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e-Bulletin by tyndale


									                                                  e-Bulletin                                                                   18 th May 2010

                                             ROTARY CLUB of SAMFORD VALLEY Inc

                                                                INTERNATIONAL TOAST
President               Lorelle Holcroft                       ROTARY CLUB OF MONTREAL
Secretary                    Peter Gloor
Treasurer                       Bob Dunn
                                                    1899 Population ~ 200,000

               Regular Meetings,
           Homestead Restaurant
             Main Street, Samford
   Every Tuesday 6:30 for 7:00 pm
              John Broadbent                                                1902 Population ~270,000

               Duty Roster
      If you cannot make it,
  Please appoint a replacement

   Duty           18th MAY           25th MAY

                                     Craig          Current Population ~1.9million
Chair            Ian Spiller
                                                    Photos courtesy Wikipedia. There is a lot more there in for those with an interest
Sergeant                               TBA

                                  Peter Gloor       Last Week
                                                    The reason for all the ado about Montreal resides in its history, Montreal
Hot Seat         Colledge
                                       TBA          being the birthplace of Chairman Paul, who expended some of his „political
                                                    capital‟ nominating that fair city‟s Rotary Club as the recipient of our best
                  Lorelle           Lorelle         wishes for this week.
Meet, Greet      Holcroft          Holcroft
                                                                            None of this explains why we had the first call to order
                  Awards          UQ Scholar
Speaker            Night         San Shahrokni                              bell [on time] at 6:55 followed by a 10 minute pause.
                                                                            Perhaps it was to do with a little reverie that was going
               Vocational                                                   on at the top table, or Paul was trying to lull Daryl into
Topic         Service, Pride What it means
             of Workmanship to be a Persian                                                                                     (Continued on page 2)
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Bulletin         Ian Spiller

