up the Call Centre. The operator at Call Centre directs the “Bima Mithras” to
visit the family and confirm that death of the policy holder has taken place and provide the required

Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam                                                                                           7
Bima Mithras :
SERP through the respective Zilla Samakhyas have developed a strong social capital like
Community Resource Persons(CRPs) for various interventions.              In the same fashion, Bima Mithras,
selected from SHGs are trained and positioned to provide quick and quality services to the insured.
About 500 Bima Mithras are functioning across the State.

Bima Mithras are provided with a cell phone, a Bank Account with ATM card facility, a kit containing
Claim cum Discharge forms prescribed by LIC and small report. It is ensured that an amount of Rs.10,000
is deposited in the Bank Account of each Bima Mithra. Upon receiving the phone call from Call Center,
with the accompaniment of one Mandal Samakhya Representative , Bima Mithra visits the village where
a death has been reported.
They verify the causes of death from the community, and it is a valid claim, pay the bereaved nominee an
amount of Rs.5000 as immediate financial assistance to meet the exigencies. Bima Mithra fills the claim
cum discharge form, gets the signatures and advises the family members to send the death and proof of
age certificates. In case of accidental death there is an additional requirement of FIR, Post Mortem
Report (PMR) , doctor certificate etc. As soon as she finishes the job, she informs the compliance at call
centre. For this service, each Bima Mithra and MS member are paid an amount of Rs.100 for each case
as service charges and for actual travel.

  8                                                                                   Indira Jee vitha Bima Pathakam
Web-Managed Data Base :
In order to achieve transparency, accountability and efficiency in the implementation of Indira Jeevitha
Bima Pathakam, Web Based MIS and claim settlement system is setup at all the Call Centres and they are
connected to this web site through internet, where in all the claim particulars and claim documents are
uploaded on a day to day basis. A dedicated satellite office has been set up by LIC for this purpose and
it has regular access for down loading the documents. This arrengement is first of its kind in the entire
country. A web-site ( is launched for the purpose of landless agricultural labourers
and SHG members. The web site, provides all the information , reports, analysis etc with regard to the

The essential feature of this intervention is the entire service delivery system is totally administered and
monitored by the Zilla samakhya for the benefit of their members by collecting nominal service charges
of Rs.10/- from each applicant. The entire operational expenditure in the process of awareness, enrollment,
data entry, issuing Individual Bonds and the administrative cost of the Call Centers like meeting the
payments of Call Centre operators, Bima Mithras, ZS-Sub-Committee members is met from these service
charges without depending on external funds.


Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam                                                                                 9
             District Wise coverage of members under AABY, JBY & OGI

 District      Members    Members     Members      Total    District       Members    Members     Members      Total
               enrolled    enrolled    enrolled                            enrolled    enrolled    enrolled
                under     under JBY   under OGI                             under     under JBY   under OGI
                AABY                                                        AABY

Adilabad         98559       57687      61771     218017   Nalgonda         173087       29237      39949     242273

Anantapur       187054       46635    142128      475817   Nellore          157147       57257      77726     292130

Chittoor        174957     138493      191145     504595   Nizamabad         87677      190677     173081     451435

E.Godavari      276956       63288      40708     380952   Prakasam         189460       52117      60105     301682

Guntur          289711       97025    192525      579261   R.R.              94491       33956      46153     174600

Kadapa          130118       83475      99428     313021   Srikakulam       158422       63109     118503     340034

Karimnagar      157827     136764     132622      427213   Visakhapatnam    128933       73488      60231     262652

Khammam         182986     123857     166528      473371   Vizianagaram     117386      186538     195392     499316

Krishna         265822       85397    140888      492107   Warangal         155044      112693     134042     401779

Kurnool         200534       43732      55526     299792   W.Godavari       291385       38245      53642     383272

MBNR            173703       25733      98666     298102
                                                           Totals          3800000     1879385    2342042     8021427
Medak           108741       39982      61283     210006

                                         Future            Strategy
Andhra Pradesh has carved its niche in the development activities by setting up various models worthy of
emulation. With regard to micro-insurance too, the Government of Andhra Pradesh is proud of the
coverage of 80.21 lakh under micro-insurance. It is the biggest underwriting in micro- insurance industry
in the entire Country.
Future Plan - by 2010

  n        SERP will strive to provide insurance coverage to 1.60 crores, to cover all eligible SHG members
           and their spouses in the state of AP.

