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					  Welcome to Horizons Unlimited of
       Palo Alto County, Inc.

             “Pursuing a Better Quality of
                   Life for People”

Where The Individuals We Serve Always Come First

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Horizons Unlimited is a private, non-profit
   organization with two basic goals.
     Goal #1:                     Goal #2:
      To provide residential,       To operate as part of
      work & day hab                the Regional Recycling
      opportunities for             Commission, which
      individuals who have          includes Pocahontas
      developmental, mental         and Palo Alto Counties.
      and/or physical

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   “Pursuing a Better
    Quality of Life for

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                 Horizons Unlimited
                 Board of Directors

Dr. James Bird   Chris Louscher      Sandy Naig         Jane Banwart   Sandi Chapman        Mary Clasing
  President      Vice President   Secretary/Treasurer

Linda Higgins     Gary Hughes     Greg Hoyman, R.PH.    Alan Mattice   Phil Stillman

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                       Horizons Unlimited Board of
                        Directors is comprised of
                     eleven individuals representing
                           all walks of life from
                       primarily Palo Alto County.

Requirements Include:
   A minimum of three members must have a family member currently
    receiving services at Horizons.
   After two consecutive 3-year terms, an individual must go off the board for
    at least one year.

The Board’s Role is to:
   Govern the organization's resources.
   Preserve, develop and expand programs and services for those served.
   Set organization policy.
   Ensure the perpetuation of and plan for the future of the organization.

   Serve as advocates for the organization.
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      Horizons began in 1966 . . .
when the Palo Alto County Association for Retarded Citizens started a program
  for adults with disabilities in the basement of Mr. & Mrs. Kermit Reeves.

                               Rose Reeves, first teacher, was paid $12.00/day.
                               She was assisted by Maxine Brown from Mallard.
                               They met 3-4 days a week to work with 7-8 students.
                               The program consisted of crafts, reading, ceramics and
                               independent living skills.

                                           Where the program began!

  Rose & Kermit Reeves
                                    Located at NW edge of Emmetsburg

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    The program moved in 1968 to the
         Palo Alto County Home.
Located on the South edge of
Emmetsburg, along Highway 4 at
3862 460th Avenue.
Several rooms were remodeled
allowing space for piece work for
Pamline Manufacturing.

 Legally incorporated in 1969, Horizons was renamed the

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  In 1970, the program moved to the Open Door
School on 16th street where it remained until 1974.
                       Men worked on
                    Pamline contracts and
                    woodworking projects.
                    Women learned sewing
                       and rug-making
                     skills and packaged
                     sample products for
                    Stylecraft Furniture in

                                “Danny’s Home” located
                                at 2208 7th Street was the
                               first attempt at group home
                                 living in the community.
                                        (1974- 1975)

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         In 1975, the facility moved again and
           was renamed the Willing Workers
                    Activity Center.
New building
constructed at                                            Main Activities:
King and                                                  Ceramics and
7th Street.                                               providing
Horizons was                                              congregate meals
located here from                                         to senior citizens.
1975 - 1992.

 In July of 1982, Horizons’ program doubled in size by partnering with
  Iowa Lakes Community College to provide PROJECT LEARNING.

     In November, 1982, the name was officially changed to

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                  HORIZONS UNLIMITED
    has been located at the former John Deere complex on Highway 4 South,
                    Emmetsburg, from 1992 to the present.
                                                  Additions & Improvements:
                                                   1994: 8,400 square foot addition
                                                    built for receiving additional
                                                    recyclables from Kossuth &
                                                    Pocahontas Counties.
                                                   1995: 28 X 54 foot cold storage
                                                    addition was built to house a new
                                                   1996: Can/Bottle Redemption
                                                    Center moved to Highway 4
                                                   1998: Horizons remodeled to
Currently serving almost 90 individuals             expand Creative Stitches and to
                                                    add additional offices.
       from these 18 counties:                     2001: 6,600 square foot addition
*   Black Hawk    *   Emmet      *   Palo Alto      for expansion of Recycling
*   Carroll       *   Henry      *   Pocahontas     Workshop.
*   Cerro Gordo   *   Humboldt   *   O’Brien       2009: New ADA Bathrooms &
*   Clay          *   Ida        *   Story          PACE Center. Reorganized
*   Clinton       *   Jasper     *   Webster
*   Dickinson     *   Kossuth    *   Wright         Recycling Center and installed
                                                    new equipment to increase
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         Oversees all individuals in group homes,
            SAIL, INCH and HCBS apartments

                                       Duties include:
                                        Overseeing all residential programs to assure that
                                         individuals receive care, training and treatment
                                         through proper supervision and operation of all
                                        Works directly with the Department of Human
                                         Services, Home and Community Based Services, the
                                         Department of Inspections and Appeals and the State
                                         Fire Marshall.
                                        Hires and promotes residential staff.
                                        Insures maintenance of accurate records as they
                                         relate to medication, behaviors, training skills and
                                         requirements of each state agency.
Ron Askland, Chief Executive Officer
      & Residential Director

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have expanded over the years, but teaching independent living skills
                  continues to be very important.