EarlyAct        Ian Ruffles       Ian Ruffles                                             Candid Comment
FGHS I/act        Warren             Brian                                                Connections
1.00pm            Hampton          Hansford         Over the years, I have often noted a total lack of connection between members of the
                                                    public and certain subjects. It’s all a question of whether or not the public have any real
             Forward Diary                          input into these matters, via a valid connection.
                                                    The individuals who claim that these associations exist and are currently thriving, unsur-
 THIS WEEK BRING A GUEST                            prisingly possess a vested-interest in maintaining the status quo for commercial rea-
SATUDAY DEFERRED 15th May: Away Club                Examples of such tenuous connections are as follows:
visit: The           Planetarium with DINNER to     Newspapers – the quality of news that is published on paper each day is driven by the
follow.                                             hopefully misguided assumption that sensationalisation of the facts will sell newspapers
                                                    – if this really is the case, then we must subtly educate those who make such purchas-
30th May: District Assembly for Training            ing decisions and tighten up the prose generated by news makers. One of the few pub-
                                                    lications that really connects with the public is the Economist. This magazine provides
29th June: Changeover Dinner. Venue TBA             informative snap shots of various countries around the world, updates one on local
                                                    country news / politics and provides insight into how their economies function. Quality
                                                    journalism does exist and there is no reason why such quality should not permeate all
 For GENERAL club INFOrmation                       fields of news (even the tabloids !!).
               TRY the BACK PAGE                                                                                               (Continued on page 2)
                         Attendance                                                                          Vision Statement
                             11 MAY 2010
Attendance: Around 17 + or — 1 or 2
                                                                                    Through the vibrant presence created by its activi-
Apopoloes: Ross Shardlow, Peter Gloor, Craig Anderson
                                                                                          projects and the promotion of Rotary ideals,
Guests and Visitors: Eric Lees
                                                                                                the Rotary Club of Samford Valley
Celebrations: Birthdays—Tony Freeman, Janelle Young,
Helen Byrne. Wedding, Peter & Val,                                                  is a highly significant service club supporting local,
Make-Ups: Janelle Young (visiting Rotary Sacred Sites) War-                                 national and international communities
ren, Brian, Tony [about 4] and apologies to some others I
                                                                                             And some thoughts that did not quite make the cut
(CANDID COMMENT Continued from page 1)                                                          is the service club of choice in the Samford
The Media – very few informed productions make their way to our television                      Establishes itself as a highly valued and re-
screens these days (did they ever ??). Considering the size of the TV audience, do               spected contributor to the local, national and
producers take their role of disseminating interesting subjects seriously and are                international community
they aware of the influence that their work has upon the general public’s perception
of reality? – surely these guys are not driven by the dollar ?? !!. We receive most
TV productions without paying for them, because on screen adverts cover the pro-
                                                                                            (Continued from page 1)
duction costs. However, who actually purchases a certain SUV because some num-
skull on the TV “loves that car” ??. Is there really a strong connection between TV
advertising and the general public’s purchasing decisions – who is conning whom ?.          a false sense of security... Either way, Daryl was
It is probable that TV advertisers continue to perpetuate the myth that people actu-        out of the blocks like a hare when called upon to
ally purchase products in response to poor quality TV ads. If this myth is a reality,
then we should be able to apply the techniques required to transform the newspa-            lead Rotary Grace AFTER the Toasts at 7:05 .
per industry, to the world of TV.
                                                                                            After a little while, Paul passed the baton to
Politicians – elected members vote upon many and various pressing issues and                Lorelle. She gave a „run down‟ on last week‟s she-
hand down laws that regulate the world in which we all live. How much of a connec-
tion exists between our views on particular government issues and the factors that
                                                                                            nanigans up the beach [I like the dictionary defini-
influence politicians when casting their vote?. True democracy is impractical to            tion: shenanigans = “tomfoolery”].
deliver due to the diversity of opinions that exist amongst the public. However, the
number of decisions that are made in parliament each day without public consulta-           It would be a bit unfair to say Daryl or Bob Millar
tion, indicates that the connection between the electorate and their decisions mak-         were defamed, but ridiculed would not be stretch-
ers is invariably tenuous.                                                                  ing a point too far. Both, however, resolutely de-
Business – The various terms and conditions that we regularly sign up to every time         fended their honour. Perhaps it was un-named
we make a significant purchase (with no option to negotiate such conditions) is             others who produced some unique excuses and
another example of the lack of connection (or control) between commercial entities
and the public. Such terms and conditions often constrain the consumer’s post-
                                                                                            apologies as to why they were unable to be there
purchasing options and are designed to maximise profits for the business con-               who will be best remembered by posterity.
cerned. Purchasing items on the internet is one example where the consumer is
guided from one web page to another in order to collect marketing data and offer            The general feeling seems to be that, as experi-
additional goods for sale. We have no connection or control over the internet shop-         ences go, it could have been a lot worse.
ping process.
Building Design – Stunning building designs are few and far between, habitually             Next up, the other „elle [the one with a “J”] re-
limited by cost and the drive to maximise profits. Our built environment often turns        ported on her pilgrimage to Chicago, and showed
out to be a mosaic of different design styles and ages that the public has very little      off a couple of souvenir banners before presenting
connection with or control over. Whether it is to your taste or not, the buildings de-      them to the „elle with an “L”. Lots of nice thing
signed by Gaudi in Barcelona provide an example of the visually captivating archi-
tecture that is possible and how such designs can transform a city, because they            happened for Janelle in Chicago, but I was a bit lost
have been planned and implemented over a wide area.                                         on the significance of a banner presented to her by
Many more examples of a lack of connection between the public and various sub-
                                                                                            some one from the Philippines from a place named
jects exist, but column space limits one to select only a few cases in point.               after a power saw—all good though.
The strengthening of such tenuous links between the public and the subject in               5 Minute Spot
question is not an easy task and in fact has never (to my knowledge) really been
successfully achieved. However, the following methods may help to improve such              This is a special occurrence that happens now and
connections:                                                                                again —sort of an interlude in the heavy stuff that
Implement personal purchasing decisions that influence (and therefore connect               comes with a Club Forum.
with) suppliers and the products they choose to bring to market;
Only purchase the Economist;                                                                The President elect filled in a bit of „history ac-
Mute TV ads and switch over to channels that offer more informed productions;
Actively avoid purchasing products that are poorly advertised on TV;                        cording to John‟, noting he was „home grown‟ as a
Make an effort to visit local politicians when they are on the road and influence their     product of Wandoan and had spent a good deal of
voting positions;                                                                           his life in the districts surrounding and between
Where possible, scrutinise and negotiate commercial terms and conditions; and               Roma and Emerald. In the process he gained (as
Object more to feebly designed construction projects.
And finally, in order to draw the Rotary Club of Samford into this article, how con-        you do) a wife and three kids and all that goes with
nected are current members to the fundamentals of Rotary activities?. There ap-             raising a family and keeping a career going. It is
pear to be so many demands on ones time these days, that volunteering for all the           now 32 years since he joined Main Roads, and
Rotary activities which need support, can often prove to be a challenge (I hate to
admit that I am more guilty than most, of a lack-lustre connection with the club).
Then there is the question of making suitably convincing connections with potential
new members – a marketing challenge I believe
                                                                                                                                   (Continued on page 3)
                                                                           Paul Jackson