Credit & Cattle                Insurance

  n        By 2010 about Rs.20,000 Crores of loans would be insured, covering around 80.00 lakhs
           SHG women under loan /Credit Insurance in addition to the social security net.

  n        During the present year, in addition to Viziayanagaram, Cattle insurance is being piloted in
           Visakapatanam, Anathapuram, Chittoor, Kadapa, Nizamabad and Karimnagar covering around
           3.50 lakh milch animals @ 50,000 animals per district. By 2010 Cattle insurance shall be
           universalized to all the Districts in AP covering around 10.00 lakh milch animals.

 10                                                                                    Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam
Nakka Prameela
Name                 : Nakka Prameela
Husband‟s name : Prasad
Age                  : 30 years
Caste                :SC
Education            : Illiterate
SHG                  : Pradeepa
Village              : Dharmasagar
Mandal               : Dharmasagar
District             : Warangal

I never had an opportunity to go to school when I         scheme would help me and when would that help
was a child. I had to go for work along with my           reaches our family. All that we understood was that
parents and thus earn something to support the            some money would come from the insurance
family. I was married to Prasad, who studied up to        company if either of us in the family died.
Class IV. He is an agriculture worker earning about
Rs 80 to Rs 100 a day.                                    The Group had given us the confidence that we
                                                          can still survive if we don‟t go for daily wage work.
Right from the day of my marriage, I had to start         The comfortable feeling was found to be short lived
working with my husband to support the family. I          as my husband fell sick due to sun stroke. He
was paid around Rs 30 to Rs 50 a day depending            complained of sun stroke one day after he came
on the demand.                                            from work and died in the same night, leaving me
I have two daughters and son, who are now                 alone.
studying. My elder daughter is in her final Inter,        When my husband died, I did not know what to
while younger daughter is in first Inter. My only         do. I was left alone, but my relatives came to me
son is in his Class VII.                                  offering money to perform the last rites to my
I joined the group in the village in 2002. I was able     husband. After the ceremony, I was told that they
to clear some of the private loans with the help of       came to know about the Insurance scheme and that
the group. The pressure had come down from the            was the reason why the relatives have spent money.
lenders as I was able to avail loans from time to time.   After the death of my husband, It took a month
Myhusbandencouragedmetobeactiveinthegroup                 time for me to get Rs 30,000 as Insurance coverage
as he was able to see me getting money from the           for my husband. The money gave me a kind of relief
group.                                                    as the relatives were waiting for the payments. I have
The group president had explained to us about the         cleared everything that they have spent during the
Aam Aadmi Bhima Yojana. The president had told            rituals.
us the benefits that our families would get if we         Iwasalsoabletosavesomemoneyfromtheinsurance
become members of the Group Insurance Scheme.             money. which I am now using for education of my
Accordingly, I have paid Rs 10 and became member          children. The insurance money had given me a lot
of the scheme. But, I was not sure how the insurance      of strength and moral support.

Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam                                                                            11
                                                       Chinni Nagamani
                                                       Name                : Chinni Nagamani
                                                       Husband‟s Name : Someswara Rao
                                                       Age                 : 26 years
                                                       Caste               :OC
                                                       Education           : Class V
                                                       SHG                 : Santhoshi Matha
                                                       Village             : Chimanapalli
                                                       Mandal              : Chodavaram
                                                       District            : Visakhapatnam

