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									                        Skin Testimonials with Mangosteen Juice
*Testimonials listed below are for educational purposes only. Personal experiences are not meant for treating or diagnosing illness.

Tiffany from Nevada

For many years, starting at about age nine, I have suffered from acne. As I got older, I began to feel more insecure with the
way that I looked and would compare my face to other girls my age. I was always afraid of people when I was talking to them
because I felt that they would be able to see just how unattractive I really was. It got really bad to the point where I would not
leave my room unless I had make-up on. I have tried so many anti-bacterial products from Noxzema and Clearasil to Pro-
active and Tri-Cyclin, and nothing ever seemed to help. Over time I got used to seeing myself with these horrible blemishes all
over my face and most of me decided that I didn’t care what anyone thought and learned to live around this disease, but inside
it still hurt to look in the mirror and not be able to see who I was without tears swelling in my eyes. One of my good friends
introduced XanGo to me! I’ve been taking it for about a month now. At first there were little if any results, but with the
encouragement of my friends I started using XanGo topically, and drinking 2 oz three times a day with every meal and the
results that I have seen in my skin are so incredible. The redness is gone, and the scars have almost gone, and I hardly have to
use make-up anymore. I now feel confident about being in public and love getting out and talking in front of people. My self-
esteem has shot so much higher than I thought was ever possible for me. XanGo has forever changed the world through my

Dr. Lowe, M.D.

My name is Thomas E. Lowe Jr. M.D., I was a bit skeptical when I started using Mangosteen juice one ounce three times a day
on July 12,2004.

I've had moderately severe Psoriasis for 15 years. One week later I noticed a very definite improvement in my psoriasis. I am
not on any drugs for psoriasis.

6/6/2008 -- Ryan

I have been dealing with Psoriasis for the last five years with zero luck. I have tried several creams and medications only to be
disappointed. About a year ago, a friend introduced me to mangosteen juice. Skeptically, I started drinking the juice. I also
mixed the mangosteen juice with a generic dry skin cream and applied it twice a day topically for three weeks. To my
amazement, my Psoriasis smoothed out in 24 hours and completely disappeared within three weeks. I will never be without it!

1/5/2006 -- Bev from British Columbia

My hubby has Psoriasis. It is an awful skin disease which never goes away and is very hard to control. After all the skin creams
and ointments prescribed to him by his doctor we were introduced to the mangosteen juice. I talked to my neurologist about it
because I have Parkinsons Disease and I wanted to be sure it was safe with all my medications. I handed him a brochure and he
said, “I know what it is and I think it's the best thing since sliced bread.” I take 3 oz. 3 timed a day. I went off the product for
one day and one night and I was back to pre juice days; lack of energy, lack of rest, lack of myself esteem but I went back on
my juice, and here I am. Positive, feeling well and energized once again. Now back to my hubby and his Psoriasis. We did a
topical trial on one elbow. Wrapped it in Saran wrap for the night and in the morning there were no scales to be seen. His other
elbow now receives equal treatment at night and they are both healing for the first time ever. We told our doctor about it and he
was just simply blown away.
1/4/2007 -- Dana from Colorado

In 2004 I was desperate to find something that would help my little girl's eczema. She had cracked bleeding toes, and huge
patches of red, itchy skin behind her knees. She would wake up at night and dig at her legs until sometimes they bled. I would
slather on a zinc ointment to get her to stop digging and that would usually stop the itch after 10 minutes or so. I purchased a
bottle of mangosteen juice and gave her 1 oz. in some apple juice. This was midafternoon. That night she slept through without
itching. I was astounded that something could work that quickly when I had been trying things for so long and not finding
results. We continued to give it to her daily with the same results. After three weeks her skin was smooth and had no more
cracks, patches or itching. Thanks mangosteen!

Ali from Missouri

My dermatologist told me there was no point in my coming back as she had been unsuccessful in treating my eczema. After
being on mangosteen juice for 5 weeks, the excruciating itching has stopped and the skin has started healing. The only thing I
have done different is taking mangosteen juice. I'm a believer!

Bruce & Jayne from Ohio

For 65 years my skin was very dry. In fact, I looked like a flake factory in the winter. I had flakes of dry skin all over my
clothes and it was very embarrassing. Since Dec of 2003 my Skin has Been Absolutely Great…NO FLAKING!

