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Breadwinnerdoc - Breadwinner by tyndale


									                                      The Breadwinner, by Deborah Ellis

Students: Below is the vocabulary list and questions for each chapter. After reading the chapters:
   1. Students will get into their reading circle and discuss the answers to the questions.
   2. Each student will write a one to two paragraph summary of the chapters. (formative assessment)
   3. Each student will complete the formative assessment activity for homework. Due the following day.
   4. When the novel is completed, students will answer the Summary Questions on their own.
   5. Choose one of the two Summative Performance Tasks.

Vocab list Chapter 1 and 2:
   1. Chador: A piece of cloth worn by women and girls to cover their har and shoulders. Girls have to wear
      this outside according to Sharia.
   2. Taliban: Literally means religious scholars, but they were the militant ruling party in Afghanistan. Their
      goal was to enforce Sharia strictly.
   3. Burqua: a long, tent-like garment, which the Taliban have decreed women must wear whenever they go
      outside. It covers them completely and even has a narrow mesh screen over the eyes.
   4. Toshak: a narrow mattress used in many Afghan homes instead of chairs and beds
   5. Lavatory: restroom
   6. Shalwar Kameez: Type of clothing both men and women wear. Long and loose fitting pants and longer
      shirt. Men’s are all one color with pockets. Women’s are different colors and patterns, sometimes
   7. Nan: Flat bread

Chapters 1-2 questions:
  1. Why did Parvana need to accompany her father to the market? Why does it have to be Parvana and not
      Nooria or their mothers?
  2. How has the family’s home changed due to the war and the Taliban? Why?
  3. Why does Parvana have to go get water in buckets? Why can’t she just turn on the kitchen sink? Why
      does it have to be boiled before drinking?
  4. Why doesn’t the family talk to the neighbors or invite friends over?
  5. Why does the family sell their things? Why would they sell Parvana’s good clothing? What will happen
      when they’ve sold everything that could be spared?
  6. What happened to Hossan? What happens to Parvana’s father?
  7. What was Parvana’s father’s former occupation? Why is he a letter reader now?
  8. What was the point of father telling the story of Malali
  9. What is Father’s opinion on the difference between a guest and invader and how they’re treated?
  10. Why do you think Father was taken, judging by what the Taliban asked as they dragged him from his

Formative Assessment: Chapters 1-2
Pretend you are Father. Rewrite the scene from Father’s point of view. Start when Parvana and Father go to the
marketplace to read leaders and end with Father being dragged from the home. Include what Father was
thinking in his head and feeling through the three events. (Marketplace, family dinner, being taken.) Make no
longer than 1 page. Complete for homework.

Vocab list Chapters 3 -7
   1. Publish: printing an article or story in a newspaper, magazine or as a book.
   2. brusquely: quickly and roughly
   3. gingerly: softly
   4. obedience: following directions
Chapters 3 -5questions
  1. Why did Parvana want a light on in the night?
  2. Why did Nooria need to write their mother a letter? What would have happened to her if she didn’t have
      a note from her husband?
  3. What did Mother do that was brave? Did it work?
  4. Describe how Mother and Parvana looked and felt after the long walk to and from the prison. Why did
      they look and feel like that?
  5. Why do you feel that Mother stopped writing?
  6. Mother had wanted to leave Afghanistan. What was Father’s reason for staying? Do you agree with his
      reason? Why?
  7. How did Mother react to not being able to release Father from prison? Why did it cause a problem for
      the rest of the family?
  8. Why do men only do the shopping? Do you think it’s dangerous for Parvana to go shopping for the

Chapters 6- 7 questions
  1. What was the family’s solution to the problem of no one being able to go outside without a male in the
      house? What was the plan to make the solution work?
  2. What were some of the alternative options and why wouldn’t they work?
  3. What was it about Parvana that shocked her mother back into a depressive state?
  4. How was Parvana now able to earn money for the family now she has a new identity? Why was she
      happy about this?
  5. Why did Mother think people would hire Parvana? Why is her skills unique?
  6. Why did her feelings for the Talib change after reading him the letter? What did he do that changed her
      mind? Did it change your ideas about the Talib?
  7. What made Parvana miss father?

Formative Assessment: Chapters 6-7
Draw a before and after picture of Parvana of when she looked like a girl and when they made her look like a
boy. Write a brief description of what her clothes and hair looked like as a girl and now as a boy. (2-3
sentences) Complete for homework.

Vocab List Chapters 8-9
   1. Karachi: A cart on wheels, pushed by hand. Used to sell things in the market.
   2. relented: gave in
   3. latrine: restroom
   4. escort: Male companion who can walk with a woman
   5. snatches: parts, pieces
   6. distinguish: can make out, see
   7. kerosene: oil used to light lamps

Chapters 8-9 Questions
  1. Why was Mrs. Weera moving in? What were Mother and Mrs. Weera going to do?
  2. What do Paravana and Mrs. Weera use to move Mrs. Weera’s things?
  3. What happens when Maryam finally gets to go outside with Parvana after a year inside the room?
  4. Why can’t Parvana stay outside very long in the market? Why does she have to go home at noon?
  5. After the family realized Parvana could help them go outside, tell about some of the things they did
  6. Tell about when Parvana thought she saw her father in the market.
  7. What was happening from the window near the marketplace?
  8. What two things did Nooria, Mother, and Mrs. Weera decide to do/open in the home? Why would they
      be dangerous to do?
Performance Task: Chapters 8-9 Draw a picture of how the family’s life has changed. What are they now
able to do now that Parvana dresses as a boy? Complete for homework

