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					                    SurveyDIG Online Course Evaluation System Access Request Form
Requester: SLU Net ID:                                             Date of Request:
             Full Name:

The SurveyDIG Online Course Evaluation System, or SurveyDIG, is the University’s online course evaluation tool. Access
to review the evaluation results for all courses in an academic department can be granted at the department, dean,
Provost Office, or ITS level. Additional access can be granted for department users to a secure Banner Self-Service page
to select the courses that will use SurveyDIG for online evaluations in any given term.

Please complete this form to request SurveyDIG access for department, dean, Provost Office or ITS support users. The
completion of this form is required to comply with current access and security policies regarding the usage of the Saint
Louis University data and computing environment.

The Access Request Process
1. The requester fills out this form and saves the changes as a new Word document.

2. The requester secures approval from the appropriate Authorized Approver for the access level requested.
    a. Requests for department-level access should be approved by the department chair.
    b. Requests for dean-level access should be approved by the dean.
    c. Requests for Provost Office access should be approved by Assistant Provost, Steven Sanchez.
    d. Requests for ITS support access should be approved by the product manager and employee’s director.
An electronic signature by the approver is preferred over a physical signature on a printed copy of the form. For an
electronic signature to be accepted, the request form must be sent from the e-mail address of the Authorized Approver.

3. The Authorized Approver submits the completed form electronically as an attachment in an e-mail to the Student
Security Officer, Ellen Weis, in the Office of the Registrar (

4. The Student Security Officer will create the user access request ticket for the ITS products group to implement per the
standard Logical Access processes.

5. The requester will be notified when the access has been granted.

Access Options
There are two types of access to define for each person listed on this form. The access options are:
   Banner Self-Service Access: Provides the user with access to the SurveyDIG Course Selection page in Banner
    Self-Service for selecting which courses will use the online evaluation form during the current term. This access only
    applies to department chairs and department administrators.
   SurveyDIG Access: Provides the user with an account to access to the SurveyDIG system to view all course
    evaluation results for a department or multiple departments, based on the subject codes that access is requested for.
    This access applies to department chairs, department administrators, deans, Provost Office, and ITS support staff.

User Information
Please list all of the people for whom all the information in this request applies to and respond in each column:

SLU Net ID         Name                       Banner ID         User’s Role             Banner Self-         SurveyDIG
                                                                                        Service Access       Access
                                                                Select Role             Add or Remove        Add or Remove
                                                                - Select -              - Select -           - Select -
                                                                - Select -              - Select -           - Select -
                                                                - Select -              - Select -           - Select -
                                                                - Select -              - Select -           - Select -
                                                                - Select -              - Select -           - Select -
                                                                - Select -              - Select -           - Select -

Note: An access request is not required for faculty to view the evaluation reports for their courses. By default, each faculty
member has access to the evaluation reports through Banner Self-Service after grades have been submitted

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Form created in ITS Products Group                                                                      Updated May 18, 2009
                     SurveyDIG Online Course Evaluation System Access Request Form
Please check of all the academic department codes that the people listed above require access to. Press the <spacebar>
key to check or uncheck boxes. If your department code is not listed below, please submit a request for assistance
through the IT Service Desk at 314-977-4000 or

