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									                                                                   Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador

The Ministry of Tourism is the institution that regulates the   TOURISM STRATEGIC PLANNING
Ecuadorian tourism activity. Its headquarters are located
in Quito. It is responsible for establishing policies for the   For the success of the aforementioned policies, the Ministry
development of tourism according to the requirements of         of Tourism is developing the Strategic Action Plan up to
all the parties involved: private and public sector (central    year 2010 based on the following tools:
government, municipalities) and the communitarian sector
(leaders, associations, communities, local population, etc).       1. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
                                                                   2. National Development Plan
POLICIES OF THE MINISTRY OF TOURISM                                3. Strategic  Plan   for    Sustainable Tourism
                                                                      (PLANDETUR 2020)
   •	 To ensure the competitiveness of the entire
      tourism system by promoting sustainable                   VISION
      products and services that are of top quality.
      This includes destinations with a high level of             By 2010, the Ministry of Tourism will be a leading ministry
      overall security.                                            by ensuring that tourism becomes one of the primary sources
                                                                  of income for the country, and that a solid position is obtained
   •	 To optimize opportunities generated by tourism               for Ecuador as one of the best tourism destinations in Latin
      in order to improve the quality of life of the                                         America.
      population. This will be achieved by making the           MISSION
      value chains dynamic.
                                                                      The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador is committed to
   •	 The training of the human capital in order                 promoting and managing sustainable tourism development, while
      to educate them in terms of the appropriate                   also improving the competitiveness of the tourism industry.
      management of sustainable tourism.                            This will be accomplished by using the entire set of tools for
   •	 To give value and preserve tourism heritage, both           strategic management, promotion and control. This will result
      cultural and natural, with a balanced development           in an improvement in the quality of life of Ecuadorians, and
      of the activity throughout the entire country.               also, social, cultural and environmental sustainability will be
                                                                                            ensured as well.
   •	 To defend and protect all areas where tourism
      activities take place, while avoiding activities that
      can negatively impact the environment.
   •	 To promote social tourism in order to ensure
      that entertainment and leisure can be enjoyed by
      the entire population as a human right and also
      as a tool to achieve national integration.
To develop the tourism activity of Ecuador in a sustainable manner. Tourism
will become a primary driver in the economy of the country and will ensure a
social, cultural and environmental sustainable method of development.
 1)	To	be	a	model	on	public	management	through	being	efficient	and	
 effective.                                                                     VARIETY OF TOURISM PRODUCTS OF ECUADOR
 2) To be the leader in the tourism management.                                                      4 Worlds
                                                                                                     Galapagos,	Pacific	
 3) To achieve sustainable tourism development through team work that             General Circuits   Coast, Andes and         Ecotourism
 involves all of the parties.                                                                        Amazon.