Chapters 10-11 Questions
  1. What is the new job Parvana and Shauzia have decided to try?
  2. They plan to not tell their families, and to save part of the money for something other than food. Why?
  3. Parvana had her father’s writing things and blanket with her. Why? Also, why did she wash her clothes
      and hair as best she could at the water tap before going home at the end of the day?
  4. Why didn’t Paravana go home for lunch, and would her mother be worried when she arrived home late?
  5. Why were the girls possibly in danger just having to go to the bathroom?
  6. What became the mascot of the girls as they pulled bones out of the earth? What did the girls think abou
      the bones and their job?
  7. Did they know what the bone broker did with the bones?
  8. Parvana’s family knew something was wrong when she arrived home late and wet. Parvana was
      planning to show only part of the money to her family, thinking she would save the money for the tray.
      Why did she cry when asked about her day and why did she show all of the money?
  9. Did Mother want Parvana to continue digging bones? What did Nooria say aobut it.
  10. How does Mrs. Weera help talk Mother into allowing Parvana to continue digging for bones?
  11. At the end of two weeks, when the girls had trays, they could follow the crowd to earn more money.
      Where did they follow the crowd? What terrible things did they see and learn?

   Chapters 12-13 Questions
   1. Why ddid Parvana stay at home for a few days?
   2. When the bread ran out, did the family members tell Parvana to go back to work?
   3. Had Shauzia also stayed at home a few days? What was her secret?
   4. What was happening to Shauzia? Why would it be a problem?
   5. What would happen to Shauzia’s family if Shauzia left?
   6. Does Parvana want to go with Shauzia? What does she wish?
   7. What secret does Parvana share with Shauzia?
   8. What did the secret school teach about? Who was the teacher? Why was it difficult to learn?
   9. The Window Woman continued to toss tiny gifts to Parvana. One afternoon, what did Parvana hear from
       the house? Why do you think the husband was angry?
   10. What news did Parvana hear when she went home?
   11. Did Nooria want to get married and move?
   12. Was the entire family planning to go to Mazar-e-Sherif for the weeding? Were they planning to take
       Parvana with them?
   13. Parvana was mad for three days. Finally mother decided to leave her there, but not because of her
       behavior. Due to Parvana’s boyish appearance, it would be too difficult to explain to anyone. They
       couldn’t take the chance. Parvana was scared for the family. What dift did she buy for Nooria?
   14. Parvana missed her family even though she had more room and more free time. What did she do with
       some of her time? Why was it dangerous?

Chapters 14-15 + Author’s note
  1. Parvana is sitting in a dark building after curfew in the rain. She is waiting to go home when it is raining
      less. She hears a cry, and lights a match from her cigarette tray. She found the woman. She told her she
      was really a girl. Why didn’t the woman answer?
  2. Parvana offered to go home and get Mrs. Weera’s burqua. The woman would not let go of Parvana.
      After giving the woman some food, what decision did Parvana have to make?
  3. How long had Kabul been under curfew? What was it like before that time?
  4. What did Parvana think to herself to feel brave and take the woman through the city streets to her home?
   5. Mrs. Weera wa relieved when they arrived home. She wondered why Parvana had brought the woman
       without a burqa. What did Mrs. Weera do for the woman>
   6. How long did it take before the young woman, Homa, talked? What did they learn from the woman?
   7. What did Parvana do after learning the Taliban had captured Mazar-e-Sharif?
   8. Who was in Parvana’s apartment late one afternoon?
   9. Father was very sick after being in jail. Mrs. Weera nursed him until he was well enough to travel. What
       did Father say about Parvana when he was well enough to notice?
   10. What were Shauzia’s plans?
   11. What did the visitor tell Mrs. Weera about Mazar-e-Shari? Why is this disturbing news?
   12. Where did Mrs. Weera plan to go? Who was she taking with her?
   13. How does Parvana say goodbye to the Window Woman?
   14. What does Mrs. Weera show Pravana as they are getting ready to leave? Why does she hide it under her
   15. How does Shauzia leave Afghanistan? What does she give Parvana?
   16. Parvana rode a truck with her father to go find her mother and siblings. As they left Kabul, what did they

Summarizing Questions:
  1. How does running into Shauzia change life for Parvana? How would the story be different if they hadn’t
     run into one another?
  2. What does the story of Malali mean to Parvana? Do you think Parvana is like Malali?
  3. If you had to make the same decision as Shauzia, would you have stayed in Afghanistan? Do you think
     she’s a “bad person” for wanting to leave? Why?
  4. What do you think the hardest thing was that Parvana went though? Why? What helped her endure it?
  5. Would you have been as brave as Parvana? What would have happened to her family if she hadn’t
     become the breadwinner?
  6. Do you think it’s important to learn about the Taliban even if they’re no longer in power? Why?

                                       Performance Tasks: Summative
   1. Daily Life Comparison
   Directions: Compare and contrast how Parvana and her family live to how you and your family live.
   Include the following: This can be a powerpoint, collage poster, drawing, flip book, children’s book, etc.
   a. housing
   b. food and meal time procedure
   c. recreation (what you do for fun or during your spare time)
   d. Resources and daily needs (what you need to run the household)
   e. Education
   f. Language
   g. Clothing
Write a paragraph describing the differences in the standard of living in both the US and Afghanistan.

   2. How Life Has Changed Living with the Taliban…
   Directions: Compare and contrast how life for the Afghans was before the Soviet invasion, during the
   Taliban’s rule, and afterwards (Today) since the US invasion of Afghanistan. Include if you think the
   US is doing enough to help the Afghans rebuild or should they rebuild without the US help. This can
   be a powerpoint, collage poster, drawing, flip book, children’s book, etc.

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