Union County Ducks Unlimited Annual Oyster Roast

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					Union County Ducks Unlimited
    Annual Oyster Roast
         March 27, 2009

         VISIT US AT
                                            Live Auction
                                               March 27, 2009

                  WELCOME TO
                  DOORS OPEN AT 6:00 PM
          OYSTERS SERVED FROM 6:30 PM TO 8:00 PM
            LIVE AUCTION AT 8:00 PM TO 9:15 PM
                 TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE

Silent auctions and raffles are conducted at various times throughout the evening. We hope you will find
tonight’s activities enjoyable and will participate in our fund raising programs. You should know that for every
unrestricted dollar raised, DU has leveraged an average of six additional dollars.

Since its inception in 1937, DU has conserved more than 12.3 million acres of waterfowl habitat throughout
North America. DU supporters have raised $2.7 billion for conservation. No other conservation or
environmental group can match DU's accomplishments on behalf of waterfowl, wetlands, and related habitats.
During the past fiscal year, 83 percent of DU’s expenditures were converted directly to conservation work. This
habitat is needed desperately by ducks, geese and other wetland-dependent wildlife to survive.

Please be aware this is a volunteer organization, and unanticipated events may occur. Therefore we reserve the
right to make changes with anything at anytime. Should you have any concerns, bring them to the attention of
the committee immediately. Your concerns will be considered, and the decisions of the Chairman are final.
Thank you for your attendance and support of Ducks Unlimited. We sincerely hope you have a great time and
enjoy all the activities we have planned for you. As always, please drink responsibly, and drive safely.

We have already begun planning for our Fall, 2009 Banquet. Volunteers are always needed. Let us know if you
can help in any way. Let your friends and associates know of this event. We will be pleased to include them on
next year’s mailing list. Email information to info@ucdu.org

                                  CONSUMER ADVISORY
   There is risk associated with consuming raw oysters. If you have chronic illness of the
liver, stomach or blood or have immune disorders, you are at greater risk of serious illness
                    from raw oysters, and should eat oysters fully cooked.
                          If unsure of your risk, consult a physician.
                             Auction Rules
1.   Bid by raising your hand and/or bid number
2.   A spotter will help identify you, and upon winning a bid, you will be asked
     to sign an auction receipt to confirm your bid.
3.   All bids are final. No refusal after registering a winning bid.
4.   The auctioneer’s decisions are final. If there is a conflict on a bid, the bid
     will be re-opened at the last bid price.
5.   All bidding ceases when the word “sold” is announced.
6.   Payment for all items must be made before leaving. Payments may be cash,
     personal or business check, or credit card.
7.   All bid items will be picked up before leaving, with the exception of guns,
     which must be picked up at the local Firearms Dealer.
8.   All items are sold “as is.” No guarantees, refunds or exchanges.
9.   Our Volunteers have paid for admission to this event, and are free to bid on
     items, participate in games and raffles just as any other member is entitled.
                AND GENEROSITY OF:

                         JIMMIE McDONAL
                             704-283-4765 home
                              704-507-0183 cell

                 Mossberg 4X4 Centerfire Rifle & Scope Combo

                    HI-LO CARD GAME
          Top Prize Winner receives Stoeger P-350
 Other prizes awarded. Try your luck! You must play to win!

                       DECK OF CARDS RAFFLES
         Buy a card, Win a prize! We will have several prizes; look for details.
Greenwing Program For Ages 17 and Younger
Enroll your children, grandchildren, and others in Ducks Unlimited’s
Greenwing Program. Do your part in revealing the wonders of the marsh,
ducks and geese, and other wildlife to those who have not yet had the full
experience of enjoying the outdoors.

Open a door to them by letting the Committee know and the cost will be
added to your purchases for the evening. It will be a wonderful gift, a
lifetime change in their view of the world, and $10 well spent.