                                                                                                                                           Page 2

(Continued from page 2)

though he favours being in the field, he has been „kicked upstairs‟ to Head Office where his responsibilities have been no doubt
multiplied and extended across wider horizons.
Turning to Rotary, John reported that the recent inoculation received at PETS training has renewed and invigorated him. All
could see this effect by the way all the Rotary acronyms now roll so smoothly off his tongue, you would think of him as “DG
Material” rather than simply PE.

Business de Jour:                                                 Tony introduced the draft Vision Statement that had been
                                                                  prepared under the guidance of Warren Hampton and Ian
                    Looking at Strategic Planning                 Ruffles. This process proved quite demanding as various sug-
PP Tony Freeman moved to centre stage to take us through          gestions were dissected and re-assembled only to be further
the progress that has been made to date: that is the em-          queried and pummelled.
broyonic stage of a 5-year plan for this Rotary Club.             The end result of the discussion is reproduced on page 2 to-
1.     “Wall Sheet Summary”: a comprehensive list compris-        gether with a couple of other ideas that were put up and fi-
       ing 150-200 one line items covering as many single
                                                                  nally discarded.
       phrase ideas as the assembled club could think of
2.     “Popularity Analysis” of the same by voting with dots      It is hard to know at this stage if these words are the consen-
                                                                  sus agreement of the Club, or the result of a form of „fatigue
The objective of this exercise seems to be a 5 year plan for      compromise‟
the club with 5 „stepping stones‟ along the way.                  It was time to move on, so discussion then ceased.

 What better training in creative storytelling could be imagined that a banker turned politician? So it was that the Chairman
turned to Bob Millar to restore some levity to the evenings proceedings... And he was not disappointed.
It was not quite „dancing with the Devil‟ nor was it „dancing with the Stars‟, never the less the underlying theme of Bob‟s story
line related to dancing—with mild innuendo biased towards last week‟s knees up starring Dame Lorelle Handycraft. There was
time for and finely targeted wit in the cross fines that followed—always a good indicator of a well run session. We returned,
„freshened up‟ by the interlude to Club reports.