                          Horizons offers several options
                                  for residential living:
                         GROUP HOMES
                         SAIL (Supervised Apartments for Independent Living)
                         HCBS (Home and Community Based Services)
                         INCH (Independent Community Housing)

    Each new individual who enters the program is evaluated to
  determine which housing option will best meet his or her needs.

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Horizons built, owns & operates three group homes in
Emmetsburg. They provide supervised living, 24-hours
                  day, 7 days a week.

            21st Street                       19th Street
 21st Street was opened in 1985 and was
  the first officially licensed group home!
 15th Street & 19th Street Group Homes
  were opened in 1991.

                                              15th Street
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       Where independent life skills are taught!

  Group Home Chore Chart
Life skills taught include cooking,
 housekeeping, personal hygiene,
laundry, health, safety, budgeting
         and social skills.
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     apartments provide wide range of opportunities for
   independent living with supervision depending on each
                     person’s abilities!

           INCH Residence                                    SAIL Apartments
*SAIL (Supervised Apartments
for Independent Living) are double
apartment complexes for 12 adults. Horizons
opened two of these on King Street in 1988.
* INCH (Independent Community Housing)
are rented houses with supervision based on
                                                             HCBS Apartments
individual needs.
* HCBS (Home and Community Based Services) allow individuals requiring
special services a chance to live in a community setting. Supervision is on evenings,
overnights and weekends.
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“I have a friend that is fun
and he lives next to me.
We both like music and to
look at TV guides. I lift weights
at the Wellness Center and do
sports with Bill and Bill is a fun

Eric Scharn

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                  ACTIVITIESbasis and offer
    are planned and organized on a year-round
      a wide variety of choices and enjoyable experiences.
* Cards and Board Games
* Individual Birthday Parties
* Barbecues
* Fun Days
* Holiday Parties
* Eating Out (picnics & restaurants)
* Shopping
* Walks, Bike Rides (Okoboji Classic),      * Zoos (Omaha and Sioux Falls)
  Wellness Center (exercise and swimming)   * Vacations (Memphis, Walt Disney World,
* Movies                                      Universal Studios, Epcot Center)
* Bowling                                   * Attending High School Sporting Events
* Mainstreet Community Theatre plays        * Bus trips to UNI, Iowa Hawkeye
* Parades                                     and ISU football games
* Clay County Fair & Fair Concerts          * Attending Professional sporting events,
* Amusement Parks (Adventureland)            such as Vikings and Twin games
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    Special Olympics Volleyball Champions
         Division IV A - October 2009

 Horizons’ individuals are also             Horizons sponsors 5 different
active participants in the annual             Special Olympic Teams:
    Special Olympics held in                Basketball, Bowling, Softball,
           Des Moines.                        Volleyball, Track & Field

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          SAFETY PROGRAM working
  provides the knowledge and training necessary to maintain a safe
                      environment for all individuals, staff and visitors.
Annual  Safety Trainings are              Our Individuals Also Learn From
  Provided on the Following Topics:         These Safety Trainings:
* Fire suppression/extinguishers            * MSDS Labels
* Basic First Aid                           * Evacuation Plan
* CPR/choking                               * Posters
* Right to Know                             * Wet Floor Signs
* Confidentiality                           * Personal Protective Equipment
* Blood Borne Pathogens                    Our Safety Director Oversees Quarterly Safety
* Tuberculosis/Infection control
* Forklift and Skid Loader                 Inspections with OSHA and Reports the
* Lockout/Tag Out                          Administration and Documentation
* Personal Protective Equipment            of Safety Programs to the CEO
* Emergency Procedures
* Proper Lifting
* Defensive Driving                  Horizons Unlimited is a
* Workplace Violence               STAR WORKSITE for OSHA.
* Sexual Harassment                   We are one of only 34
* Ergonomics                         businesses in Iowa that
* Heat Stress
                                     have earned this honor!