Junior Greenwings are younger Ducks Unlimited members. DU believes that it
is important for today's children to understand the value of wetlands and the
many species of wildlife that depend upon them. By joining DU, they
participate in the conservation, restoration and management of wetlands and
associated habitats for North America's waterfowl. These habitats also benefit
other wildlife and people. Today's youth will be tomorrow's leaders. Through
education, we hope to make tomorrows leaders advocates for wetland

                                                 Greenwing Privileges
A contribution of $10 makes you a Greenwing member of Ducks Unlimited.
As a DU Greenwing member, you can be proud to know that you are one of more than 60,000 young people who love the
outdoors and care about protecting wetlands across North America.
A Greenwing membership is for children age 17 or younger and entitles the recipient to:
    • A DU membership card and certificate
    • Greenwing decals (age 11 and younger)
    • Two unique DU decals (one duck head and one DU shield for ages 12-17 years)
    • Four issues of Puddler magazine (ages 11 and younger)
    • Six issues of Ducks Unlimited magazine (ages 12-17 years)
    • For younger Greenwings, there's a special Web site, www.greenwing.org. Older Greenwings can access the
        Members Only section of the Ducks Unlimited Web site, www.ducks.org.

Greenwing benefits
 As a Ducks Unlimited Greenwing, you're going to do something for wetlands and wildlife today and tomorrow. Today,
your youthful outlook and energy will be part of the largest wetlands conservation organization in the world. Tomorrow,
you'll be an involved adult who cares, helping us conserve North American wetlands habitat for all the tomorrows to
A Greenwing membership is for children ages 17 or younger and entitles the recipient to:
· A one-year subscription to Puddler or Ducks Unlimited magazine (depending upon member's age)
· A Greenwing membership card
· A Greenwing decal
· Invitations to local Greenwing events
                                     LIVE AUCTION
                                     LIVE AUCTION
1.     Print - Resting Place-Wood Ducks by Scot Storm

Making his fifth appearance in the National Art Package, Scot Storm shows his love of wildlife
Storm has won numerous awards including the 2004 Federal Duck Stamp competition and the 2005 Ducks
Unlimited International Artist of the Year

Scot Storm                              WINNER OF 2009 Minnesota Duck Stamp
                                          WINNER OF 2008 Texas Duck Stamp
                                        WINNER of the 2004 Federal Duck Stamp
                                        DUCKS UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL
                                              ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2005
                                     WINNER OF 2008 North Carolina Duck Stamp
                                     3rd Place 2008 Federal Duck Stamp Competition
                                      WINNER OF 2006 Minnesota Pheasant Stamp
                                       WINNER OF 2006-07 Arkansas Duck Stamp
                                 WINNER OF 2007 Oklahoma Centennial Duck Stamp Print
                                        WINNER OF 2004 Oklahoma Duck Stamp
                                      WINNER OF 2000 Minnesota Pheasant Stamp

2.     Black Duck Decoy

Carved from Poplar wood and hand painted
Made in the USA
Ducks Unlimited logo branded on the bottom of the bird
3.   Print - Rookie-Chocolate Lab by John Aldrich

                                  Making his debut in the Ducks Unlimited National Art Package,
                                  John Aldrich brings his love of animals to the 2009 collection
                                  Aldrich learned to draw animals by observing many family pets
                                  This image depicts a Chocolate Lab puppy resting among the

                                  John Aldrich
                                  John is a Minnesota native who has been intrigued with
                                  drawing since the first grade. Growing up, his family had
                                  numerous pets and that is where John got his start drawing
                                  domestic animals. He has earned a Commercial Art
                                  Certificate from MTI and a B.S. degree in Art Education
                                  from Winona State University. In John's paintings you
                                  will notice how he creates an interesting play of light and
                                  shadow. According to John, "It is most important to
                                  capture the affection that is felt for dogs and cats and the way they enrich our
                                  lives with humor and companionship."