I am the last of the four daughters to my parents. crisis of my life. It was this scheme that had helped
Due to poverty, I could not go to school after V       me overcome the crisis and stand on my own.
Class. I had to stay back at home helping parents      My husband collapsed while working in the field
and taking care of the house, as my parents and        due to cardiac arrest. The co-workers brought the
elder sisters used to work.                            body to home. I was dumb, stuck on seeing my
I was married to Someswara Rao six years ago. I        husband‟s body at home. It was the greatest loss in
havetwosons,besidesmyin-lawswhoaredepending            my life. I could not think of life without him.
on me for their survival. My husband died in June      Meanwhile, the insurance agent, Bima Mitra, visited
this year (2008), leaving me alone. I used to go out   our house and examined my insurance papers. The
for work along with my husband when he was alive.      ZS had paid us Rs 5,000 on the day for carrying
I never went out without him in six years of my        out the funeral. My family members were able to
married life.                                          complete the ritual with that money.
                                                       Later, with in 25 days, the insurance company had
We have no properties except a house to live in.
My sister-in-law, who is president of the local SHG,   paid me Rs 25,000. I felt a bit relief when I saw the
                                                       money. I have deposited Rs 5,000 each for the
                                                       education of my two sons.
She had explained me and my husband about the
benefits of the group and I finally joined the group   With Rs 5,000 deposit against each of my two sons,
in 2006.                                               I am confident that I would be able to give them
                                                       better education. I was also able to buy a buffalo
The group, told me about the Aam Aadmi Bima
                                                       by spending Rs 15,000 and today I earn Rs 80 a
Yojana and asked all members to pay the insurance      day by selling milk in the village. My family is now
premium.Thoughwe were notawareof thescheme,            surviving only because of the Insurance scheme that
we paid the premium of Rs 100 each because our         had come to our rescue. We would have been left
leader had told us to pay. I never thought that the    on the streets, had there been no insurance money
insurance scheme would stand by me at the severe       after the death of my husband.

  12                                                                           Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam
Devalam Geetha
Name           : Devalam Geetha
Husband‟s name : Purushotham
Age            : 35 years
Caste          :BC
Education      : Class X
SHG            : Mogilamma
Village              : Padipeta
Mandal               : Tirupathi Rural
District             : Chittoor

My husband studied up to Class V. He used to work The jaundice had finally taken his life in November
as mason in the construction activity. He did not        2007. My mind went blank and I could not do
allowmetogooutandwealldependedonhiswages.                anything. It was the greatest loss in my life and I
It was difficult for us to run the family with his small have no one to stand by my side. As I was crying by
income. I prevailed upon him and finally started to    the side of his body, the Bima Mitra came to me
go out for work earning around Rs 30 a day. As we      and gave me Rs 5,000 for the rituals. That was a
were toiling, he fell sick and was on the bed due to   great relief to me as I could conduct the final rites
jaundice. He could not go out for work and the         to my husband‟s body. The insurance money came
total burden fell on my shoulders. I had to give him   like a family member helping me to live. A few days
goodfood, medicine, besidesfeedingtheentirefamily.     later, I have received another Rs 25,000, as the final
He was on bed for six years leaving the total family   payment from the Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana.
burden on my shoulders. I struggled hard to feed       The loss of my husband in my life can not be filled.
the family with two children. I have 16 year old       But,theinsuranceamountthatIhavereceivedunder
daughter, and 14 year old son, besides my sister.      the Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana had helped me to
My sister lost her husband and has no children. She    withstand the greatest calamity in my life.The
assists me in sending children to school and in        insurance money had given me the strength to face
domestic work.
                                                       the challenges and live a new life.
I joined the group in 2003 and started saving in a
                                                       I have deposited Rs 15,000 in the bank for the
small way. In 2006, Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana, which
                                                       marriage of my daughter. Today, I am confident
is called Indira Jeevita Bima Pathakam, was
                                                       that I can perform my daughter‟s marriage.
introduced in the village. I paid Rs 165 in the
scheme insuring my life and my husband‟s life. I       My life would have been pushed into debts if the
did it without much knowledge about the scheme.        insurance money was not there. I could survive and
All that I know was that the scheme would bring        start living again after the death of my husband. I
some money to the family at the untimely death of      am now able to give better life to my children and
my husband or me.                                      am confident of settling them in their life.

Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam                                                                         13
                                                         Pasupuleti Yellamma
                                                         Name               : Pasupuleti Y
                                                         Husband‟s Name : Veerabhadram
                                                         Age            : 30 years
                                                         Education      : Illiterate
                                                         Caste          : BC –D
                                                         SHG            : Manasa
                                                         Village        : Naidupet
                                                         Mandal             : Khammam Rural
                                                         District           : Khammam

I come from a below poverty line family of               Meanwhile, my husband fell sick and I borrowed
Nalgonda district. I was married to an auto driver,      Rs 10,000 from the group for his treatment. I took
Veerabhadram, of Naidupet village of Khammam             him to some private hospitals for treatment in vain.
district, at the age of 12 years. We lived in a rented   HediedinJuly2007inthehospitalwhileundergoing
house and my husband was the only breadwinner            treatment. I was left alone with the 13-year old son.

