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									                                 British-American Tobacco Company Limited
                          P’3 Box 30, Regents Park Road, MiIlbrook,               Southampton,        SO9 7FS

                                    Facsimile Cover Sheet
                                                           To:    Mr Peter Clarke
                                                     Company:     Legal Department. Staines
                                              Facsimile Number:   0784 448390

                                                        From:     Dr R.R. Baker
                                                         Phone:   0703 782 I 11
                                              Facsimile Number:   0703 779715

                                                         Date:    12/06/92
                                  Pages including this cover :    Z


                                      J’aner bv Celia Hewett and comments from Canada

                     I have discusscd this paper with Graham Read. This is to conftrm that the paper will
                     m now be submitted for prcscntation at the Tobacco Chemists Research Conference
                     in Montreal next October.

                     Our normal proccdurr for clearance of papers for cxlcrna~ publication or presentation
                     at confercnccs is as follows:

                     The paper is sent to the heads of the R&n Ccntrcs of the CAC Companies,
                     RE. Thornton, G.R. Read and if ncces         Legal Department in Staincs. If thcrc is
                     any objection for publication from any OI the above :hcra WCdo not procr . with
                     submitting the paper for publication.

                     I sent a paper on En.
                     2 I st May. includinti
                     and said they diJ
                     to the confcrcncc


            BATCo document for Province of British Columbia 21 April 1999

BATCO                                                                                                           00004173
            Another paper on Environmental Tobacco Smoke was subscqucntly sent round for
            clearance. again including P. Casingcna Then were no objections IO this paper and it
            has now been submitted to the confennce.

            JIr R.R. Baker


BATCo document for Province of British Columbia 21 April 1999


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