Attractions of Ladakh

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					                            Attractions of Ladakh

Ladakh is one of the sparkling jewels of India Tourism which stands apart
from the other destinations. Travel to Ladakh and you are bound to get
mesmerized by its enchanting landscapes, rocky, snow clad mountains,
seasonal orchards, gorgeous valleys, beautiful monasteries and blood-
pumping adventure sports. It is popularly known as 'Little Tibet' because of
its geographical and cultural similarity to Tibet. It is the least populated and
remotest region of the country which is steeped in natural beauty. This
austerely beautiful destination is a big hit with tourists inclined towards
adventure sports .The adventure sports which can be best enjoyed in Ladakh
are trekking, mountain-biking, mountaineering, river-rafting and

Ladakh is a snow desert ideally surrounded by the majestic mountains of the
Himalayas, Karokoram, Zanaskar and Ladakh ranges. Leh, the capital city
of this region is a popular pilgrimage center and tourist destination of
Jammu and Kadhmir. Soaring to an altitude of 11,975 feet above sea level,
it is easily accessible from Manali (Himachal Pradesh) and Srinagar
(Jammu and Kashmir).

Monasteries in Ladakh:

The land of Ladakh is peppered with several beautiful Buddhist monasteries.
The monasteries are one of the major attractions here. Among all, the Hemis
monastery is the largest and the most famous one. The extremely beautiful
painting of Lord Buddha is publicly displayed once in 2 years in this
monastery. Shey is another popular monastery which houses a gold plated
copper statue of Lord Buddha.

Leh Palace:

It is a must-see attraction of Ladakh. Dating back to the 17th century, it is an
enchanting palace of nine-stories. However, now the palace is in ruins.

Adventure sports in Ladakh:

The adventure sports are the reason why many a tourist from far and wide
embarks on Ladakh tour. Here you can indulge in activities like river rafting,
camping, mountaineering, yak and camel safari and cycling.
Wildlife in Ladakh:

Ladakh provides shelter to enchanting wildlife species such as Yak, Ibex,
snow leopard, Nyan, Churu, Urial etc. Here you can also spot birds,
including the migratory ones.

Ladakh Festivals:

The most propitious time to visit Ladakh is during the festive season.
Ladakh offers several festivals in which tourists can feel the rich culture of
this destination. The Hemis festival is one of the most interesting one, which
is celebrated as a birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava, the founder of
Tantric Buddhism in Tibet. Celebrated for 3 days in the month of June, this
festival also offers an opportunity to buy fabulous handicrafts of Ladakh.

Travel to Ladakh and let yourself loose in its attractions such as adventure
sports, wildlife, natural beauty and colorful festivals. Ladakh Tour offers
amazing attractions to adorn your holidays with golden memories. The
beautiful monasteries of Ladakh are among the most famous attractions of
this region.

Description: Located in celestial Kashmir, Ladakh is a wondrous destination to visit. Its sheer mountain beauty and exciting adventure sports facilities make it a must-visit destination of India. Ladakh attractions like enchanting landscapes, rocky, snow clad mountains, seasonal orchards, gorgeous valleys, beautiful monasteries and blood-pumping adventure sports beckon you for a pleasurable and memorable holiday experience.