in the family. After a few years of my marriage, I       The relief I felt was with the insurance money of
started going out for work to support my husband.        Rs 30,000. I have utilized Rs 5,000 for the rituals
I joined the group in 2001 along with other women
in the village as I was told about the support that
women get from the SHG groups.
                                                         We are now selling milk to the local Cooperative
I borrowed Rs 10,000 and purchased a she buffalo
                                                         Society. I have also borrowed Rs 15,000 from the
and started selling milk to the neighbours. Besides
                                                         Group and purchased a plot in the village. We are
working as daily wage labourer, sale of milk had
                                                         able to earn Rs 3,000 a month by selling milk and
helped me to some extent in supporting the family.
                                                         Rs 1200 through wages.
While being active in the group, I paid Rs 120 for       With Rs 5,000 deposit against each of my two sons,
the Janasree Bima Yojana. I was not sure how the         I am confident that I would be able to give them
insurance is going to help my family, but everyone       better education. I was also able to buy a buffalo
told me that the scheme would come to the rescue         by spending Rs 15,000 and today I earn Rs 80 a
of my family in crisis.                                  day by selling milk in the village.

  14                                                                             Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam
Hanumanthu Jyothi
Name           : Hanumanthu Jyothi
Husband‟s Name : Demudu
Age            : 32 years
Education      : Class V
Caste          :SC
SHG            : Priyadarsini
Village              : Madugula
Mandal               : Madugula
District             : Visakhapatnam

Icomefromapoorfamilywithtwosons.Myhusband One day my husband fell sick and we immediately
and I used to work every day to feed the family.            rushed him to the Government Hospital, where the
Though he studied up to Class X, he could not get           doctors said that he was already dead. They said
any job. He could not get financial support from            thathehadsufferedfromviralfeveranddiedbecause
the banks to start his own business in the village.         of non-availabilityof medicine.We broughtthebody
Thus, we were forced to go for agriculture work as          back to the village and conducted funeral. I was in
daily wage labourers. Both of us used to work every         mental shock and did not know what to do. Thinking
day and earn around Rs 100 to Rs 120 a day,                 life beyond his death was impossible and I was
                                                            terrified even to think about the future.
depending on the season.
                                                            It was during one of these days I remembered about
We used to borrow money from the private lenders
                                                            the insurance and immediately enquired with the
at higher rate of interest to meet our family needs.
                                                            group leader. In three days, I was paid Rs 5,000 as
We were more particular about giving better
                                                            first installment, which I spent on the final ritual
education to our children and that had increased
                                                            for my husband. After 20 days, I received the final
financial burden on us. However, we have never
                                                            settlement of Rs 25,000 from the Insurance
discouraged or even thought of dropping children            Company.
from the school.
                                                            I have used a small portion of the amount to clear
I joined the Group in 2006 and started saving in a          my old debts. Later, I have established a small tea
small way after I saw the progress of the SHG groups        shopinthevillage,whichhasnowbecomethemajor
in our village. The first thing that I did after becoming   source of income to the family. I am able to live on
member of the Group was to borrow from the                  my own and feed children with the small earnings
Group and repay the private loans.                          from the tea shop.
The second thing that I did in the Group was paying         Today, I have the confidence that I can live rest of
premium for the insurance scheme – Aam Aadmi                my life peacefully and give better education to the
Bima Yojana.                                                children.

Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam                                                                              15
                                                      Name                  : R Ammulu
                                                      Husband‟s Name : D Rajendra
                                                      Age                   : 33
                                                      Education             : 7 class

                                                      Caste                 :BC
                                                      SHG                   : Vigna Vgna inayaka
                                                      Village               : 75 Doddipalli
                                                      Mandal                : Chittoor
                                                      District              : Chittoor

Ihave twochildren,                                    a sewing machine. I am earning Rs 200 a day on
adaughterandason.Myhusband                            an average now.
used to work as painter. He used to earn Rs 60 a
day whenever I get work. I used to work as a small-   I am able to educate my children. My daughter is
time tailor. We lived hand-to-mouth existence. We     studying 10th class and son in the 7th class. I am
did barely have a square meal a day. We used to eat   now able to pay fees for my children in school and