                        4.    Mantel Clock

                    Unique antique style wood and glass clock with a cherry finish
                    The front, side, and rear windows show the clock’s internal workings
                    Key wind movement with swinging antique brass pendulum and hourly strikes
                    Small DU gold medallion on the bottom of the door

                                                                         5.      Print - First Light by
                                                                                 Phillip Crowe
                                                                     Phillip Crowe uses an aerial viewpoint
                                                                     to bring this image to life
                                                                     A waterfowl scene for all flyways that
                                                                     stirs up memories of Mallards coming

                                                                     AWARDS To date, Philip has painted
                                                                     44 State Duck Stamps
                                                                     15 Conservations Stamps
                                                                     7 State Artist of the Year Awards
                                                                     … and more
    6.       World Grand Slam” Wild Turkey Collection

Framed collection of six turkey feathers and a replica Wingbone turkey call
Feathers represented include: Rio Grande, Eastern, Ocellated, Merriam’s, Osceola/Florida, and Goulds
The call is highlighted in a shadowbox mounting and includes a brief historical narrative

    7.       Print - Ready for Dawn by Bruce Miller
                                                                           Bruce Miller’s fifth image in the DU National Art
                                                                           Miller has won many awards including the 1993
                                                                           Federal Duck Stamp competition and the 1999
                                                                           Ducks Unlimited International Artist of the Year
                                                                           Showcases a black lab patiently waiting for the

                                                                           Bruce Miller Achievements
                                                                           Begin In 1988 he won his
                                                                           first national contest, Artist
                                                                           of the Year for the Michigan
                                                                           Wildlife Art Festival and since
                                                                           has won over 50 awards and
                                                                           been featured at several major
                                                                           art shows in the country. He
has won 23 conservation stamps including the 1993 Federal Duck Stamp and the 2007 Texas Duck
Stamp. And was named the 1999 Ducks Unlimited International Artist of the Year and the Rocky
Mountain Elk Foundation Artist of the Year in 2002. Miller's work has generated over $10,000,000 for
conservation. His work also has won critical acclaim, being selected for the Leigh Yawkey Woodson
“Birds in Art” exhibition. His painting recently won an Award of Excellence at the Natureworks art
show in Tulsa.
8.     Wood Duck

                                                  Original carved by Dennis Schroeder
                                                  Cast resin and painted in vibrant detail
                                                  Bottom is covered with black felt and has the Ducks
                                                  Unlimited logo printed in gold

9.     Buzzin’ Beauties Bronze

                                                                 Created by Ronnie Wells, this sculpture
                                                                 depicts three Green-Winged Teal in flight
                                                                 Bronze has a patina finish and is mounted on
                                                                 a wooden base

                                                                 RONNIE WELLS

                                                                   Mr. Wells received a
                                                                   degree in fine arts from
                                                                   Louisiana Tech
                                                                   University in 1968. He
                                                                   has been a full-time
                                                                   professional artist for
                                                                   over twenty years.
                                                                   Ronnie and his wife
                                                                   Patricia, reside in Salado, Texas where they
                                                                   own and operate Wells Gallery.
                                                                   Due to his unique ability to paint and sculpt,
                                                                   Mr. Wells has become a mainstay at wildlife
                                                                   exhibitions across the country. The pursuit of
                                                                   perfection and constant desire to seek
                                                                   realism has cemented his foothold as one of
                                                                   the nation's premiere wildlife artists. Being
                                                                   an avid fly fisherman and duck hunter most
of his life, Mr. Wells infuses a sportsman's insight in all his artwork.

Over the past few years Mr. Wells has become one of North America's top monumental bronze sculptors.
One of his most recent monumental bronzes (a seven foot piece of two mallards landing) can be
viewed at the Ducks Unlimited corporate headquarters in Memphis, TN.
    10.     Print - Evening Sprig by Peter Mathios
            Ducks Unlimited 2009 International Artist of the Year

                                                                                 Peter Mathios marks his second time
                                                                                 in the Ducks Unlimited National Art
                                                                                 Package as the 2009 International
                                                                                 Artist of the Year
                                                                                 Shows a group of Pintails dropping in
                                                                                 and committing as the sun goes down
                                                                                 in the Suisun Marsh of Northern
                                                                                 Printed pencil remarque in the margin

Peter Mathios
Behind each of Peter's paintings is inspiration that comes from past experiences. Moments
like these usually stem from childhood memories, particularly those of hunting waterfowl with
his father and brother in northern California. During this time, he became interested in the
different species of waterfowl and drew them religiously. Upon graduating from the University
of California at Davis with a degree in art, Peter moved to Oregon to hunt, fish, ski, and above
all, paint.
For the fourth time in his career, Peter has been selected as the Oregon Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year for 2005. His
work has appeared in "Wildlife Art" and "US Art" magazines, as well as the cover of "California Waterfowl."