ANDEAN COMMUNITY TOURISM PRODUCT                                                   Sun and Beach     Sun and beach on     Sports and Adven- Sports on land, riv-
                                                                                                     the	Pacific	Coast      ture Tourism     ers, sea and air
The Ministry of Tourism is supporting the project in order to design and                             Tourism with active                     Hot springs
develop the Andean Community Tourism Product. This will be a very                  Communitarian     participation of      Health Tourism Ancestral Medicine
                                                                                     Tourism         communities and                         SPA’s
important tool for the development of tourism in the region. Tourism                                 local people.
products	for	the	Andean	Community	have	been	identified,	and	there	are	also	                          Natural and cultural
other products that will be promoted on other strategic international markets                        heritage sites
like North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.                                                 Indian markets and
                                                                                                     Gastronomy (food
With this project, the Andean Community will work on a development                                   and cuisine)
and marketing plan for positioning the region on important international                             Shamanism
                                                                                                     Popular festivities
markets.                                                                          Cultural Tourism   Religious tourism
                                                                                                                          Agricultural Tour- Haciendas and
                                                                                                     Urban tourism               ism         farms
ALLIANCE FOR SUSTAINABLE TOURISM WITH INTERNATIONAL                                                  Archaeological
COOPERATION                                                                                          tourism
                                                                                                     Scientific,	volun-
The Ministry of Tourism supports strategic joint ventures with NGO’s in                              teering and educa-
                                                                                                     tional tourism.
order to make a major impact on strategic actions related to sustainable                             Historic Haciendas
                        tourism in Ecuador.
                                                                                                                                               Meetings, Incen-
                                                                                   Thematic Parks    In the 4 Worlds            MICE           tives, Congresses
                                                                                                                                               and Events
                                                                                                                           Cruise liners tour-
                              THE STAR PRODUCTS OF ECUADOR SUSTAINABLE                        Goal                    Beneficiaries                  Budget
                              TOURISM PLAN
                                                                                    To consolidate the tourism
                              1.        SPONDYLUS ROUTE                             value chain while being
                                                                                    the tool for unifying the
                        This project will contribute to the sustainable             involved regions in the      6’662.000 people both      USD 6’960.700
                                                                                    train route. This will       direct and indirectly
                        development of the Coast region, and it will improve                                                                Term: 3 years
                                                                                    be a dynamic drive for       involved.
                        the quality of life of the local population alongside       achieving economic,
                                                                                    environment and social
                        the Spondylus Route (Provinces like Esmeraldas,             development.
Manabí,	 Santa	 Elena,	 Guayas,	 El	 Oro	 and	 Loja	 will	 	 profit	 from	 this	
                                                                                      3. THE ROUTE OF QHAPAQ ÑAN
                                                                                   Qhapaq Ñan –The main Andean route constituted the biggest Inca roads
          Goal                          Beneficiaries              Budget
                                                                                   network of our Pre-Hispanic America, extending over 23,000 kms. (about
                                                                                   14,290 miles). This route system, towns, pucaras, concentrated the knowledge,
 To support the sustainable                                                        opinions, and beliefs of the AndeanWorld,
 tourism of the Coast              6 provinces of Ecuador.
 Region of Ecuador, and                                      USD 6’960.700         related to the peoples of Ecuador.
 the respective zone in the        18 communities            Term: 3 years
 Andes of Ecuador and              with	direct	benefit                             This project seeks to rehabilitate this
 Peru.                                                                             historic route for tourism. Crossing
                                                                                   religious, military, and administrative
                                                                                   centers, it can constitute a single complex
   2. THE TRAIN OF THE MIDDLE OF THE WORLD                                         of Ecuador’s Andean heritage.
This project will identify the added value of tourism in those sites that          The Ministry of Tourism is working
are tourist, cultural and natural heritage. Furthermore, there are lots of         in creating a national agenda that will
communitarian tourism alternatives which are interesting products for              allow for the modulation of an inter-
potential markets. There are also opportunities to create offer alongside the      institutional network that will include local
train route.                                                                       governments, surrounding towns, the private sector, and universities, with
                                                                                   the objective of increasing the income levels of the populations that live
                                                                                   along the Route.
                                                                                   The Qhapaq Ñan Route will demonstrate how important the road network
                                                                                   was in Pre-Hispanic times, a heritage that lasted well throughout the Colony
                                                                                   and in the current Republic. Over 5 million people who live along the
                                                                                   coast	 of 	 Ecuador	 and	 Peru	 will	 reap	 the	 direct	 economic	 benefits	 of 	 the	
                                                                                   implementation of this trans-border, cultural tourism route.
                                                                                       4. COMMUNITY TOURISM
                                                                                    Community tourism is a “good life” alternative carried out by indigenous peoples
                                                                                    through the application of their ancestral knowledge in nutrition, natural medicine,
                                                                                    customs, traditions, and protection of natural and cultural wealth.
                                                                                    Community tourism also involves local peoples throughout Ecuador involving
          Goal                      Beneficiaries                 Budget            them in tourism activities. With this star product, we seek to achieve social justice
Contribute to the
                                                                                    and inclusion of society’s most depressed sectors.
sustainable development
of Ecuador’s Andean
region and of
neighboring communities,                                                                          Goal                    Beneficiaries              Budget
including the                                                                        •	Create	a	system	of 	geo-
strengthening of local                                                               reference,
economies and                                                                        information and indicators as a
communities neighboring                                                              useful tool
the Andean                                              The allocated budget         for community tourism.
QHAPAC ÑAN route,                                       for 2008 is USD              •	Design	sustainable	and	
with the                                                800,000 which will be        competitive
                               47.805 people directly
development of new                                      divided between              community tourism projects.
                              and indirectly
products and looking                                    rehabilitation, training,    •	Formulate	an	integral	plan	
for new productive                                      signage, and                 and good
alternatives that will                                  urbanization.                management of the Centers of
improve the quality of life                                                          Community
of local                                                                             Tourism of the FEPTCE
communities by designing a                                                                                              86 communities
                                                                                     •	Prepare	a	legal	framework	
development                                                                                                             corresponding to
                                                                                     proposal for the
model that is                                                                                                           86 community
                                                                                     regulation of operations within
environmentally                                                                                                         tourism centers,
                                                                                     the Centers
responsible,                                                                                                            3440 families.     This project has a cost of
                                                                                     of Community Tourism
socially just and                                                                                                       300 people who     USD 450.600,00.
                                                                                     •	Work	towards	the	institutional
economically viable.                                                                                                    live around
                                                                                     consolidation and                  Laguna de Cube
                                                                                     organizational                     and 80 people in
                                                                                     development of Community           Recinto Cube
                                                                                     •	Signage	along	the	road	from	
                                                                                     the town of
                                                                                     Quinindé to Laguna de Cube
                                                                                     •	Construction	of 	lookout	
                                                                                     points and signage
                                                                                     along paths according to the
                                                                                     condition and
                                                                                     chareacteristics of the location
                                                                                     and public
                                                                                     •	Promotion	of 	eco-tourism	in	
                                                                                     Laguna de Cube

The Global Sustainable Tourism Alliance (GSTA) is developing a program whose
objective	is	to	obtain	benefits	and	provide	local	support	for	protected	areas	(AP’S)	
throughout Ecuador through sustainable tourism This program’s objective is to
move	away	from	traditional	efforts	and	projects	that	have	had	significant	impact,	
but only at a limited level, to adopt a more integrated and systemic focus based on
transformation that will develop and expand tourism around AP’S.

           Goal                    Beneficiaries                    Budget
 1. Support the
 conservation of
 of the SNAP.                524.551 domestic and          The assigned budget for
                             foreign visitors as well as   2008 is USD 1’200.000.
 2. Generate economic        communities that live in      This project will take place
 benefits	through	tourism	   affected areas.               over 5,5 years.
 for communities located
 in and around protected

Ec. Verónica Sión de Josse
Ministerio de Turismo del Ecuador
Av. Eloy Alfaro N32-300 y Carlos Tobar
Quito – Ecuador
Telf: (593) 2 2507557 / 555
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