millets and jowar.                                    also engage a teacher for them to coach them further
                                                      outside the school.
The members in the Self-Help Groups counselled
me to join A SHG Group and secure all the benefits    Myhusbandtookillbecauseof liverfailure. Iadmitted
they were getting by being members in the Groups.     him in hospital. He was infected with jaundice. He
Thus, I joined the SHG in 2003. After joining the     died in February last year. I paid Rs 130 insurance
Group, there was no looking back. I used to save      to cover both me and my husband. I was paid
Rs 30 a month initially and now I scaled up the       Rs30,000within25daysofthedeathofmyhusband.
savings to Rs 100 a month.                            With that money, I have established a provision shop.
                                                      I am earning between Rs 150 and Rs 200 a day on
Before joining the SHG, we used to borrow small
                                                      selling provisions.
amounts of money from lenders at Rs 3 interest.
On joining the SHG, the Group and the banks           I express my gratitude to the Chief Minister
cametomyrescue.IhavesofarborrowedRs32,500             Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy for helping the poor
either from the Group or the banks. I established a   andhaplesspeoplebyprovidinginsurancecoverage.
shop with a machine to grind flour and also bought
                                                                                   Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam
i       : Mabooni
Husband‟s Name : Sk Frakruddin
Age                   : 45
Education             : Illiterate
SHG                   : Paruk
Village               : Mydukur
Mandal                : Mydukur
District              : Kadapa

I have two children, a daughter and a son. I and Under Aam Admi Bheema Yojana scheme, named
my husband used to work as agricultural labourers.       as Indira Insurance schement, I paid Rs 10 to provide
My husband used to earn Rs 60 and I was paid             insurance for my husband. The Central and State
Rs 40 a day whenever there was work. When there          government had paid Rs 100 each to supplement
was no work, we had been forced to starve. We used       the payment I made.
to eat jowar rotis and sometimes we had to go to
                                                         My husband died of sun stroke on April 5th this
bed with empty stomach.                                  year. The scheme came into effect on April 1. Within

We were unable to educate my children. I married         four days of the scheme coming into effect, my
off my daughter. My son is still working as a cooli at   husband was struck by tragedy. The scheme came

construction sites.                                      to my rescue as god-sent gift.

I joined the Self-Help Group in 2007. Our                Asweweredepressedwithnomoneyevenforfuneral,
community women encouraged me to join the SHG.           an official came to my house and paid Rs 5000.

I joined the Group with a hope of improving my           Later, I was paid Rs 25,000 insurance amount. We
                                                         are planning to open a small shop at our house with
livelihood. I started saving Rs 60 a day. I borrowed
                                                         thismoney. We alsohave planstoimproveourbusiness
Rs 5,000 from the Group and repaid the loan. I
                                                         later by borrowing loan from a bank.
borrowed at the time of my daughter‟s marriage. I
cametoknowof theGovernment‟s decisiontoensure            I ever remain grateful to the Chief Minister Dr Y S
that bank lend money to SHG member at 3 per              Rajasekhara Reddy for providing livelihood to me
cent interest.                                           and my son.

Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam                                                                          17
                                                        Mandal Venkatalakshmi
                                                        Name               : Mandal V
                                                        Husband‟s Name     : Maddileti
                                                        Age                : 39
                                                        Caste              : Scheduled Tribes
                                                        Education          : Illiterate.
                                                        SHG                : Gopi
                                                        Village            : Garigapuram
                                                        Mandal             : Kurnool
                                                        District           : Kurnool

Myparentshave sixchildren.Iamthesecondamong State government contributed Rs 100 each. I also
the children. My father died when I was young.         paid Rs 150 under Group Insurance Scheme.
Mymotherfedusby workingasagriculturallabourer.
                                                       Tragedy struck my family with my husband being
I was forced into marrying an agricultural labourer
                                                       infected with diabetes. He died on August 6 this

whenIwastooyoung. I, too, usedtoworkaslabourer.
                                                       year. Earlier, I admitted my husband in a hospital

I have two children, a daughter and a son. I was       and spent Rs 400 for medical expenses but in vain.

unabletoeducatemychildrenbecauseof direpoverty.        Within 24 hours of my husband‟s death, insurance

My parents-in-law, too, died in two years after my     amount of Rs 5000 was given to me for funeral

marriage. We were able to have barely one square       expenses. The insurance of Rs 25,000 more was
                                                       granted to me.
meal a day with jowar gruel.

                                                       After joining the SHG, our family members are able
I joined the Gopi Self-Help Group five years ago. I
                                                       to eat rice.
used to save Rs 30 a month for five years. The Group

lent me Rs 20,000 and I built a house with that        I ever remain grateful to the Chief Minister Dr Y S
money. I paid Rs 10 for my husband under Aam           Rajasekhara Reddy for helping the poor like me
Admi Insurance Scheme for which the Central and        and providing livelihood.