    11.     Tricycle

                                                                    Dark green tube steel tricycle with black
                                                                    adjustable padded seat
                                                                    Heavy duty plastic tires with silver rims
                                                                    Full color Greenwing logo on the front post
                                                                    Features a DU logo on the handle bar cover and
                                                                    the side cross bars
    12.       Print – My First Limit by Ralph McDonald

                                                                                                    Ralph McDonald
                                                                                                    depicts a formative day
                                                                                                    in every young
                                                                                                    waterfowler’s life

                                                                                                    This image of a young
                                                                                                    boy, his father and Lab
                                                                                                    marks the 16th Ralph
                                                                                                    McDonald Greenwing i
                                                                                                    featured in the Ducks
                                                                                                    Unlimited National Art

                                                                                                    Ralph McDonald

                                                                                                    For more than 20 years,
                                                                                                    McDonald has been
                                                                                                    producing wildlife and
                                                                                                    hunting-themed prints for
                                                                                                    DU. Got ‘em Dad, the
                                                                                                    painting that earned him this
                                                                                                    particular honor, is part of a
                                                                                                    series of Greenwing prints
                                                                                                    that feature children in duck
                                                                                                    hunting environment. A
                                                                                                    favorite among wildlife art
collectors, this line captures the spirit of tradition that accompanies
waterfowl hunting.

To explain his paintings’ success, McDonald noted that they strike a chord
of intimacy with their viewers. “These paintings either remind people of
when they were kids growing up, or what’s going on in their lives now,”
he said. “I try to make people relate to a picture. I watch them react, and it
gives me a warm feeling. That’s what I’m after.”

Over the years Ralph, as his friends call him, has made numerous
contributions to conservation groups. Among these groups are: Ducks
Unlimited, Game Conservation International, Deer Unlimited and The
National Wild Turkey Federation. In 1981 Ducks Unlimited named him
its' National Artist of the Year and the sale of his prints at D.U. auctions
have raised millions of dollars for that organization. This year Ducks Unlimited and the National Wild Turkey Federation each
selected a McDonald painting to publish as a print for their national fund raising projects.

McDonalds work is included in prestigious art collections throughout the United States. Among his credits are: The recipient of
Ducks Unlimited's Palette and Chisel award; He is listed in WHO'S WHO IN WILDLIFE ART; He has been artist of the Year
for The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (1988), The World Wildlife Exposition (1990), and The Southern Wildlife Exposition
(1993). Through the years he has created the designs for several states' duck stamps. In 1994 he was commissioned to design
the Kentucky and Tennessee duck stamps.

In the past, McDonald’s prints have raised more than $20 million for DU’s conservation programs. Ducks Unlimited is proud to
continue its partnership with McDonald, who has proven to be a dynamic force in both the arts and outdoor sporting communities.
13.   Duck Gear Puppy Photo

                                                               12th puppy photo offering at DU
                                                               Photographed by Dave and Joan
                                                               Depicts four labs sitting in a window
                                                               including two chocolate, one yellow,
                                                               and one black

14.   Beretta White Onyx, Over/Under Shotgun    28 Gauge

28 gauge sister gun to 2005/2006 12 gauge and 2007/2008 20 gauge
2 ¾” chambers, 28” blued vent rib barrels
Nickel receiver with Dura-Jewel finish
Custom gold inlaid engraving featuring flying mallards
Ducks Unlimited logo on bottom of receiver
Classic checkering, Schnabel forearm
Semi gloss European Walnut stock
Special DU serial numbering
Custom Ducks Unlimited Giugiaro case
Gun lock, three choke tubes (IC, M, F) and wrench included RESERVE
    15.      Print - Duck Masters by Jim Killen

A companion piece to the 2008 DU
puppy piece, Duck Daze
These pups are all grown up with
experience under their collars
Includes five Retriever breeds: Golden;
Yellow, Chocolate, and Black
Labradors; Chesapeake
Jim Killen is known around the world as
one of the leading dog artists

About Jim Killen
"I feel fortunate to love what I do every day and
hope to bring a sense of joy or recapture a
cherished memory for the people who view my
art... for this I truly feel blessed by God"

A selection of honors and awards that Jim Killen has received over the years.

