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									                         EXCLUSIVE LEASE LISTING AGREEMENT

        THIS EXCLUSIVE LEASE LISTING AGREEMENT ("Agreement") is entered
into as of the __________________day of_______________, ____, by and between

("Owner") and ___________________________________________________________
 ______________________________________________________________ ("Broker").

        1.      Property. Owner is the owner of that certain real property located
at________________________________________________, improved with [an office
building] [retail building], (the "Building") containing approximately _____ square feet of
[office] [retail] space and related improvements. The real Property and the Building may be
referred to collectively in this Agreement as the "Property".

        2.      Purpose. Owner hereby desires to entertain offers from prospective tenants to lease
space in the Building.
        3.      Appointment as Agent. Owner hereby grants to Broker the exclusive right, for the
period commencing on the date written above and expiring at midnight on                  (the "Termination
Date"), subject to earlier termination as set forth below, to procure prospective tenants acceptable to
Owner to lease space within the Building on terms and conditions acceptable to Owner.

        4.      Broker's Duties and Marketing.
                4.1 Broker shall enlist the best efforts of its firm in an effort to lease space
within the Building, at rentals and on the terms substantially in accordance with Exhibit "A" in an
effort to sell the Property, at a price and on the terms substantially in accordance with Exhibit A"
attached to and made a part of this Agreement, or on such other terms and conditions acceptable
to Owner, as Owner shall in its sole discretion determine. Broker shall deliver to Owner
forthwith any written offer to sell the Property accompanied by such financial and other information
pertaining to each prospective purchaser as owner shall require. Owner shall have the right to
reject any offer for any reason without becoming obligated to pay a commission even if any such
offer conforms to terms previously approved by Owner. Broker shall if necessary, solicit the
cooperation of other real estate brokers.
         4.2 Broker shall use the marketing strategy and execute the plan described in Exhibit
"B", as such plan may be changed from time to time as Owner and Broker shall agree in writing.

         4.3 Any signs, brochures, flyers or ot
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