  18                                                                          Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam
 Shaik Uddandi Bee
 Name                 : Shaik Uddandi Bee
 Husband‟s Name : Shaik Saidulu
 Age                  : 40
 Caste                : Muslim
 Education            : Illeterate
 SHG                  : Ayappa
 Village              : Jalaga
 Mandal               : Khammam rural
 District             : Khammam

 I have two children, a son a daughter. My husband Rs 12,000 from the SHG and gave Rs 10,000 to
andmyselfusedtogoformanualworkatconstruction            my son-in-law. I repaid the loan in instalments.
sites. I used to work in agricultural fields. We both   With the encouragement of our SHG member, I
together used to earn Rs 150 a day. We were unable      and my husband joined Jana Sri insurance scheme.
to have two square meals a day. Some days we used       We paid Rs 10 each.
to go to bed with empty stomach whenever there          My husband on one fateful day was critically injured
was no work. But we never borrowed money from           when he was knocked down by a motor bike. He
money-lenders. Myhusbandwasscaredof borrowing           diedlater.IborrowedRs10,000forfuneralexpenses.
money.                                                  Fortunately, IwaspaidRs30,000undertheInsurance
                                                        Scheme within two months of my husband‟s death.
My daughter studied up to 9 class. We were unable

                                                        After repaying the loan, I deposited the remaining
to fund for her higher studies because of poverty.
                                                        amountinabankforthepurposeof my son‟seducation.
Now my son is studying 9 class. We married off

                                                        I would have become deeply entangled in debts if
our daughter to a vegetable vendor. We were forced
                                                        Aam Aadmi Bima was not available. I counselled
to marry her off when she was just 13 years old. We
                                                        the members, who did not subscribe to the Jana Sri
paid Rs 70,000 dowry at the time of the marriage
                                                        scheme, and ensured that they, too, had paid for
of my daughter. We also borrowed Rs 10,000 also
                                                        the scheme at the rate Rs 10 each.
at the time of marriage.
                                                        I am still working as agricultural labourer. The
I was persuaded to join the Self-Help Group (SHG)       Government has also promised to allot a house for
by Pramila Group leader. I joined the SHG in 2003       me. I express my gratitude to the government for
and started saving Rs 50 a month. I borrowed            providing livelihood and insured us.

Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam                                                                        19
                                                          Sk Shaphiya
                                                          Name               : Sk Shaphiya
                                                          Husband‟s Name     : Anwar
                                                          Age                : 20
                                                          Caste              : Muslim
                                                          Education          : 7 class

                                                          SHG                : Baba
                                                          Village            : Chejarla
                                                          Mandal             : Ongole
                                                          District           : Prakasam

I hailed from Chirala village in Prakasam district, Bima Yojana scheme. Fifteen days after, I was paid
My parents have three children, of them I am the         Rs 25,000. I bought a sewing and embroidery
eldest. I studied up to 7 class. My father was fruit

                                                         machines. I did not go back to my parents‟ house. I
vendor. My brothers, too, studied up to 7 class.

                                                         have now the confidence of standing on my own.
My parents were unable to educate us because of
poverty.                                                 I joined the Baba Self-Help Group 10 months ago.

                                                         I subscribed to insurances to cover my husband with
I was married to our relative Anwar when I was 16
                                                         the encouragement of my Group members. It helped
years old. My husband was an agricultural labourer.
                                                         me to secure financial help because of the insurance
I, too, used to work as labourer. My parents-in-law,
                                                         scheme. I am able to secure livelihood because of
too, depended on us. We never suffered because of
                                                         the insurance scheme. I am now able to look after
lack of food or clothing. Tragedy struck me when
myhusbanddiedwithinfouryearsofmarriagewhile              my parents-in-law, too.

working agriculture field. I was left with no support
                                                         I am sincerely grateful to the Chief Minister and
with the death of my husband.
                                                         the Government for introducing the scheme and

In fact, I did not have means even to meet the funeral   helping the poor and hapless. I will now persuade
expenses. But within 24 hours of the death of my         thewomentojointheSHGsandsubscribetoinsurance
husband, I was paid Rs 5000 under the Aam Admi           scheme.

  20                                                                            Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam

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