1980 Minnesota Conservation Award
1983 South Carolina Duck Stamp
1984 National Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year
      Pennsylvania Duck Stamp
      North Carolina Duck Stamp
1985 Minnesota Pheasant Stamp
1986 First of State Vermont Duck Stamp
      A Four Year Series - "The Four Seasons of
      Georgia Duck Stamp
1987 National Wild Turkey Stamp
      Quail Unlimited Grand Slam Print
      Southeastern Wildlife Expo Artist of the
1988 Idaho Duck Stamp
      South Carolina Duck Stamp
      Quail Unlimited Stamp                                      1997 "Target 2000" National Wild Turkey - A
1991 South Carolina Duck Stamp                                        Four Year Series
1993 International Ducks Unlimited International                       U.S. Art Hall of Fame Inductee
     Artist of the Year                                                Received the Thomas Jefferson Award for
      First of State Illinois Habitat Stamp - A Four                   Community Service from the American
      Year Series                                                      Institute in Washington, DC
1995 Kentucky Duck Stamp                                         1998 Georgia Duck Stamp
      North Carolina Duck Stamp                                        Illinois Duck Stamp - A Five Year Series
                                                                 1999 Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award -
                                                                      Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN
                                                                 2003 New Jersey State Duck Stamp
16.   2008 Federal Duck Stamp Print

                                                               The 75th Anniversary Federal Duck
                                                               Stamp created by artist Joe Hautman
                                                               Print and stamp image are of a
                                                               Northern Pintail pair
                                                               Framed, double matted and inlaid
                                                               with a DU crest medallion, exclusive
                                                               to DU events

17.   Beretta White Onyx, Over/Under Shotgun    20 Gauge

20 gauge sister gun to 2005/2006 12 gauge and 2008/2009 28 gauge
2 ¾” chambers, 28” blued vent rib barrels
Nickel receiver with Dura-Jewel finish
Custom gold inlaid engraving featuring flying mallards
Ducks Unlimited logo on bottom of receiver
Classic checkering, Schnabel forearm
Semi gloss European Walnut stock
Special DU serial numbering
Custom Ducks Unlimited Giugiaro case
Gun lock, three choke tubes (IC, M, F) and wrench included RESERVE
18.      Whitetail Legends Deer Sculpture

                                                                                A replica of three of the most famous
                                                                                Whitetail bucks recorded in history
                                                                                Cast resin and painted with a bronze finish
                                                                                Mounted on a black faux marble base with
                                                                                a brass title plate, gold embossed artist’s
                                                                                The name and score of each buck are
                                                                                embossed on the felt-covered base with the
                                                                                DU logo

                                                                                The lead buck is the Minnesota Rath buck The
                                                                                monster buck crashed past Jim Rath, who shot him
                                                                                from just 20 yards away. Officials determined the
                                                                                deer to be only 3 1/2 years old; meaning it hadn't
                                                                                yet reached its prime. Still, the rack scored a truly
                                                                                impressive 231 2/8 net non-typical score.

                                                                                The middle buck is the Mel Johnson buck
                                                                                from Illinois and scored 204 4/8. It is the
                                                                                Number 1 Pope and Young typical

The last buck is the Jordan buck harvested in 1914 and was lost for 50 years before Jim Jordan saw the
mounted rack again, after his cousin purchased it for $3 at a sale. Due to continuing disputes, Jordan
received official recognition only after his death. This Wisconsin buck scored 206 1/8 typical points.

Dick Idol is one of America's best-known authentic outdoorsman and wildlife artists.
Idol has created more than 30 bronze editions, published lithograph prints and completed
two of the largest bronze mammal monuments in the world. As a renowned hunter,
lecturer, author, and artist, no one knows the outdoors like Dick Idol.

Mr. Idol has gained a solid reputation in the art world as well as the sporting community
as an artist with the ability to capture the true personality and soul of his wildlife
subjects. His sculptures and paintings exhibit a unique old world style that has become
his trademark.