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                           Project Learning has been conducted
                          on the campus of Iowa Lakes Community
                           College since 1974. In 1982, Horizons
                             Unlimited and Iowa Lakes formed a
                            strong partnership to provide Project
                            Learning, a day habilitation program.

    Project Learning is a model program
        because it is the only program
  in the state where a college works with a
        sheltered workshop facility to
increase “LITERACY” and “JOB TRAINING”
          in adults with disabilities.
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          Oversees all work at the workshop and all
            community employment opportunities

Duties include:
    Oversee all vocational programs to assure
    individuals receive training and proper
    Oversee all vocational programs to assure
    proper operations
    Work directly with the C.E.O., the Department
    of Human Services, Home and Community
    Based Services and Iowa Vocational
    Rehabilitation Services
    Promote and hire vocational staff
    Locate, advocate and secure community
    employment positions with area industry and
   Communicates vocational needs to C.E.O.
                                                     Lana Williams, Vocational Director

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     was added in July of 1990 to assist individuals in securing
 employment in the community while providing the support needed to
                         maintain that employment.

                              Many local businesses currently support this
                              program with employers contacted on a regular
                                basis to discuss the possibility of individual
                                             work opportunities.

Providing a wide variety of services:
* dish washing            * packaging
* janitorial services     * sorting
* bagging groceries       * assembly
* mailings

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                                         Thanks to a grant from the
                                          Solid Waste Alternative
                                          Program Iowa DNR,
                                          Horizons just purchased two
                                          new confidential shredding
                                         Service Costs: 20 cents/lb.
                                          if delivered to Horizons
                                         25 cents/lb. if Horizons picks
                                          up the material

Horizons Individual Sandy Erhardt           Contact Confidential
demonstrates the brand new machine.        Shredding Coordinator
                                           Connie Schubert at 712-
                                             852-2211 for more

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    $3.00 Small Load
    $3.75 Large Load
    Prices are Subject to Change.

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 began in 1989 and has since grown into a large workshop
housing a bottle & can redemption center as well as recycling
  areas for newspaper, cardboard, magazines, paper, tin,
                     plastics and glass.

                                             Individuals work
                                            a variety of jobs in
                                             different areas of
                                           the workshop under
                                          constant supervision.

                       Various truck lines pick up baled materials
  Get Green            monthly with City Carton the main carrier.
Northwest Iowa!

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  of Emmetsburg contracts with area towns and
   counties to pick up and transport recyclable
              materials to Horizons.

                                  Collection is set up
                                 on a weekly or monthly
                                 basis according to the
                                 needs of each county,
                                    town or business.
  Get Green
Northwest Iowa!

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        CAN & BOTTLE
 annually collects and sorts thousands of cans and bottles
  which are picked up several times monthly by vendors.
                                                                        Self Sorting is also an
                                                                      option for customers who
                                                                        want to do their own!

 Thanks to a grant from the Iowa DNR,              DONATE A CENT!
Horizons now sorts cans on a new turntable       In 2006, Horizons started encouraging
       with electric can counters!           customers to donate a cent back to Horizons
    Get Green                                for each can & bottle redeemed. About 80%
                                             of our customers generously donate a cent!
  Northwest Iowa!
                                                        THANK YOU 
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  1)   Newspapers
  2)   Cardboard
  3)   Glass
  4)   Magazines & Paper
  5)   Plastics 1-7
  6)   Tin

   Horizons Unlimited just
                             The Recycling Center was reorganized
    added Plastics 3-7 in      with City Carton in October of 2009,
      October of 2009!         purchasing a Tip Cart System and 30
                                 Mease Carts. This reorganization
                              allows Horizons to accept Plastics 1-7
  Get Green                       and it increases productivity,
Northwest Iowa!                       efficiency and safety!

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     Remember this was landfill material before!

                   622 tons of cardboard yearly
                   506 tons of newspaper yearly
                   157 tons of magazines yearly
                   102 tons of plastic yearly
                   68 tons of green/clear glass yearly
                   65 tons of tin yearly
                   45 tons of office paper yearly
                   2.9 tons of aluminum yearly
  Get Green
Northwest Iowa!
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            HOW TO GET
Pick a spot to store recyclables: your office, a garage
 your basement, etc.
Purchase recycling bins or extra trash cans or even
 just use plastic sacks to store your recyclables
Start simple and add a new item each year! You
 don’t have to recycle everything to get started!

  Get Green
Northwest Iowa!

                       Horizons Outside Storage of Cut Glass Sorted by Color.
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      New Day Habilitation
                     On April 20, 2009, Horizons started a
                      new Day Habilitation Program at our
                       main office called PACE, short for
                        Palo Alto Community Explorers.