Tondelia from Georgia

For years, I have suffered from dry, scaly, itchy, burning skin on my face. I had dry patches and whelps. Recently, my face on
the sides by my ears and forehead would inflame just after I would eat. I did not know what to do. I started eliminating certain
foods and drinks and changed moisturizing products to see if that would work and increased my water intake. Nothing seemed
to work. I did not want to take an internal medicated products for fear of side effects. Last month, around May 20th, I started
drinking the mangosteen juice. At first, I noticed clarity in my eyes. As I continued to perform the same routine on my face as
before, I discovered my skin got softer and began clearing up. I notice dry patches were leaving my face. All this coincided
with drinking the juice, about two ounces twice daily. Today, one month later, my face is softer, clearer, and smoother than I
can remember. I will continue using mangosteen juice and sharing it with others! Thanks be to God!

Flora from Canada

My hip is less painful, my skin has gone from dry and wrinkled to smooth and soft, my planters wart on big toe has gone,
fingers are no longer stiff from arthritis - made a list of my problems and are just marking them off thanks for a great product .
My husband has hardly any pain in back after 40 years of pain he is loving that.

Glenn from Oregon

Our 2 youngest children both have Downs Syndrome (ages 8 and 9) and have been using [Mangosteen juice] for about 9
months. Although we have done a lot of "cutting edge" nutritional therapies with them, there are several things we have noticed
as positive effects from their consumption of the Mangosteen juice that none of the other high quality nutritional supplements
seem to have given them. 1) Downs people usually have highly repressed immune systems and, prior to Mangosteen juice],
they both experienced frequent colds, sinus infections, ear infections, croup, etc. For the past 9 months, they have had none of
these ailments. 2) Both of our children, particularly our daughter, have had skin problems. Their skin would be dry and have a
slight rash most of the time. The Mangosteen juice seems to totally alleviate this problem. 3) Their lips would be dry and
"chappy"... even to the point of bleeding quite often. They seem to have no problems at all with this now that they are on the
Mangosteen juice. The only negative has been the taste problem... On several occasions, we have found them hiding in the
closet or behind the couch with an empty [Mangosteen juice] bottle! Expensive... but at least there is no toxicity!
7/7/2008 -- Sharon from Alberta

June 2008 I started with vitiligo at age 13. I had a white spot just above each ear and a ring around each elbow at first. It
gradually spread from there over the years to about 75 - 80 % of my body. Doctors tried many things, but nothing worked until
this juice. It has been 3 years taking mangosteen juice now.. I even had to get used to a large white heart shape on my cheek
that makeup would not cover in my teens to twenties. My normal skin always tanned very quickly which made the contrast
jump out, if you know what I mean. Now I have no real stark white skin. It is a long ways from being evenly colored but its
improving constantly......and the sun no longer bothers it. I do not have to cover my arms and hands to work in the yard etc. I
think it was 12 - 15 years or maybe more hiding from the sun. I rarely take less than 6 - 8 ounces a day. I never did put it on
topically for this but for acne, it is awesome. Colds and flu I rarely got at all, while others not on the juice would be very ill.
My thyroid has corrected itself and I no longer need any meds for that either, after many years. My eyesight has improved. I
have had to have new glasses twice and noticing a difference again..I sleep readily now and wake up feeling rested. IBS is no
longer a problem. Now I am challenging the juice. What will it do next in my body? I know I will never go without this juice. .
I love sharing this juice!

4/8/2008 -- Chris from Rhode Island

I have had a small growth of skin under my eye for years... I don't know if it was a wart, but it was gradually getting bigger
with bumps on the original bump. I put 2 Tablespoons of MANGOSTEEN JUICE in a saucer and reduced it in a toaster oven
until it was a gel consistency. (250 degrees for about 30 minutes) I applied this gel to my "bump" at night only and in 2 days
the bump is gone!!

12/7/2006 -- Connie from South Carolina

For years I had Night Sweats. They were so bad that I would get up in the middle of the night and take cold showers, trying to
cool down. I also had a skin condition on my legs that prevented me from wearing shorts in the summer. It looked so bad, at
one time I thought maybe it was skin cancer. Four weeks after starting to drink the mangosteen juice, I had no more night
sweats and I noticed that the skin condition on my legs had started to heal up and look normal. Taking mangosteen juice is the
first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do at night.