Mr. Idol’s focus is on creating “outdoor” bronze monuments (some over 30 feet tall.) He
has created and installed a three-times life-size monument for a Cabela's store in
Owatonna, MN and a four-times life-size monument for The American National Fish
and Wildlife Museum in Springfield, MO.

Idol's most recent commission is for the North Carolina State University (NCSU)
Wolfpack Club, a non-profit organization that provides scholarships for NCSU student-
athletes. The almost 30-feet tall bronze monument, including six wolves on a mountain with dramatic water, lighting, and
audio effects, is part of the university's capital contribution campaign that is raising funds for an approximately $55 million
renovation to Carter-Finley Stadium, home of the Wolfpack football team.

Although monument bronzes are his specialty, Mr. Idol also offers a full line of standard-sized bronzes, bronze bas-relief,
cold cast sculptures, and flat art paintings sold as limited editions. He is also available for commissions.
19.   Mossberg International Silver Reserve Over/Under Combo

12/20 gauge two barrel set
3” chambered, two 28” blued barrels with set of 10 choke tubes
Silver finished receiver with custom waterfowl scene in gold and DU logo embellished by Baron
Technology, Inc.
Dual Locking Lugs, single selective trigger, extractors
Stock & forearm satin finished in select Black Walnut wood
Soft sided case with DU logo RESERVE

                                                       20.    2009 DU Stamp Print Collection
                                                   Ringneck duck image commissioned by Tony
                                                   Padgett, DU’s International Artist of the Year
                                                   The 26th DU Stamp image includes the stamp and
                                                   print, stamp and medallion and stamp and decoy
                                                   Awards: 2009Louisiana Waterfowl Stamp
                                                   2008Duck's Unlimited International Artist of
                                                   the Year
                                                   2007Illinois Pheasants Forever Artist of the
                                                   2006Indiana Conservation Officers Sponsor
                                                   2005 People’s Choice Award Wild Wings
                                                   (“An Evening in Wisconsin”)
                                                   - Placed 15 out of 4000 entries in the Federal Duck Stamp
                                                   2004 People’s Choice Award Wild Wings ( “The Roads We
                                                   - Indiana Hunter Education Association Commemorative Artist
                                                   2003 Illinois Boy Scouts Sponsor Print (“ A Winter’s Evening
                                                   - New and Featured Artist for Wild Wings
                                                   2002 Commemorative Artist for the 100th Anniversary of the
                                                    National Wildlife Refuge Officers
                                                  - Commemorative Artist of President George Bush, Senior Quail
                                                   Hunting for Cover of Hunt Club Digest and original to the
                                                    Presidential Library
                                                    2000 National Wildlife Art Show’s Best of Show

                                        21.   Hooded Merganser

                                    Original carved by World Champion master carver Jett Brunet
                                    Shows a preening Merganser with its vibrant life-like colors
                                    Ducks Unlimited medallion inlaid in the bottom of the bird
                                                                 22.      Hallmark Knife

                                                            4 ½” fixed stainless blade, 9 ½” overall
                                                            Ebony wood handle featuring stag insert
                                                            Three Wood Ducks and Ducks Unlimited logo laser etched
                                                            on knife blade

   23.      Waterfowling Hot Spots-Pintails at Sutter Buttes by David Maass

                                                                          Commissioned series highlights some of North
                                                                          America’s most popular waterfowling
                                                                          The fourth and final piece in the Waterfowling
                                                                          Hot Spots series
                                                                          For this Pacific flyway image, Maass highlights a
                                                                          dramatic scene of Pintails flying above the flat
                                                                          plains along the Sutter Buttes

David A. Maass
An avid sportsman and ardent contributor to conservation organizations, David Maass has been actively
painting game birds for more than thirty years. In the past twenty years he has designed more than
thirty conservation stamps and prints, a distinction few artists can claim.

