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									      Sure Shot Coffee Shop
          Strategic Plan

  By: Alicia Johnson, Sarah Ward,
Jarret Morita, Ho-Duong Nguyen and
           Joanne Nguyen
                                Vision for the Business
        Our Mission Statement
        We promise to consistently maintain high-quality coffee in our shop, delivering
quickly and correctly the customer’s order. In house, we commit to a friendly,
comfortable atmosphere for customers to enjoy their beverages and home-made baked
goods and sandwiches. We are dedicated to serving the customer with a smile,
satisfaction guaranteed.

Value Proposition
        Sure Shot Coffee Shop is characterized by a customer intimacy value discipline,
which is unusual for a commodity product. We sell only the highest quality Arabica Pura
Vida beans, ensuring they’re organic, shade grown, Fair Trade coffee. We add an edge to
our market by not only selling specialty coffee drinks, but also by selling whole beans,
sandwiches and baked goods as well as other novelties. All of our products including
cups, food packaging and cleaning supplies are environmentally friendly, compostable or
recyclable. Your drinking experience is distinguished by intimate, timely and
knowledgeable service, in a sophisticated and comfortable atmosphere, with a product
that delivers satisfaction through our consistency of quality, great taste and
environmentally friendly business.

Competitive Advantage
         o Pura Vida Fair Trade Coffee
         o Good Quality high demand Arabica beans
         o Environmentally friendly materials
         o Home-made baked goods and sandwiches
         o Comfortable atmosphere
         o Customer service
         o Affordable prices that compete with Starbucks and Tully’s
         o Sell packaged whole beans
         o Simple menu
         o Lack of competition in location– closest coffee is 7/11
         o Drive thru for convenience

Target Market
        Sure Shot Coffee Shop’s target market includes professional and working class
citizens who will appreciate affordable, good quality coffee on their way to work. We
feature a drive thru for convenience and open at 5am for early birds. Environmentalists
will be attracted to doing business with Sure Shot because we are environmentally
conscious, we feature fully compostable cups and lids, serve organic foods and only clean
with environmentally friendly cleaners. High school students from nearby Lincoln High
School can buy coffee and snacks before and after school as well as meet at the shop for
studying. Local employees from nearby businesses will want to get coffee in the
morning or get a sandwich on their lunch break. Our coffee attracts customers of all
ages, young and old can both appreciate buying quality coffee that supports a good cause.
        Sure Shot Coffee Shop purchases their coffee beans from Pura Vida Coffee. Pura
Vida Coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans which gives off a fine and delicate taste
with half the amount of caffeine compared to commercial coffee type, Robusta.
        Pura Vida Coffee is Fair Trade certified and organic certified. Fair Trade
certification means that they preserve the natural use of coffee beans without the
genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Fair Trade also means that the farmers are paid
a fair wage to provide for their families and communities. Organic coffee helps the health
of our customers and the planet by reducing the exposure to toxic chemicals. This method
protects the famers’ health and preserves the ecosystem for future generations.
        The coffee beans are cultivated amongst the forest trees which makes it easier for
a bio-diverse environment by providing a natural habitat for forest animals and reducing
deforestation and erosion. This shade-grown method also creates a more complex flavor
to the coffee. Pura Vida Coffee uses only the Organic Water Process method to
decaffeinate their coffee. This process helps filter out the caffeine but also prevents the
flavors of the coffee from dissolving.

        We are going to keep our coffee prices low on drip coffee and specialty drinks, in
order to compete with Starbucks and Tully’s and our price plan is significantly lower than
their menus. We will sell bags of Pura Vida coffee for $9.99 for people to use at home or
at the office, continuing our support of Fair Trade coffee. Also, we plan to sell specialty
sandwiches and baked goods, such as cookies, brownies, and pie, made in house. The
sandwiches will be $3.95 and the baked goods will range from $1.25 to $2.95.

Size          12 oz     16 oz      20 oz

Drip Coffee   $1.30     $1.50      $1.70

Latte         $2.50     $2.75      $3.00

Americano     $2.30     $2.50      $2.70

Mocha         $2.50     $2.75      $3.00

Other         $2.55     $2.80      $3.05
Tea           $.55      $.55       $.55

          An ideal location for the business would be the Ceccanti West Retail
Center located at the intersection of 38th and Pacific Avenue in Tacoma, Washington.
For approximately $3000 per month, we are given 1,064 square feet of property. At this
location, there is minimal competition surrounding the complex and there is daily traffic
along Pacific Avenue estimated to be 44,000 people. The space provided also has an
optional drive thru that our business will utilize in order to capture customers too busy to
leave their cars.

       $4,000 on overall promotion/advertising costs
       Hire people to advertise through “word of mouth” at local supermarkets and
       Send out coupons through the mail to the people in the mailing list of our
         target market’s zip-code
       Set up a promotion booth with free samples of coffee and grand opening
       Punch Card/Customer Rewards Card
       Free publicity through building relationships with schools, businesses and
         customers: word of mouth, flyers, free samples, employees speak @ to
       Sell at individual events such as parties, fund raisers, schools, and sporting
Ownership Model
      Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
      Sure Shot Coffee Shop is registered as a limited liability company in the state of
Washington. Each partner owns an equal amount of the shop, about 33.3% each.

Organization of Business
          Sure Shot will hire a sufficient amount of employees to keep operations running
smoothly. The roles of employees are runners, cashiers, baristas, and managers. Each role
specializes in a certain area although they are all required to learn additional duties in
case of a shortage. Their wages will start at $8.55 to $12.00 depending on their position
and past experience. The hours of operation will also be 5:00 AM to 6:00 PM to capture a
majority of our target audience, and workers will be rotating within 3-4 hour shifts to
optimize performance.
                 Hours of Operation: 5am-6pm
                 Working hours: 4am-7pm
                 Morning and lunch breaks, staffing, and scheduling
                 Runner and cashiers - $8.55
                 Baristas - $8.80
                 Managers - $12.00

Hours          4am-5am         5am-9am         9am-1pm        1pm-4pm         4pm-7pm
Employees      1 manager       1 manager,      2 cashier, 2   1 cashier, 1    1 manager, 1
                               2 cashier, 2    barista, 1     barista         cashier/barista
                               barista, 1      runner

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