12/5/2006 -- Jan from Kentucky

My son started me on mangosteen juice because of a rash I had last year that went undiagnosed for 6 mos. In addition, I have
arthritis in my hand and a tendency toward other allergies. This year in late October, I had another rash which began with a
fiery redness on the inside of elbows, outside too, knees front and back and shoulders. Though it did not itch, it was unsightly.
Finally my skin became like that of an alligator. I started taking 1/2 bottle of the juice and slathering it on my whole body at
least twice a day. The redness dissipated but I still had rough skin. This has disappeared by adding creams and not using
anything with scent. Also, my hand has almost no arthritis.

2/7/2006 -- Bonnie from South Carolina

I began buying mangosteen juice for my 5 year old granddaughter, Ashlyn. She had contacted Molluscum, which is a wart
virus on your skin. It caused white pimples to spread all over her body. The doctor gave her steroid cream, which can cause
cancer in children, and he said it would go away in two or three years. I prayed for something and finally found mangosteen
juice. She loves the taste and the Molluscum was gone in three months. I now take it and have so much more energy.
About six months ago my husband became ill. His whole body and joints were racked with pain. Some mornings his hands
were so swollen that they were useless until he massaged them for hours. He had no energy or appetite and he was drastically
losing weight. The doctors were doing blood tests, lung x-rays and prostate exams. They ruled out cancer, but they could not
find what was wrong. They said that it was possibly rheumatoid arthritis. They prescribed an anti inflammatory drug called
NAPROXEN. That relieved a lot of the swelling and pain.

After several months the situation was getting worse instead of better. The medication was affecting his stomach so he was
prescribed an over the counter drug called Zantax. He, also started taking some well known dry vitamins as well as a liquid
vitamin. The doctors decided to do a test that would require that he be off of all drugs (except for over the counter pain
relievers) for seven days. My husband was in sheer agony!

My friend had spoken about Xango several times previous. We were skeptical, but we decided that it was worth a try. So she
provided us with a bottle of Xango, and after the test was finished he immediately began taking 2 ounces in the morning and
two ounces at night. About a week later he had his color back! He had a lot more energy, some of his appetite and he was able
to cut back to one Naproxen a day!

He was just about out of the Xango! But, he still had the dry vitamins as well as the liquid vitamins. So we didn't get another
bottle. It wasn't very many days after he finished the Xango before the pain and swelling were back. He was lacking energy
and he had to start taking the full dose of Naproxen and Zantec AGAIN!

Needless to say we hurried to get more Xango! And at the same time I signed up to become a distributor. At this writing in the
last month (December 2004) my husband has only had to take a total of 3 Naproxen pills - IN THE WHOLE MONTH!

Update: April 15, 2005
My husband has only had to take 1 Naproxen in the last month and one half. He quit smoking last year without any side effects.
Our granddaughter, 5K Mariah of Texas, had suffered from eczema rash on the back of her leg for over 20 years. All the
potions and all the lotions couldn’t make it go away. After drinking 2 ounces of Xango daily, the rash was nearly gone in thirty
days. (picture on the right) Now one year later, there is no evidence of eczema rash. Mariah now wears skirts for the first time
in her life…100K Premier Select Leonard and Anne Hall
Wayne from Langley, BC

As you can see, my hand was not burned as bad as my face was. I decided to use [Mangosteen Juice] on my face (see the first
picture on following page) and do what the hospital and doctor told me to do on my hand. If you look at the last picture you
can see how much faster my face healed in comparison. I was told initially that recovery could take as much as 4 - 6 month,
and to get used to the idea of a full beard for a while... I shaved exactly 7 days after the accident.
Wayne 'The Xanman' Ellis of Langley, BC

Editor’s Note: The first picture was taken on August 29, 2005. The pictures go in chronological order from top left to bottom
right. They are continued on the next page. The final two pictures were taken on September 5, 2005. The results you see are
from eight days.
Burn Victim Continued ...

Editor’s Note: Note the difference on the Healing Process between the Hand & Face. The Proprietary blend of
[Mangosteen Juice] was used in the Face and Neck but not the hand.
       Discovers the Power of Mangosteen

       “The supermodel can’t get enough of an
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Text   “She started drinking it and she said she
       felt the effects immediately”

       “After a month of taking it, she looks
       amazing. Her skin’s incredible and she
       says she hasn’t had a cold and rarely
       even gets hangovers.”

        LOOK Magazine
        UK March 2008

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