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									                 Useful Information on Installing Granite Countertops
Are you outlining to renovate your kitchen? If yes then you can furnish your kitchen countertop
with granite. But why are granite used for countertops? Because this last longer and gives a
classy and rich look. These are otherwise known as igneous rock. They are found all over the
world but the characteristics of each rock varies from another. The colors you find for these
rocks are neutral colors. These are coarse grain in texture. These were first used for constructing
temples and buildings. But now you can use this for your countertop of your kitchen.

These comes in various natural colors such as black, pink, brown, beige, red, blue, green, gray
and many more. These add a class and sophisticated look on the kitchen. These are the most
essential and requirement of the people. The stains or spills are easily removed from these
countertops. These have high heat resistant power because these consists heat and fusion.
Comparing other stones granite is best for countertops.

Marble countertops also look good but they are not stain free. Now you can find out the value
of these for free on online. You can estimate even color and shape of your countertop of your
choice. If you compare marble and granite then marble is more expensive for countertop.
Remove the stain immediately if you find one. The value of granite countertop will never come
down even after many years. Instead you the value of it will increase.

Some of the advantages of granite countertops are:

    These are known as the second hardest stone / rock next to diamond. These are either cut
     by diamond saw or saw made of granite itself. These are mostly preferred by the
     restaurants and bars because they are easy to clean. Nothing will happen if a hot pan or
     utensil is placed on the countertop without potholder. It is one of the best things to invest
     for. It will look the same even after many years. The color and texture of this adds value
     and warmth to the room. The main advantages of these countertops are heat resistant and
     scratch free. Now you can find many colors and different types of texture and design for
     choosing. These are also famous for stain resistant.

As you can see there are lots of advantages for buying a granite countertop than other
countertops. Every item in this world has both advantages and disadvantages. But you would
find very few disadvantages. The disadvantages of granite countertops are:

    These are quite expensive. There are people who cannot afford expensive countertops.
     These are heavy comparing to other countertops. Sometimes the granite on the kitchen
     counter won’t match to each other. That’s because it can be cut from the wrong side. It
     should be properly installed otherwise you find cracks in your countertop within year or
     two. The repairing charges can be more costly.

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