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									               MILWAUKEE PUBLIC SCHOOLS                                                            Completed Forms Can Be Sent To:
                                                                                                     CENTRAL SERVICES BUILDING
                                                                                                               Security Administration
                                                        Print Blank Form                                                    Room 10
                                                                                                                 Fax: 414-47(5-8015)

                                 School Security Access Request Form
Employee Information
Name of User:                                                                             Employee ID:
                                Last                   First              MI (Required)
Address:                                                                                  Home Phone:
City:                                      State:              Zip:                       Work Phone:
If you currently have an MPS internet and
e-mail account, please provide your MPS ID:                                     
School/Site/                                                                    Site/                           IFAS
Department Name:                                                                Dept. #:                        Loc. #
                                                                                                (3 Digit)                    (2 Digit)
Position:           Is this position Special Services Related?             NO      YES (If yes please check “Other” and list title -
                    i.e. Speech Path., DT, OT, PT, Nurse, Supervisor, CD Teacher or Psych/Bldg. Coordinator)
                        Principal            Assistant Principal            Secretary         Bookkeeper
                        Teacher              Sub. Teacher                   Engineer          Food Service
Location Access Level:                    MPS School                              Charter-Instrumentality
                                          Partnership School                      Charter-Non Instrumentality
                                          City-wide                               SES (Supplemental Service Provider)
                                          Summer Stars                            CLC (Community Learning Center)
Reason for Request:                    New Employee             Restore          Location        Add New         Delete User
                                       (AUP Required)           Access           Change          Program
 Effective Date:
 ____/_____/____                       Other:

    MPS Applications Being Requested                                  (Please check the appropriate box for program(s) requested.)
                                                                          Central Service Use:                 Recd.     Processed       Initial
        Internet/Outlook               “Staff Acceptable Use Policy” MUST be attached.
        A-Plus Login                   SES’s (Supplemental Service Providers) and CLC’s
                                       (Community Learning Centers) will need VPN Access Form
        CASH                           Entry of Cash/Checking Transactions

        CMMS                           F & M Repair Requests / Reports
        (Check the access                  Online Repair Requests            Cost Reports
        needed on the right.)              Other:

        HEAT Service                   On-line Telephone Service, TC Service & Support Buyback
        Requests                       Obsolete Equipment Removal Requests, PC Set Up/Repair
        IFAS                           Purchase/Direct Pay Entry and/or Authorization, Budget
        IPAY                           Payroll Entry and / or Authorization

        PeopleSoft                     Employee Data/Reports.
                                            New User         Current User (Restore/Change)
                                                                  User ID:
        SSIMS/Crystal                  Special Services Student Information (Training must be
                                       completed before you will receive password.)

                                                                                                                           Revised 10/10/2006
                                                                                  Central Service Use:     Recd.   Processed           Initial

      ESIS                       Student Information
                                          Please check the role that best describes
                                          the level of access you will need in your
                                          work with ESIS in the table below.

For ESIS Users Only:

                ESIS Roles                 Add      Remove                      ESIS Roles                   Add     Remove

    Principal                                                     Special Education Supervisor

    Assistant Principal                                           School Psychologist

    Secretary                                                     Speech Pathologist

    Attendance Office Staff                                       Diagnostic Teacher

    Data Processing Staff                                         Security Person
    School Details Person                                         HS/MS Lead Scheduler
    (Only one per school)                                         (Only one per school)

    Guidance Counselor /                                          Elem/K8 Scheduler

    Literacy Coach /Implementer                                   HS/MS Scheduler

    Teacher                                                       School Social Worker
    Teacher – Other                                               Access to a specific screen or
    (Parent and Emergency                                         function (name of screen or function):
    Contact View Only - Does not
    include Teacher Assistant):

      ESIS Report Access Rights            Add     Remove              ESIS Report Access Rights             Add     Remove

    Extract/Export Student Data                                   Student Promotional System (SPS) -
    (Ad Hoc)                                                      Update


 Administrative Authorization
 Administrators: Please check the level of access this employee is requesting very closely and make a copy for your records.
 The employee should receive the minimum level of access needed to complete his/her duties.

 As the principal, educational leader or management level person responsible for this person, I assume responsibility for
 his/her actions while using the accounts and security access that I authorize.

 Authorized By:                                                      Signature:                                         /          /
 (Print Name of Principal/Administrator or Department Director)                                                             Date

 Please indicate the MPS E-mail Address User Security Information should be sent to:

                                           Please Fax Completed Form to 414-47(5-8015).

                                                                                                                     Revised 02/14/2007
                                                    Print Completed Form

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