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									Microsoft Access 2007 – Quick Guide

The Access Getting Started page

When first opening Access 2007 you will be presented with a new Getting Started page. A greater focus is
given to pre-built templates that are categorized and task-focused.

                                                                                          To open an
  Open a                                                                                  existing
  Blank                                                                                   database, select
  Database                                                                                More... or the
                                                                                          select the name
                                                                                          of the recently
                                                                                          used Database

Select from a list of pre-built
categorized templates

The Access Ribbon

Instead of hiding commands behind several levels of menu buttons the Ribbon directly exposes all
available tools and functionalities to the user. Commands are grouped within tabs:

Home – contains general formatting tools such as font style, size, emphasis and alignment. Sorting and
Filtering together with manipulation of Records can also be found on this tab.

Create – for creating a new Table, Form, Report or Query.

External Data – to import or export data from an Access, Excel, Word or Text document.

Database Tools – to open the relationships, properties and switchboard manager, or run a macro.

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Version 1 [April 2008]
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Microsoft Access 2007 – Quick Guide
Contextual Tabs – additional tabs that only appear when a query, form or report has been selected.

New Features in Access 2007.
Navigation Pane
Another new feature is the overhauled Access
2007 development environment in the
Navigation Pane.

Rather than using a separate database window
to group all objects, the Navigation Pane is now
an integrated part of the user interface.

                     The Categories within
                     the Navigation Pane can
                     be altered to group by
                     Object Type, or Tables
                     and Related Views or
                     other options.

                                     Split Form
                                     Based on this concept, a
                                     further addition to the new
                                     interface was implemented,
                                     the Split Form View. This
                                     allows the user to create a
                                     very friendly form which
                                     combines the power of a
                                     datasheet with a regular
                                     single form for data entry or
                                     detailed record view.

Using Tabbed or Overlapping Screens

Access 2007 uses tabbed screens for objects, allowing you to
easily switch between a table and a query or report for instance.

To use overlapping windows, from the Office Button menu,
Select Access Options. Select Current Database from the
left panel and select Overlapping Windows.

Produced by the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit
Version 1 [April 2008]
Screen shots reproduced courtesy of Microsoft

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