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Open Access Journal Publishing in India A study with by zcy88772


									   Open Access Journal Publishing in India:
         A study with OJS software

  Nagaraj N . Vaidya
      Librarian,              Obaiah B           Thomas Abraham
 Tech Mahindra Ltd.,      Open Knowledge          Open Knowledge
                               Society                Society
   Bangalore, India       Bangalore, India        Bangalore, India

●   Scholarly Communication
        crucial part of research
●   Scholarly Journals
        carriers of scholarly knowledge
●   Scholarly information, research results
    available to general public
●   aid researchers with latest information
●   facilitate further research

●   Traditional process of publishing
        Print only
●   Most popular journals published in developed
●   Commercial interest
●   Solution is Open Access
Open Access

●   Digital, online
●   Free of charge
●   free of most copyright and licensing
●   What makes it possible is the Internet and
    the consent of the author or copyright-

Open Access

●   Two primary vehicles
    ➢   OA journals
         –   perform peer review and then make the approved
             contents freely available to the world
    ➢   OA archives or repositories
         –   do not perform peer review, but simply make their
             contents freely available to the world
         –   Archives may belong to institutions, such as
             universities and laboratories, or disciplines
Open Access Publishing (OAP)

●   Free & unrestricted access to research
●   Author's copyright retained & acknowledged
●   promotes research progress
●   OAP maximizes research impact
●   Open source e-publishing systems
       Digital Publishing Systems (Dpubs)
       epublishing Toolkit (ePubTk)
       Open Journal Systems (OJS)
Open Journal Systems (OJS)
●   Open Journal Systems (OJS) is a journal
    management and publishing system developed
    by the Public Knowledge Project
●   Helps to expand and improve access to research
●   OJS is open source software made freely
●   making open access publishing a viable option
    for more journals
●   Designed to facilitate OA, peer reviewed
    publishing with entire editorial management work
OJS Features

●   OJS is installed locally and locally controlled
●   Editors configure requirements, sections, review process,
●   Online submission and management of all content
●   Subscription module with delayed open access options
●   Comprehensive indexing of content part of global system
●    Reading Tools for content, based on field and editors'
●   Email notification and commenting ability for readers
●   Complete context-sensitive online Help support
OJS Workflow

●   OJS is structured around traditional journal
●   Uses roles to organize activities
●   Roles
       Journal Manager
       Editor
       Section Editor
       Subscription Manager
●   Provides and manages website for editorial and
    publishing processes, while reducing need for
    editorial office.
●   Authors do not need to print, photocopy, and mail
●   Improves administration and record-keeping
●   Enables editors, reviewers, and authors from
    anywhere to work together
●   OJS is being used by at least 2000 journals
●   OAI-PMH, LOCKSS, Unicode compliant
OA in India
●   DOAJ
       107 Indian journals
●   ROAR
       39 repositories
●   Indian Academy of Sciences (11 journals)
●   Indian Medlars Center
       MedIND programme 40 bio-medical journals
●   MedKnow (More than 70 journals)
●   Indian National Science Academy (4 journals)
●   Calicut Medical College (3 journals)
Issues facing OAP in India

●   Fear that revenue loss from print subscriptions
    if journal becomes OA
        even as it increases readership and circulation of

●   Lack of IT infrastructure or the funds to
    develop it for using far more efficient online
    means of managing and publishing journals.
●   Other obstacles include uncertainty around
    copyright issues and a lack of management
    support and clerical support.
OJS Initiatives
●   SJPI Project @ NCSI
       Partnership with PKP (Oct 2004 – Mar 2007)
       Demonstrated e-publishing with 13 prototype
       Harvester
       OJS in Hindi
       Workshops

●   Open Knowledge Society
Open Knowledge Society (OKS)

●   non profit organization
●   PKP partner in India
●   OKS supports
       publication of Open Access Journals
       conversion of print journals into online versions
       creation of Institutional Repositories
       automation of libraries
       other activities that promote open access to
OKS Support

●   Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Association of
      Scientific society at National Research
       Centre for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

●   Open Access Journal on Medicinal and
    Aromatic Plants (OJAMP)

OKS Support

●   Demo system @ OKS

●   Some of the test journals

    —   Mysore Journal of Agricultural Sciences.
    —   Journal of Spices and Plantation crop
    —   Journal of soil Science and management’
    —   Journal of Pest Management. Etc…
Journals using OJS in India

●   Need to create OA awareness
●   With well defined work flow and easy to use
    functionality OA journals can easily be set up
    using OJS
●   OJS is a multilingual system
●   Draw many non-English speaking people to
    computer and Internet
●   More and more OA journals will increase the
    visibility of Indian research

●   Open Journal Systems, Public Knowledge
●   OJS in an Hour
●   OJS Documentation
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