Reports                                                           „technology gap‟ seems to have opened up here with the
                                                                  youngsters setting up to meet via Facebook—Chris feels se-
PE John had a bit to say a[1] bout changeover—we are hur-
tling towards end of year without yet having set up a venue.      verely disadvantaged, with no chance of ‟catch up‟.
John will be pulling together a committee pronto. And [2]         Ian R opened and Annie finished the sentences: Early Act is
Assembly on May 30th. He urged/stressed/pleaded that all          still pressing on.
the incoming Board members show up for their 2010-11              Warren with a Vocational bias talked about the Planetarium
Rotary Innoculation—how else will you know all those acro-        visit—it has been deferred until „later‟ then under Publicity
nyms? And it only goes from 8:30 for a few (hundred) min-         went on to suggest we would soon have the worlds biggest
utes.                                                             and best Rotary Website. [He’s been listening to too much
Ian S put in a plea for The Peace Fellow seminar at UQ on         KRudd]
22nd May and remember DIK                                         Bob M (1) will be using Peter G and Catchment Festival to
Daryl foreshadowed 5th June as next Guess Who‟s Coming            run a sausage sizzle at Undambi Park Sat 5th June and
To Dinner.                                                        (2) Red Shield Appeal is ongoing over the period 21- 29June.
Chris spoke up for [1] RYLA which Damon found to be a             We will get our marching orders from Bob by email in due
wonderful experience. He is looking forward to putting his        course.
new found skills into practice, and [2] Interact. Bit of a

The Last Bits
After a bit of pfaffing around, Chris E got his $5 back on the raffle, following that up with the Ace of Diamonds—which was
useless. Warren Hampton did the H&T thing, and won a virtual bottle of wine, which will provide him with one virtual swig.
And that‟s all there was to Rotary last week. By then it was too late even for a virtual cup of virtual coffee... We went home.

                 The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.
                                                                                                                    Walt Disney

   Page 3
Journalistic Licence                                                  As we get older we sometimes begin to doubt our
                                                                      ability to "make a difference" in the world. It is at
A biker is visiting the zoo in Brisbane when he sees a little girl
                                                                      these times that our hopes are boosted by the
leaning into the bars of the lion's cage.                             remarkable achievements of other "seniors" who
Suddenly, the lion grabs her by the cuff of her jacket and tries to   have found the courage to take on challenges that
pull her inside to slaughter her, under the eyes of her screaming     would make many of us wither.
                                                                      Harold Schlumberg is such a person.
The biker without hesitation runs to the cage and hits the lion
square on the nose with a powerful punch.
Whimpering from the pain the lion jumps back letting go of the
girl, and the biker brings her to her terrified parents, who thank
him endlessly.
A ‘Courier Mail’ reporter has watched the whole event. The re-
porter addressing the biker says, 'Sir, this was the most gallant
and brave thing I've seen a man do in my whole life.'
The biker replies, 'Why, it was nothing, really, the lion was be-
hind bars. I just saw this little kid in danger and acted as I felt
The reporter says, 'Well, I'll make sure this won't go unnoticed.
I'm a journalist, you know, and tomorrow's paper will have this
story on the front page...
                                                                      "I've often been asked, 'What do you old folks do
So, what do you do for a living and what political affiliation do     now that you're retired'?
you have?'
The biker replies, 'I'm a soldier in the Australian Army and a        Well, I'm fortunate to have a chemical engineering
Liberal.' The journalist leaves.                                      background, and one of the things I enjoy most is
                                                                      turning beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages
The following morning the biker buys the paper to see if it in-
                                                                      into urine"
deed brings news of his actions, and reads, on the front page:
   "AUSTRALIAN SOLDIER ASSAULTS AFRICAN IMMI-                         Harold is an inspiration to all of us.

                                       Pride of Workmanship Award is an approved Rotary project insti-
                                       gated in 1975 by the Rotary Club of Pennant Hills (Australia, District
                                       The Pride of Workmanship Program enables managers in our society
                                       to help employees achieve the goal of job satisfaction, and publicly
                                       recognize them for their efforts.
                                       Participating businesses promote the Pride of Workmanship theme of
                                       "Do it once- do it well" throughout their organization and nominate
                                       employees worthy of recognition, not only within the organization, but
                                       the wider community. Nominees of the Pride of Workmanship Program
                                       are presented with a trophy in recognition of their achievements.
                                       Ethics in Business Award is not so well tightly defined as the Pride
                                       of Workmanship: This is from USA… "This award recognizes business
THIS COMING WEEK IS A GREAT OPPOR-     leaders who adhere to high ethical standards in their business prac-
                                       tices reflected in the Rotary Four Way Test," said Dr. Ed Ranelli, Dean
 CLUB AS WELL AS THE VALUES IT         of the UWF College of Business. "It highlights the importance of hon-
            ESPOUSES.                  esty, integrity and fairness in dealing with employees, customers and
  THIS IS THE VISION [PAGE 2] IN AC-   other stakeholders to the business success of an enterprise and to the
TION. BRING A FRIEND AND SHARE THE     economic well-being of the Northwest Florida community."