Dept.                                      Dept.                                     Dept.
Code      Department Description           Code     Department Description           Code     Department Description
   AAM    African American Studies           ELHE   Ed Leadership & Higher Ed          NEUR Neurology
   ACCT Accounting                           ENDO Endodontics                          NMT    Nuclear Medicine Technology
   AE     Aerospace Engineering              ENGL   English                            NR     Nursing
   AENG Aerospace Engineering                ESL    English For Foreign Students       OB     OB, Gynecology & Women's Hlth
   AH     Allied Health                      ET     Engineering Technology             OD     Orthodontics
   AHP    Allied Health                      FCM    Family & Community Medicine        OG     Ob, Gynecology, Womens Health
   AN     Anatomy                            FIN    Finance                            OP     Ophthalmology
   ANBL   Anatomy/Neurobiology               FPA    Fine & Performing Arts             OR     Orthopedic Surgery
   ANES Anesthesiology                       FSTD   Film Studies                       OSOT Ocupatnal Sci & Ocupatnal Thr
   AS     Arts & Sciences                    GR     Graduate School                    OST    Organizational Studies(Ps)
   ASE    Center For Anatomical Sci & Ed     HCE    Center For Health Care Ethics      OT     Otolaryngology
   ASST   Aerospace Studies                  HIM    Health Information Management      PA     Practical Anatomy
   AST    American Studies                   HIST   History                            PAE    Physician Assistant Education
   ATP    Aerospace Technology               HMP    Health Management & Policy         PATH Pathology
   AVSC Aviation Science                     HR     Honors                             PED    Pediatrics
   BADM Business Administration              HST    Historical Studies/Ai              PER    Periodontics
   BBS    Basic Biomedical Sciences          IAS    Integrated & Applied Sciences      PHIL   Philosophy
   BCH    Biochemistry & Molecular Biol      IBS    International Business             PHS    Public Health Studies
   BIBL   Biblical Studies/Ai                IM     Internal Medicine                  PHYS Physics
   BIOL   Biology                            IMV    Institute Molecular Virology       PLS    Pre-Law Studies
   BME    Biomedical Engineering             IS     International Studies              POLS Political Science
   CADE Center/Advanced Dental Ed            LAW    Law                                PPH    Pre-Professional Health
   CFM    Community & Family Medicine        LHED   Leadership In Higher Education     PPS    Public Policy Studies
   CFT    Counseling And Family Therapy      LW     School Of Law                      PPY    Pharm & Physiological Science
   CHEM Chemistry                            MB     Molecular Microbio/Immunology      PS     School Professional Studies
   CHS    School Of Public Health            MBA    Master Of Business Admin           PSCY Psychiatry
   CJPS   Criminal Justice (Ps)              MCL    Modern & Classical Languages       PSY    Psychology
   CLS    Clinical Laboratory Science        MD     Multidepartmental Med School       PTH    Physical Therapy
   CMH    Community Health                   ME     Mechanical Engineering             RAD    Radiology
   CMM    Communication                      MGT    Management                         RM     Research Methodology
   CSD    Communication Sci & Disorders      MIL    Military Science/Pk                RO     Radiation Oncology
   CST    Computer Science Technology        MIRT   Med Imaging-Rad Theraptcs          SOCJ Sociology & Criminal Justice
   DERM Dermatology                          MKT    Marketing                          SOM    School Of Medicine
   DSC    Decision Sci & Info Tech Mgmt      MMCS Math and Computer Science            SS     School Of Social Service
   EAS    Earth & Atmospheric Sciences       MR     Medieval & Renaissance Studies     SUR    Surgery
   ECE    Electrical And Computer Eng        MT K   Mathematics (Ps)                   SW     Social Work
   ECN    Economics                          MTCS Math & Computer Science              THEO Theological Studies
   EDST   Educational Studies                NDT    Nutrition & Dietetics              WS     Women's Studies

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Form created in ITS Products Group                                                                      Updated May 18, 2009
                    SurveyDIG Online Course Evaluation System Access Request Form
Subject Codes
Please list all of the subject codes for courses in your academic department(s) that the people listed above will require
access to. The subject codes listed will be applied to all people listed on this form.

Subject Codes:

Approval & Submission
Only one signature level is necessary. Both department chairs and deans can approve an access request for themselves.
The Approver must email this form as an attachment to indicating approval of the request (in lieu of a
signature). Please be sure to fill in your name and the date on which you approved the request below.

 Authorized Approver

 I verify that the requestor's (user above) access requirements are accurate as stated above and I have considered the
 appropriateness of the access rights in ensuring adequate segregation of duties. I have informed the requestor of the
 University and departmental policies and procedures regarding use, confidentiality, privacy and security of
 computerized database information.

 Department Chair Approval Signature:                                                    Date:
 Dean Approval Signature:                                                                Date:
 Provost Office Approval Signature:                                                      Date:
 ITS Product Manager Approval Signature:                                                 Date:
 ITS Director Approval Signature:                                                        Date:
 Student Security Manager Verification:                                                  Date:

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