; Mandawa: An Open Art Gallery
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Mandawa: An Open Art Gallery


Rajasthan Tourism has amazing options for tourists who come here from far and wide. Go on a Rajasthan heritage tour and explore the heritage town of Mandawa. Mandawa is famous for its extremely beautiful havelis and fort which reflect the glory and architectural brilliance of the bygone era.

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									                     Mandawa: An Open Art Gallery

Mandawa is a fascinating destination of Rajasthan which boasts of rich
history and incredibly beautiful architectural structures. Located in the
Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan, this destination comes under Shekhawati
region. It once served as a trading route to China. The stunning and lavishly
painted havelis dotting this destination were built by the rich merchants
living here in the past. The Mandawa tour will surely take you back in time
and offer you an experience which you will remember for long.

Mandawa is affectionately dubbed as 'an open art gallery' because of its
architectural richness. Go on a Mandawa tour and explore its famous
attractions like:

Mandawa Fort:
Dating back to the 18th century, this magnificent Rajasthan fort was built by
Thakur Nawal Singh. Dominating the landscape of this historic town, the
fort has a beautiful gateway painted with the pictures of Lord Krishna and
his cows. Reflecting the medieval theme, the interiors of the fort are
festooned with beautiful frescoes. Some of the apartments inside the fort are
amazingly decorated with paintings of Lord Krishna, intricate carvings and
stunning mirror work. Visit the Durbar Hall where several paintings and
antiques are on display. And to offer a royal and unique experience to
tourists, the fort has been converted into a heritage hotel. Different themes
can be seen in the different apartments of this fort. The royal rooms open
into terrace offering enchanting views of the town.

Havelis of Mandawa:

Famed for their brilliant architecture, lavish interiors and fascinating
paintings, the havelis of Mandawa are the must-see attractions of Rajasthan.
Some of the havelis which deserve special mention are:

Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli:
Truly arresting, the painting depicting Indra Dev riding an elephant and Lord
Shiva on Nandi bull is the main highlight of the haveli.

Goenka Double Haveli:
The entrance of this haveli boasts of a wonderful facade of horses and
elephants. The exterior and interior of this haveli are decorated with
fabulous paintings.

Murmuria Haveli:
This haveli reflects the perfect blend of East and West. One of the paintings
here depict Lord Krishna in the English courtyard, which looks very

Jhunjhunwala Haveli
The most striking feature of this haveli is the gold leaf painted room.

Plan a Rajasthan Tour and visit Mandawa havelis and fort which are truly
the architectural marvels. Mandawa tour will take you to some of the most
beautiful and stunning havelis which still retain their old-world charm. The
paintings are the most striking feature of these royal structures.

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