Leaders are people who can discern the inevitable and act accordingly.
When people talk about business acumen, discernment is a big part of it.
         It’s a bit like gut instinct, but a little more developed.
                                                                                                             Donald Trump

                                                                                                                    Page 4
    The Back Page                                                                    The Hansford Hope: In vino veritas

         The Four Way Test
                                                    Rotary Grace               Rotary Club of Samford Valley
        Of things we think, say or do                                                       Inc
     1. Is it the truth?                    O Lord, and giver of all
     2. Is it fair to all con-             good, We thank Thee for                   PO Box 59, Samford, 4520
                                           our daily food. May Ro-              District 9600, Queensland, Australia
     3. Will it build goodwill             tary friends and Rotary
              and better friend-           ways Help us to serve
              ships?                       Thee all our days.                                   The Object of Rotary
     4. Will it be beneficial to                              Amen                              The object of Rotary is to
              all concerned?                                                                    encourage and foster the
                                                                                               ideal of service as a basis
                                                                                                of worthy enterprise and,
                                                                                               in particular, to encourage
                                 FORWARD PLANNING                                                       and foster:
                                                                                               FIRST: The development of
   Date                        Speaker                           Occasion                      acquaintance as an oppor-
                                                                                               tunity for service;
                                                           Pride of Workmanship
18th May                   Presentation                                                        SECOND: High ethical stan-
                                                                                               dards in business and pro-
                                                                                               fessions; the recognition
22nd May                  Peace Fellows                        Seminar at UQ                   of the worthiness of all
                                                                                               useful occupations; and
30th May                District Assembly                    Training Sessions                 the dignifying of each Ro-
                                                                                               tarian’s occupation as an
                                                                                               opportunity to serve soci-
5TH Jun                   DIK Container                            Loading                     ety;
                                                                                               THIRD: The application of
Also 5TH                       Random                              GWCTD                       service in each Rotarian’s
                                                                                               personal, business, and
26TH Jun             District Changeover                         Kallangur                     community life;
                                                                                               FOURTH: The advancement
29TH Jun                Club Changeover                         Somewhere                      of international under-
                                                                                               standing, goodwill, and
                                                                                               peace through a world fel-
                                                                                               lowship of business and
                                                                                               professional persons
19TH Aug                RI President in Oz
                                                                                               united in the ideal of ser-
21-22 Aug            Big Rotary Pow-Wow                   In the Wilds of Canberra

                  President: Lorelle Holcroft -- Secretary: Peter Gloor -- Treasurer: Bob Dunn

 MEMBERSHIP            COMMUNITY         INTERNATIONAL       VOCATIONAL       YOUTH               CLUB                Projects

                           PETER              IAN               ROSS           CHRIS              JOHN
  DARYL SCOTT                                                                                                            ~
                          Gloor             Spiller           Shardlow         Ellis           Broadbent
                                                               Warren        Ian Ruffles
                       Terry Hogan       BRIAN HANSFORD
                                                               Hampton         Earlyact
 Craig Anderson        Paul Jackson       TONY FREEMAN         DES BYRNE                      BARRY WALKER

                        Bob Millar        ROB ROBINSON       Janelle Young                      Bob Dunn

                         Lee Kenny                                                             Simon Grant

                                                                                              Des B—Bulletin
                                                                                                   Ian S-

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