 His 1982 winning canvasback painting marks the second time that a Maass design has appeared on the
Federal Duck Stamp and Print. In 1974 he reached national prominence by winning the Federal
competition for the first time. He has also designed the 1977 "First of State" and 1979 Minnesota Duck
Stamp Prints. His design of a pair of wood ducks was featured on the 1983 Arkansas Duck Stamp Print
and in 1984 he was selected to design the 1984 Texas Duck Stamp Print, the 1984 North Dakota Duck
Stamp Print and the 1984 "First of State" Maine Duck Stamp Print.

 In addition to these fourteen duck stamp designs, David Maass has fifteen conservation prints to his credit. The International Quail
Foundation commissioned him to design their first print issued in 1982 and their final print in 1986. And in 1990 he was asked to
design the "First of State" Texas Bobwhite Quail Print. He also designed the 1981 Wild Turkey Stamp Print, the 1980 Ruffed
Grouse Society Stamp Print, a print for the National Wild Turkey Federation building program, the 1983 Minnesota wild Turkey
Stamp Print, the 1984 Missouri Wild Turkey Stamp Print, a fund raising print for the Delta Waterfowl Research Station in
Manitoba, Canada and the 1985 Hunting Heritage stamp Print for the Wildlife Legislative Fund of America. He was also
commissioned to design the 1986 Texas Wild Turkey Stamp Print. He designed the 1987 and 1990 Arkansas Turkey Stamp Print.

 Over the last ten years, the Ducks Unlimited, the National Wild Turkey Federation and the Minnesota Wildlife heritage Foundation
have each named David Maass their Artist of the Year. Most recently he has been named the 1988 International Artist of the Year
for Ducks Unlimited.
24.    Jumbo Lockback Knife

Overall 18” long when opened
Ducks Unlimited logo on bolster
Black wood display stand with Ducks Unlimited logo in silver


                                                  25.     Redhead “Shooting Rig” Drake
                                               The fifth decoy in the Shooting Rig series
                                               Created by World Champion carver Dick Rhode
                                               A Ducks Unlimited bronze medallion is inlaid in keel along
                                               with carver’s embossed signature

                                               Between winning World Championships Dick has carved six decoys
                                               that have been reproduced in polyresin for the Ducks Unlimited Event
                                               Merchandise Package. Four of those decoys have already been through
                                               a banquet season, and another pair will be available this year. According
                                               to Ducks Unlimited, the Dick Rhode Shooting Rig Collection, which
                                               comprises of a Black Duck pair, Pintail pair, and Redhead pair, has
                                               helped raise nearly $1,000,000

                              26.     Standing Canvasback

                           Original carved by World Champion master carver Jett Brunet
                           The cast resin piece is painted in lifelike colors with a crackle finish
                           Jett Brunet’s signature is under the tail feather
                           Felt covered bottom with the Ducks Unlimited logo imprinted in gold
27.    Pintail Pair

                                                             Premier grade antique replica Pintail pair
                                                             The cast resin birds include glass eyes and
                                                             hang tags
                                                             Ducks Unlimited stamped on the bottom of
                                                             each decoy

28.    Gamo Air Rifle

Back by popular demand
Shoots .177 pellets and BBs
Single pump action with front and adjustable rear sight
Safety feature located in the trigger guard
Black stock and forearm with the DU logo in white
Not recommended for children under 16

29.    Wooden Trunk

                                                   Made in the USA
                                                   Anthony Padgett’s Diligence-Yellow Lab branded onto
                                                   the front
                                                   Removable interior tray
                                                   Lots of fine details including double brass latches,
                                                   leather carry handles and dove-tailed corners

30.    Auction or Raffle of Any Remaining Items
                            END OF AUCTION

                          THANK YOU
                     FOR YOUR ATTENDANCE

                            COMMITTEE MEMBERS

                              Don Smith, Chairman
                              John Palko, Treasurer

  Derek Anderson, Randy Blackley, Pat Caldwell, Lindsay Carroll, Chris Dickerson,
      John Eberling, John Edwards, Tyler Gaddy, Keith Gustin, Kevin Hicks,
               John Hornberger, Jim Johnson, and James Murray

                   We NEED your help!
         Volunteers ARE the Key to SUCCESS!
If you would like to volunteer on the committee for next year’s
 event, please see a committee member. OR you can fill out a
                 Volunteer Card on your table.
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