                        Day Habilitation focuses on
A “New Horizons”   social interaction, leisure activities, physical
   is Forming!        fitness, daily orientation/current events,
                         health and hygiene, and community
                             awareness and involvement.

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       PACE Program
                     Some specific
                    PACE programs
                    Horizons will be
                      pursuing are
                     music, art and
                   guide dog therapy.

A “New Horizons”        Thanks to a grant from the Palo Alto County
   is Forming!            Gaming Development Corporation and
                     matching funds, Horizons opened the PACE Center
                     and two new ADA bathrooms in September of 2009.

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         FOOD SERVICEof special
prepares balanced meals with a wide variety
  diets following the American Dietetic Association

                               Four to five individuals help
                               each day to serve nearly 50
                                noon meals daily and 300
  One full time employee          “Horizons to Go” jobs
 plans and supervises all                annually.
  meal preparation and
teaches food service skills!

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 offers a wide selection of baked goods including
cookies, bars, fruit pizza, homemade breads, etc.

     Justin Johnson
Food Service Coordinator

                     Contact Justin
               at 712-852-2211, EXT 214
                   for mouthwatering
                    catering options.
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              NEWSLETTER in 1994,
   printed by Emmetsburg Publishing, was started
 and is currently inserted in the Palo Alto Reminder and the
             Emmetsburg Democrat & Reporter.

Armstrong           Mallard
Ayrshire            Plover
Curlew              Pocahontas
Cylinder            Ringsted
Emmetsburg          Ruthven
Graettinger         West Bend
Havelock            Whittemore

Feature Articles      Program Evaluation Results
Recent Happenings     Memorial Donations
Donations             Individuals’ Activities

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  Horizons Unlimited’s program is evaluated each
   year through a rigorous survey process of our
 parents, guardians, case managers/social workers
                and our individuals.
“Soon after Mark graduated from Emmetsburg
High School he began working at Horizons
Unlimited on a daily basis. Mark is currently
residing in an apartment with his friend. Mark is
almost completely independent. Horizons staff is
always willing to assist when needed. The staff
at Horizons are well trained and very helpful in
assisting Mark to obtain new goals, self esteem,
and he has become a happy individual!”

Phil & Ann Stillman
                                                    Nearly 90% of our parents/guardians
                                                     believe that our program promotes
                                                      independence in the individuals
                                                                   we serve!
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       Horizons has received several

   1998-PRESENT                                 2001 Recycling
Iowa’s OSHA Voluntary                               Facility
  Protection Program    Horizons has received     of the Year
      Star Award           25 consecutive            Award
                        CARF Accreditation's!

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     Horizons’ Facts &
   Fiscal Year 2006 - 2007:
     Served approximately 90
      individuals from 18 counties
     Can & Bottle Redemption Center pay
      out to Customers was $193,543!

    Employment Figures:
     88 full and part time employees from
       Emmetsburg & surrounding communities
    $2.35 Million in staff salaries/benefits
       and individuals’ compensation

   $7,665,343 (most of which is spent locally)
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       are held periodically throughout the year and
         designed to heighten public awareness of
       Horizons’ goals and needs as well as to help
               supplement operating costs.

Annual Barbecue                    Golf Tournament

               Other Planned Events
          Fall Annual Giving Campaign
               Super Bowl Breakfast
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 are always welcome and help to assure that the future
  needs of adults with disabilities will continue to be met
                    through the years.

 To make a bequest or donation:
   Designate a specific amount to be used as
   a gift for either general or defined purposes.

 Consider the following options:
   1) Cash
   2) Stocks
   3) Real Estate
   4) Autos                                         Donate
   5) Any Other Type of Asset                       Today!

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A Very Special Thanks to . . .
                 for more than 20
                years of service on
                   the Horizons’
                Board of Directors.

                 His tireless efforts to
                 improve opportunities
                  for individuals with
                 developmental and/or
                physical disabilities will
                  never be forgotten.

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In closing, we believe . . .
  that no matter what our age or condition, there are
untapped possibilities within all of us, that the
high road of service to others is traveled with
 integrity, compassion and understanding, that
  excellence is the result of caring more than
 others think is wise and expecting more than
             others think is possible.

   At Horizons Unlimited, we focus on the
   “ABILITIES” in people with disabilities!
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                         THANK YOU!

712-852-2211 or ceo@ncn.net

              “Pursuing a Better Quality of Life for People”
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